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Chapter 497: A Burst of White Light and A Warm Breeze

 Chapter 497: A Burst of White Light and A Warm Breeze

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Ye Baiyi stood on the half-destroyed Wall of North Sea.

The wind was very strong, causing his long black hair and snow-white robe to flutter in the air. He gazed in the direction of Silver Mist Sea with a calm look on his face, appearing as if he was unconcerned about his sensational victory.

The generals beside him were very cheerful. They had just trampled the last defensive line that was obstructing their great army from conquering the Avalon of Five Elements.

Less than half of the Wall of North Sea remained standing. Spiralling columns of white smoke rose in the air and dissipated into wisps of mist. Since the wall was made up of mist, and now that no more elemental energy was being channeled into it, it was gradually disintegrating. After a while, the debris from the Wall of North Sea had completely disappeared.

The scorched land that was covered with numerous craters in front of the Wall of North Sea was proof that an epic battle had taken place. Another proof was the countless piles of corpses, both blood fiends' and humans'. However, by spring of next year, wild grass and plants would grow all over this war-torn land. These traces of war would be flooded and concealed by the passing of time.

A warrior will eventually die on the battlefield and a beauty can't avoid the ageing of time.

Ye Baiyi looked at Silver Mist Sea, which was completely depleted of elemental energy, and remained silent for a very long time. He did not expect himself to return to the familiar Silver Mist Sea in this manner.

He did not return as a victorious hero like what he'd fantasized about when he was young. Instead, he returned as an evil invader whom everyone loathed.

A person's destiny was like the clouds in the sky. A random gust of wind could easily blow it off its original track.

"Report! Subordinate is useless... I can't find Shi Beihai or the remnants of North Sea Division."

Ye Baiyi's subordinate was extremely ashamed, so much so that his face was almost touching the ground. The generals surrounding Ye Baiyi stopped smiling and all of them lowered their heads in unison with a nervous look on their faces.

Shi Beihai was their main target for this battle!

This was His Majesty's decree.

Even though they had taken down Wall of North Sea, they had lost their main target. They were penny-wise and pound-foolish.

When the Wall of North Sea collapsed, an immense number of blood fiends gushed in and caused the situation to turn extremely chaotic, completely out of anyone's control. At that point of time, the blood fiends were already filled with bloodlust. Even the god priests from Beast Venom Temple could not pacify them. The blood fiends would even attack a blood elementalist if he or she got too close to them. Therefore, they could only watch blankly as the blood fiends gushed into the Wall of North Sea and flooded the enemy soldiers like tidal waves.

Ye Baiyi withdrew his gaze and replied with a calm tone, "This is my mistake. After all, a blood fiend is a beast that doesn't listen to commands. Initially, I'd still thought that the blood fiends wouldn't go crazy with the god priests from Beast Venom Temple around. I didn't expect the battle to be so intense, so much so that this accident happened. It's not your fault."

The generals around him heaved a sigh of relief. His Majesty was imposing and his punishments were torturous.

Ye Baiyi's military laws were strict and everyone feared his reputation as a "God of War", therefore, no one dared to oppose him. Subsequently, when everyone saw how ruthless and cruel Ye Baiyi's methods were and how he was indifferent to human lives, they became terrified of him. After he deployed the blood fiends from Beast Venom Temple to reinforce their side and reduce their casualties, everyone was filled with admiration towards him. Even when Ye Baiyi was fully responsible for this triumphant victory, he still took the initiative to bear the mistake himself. His magnanimity and charisma had won over all the generals.

"I will explain to His Majesty personally," Ye Baiyi scanned his surroundings and had a clear view of everyone's facial expressions. Then, he continued, "This victory has solidified the advantageous position of God Nation. From today onwards,the Avalon of Five Elements is history, like a beauty that has removed her clothes. Furthermore, we are able to seize three God-subduing Peaks. It's a triumphant victory! Everyone, you have worked hard. His Majesty will reward you accordingly. There will definitely be great rewards for achieving such a huge, meritorious service."

