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Chapter 496: An All-out Attack, Metal Baskets, And Arrogant Words

 Chapter 496: An All-out Attack, Metal Baskets, And Arrogant Words

Translator: TYZ Editor: TYZ, KLKL

Another day had passed. The sun rose from the horizon, shedding warmth and sunlight over the land.

However, the Wall of North Sea did not receive any.

At this point in time, the atmosphere at Wall of North Sea was wintry and bleak. Every defensive position was on high alert. Every soldier's body was tensed. They could not help but widen their eyes and look ahead with malevolence.

The Blood of God's camps were absolutely silent. The dark masses of blood fiends were standing still like stone statues. Their scarlet eyes were filled with a thirst to kill and indifference towards people's lives.

In the midst of the blood fiends, Beast Venom Temple's god priests' hands kept on releasing a red-colored, bloody glow.

The mist-like bloody glow looked unusually alluring under the cold and gloomy sunlight.

Speckles of the bloody glow entered the bodies of the blood fiends. Their scarlet eyes reduced in redness and became clearer. Their aggressiveness and high body temperatures disappeared along with the red glow in their eyes, as if their bestiality had been taken away by a mysterious force.

Their eyes were clear and flawless like extremely beautiful rubies.

Upon witnessing this scene, the North Sea soldiers on the Wall of North Sea went into an uproar.

"Everyone, take note! Do not look into the eyes of the blood fiends!" Helian Feier loudly reminded everyone with a solemn look on her face. She looked extremely calm. She was able to influence the soldiers with her calmness, causing the commotion to diminish gradually. No one noticed that her fingers drooping by the side of her body were actually trembling slightly.

The enemy was going to launch its main attack soon!

Unlike before, Ye Baiyi did not attack the Wall of North Sea wave by wave. Instead, he gathered all the blood fiends and launched an all-out attack.

The scale of this attack was unprecedented. The pressure on the defensive line was also unprecedented. The boundless sea of blood fiends caused Helian Feier to feel extreme despair. She could not see any hope of victory.

A thick and wide palm patted her shoulder lightly.

"Relax, do you still remember the plan?"

At first, her body froze. Then, when she heard the familiar voice, her body loosened up. Mysteriously, all the pressure and tension she felt disappeared as she began to regain her composure.

Without turning around, Helian Feier nodded her head and replied, "Yes, I remember!"

Shi Beihai patted her shoulder and left without saying anything else. He was patrolling along the defensive line. When the soldiers bowed and greeted him, he would calmly bow and greet them back. Every now and then, he would nod his head at the soldiers or ask, "Do you still remember the plan?"

Mysteriously, with this ordinary question and the slight nod of his head he was able to get rid of the fear and tension that everyone was feeling.

Generally speaking, everyone was willing to lay down their lives because they trusted this tall and imposing man.

In a camp on the Blood of God's side, Ye Baiyi was looking at the Wall of North Sea that was obstructing the advance of his army. It was still standing tall and majestic. However, there were a lot of areas that were utterly damaged, allowing him to see the defensive positions of North Sea Division.

Shi Beihai had exposed these defensive positions on purpose. They looked as if they could be broken through at any moment easily, but in reality they were dangerous spots of death.

Ye Baiyi had long seen through Shi Beihai's plan. However, he still sent his soldiers to attack these defensive positions and observed them being crushed to smithereens.

If those exposed defensive positions were Shi Beihai's bait, then these suiciding soldiers were his bait.

Shi Beihai's goal was to buy more time for the Avalon of Five Elements, and Ye Baiyi's only goal was Shi Beihai!

This was an order from His Majesty.

Ye Baiyi had no choice but to admit that His Majesty was extremely sharp, but unusually decisive and ruthless as well. His Majesty did not care about how many men he lost at all. All he cared about was whether or not Shi Beihai died.

Ye Baiyi was able to accurately spot the morale boost in the soldiers defending the Wall of North Sea. Upon seeing this, he exclaimed in admiration.

Shi Beihai truly lived up to his name!

