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Chapter 494: Dialogue

 Chapter 494: Dialogue

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ, KLKL

"Beast Venom Temple is here," Shi Beihai mumbled.

He fixed his eyes on the incoming black, cloudlike blood fiends, which covered the sky. He appeared calm, with the smoke around his face seemingly solidifying into black rocks that became distinct under the sky and clouds.

Lu Manman and Helian Feier had an ugly expression on their faces. Ye Baiyi's army was too much for them to handle. If not for the Wall of North Sea and the God-subduing Peaks, they would've long been drowned by the tide-like inflow of enemies.

With an additional Beast Venom Temple, the situation was so terrible that it drove people into despair.

Bei Shuisheng's Cold Palace, Nangong Wulian's Beast Venom Temple, Ye Baiyi's War God Palace and Red Devil's Fairy Devil Palace were Blood of God's four great palaces.

Bei Shuisheng never miscalculated, had an incomparable internal government and was known as Sick Tiger of God Nation. Now that Blood of God was prospering, Bei Shuisheng claimed the most credit.

Nangong Wulian's Beast Venom Temple was just as powerful. The blood fiends kept by Blood of God all came from the Beast Venom Temple. Even the most popular load basin beasts in the Wilderness were creations of the Beast Venom Temple.

It was said that the newly risen strong player in God Nation, Red Devil, was also a masterpiece of Beast Venom Temple.

Needless to say Ye Baiyi was, in the eyes of Shi Beihai, one of the most intelligent division leaders around. His combat strength and strategies were the finest.

"Ye Baiyi..."

Shi Beihai turned around and said, "Get everyone to make full use of this time to restore the defensive line while others take the chance to recuperate. Tomorrow will be another bitter struggle. Supply them with essence elemental beans."

Lu Manman and Helian Feier jumped in shock before answering in unison, "Yes!"

Shi Beiha's silhouette disappeared on the snow-white pathway made from the cloud layer.

The duo hurriedly relayed the order.

Lu Manman's eyes were moving nimbly. At times he extended his neck and glanced at the enemy's camping ground, snapping, "Ye Baiyi is amazing, eh? I used to think our boss was the greatest, but Ye Baiyi actually isn't weak either."

Helian Feier was more knowledgeable. She shook her head in response. "It's because you were ignorant and inexperienced. Ye Baiyi is indeed powerful, but not many people outside know about it. Great Elder settled on two successors previously, one of them being Ye Baiyi. There's nothing to criticize about Ye Baiyi's abilities. Great Elder admires him very much."

It was clearly Lu Manman's first time hearing this. He couldn't help but ask, "And what happened?"

Helian Feier shook her head. "Nothing."

With Eyes wide open Lu Manman asked, "Why?"

Helian Feier answered, "He's a new citizen."

Lu Manman had a realization. "I see."

The Great Elder's position had always been taken by members from aristocratic families only, not new citizens.

Helian Feier added, "Ye Baiyi is proud and aloof. He's a new citizen, but isn't on close terms with Yuchi Ba and other people from New Citizen Faction. As such, he couldn't get their support."

"He's so fierce!" Lu Manman exclaimed before asking, "If Ye Baiyi was one of the chosen ones, who was the other candidate?"

Helian Feier gave Lu Manman a foolish look. "Boss."

Lu Manman was frightened, but quickly regained his senses. "Boss? That's exactly what I was saying. Boss is so capable! If Ye Baiyi was chosen, why wouldn't Boss be chosen as well? Aye, then why didn't Boss agree? Sigh, wouldn't our lives be great if Boss became The Great Elder?"

"I happen to know something about this." Helian Feier said admiringly, "Boss mentioned that there is still estrangement between new citizens and aristocratic families and it is getting worse. The divergence has reached a dangerous point where they are no longer able to compromise. It is not something The Great Elder can solve, since he doesn't know how to either. Boss doesn't want to dip his gun into his own people's blood, be it the aristocratic families or new citizens."

Lu Manman fell into silence. The atmosphere in North Sea Division had always been good. Both Qi Xiuyuan and him were new citizens, but were able to become assistant division leaders. Helian Feier was an aristocrat, but they all got along fine.

Helian Feier sighed. "Actually, Great Elder liked Boss the most. Boss has a good family background, is powerful and morally praiseworthy. Both aristocratic families and new citizens would be in support of him taking over Great Elder's position. But it was said that Boss's firm rejection really angered Great Elder. Why did Miss Shi Xueman get Grandmaster An Muda to be her teacher? It was actually Great Elder's arrangement."

Lu Manman was stunned. These seemingly ordinary affairs actually had stories behind them.

"You must've heard this before. Miss Shi Xueman had been regarded as the successor of The Great Elder."

Lu Manman nodded enthusiastically as how a chicken would peck at its food. "I've heard, I've heard."

Helian Feier looked at him. "Don't you wonder why it's her? Miss Shi Xueman is still so young and she wasn't even a Master at that point in time, so what qualifications did she have to become such a hot candidate?"

Lu Manman stared blankly into space. "You... you're right."