An overjoyed look appeared on everyone's faces. They bowed and said, "Thank you for your leadership, Sir!"

The reason why North Sea Division had withstood Blood of God for so long was that they had two powerful trump cards. The first one was the formidable defensive power of the Wall of North Sea and the second one was the terrifying offensive power of their five God-subduing Peaks.

If they had not received reinforcement from the blood fiends, they would have lost even more men in taking down the Wall of North Sea.

God Nation had been desiring God-subduing Peaks for a very long time. Even though they did not capture Shi Beihai, they still completed a great meritorious service by seizing three God-subduing Peaks!

The Wall of North Sea had five God-subduing Peaks. Two of them were detonated by the Masters that were stationed there when Blood of God attempted to seize them, causing quite a huge number of deaths. However, Ye Baiyi was already satisfied with being able to seize three God-subduing Peaks.

Information regarding God-subduing Peaks had always been something that was highly sought after in God Nation. However, Elders Guild was able to keep the information a well-hidden secret. God Nation had sacrificed many spies and they still ended up empty-handed.

Now that they had seized three God-subduing Peaks, the God Nation could study them. They might even be able to create God Nation's own God-subduing Peaks.

The God-subduing Peaks were a legitimate superweapon. Without the five God-subduing Peaks, the threat of the Wall of North Sea would be decreased by half.

If God Nation could forge its own God-subduing Peaks, its advantage over the Avalon of Five Elements would increase significantly. Even cities in the depths of the Wilderness would not be able to stop God Nation's expansion when that day came.

"Speaking of which, we haven't boarded the God-subduing Peak yet. Why don't we all enter it and take a look?" Ye Baiyi chuckled.

"Sir, you're right!"

"I would be honored to do so!"

"Finally there's a chance for me to do so, I have been curious for a very long time."

Everyone started talking at once.

The God-subduing Peaks had caused a lot of trouble for everyone. All of them were very curious about the interior of a God-subduing Peak.

The three God-subduing Peaks hovered silently in the sky. They were riddled with scars that were left behind by the intense battle between both sides. However, their main bodies weren't severely damaged. The god priests from Beast Venom Temple used some essence elemental beans they found to activate the God-subduing Peaks and make them hover in the air.

As they got closer, the pressurizing aura of the God-subduing Peaks became stronger. The shadow of the God-subduing Peaks over their heads caused them to feel suffocated.

"Elders Guild has one foot in the grave and their time is limited. Even so, they still managed to produce such a terrifying superweapon. They definitely have capable individuals working under them," said Ye Baiyi as he could not help but sigh with sorrow.

The generals nodded their heads. Some were keeping silent. All of their facial expressions were very mixed. Other than the first batch of "seeds", most of the blood elementalists in Blood of God used to be elementalists in the past.

They had been blood elementalists for many years, but their memories as elementalists had yet to disappear.

The rise of Blood of God and the decline of Elders Guild reduced their guilt of switching sides. They even felt somewhat glad. However, now that they saw a masterpiece like the God-subduing Peak, they were shocked and their old memories flooded their minds.

One of the god priests who was busy cleaning up the God-subduing Peak saw Ye Baiyi and quickly descended to greet him, "Sir!"

"So? Did you learn anything?" Ye Baiyi asked with a gentle voice.

The god priests from Beast Venom Temple were all extremely knowledgeable. This batch of god priests was the core unit of Beast Venom Temple. Most of them had taken part in the project of imitating and creating a God-subduing Peak.

God-subduing Peaks had been a throbbing headache for Holy Emperor.

A God-subduing Peak that was overseen by a Master was like an impregnable fortress. It could attack, defend and move at will. If not for the fact that Elders Guild's strength had decreased significantly and they did not have enough manpower and resources, they would have built more God-subduing Peaks.

Holy Emperor believed that a sufficient number of God-subduing Peaks could pose a threat to a Grandmaster.