However, what was the point of boosting the soldiers' morales at this moment?

"Let's begin."

Ye Baiyi's voice was indifferent without any tinge of excitement, resembling the piercing cold air in the early morning.

A black-colored blood fiend rose high into the air. It acted as a signal and caused other blood fiends to ascend from the ground and rise into the air with it.

Like a gigantic black rug that had its four corners lifted up by invisible hands, the dark sea of blood fiends flew towards the sky.

The atmosphere at the Wall of North Sea suddenly became tense. However, this time around, no one was feeling as fearful as before.

Their facial expressions were determined and their gazes were resolute.

There were no newbies among them. For the past few years, they had battled Blood of God an unknown number of times. Their mentalities had become unusually tough.

Previously, they were stunned by the might of Blood of God. Now that they'd regained their composure, they naturally did not feel scared at all. All of them were used to seeing death and they knew the upcoming battle was unprecedentedly dangerous. Right now, all of their facial expressions were solemn.

The blood fiends covered the sky and hid the sun, causing the sky to darken.

"Prepare to withstand the charge!" Lu Manman yelled at the top of his lungs.

Just as he finished his sentence, the blood fiends in the sky began to swoop down.

The dark masses of blood fiends resembled torrential hailstones.

The cacophony of the sounds of their wings flapping and the hisses and roars of tens of thousands of blood fiends came crashing down at the Wall of North Sea like a colossal tsunami.

Even with the protection from the Wall of North Sea, the soldiers from North Sea Division felt their hair stand on end as a cold shiver went down their spines.

The weight of the mass of blood fiends was equivalent to a small mountain's.

The tens of thousands of diving blood fiends were like meteorites crashing towards the Wall of North Sea.

If one looked down from the sky, he or she could see waves of a black-colored tsunami crashing against the snow-white Wall of North Sea. Colorful glows of elemental energies kept on flashing in the midst of the darkness.

The corpses of blood fiends kept on falling from the sky like dumplings. Their bodies piled up on the ground, forming heaps of corpses everywhere. The blood fiends that were still alive were battering North Sea Division's defensive line frantically, not feeling tired at all.

Cracks began to appear on the majestic Wall of North Sea.


Fishback City.

Everyone surrounded the huge sword that Lou Lan had taken a lot of trouble to bring over. All of them exclaimed in astonishment.

"Isn't it a bit ugly?"

"A bit ugly? Are you blind? It's extremely ugly! It looks like a bent shoulder pole that carries seven metal baskets. Hey, those baskets are of different sizes!"

"Ai Hui's sense of beauty is still as hopeless as before."

"I want to straighten it so badly, what should I do?"


All the members of Sword of Lightning had an embarrassed look on their faces. Discussions and mockery from the others had revealed their own thoughts. At this moment, their faces had turned extremely red and they wished they could find a hole to hide in.

After hesitating for a long while, Gu Xuan could not help but walk to Ai Hui and whisper, "Boss, don't tell me we are going to train in those metal baskets in the future?"

"What metal baskets? They are sword pagodas! Metallic sword pagodas!" Ai Hui corrected him.

Gu Xuan took a second look at them, but still could not tell that they were sword pagodas. However, this was not the main issue. He whispered again, "Yes, yes. They are sword pagodas, they are sword pagodas. But my point is, are we really going to train in these 'Metal Basket Sword Pagodas' in the future?"

"In the future?" Ai Hui shook his head.

When Gu Xuan saw Ai Hui shake his head, a tinge of joy appeared on his face instantly. However, Ai Hui then continued, "We are training now!"

Gu Xuan was dumbstruck.

The rest of the members were dumbstruck as well.

From that moment onwards, watching Sword of Lightning members training became the favorite pastime of Spear of Heavy Cloud's members. There were times where even Shi Xueman would smile when she saw Sword of Lightning training.

Ai Hui had yet to recover to the point where he was able to take part in the trainings. However, he would sit by one side and observe them.

Ai Hui's voice would ring across the air whenever someone lost focus or failed to keep up with the rest.