"Fool!" Helian Feier couldn't help but roll her eyes at him. "Who does Boss favor the most? Miss Shi Xueman! If she becomes Great Elder, would Boss just stand by if anything happened? And Grandmaster An Muda is her teacher, so wouldn't he come to the rescue if anything happened to her? Great Elder's plan is really brilliant!"

Lu Manman said, tongue twisted, "But... but..."

"But why Ye Lin?" Helian Feier asked before answering with yet another sigh, "Man proposes but God disposes. Great Elder did not expect such a violent a blood catastrophe to erupt. We lost Yellow Sand Corner and Fire Prairie in the blink of an eye. Lesser Avalon of Five Elements failed, resulting in the later Wilderness Expansion Order. Have you not noticed that we have completely lost our rhythm and are being led by the nose thanks to Blood of God?"

Helian Feier's gaze carried a tinge of fear. "Boss said that Holy Emperor is an unmatched character in terms of ambition and ruthlessness and he's right. Great Elder's plan has thoroughly been trampled with. Such a dangerous situation is not something Miss Shi Xueman can bear. Plus..."

Her tone was slightly cheerful. "Our Miss has the same temper as her father. Hah, running to and Ai Hui and getting mixed up in his affairs. Look, isn't this reckless spirit of hers identical to her father's in his younger days? Great Elder was seething with anger at that news, but Boss was very happy. Plus, at that time, Grandmaster An Muda was no longer in good shape. Without his backing, Miss Shi Xueman won't gain a foothold in the Elders Guild."

At this point Lu Manman slowly regained his senses and mumbled to himself, "Boss is really something. It would still be better for him to take over Great Elder instead of Ye Lin. If Boss had assumed the position, the situation wouldn't be so chaotic now."

Helian Feier shook her head. "That's what I said previously, but Boss disagreed. He felt that Ye Lin was a more suitable candidate."

"What?" Lu Manman thought his ears were playing a trick on him and asked in disbelief, "Boss said that b*tch would be a better Great Elder than him?"

The whole of North Sea Division had nothing good to say about Ye Lin. Their request to withdraw from the front line in order to recuperate had been rejected countless times. They weren't provided with sufficient resources and had tried rushing for them but to no avail. The backup combat divisions had yet to arrive as well.

If not for Boss's idea to mass release mirageovie bean pods, their defensive line would've been destroyed due to an exhaustion of essence elemental beans. Yet, immediately after the release of the pods, Ye Lin was the first to stand up, calling for people to unite.

Everybody felt sick to their stomachs, as if they'd just swallowed a fly.

What Ye Lin had done at the rear disgusted them as well.

Guillotines on a snowy night, rivers of blood.

So one could only imagine how intense Lu Manman's reaction was in regard to Helian Feier's words. To him, Shi Beihai was unsurpassable.

"That's right. That's what Boss said." Helian Feier had a complicated expression on her face. After keeping silent for a short while she spoke up. "Boss said that the current Avalon of Five Elements is like a festering patient, wounds everywhere and flesh rotting, as if already on its last breath but there are wolves in front and tigers behind."

Lu Manman, too, became quiet.

Helian Feier added, "Boss said that he is soft-hearted and does not wish to touch his own people's blood. Currently, the Avalon of Five Elements needs someone ruthless enough to eradicate the rotten flesh. Whatever wounds there are should be sewn up before anything else. This process is very bloody and many will die. Among the victims would be some whose crimes are impassable, some who are innocent and others who have different standings. This is something he's unable to do so Ye Lin should do it."

Lu Manman spoke urgently, "But..."

Helian Feier ignored him and continued, "Boss also said that while Ye Lin's method isn't necessarily honest and that she isn't the most open-minded person, she was ruthless and definitely unwilling to admit defeat. The rest might bow before the Holy Emperor in fear or give up in despair, but not Ye Lin. Her determination to stand off exceeds anyone in the Avalon of Five Elements. Se will never surrender."

Lu Manman fell into silence once more. Boss had known Ye Lin from young so he must know her better.

"Boss said he's unsure if her authority is a good or bad thing. The Avalon of Five Elements might welcome a turn for the better in her hands, or it might crumble and turn to dust. He does not wish to become Ye Lin's knife or turn into rotten flesh, so what he's able to do is to guard the front line as best as he can. Boss also said that he would quit if he survives this death match. His obligations would've been fulfilled, so his remaining time would be dedicated to protecting his daughter. If he dies, it will be in service of his duties so there won't be regrets."

A sparkling tear had unknowingly emerged from Helian Feier's eyes.

Lu Manman's eyes were red, but he laughed, "If I survive, I'll follow Boss and be the family head. It's still better to follow Boss!"

Helian Feier blinked. "Then I can only be the housekeeper."

Lu Manman became interested. "What about Xiuyuan? Should he watch the door?"

"That suits you more." Helian Feier stroked her chin. "Xiuyuan will do the accounts since he knows how to. Aye, Miss gotta earn some money. The two of us can only freeload and wait for death!"

"I'm only suited to doorwatching? What a joke! Do you know how rare a well-rounded leader like me is?"

"Yeah, yeah, extremely rare. You can do the groceries, cook and clean. Well-rounded indeed!"

"That's a servant! I'm the head of the household. Family head!"

"Hehe. Yes, yes, yes, you're the head... Hope we can all live on."

"We will."