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Chapter 490: Grandmaster to Grandmaster

 Chapter 490: Grandmaster to Grandmaster

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An Muda's silhouette was blurry as an alarming amount of elemental energy stacked, layer upon layer, around his body like the surging of a deep sea.

The Holy Emperor's eyes, as sharp as swords, pierced through the layers of elemental energy and saw him very clearly.

He sighed softly. It sounded like the melodious chiming of a clock and it resounded through the Blood of God.

Amid the deep sea of elemental energy, a dazzling brilliance rose around his body, the multicolored splendor appearing like cold flames. His skin was starting to melt into elemental energy and rise into the air like vapor.

Free from the shackles that trapped every other living being, Grandmasters were the most perfect entities in this world. Even their deaths were absolutely beautiful.

The Holy Emperor was rather angry. He snorted, "What's your worth, An Muda? Do you live for those fools? Open your eyes, An Muda. What kind of trash are you defending? If things were left to me, none of them would live!"

The Holy Emperor despised An Muda.

To him, the failure of the Avalon of Five Elements was directly caused by An Muda's nonfeasance. If it had been him, he never would've allowed the dog crap Elders Guild to gain power. If anyone disobeyed him, he would purge him or her without hesitation and mercy. In his eyes, whatever aristocratic families and new citizens were all no different from ants.

Who else is a Grandmaster but me!

His will was the Blood of God.

But today, the Holy Emperor had more respect for An Muda. While he was mediocre, soft-hearted, and blinded by camaraderie, he wasn't without valor and responsibility.

People who were admiring the final afterglow of the Grandmaster were unaware of the suffering An Muda endured. Plus, although Grandmasters couldn't escape death either, there was a way around it, as the Holy Emperor had recently come to realize. This was the Grandmaster's last chance, the biggest gift presented to him after he'd attained the grandmaster level.

An Muda had been a Grandmaster for a longer time than Dai Gang, so it was impossible for him to be unaware of this fact.

An Muda had given up his final chance in order to help those fools.

The Holy Emperor was half sympathetic and half respectful, but also extremely angry. An Muda was a stately Grandmaster who chose to sacrifice his final chance in order to save useless mud.

Exceedingly foolish!

The silhouette amid the deep sea of elemental energy and splendor stood motionlessly, but An Muda's candid laughter was heard. He sounded like a 20 year old young man. "Only smart minds do smart things. I'm not smart so I only do what I like."

With a mocking look on his face, the Holy Emperor replied in a sharp tone, "Like? Hahaha, what a joke! Why did you become a Grandmaster? Isn't a Grandmaster, who has achieved his status by being the strongest, most gifted, diligent and fortunate, seeking the ability to control this world?

An Muda's tone was very calm as he answered without the slightest irritation, "My world is already in my hands."

The Holy Emperor couldn't be bothered to drag the conversation on. "Come on, An Muda, you don't have much time left. You can't even attempt your final struggle. How heart wrenching. I'm also very curious about what having a match with a Grandmaster feels like."

"I'm afraid that you're going to be disappointed."

An Muda's voice carried a tinge of joy.

The Holy Emperor was stunned.

Clap. A tender shattering sound, like that made from broken glass, fell onto the ears of the Holy Emperor. His face changed and a blazing ray of light swallowed him up in the next moment.

The deep sea of elemental energy that was wrapped around An Muda exploded.

A ripple appeared above the Blood of God and slowly spread outward.

The blood elementalists below stared blankly at the sky. Shock only appeared on their faces after quite some time.

Elemental energy. Entirely elemental energy.

The Holy Emperor's silhouette emerged from hundreds of miles away, his face ashen. He opened his palms and colorful patches were visible. It was a terrifying sight.

His face was gloomy, but there was rage in his eyes. Anger targeted at himself.

He had been blindsided!

Huge elemental energy waves rose and rippled like a tsunami at the spot where An Muda had been standing.

An Muda had not intended to use his last strike against the Holy Emperor, but against the Blood of God.

Just now, he recalled that the elemental energy around An Muda had simply been too thick.

Why would there have been such a rich elemental energy?

The colored patches on his hand were about the size of copper coins. They looked like flowing dye, their luster alluring.

The Holy Emperor could feel that these patches were sucking in the surrounding elemental energy nonstop and continuously expanding. His eyes lit up. It was interesting that An Myda chose to borrow the infectious nature of the blood poison.

He was indeed the oldest Grandmaster.

The colored patches were wounds caused by the corrosion of elemental energy. The elemental energy released by An Muda was of a very complicated and peculiar composition. It was a type of five elemental energy ring that contained all five differing attributes. Its structure was extremely exquisite.

This type of five elemental rings circulated continuously like a river. Each ring was like a whirlpool, sucking in all five types of elemental energy.

It would continue to grow and expand.

The Holy Emperor was a wise person to begin with, so he immediately figured out where the elemental energy around An Muda came from.

Where An Muda had passed, all the elemental energy had been collected by him. Cloud Palette Village and the Silver Mist Sea were probably like the Old Territory by now.

He'd underestimated An Muda!