Very soon, the members did not care about their embarrassment anymore. Whoever was targeted by Ai Hui would be punished. Ai Hui could always think of various bizarre punishments to torture them. As compared to those torturous punishments, that tad bit of embarrassment was nothing.

When Uncle She saw the oddly shaped metallic colossus, he became curious as well.

He had never seen anything with such an odd shape and he could not guess its uses as well. However, the members in those metal baskets were training diligently and they did not seem to be fooling around.

On the contrary, the onlookers surrounding them were laughing and jesting, appearing as if they were watching a show.

When Uncle She's gaze landed upon Ai Hui, he felt utterly guilty. He did not know how to face his mistress when he returned. After being detained for so many days, he did not feel any resentment at all. The Central Pine Faction was already being very reasonable for not killing him straight away.

"Master Ai," he said respectfully.

Ai Hui noticed Uncle She and quickly replied, "Uncle She, come and take a seat. Sorry for troubling Uncle She these few days."

Uncle She's eyes turned red instantly. Choking with sobs, he replied, "I deserve to die! I caused Master Ai to..."

"There is no more Master Ai," Ai Hui waved his bandage covered hand.

At this moment, Uncle She realized Ai Hui's body did not emit any elemental energy undulations. At first, he was in a daze. Following which, he broke down in tears. He had served the Lu residence for his entire life and he seldom made any mistakes. He didn't expect himself to commit such a grave mistake in his twilight years.

"Uncle She, you don't need to brood over it. It's alright if I lose my Path of Master. Where there's a will, there's a way. Didn't Le Buleng change his Path of Master eight times?"

Ai Hui's tone was relaxed. His eyes, which were the only part that his bandage-covered face revealed, were glittering, resembling the resplendent stars in the night sky.

Uncle She was stunned. Not only did Ai Hui not feel despair, he was filled with a fighting spirit.

He suddenly realized this lad would definitely become an extraordinary individual in the future.

At this point of time, he had such a strong feeling about this!

The last time Uncle She had had this feeling was when he followed the family head to visit Dai Gang. Every movement Dai Gang made was pure and magnificent, making him resemble a celestial being in the sky.

At that time, Dai Gang still did not possess the prestige and strength that he had now.

Uncle She was still very young at that time. Just by taking a glance, he had a strong feeling that Dai Gang might become an extraordinary individual someday.

He did not expect to encounter another person who could give him the same feeling in his twilight years.

Suddenly, Ai Hui's tone became solemn as he said, "I asked Uncle She over because I feel that Senior might be in extreme danger. Previously, the Grass Bandits tried to harm Senior. This time around, they managed to infiltrate your convoy. There is definitely a spy among you all. I suspect that the sneak attack on Senior previously was not a coincidence. Someone in your residence is trying to harm Senior!"

Uncle She's facial expression turned solemn as well. Ai Hui's words were precisely what he had been pondering over the last few days.

"I hope Uncle She can go back earlier and remind Senior to take care of her own safety. Mingxiu is my senior and she definitely will not harm me. I don't want anything to happen to her," Ai Hui's tone and gaze turned ice-cold, "However, the Lu residence must give me an explanation for this incident. Who did it? Who wants to harm me! Who wants to harm Senior! Uncle She, what do you think about it?"

Uncle She shivered with cold. Then, he replied with a deep voice, "I will definitely report this to the family head! I believe the family head will definitely give Master Ai an explanation!"

Ai Hui nodded his head. Due to his face being fully covered by bandages, no one could see what Ai Hui was feeling now. Gazing into the distance, Ai Hui replied with a calm voice, "All of us are one big family. It's best if our relationships aren't hurt. I know what I'm going to say might sound arrogant, but I think it's better for me to say it now lest everyone gets unhappy in the future. If there's ever someone who tries to stop justice being served and let the culprit get away with it, I will personally go to the Lu residence and seek for an explanation."

A cold shiver went down Uncle She's spine. His rationality told him that what Ai Hui said was somewhat arrogant and funny, but he couldn't laugh at all for some unknown reason.

"I will remember it."