One of the god priests was extremely excited. He praised the God-subduing Peaks to the high heavens, "Wonderful workmanship! A marvellous creation! Previously, we had some ideas about the theories behind it and they aren't all wrong after all. Sir, do you want to board it? The interior has been cleaned up..."

At this moment, an alarmed cry erupted from within the God-subduing Peak, "Who's there? Who is hiding inside?"

Suddenly, a powerful wave of elemental energy undulations erupted.

Everyone's facial expressions changed drastically.

"Protect Sir!"

A guard standing beside Ye Baiyi pushed him to the ground. A few other guards quickly stood in front of him and activated a bloody screen.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

The noises around Ye Baiyi disappeared and his surroundings became unusually quiet. Over the shoulders of the guards protecting him, Ye Baiyi stare blankly at the few guards that were running towards him. These guards were his comrades from Icy Flames Division that joined Blood of God with him,

Their eyes were widened in anger and their mouths were gaped. They seemed to be screaming something but no sound came out of their mouths. Their movements were very slow as well.

Suddenly, their background became brighter and brighter. Blinded by the bright white light, Ye Baiyi could not see his comrades' faces clearly.

Like a mountain flash flood, the dazzling burst of white light devoured the few familiar figures.

Ye Baiyi was startled. Tears flowed silently out of his eyes, blurring his vision.

His back collapsed heavily onto the ground and he blacked out.

A dazzling burst of light engulfed everything.

In a valley, twenty-five kilometers away from Wall of North Sea, there was a roaring cascade that was seven meters tall.

Qi Xiuyuan looked nervously at the cascade.

Whoosh. A familiar, tall and sturdy figure walked out from the cascade.

"Sir!" Qi Xiuyuan was extremely agitated.

To Qi Xiuyuan's astonishment, the one who walked out from the cascade was Shi Beihai. Shi Beihai's entire body was covered in blood. His face was scooty, his beard was unkempt and his hair was disheveled. However, there was still a cold glint in his tiger-like eyes.

When Shi Beihai saw Qi Xiuyuan, he heaved a sigh of relief.

When Qi Xiuyuan saw Shi Beihai's appearance, he was scared out of his skin. "Sir, are you injured?"

"I am alright," Shi Beihai shook his head and replied, "This blood belongs to the enemy."

This underground river had been opened up by Qi Xiuyuan when he was sent to build fortifications for North Sea Division. The underground river was linked directly to the interior of Wall of North Sea. The entrance to this underground river was very well-hidden. Initially, Shi Beihai just wanted an escape route to be built. He didn't expect that it would be put to good use one day.

As familiar figures walked out of the cascade one by one, the smile on Qi Xiuyuan's face became wider and wider.

However, the process halted after the seventeenth person walked out from the cascade.

Qi Xiuyuan's face turned deathly white.

"There's no need for you to watch the cascade anymore. These are the only people that have survived," Shi Beihai said with a gloomy voice.

Even though he had made plans for retreat, the situation at that time was too chaotic. The surging blood fiends did not give them any time to make a retreat. Almost all of his men were drowned in the dark, surging sea of blood fiends.

Only those who were very powerful were barely able to flee for their lives under the attack of the blood fiends.

Suddenly, the ground shook.

Shi Beihai's body trembled. The rest of the people raised their heads abruptly.

Shi Beihai dashed towards the hillside like a wild animal. Similarly, the rest dashed frantically towards the hillside.

After Shi Beihai climbed up the hillside, he looked in the direction of the Wall of North Sea.

A monstrous and dazzling burst of white light had erupted and rose towards the sky.

Accompanied by heat and elemental energy undulations, the wind from the blast wave of the explosion dispersed the clouds of North Sea. It caused the forests to rustle and Shi Beihai's disheveled hair to flutter. The warm breeze from the Wall of North Sea held the bright and cheerful laughter of his comrades, recounted the solemn oath they'd made together in the past, and signified an everlasting farewell.

I have no regrets fighting side by side with all of you. It's time for a farewell. Goodbye, I'm leaving. Everyone, take care.

Shi Beihai stood in a daze as tears silently flowed down his scooty and bloodstained face.