The fury in the Holy Emperor's eyes had reduced significantly, but the gloom remained on his face. He admired An Muda a bit more. To target the Fire Prairie and Yellow Sand Corner instead of himself was a thinking a step ahead of the opponent. Exhausting all elemental energy from Cloud Palette Village and the Silver Mist Sea... that was more like it. A ruthless Grandmaster.

The smile on the Holy Emperor's face grew wider. An Muda hadn't been idle all these years. This type of five elemental energy ring was something he'd prepared in order to deal with the Blood of God.

This was because it could withstand the corrosion of the blood spiritual force.

By now, the Holy Emperor could already predict what kind of disaster the elemental energy tsunami would bring to the Blood of God. This elemental energy rainstorm swept across the whole of the Yellow Sand Corner.

An Muda's five element ring would swallow all the surrounding elemental energy to strengthen itself.

The earth elemental energy in the Yellow Sand Corner wasn't as strong as before, but was still abundant. The same situation applied to the fire elemental energy in the Fire Prairie. These earth and fire elemental energies would become food for the five element ring.

An Muda had really seen through the weakness of the blood poison.

The more singular an elemental energy was, the easier it was infected by blood poison. The more types of elemental energy there were, the more difficult it became for the blood poison to infect. Blood poison would become ineffective against a dire beast that possessed all five types of elemental energy. This was also why the blood poison was unable to spread within the Wilderness. The majority of the dire beasts and plants in the WIlderness contained many types of elemental energy.

A thorough transformation of elemental energy in the Yellow Sand Corner and Fire Prairie by An Muda's five element ring was, to the blood elementalists, no less than an exceptionally destructive catastrophe.

Without the replenishment of a single elemental energy, blood trees would wither and cause a shortage in the jade fruits. To God Nation, this deficiency would destabilize their foundation. The blood beasts would starve and die off, and there would be no blood crystals. Without jade fruits and blood crystals, blood elementalists wouldn't be able to undergo even the most basic of training.

A pity, An Muda. You've miscalculated.

Why would you think I'm unfamiliar with the five elemental energies?

A faint shadow floated across his eyes, then became clear in an instant. A cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Not only was he familiar with the five elemental energies, he was aware of the blood poison's weakness. As such, he'd never given up on improving the blood poison.

That was right. An Muda's five element ring was beyond the Holy Emperor's understanding of the five elemental energies. It was more elaborate and complex, but the Holy Emperor did not doubt that he could break it. His study and understanding of the five elemental energies exceeded those of ordinary people, so he was highly confident in this aspect.

The Holy Emperor did not care about the spreading five element ring rainstorm. Even if the Yellow Sand Corner and Fire Prairie quickly became the haven of the five element ring and the blood elementalists were inhibited, this situation was only going to be temporary. The moment he broke the ring, the Yellow Sand Corner and Fire Prairie would be restored.

An Muda's five element ring was the most perfect ring he'd seen so far. If he could break it...

He suddenly felt excitement because he realized that he would reap a benefit that far exceeded his imagination if he managed to break it.

Afterward, he would be able to embrace, without restriction, areas of the Wilderness that he was unable to in the past.

If he could enhance the blood poison from An Muda's five element ring and enter the Wilderness, there would only be withered grass and rotten wood extending lifelessly into every corner of the Wilderness. The boundless Wilderness and inexhaustible dire beasts would all fall into his grasp.

His heart surged. The territory belonging to the Cultivation Era was about to be restored by his hands.

No, he was going to force the Wilderness somewhere further.

The Holy Emperor burst into a long peal of laughter. "Hahahaha..."

An Muda had not let him down!

How could he, as a Grandmaster?

Amid his wild laughter, the distant elemental energy tsunami surged over with a shockingly powerful momentum.

He believed that An Muda knew this too. He knew how dangerous things would become the moment this type of five element ring was revealed. Nevertheless, he used it just to buy that trash a bit more time.

The Holy Emperor was baffled by this meaningless sacrifice. So what if there was a bit more time? What was going to change? Nothing would change. Did he think that the Elders Guild could use this small amount of time to claim victory?

There was probably no way out.

It was really ridiculous for a Grandmaster to feel helpless.

He, the Holy Emperor, would not be that foolish. He would take this gamble! He would certainly break An Muda's five element ring in the quickest time possible. He was the most powerful person in this era.

No. Not just this era!

He was going to surpass all the legendary cultivators, becoming the strongest and mightiest person to exist in history!

There was only emptiness in the eye of the spreading elemental energy rainstorm. The Grandmaster was no more.

In high spirits, the Holy Emperor felt extremely smug about his success. He smiled, "Thanks for your present, An Muda. You'll soon find out that your sacrifice was meaningless and that they're trashier than you think."

He swiftly disappeared and reappeared above Ye Baiyi's army camp.

"An Muda is dead. Official Ye, attack."

The Holy Emperor looked at the North Sea defensive line with cold eyes, his disdain and contempt flickering. There was also a trace of pity!

Beneath his feet, tens of thousands of soldiers kowtowed.

I'm the real Grandmaster!

The Holy Emperor looked down from high up in the sky, his expression cold and detached. Like ripples, his silhouette slowly disappeared into the horizon.

The faraway elemental energy rainstorm raged and whistled.