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Chapter 481: Getting Rid of The Internal Conflict

 Chapter 481: Getting Rid of The Internal Conflict

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The size of the new city was rather large. The original design had a capacity for 10,000 people. Rather than a city that could fit 10,000 people, it looked like an expansive army camp that could fit 10,000 people.

The Spear of Heavy Cloud, along with its reserves, had a total of 8,000 men. The size of the army camp was more than enough for them.

When everyone walked into this brand-new army camp, they could not help but click their tongues in amazement.

"It's amazing... I heard that it was built by one person?"

"If I didn't see it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it."

"Yes, this place is so huge..."


Every now and then, people would let a gasp of surprise. The roads were neat and straight, and the perimeter walls were orderly and upright. There were buildings with various functions, dazzling everyone's eyes.

Le Buleng's interest was piqued. He squatted down and touched the solid floor. Whether it was the floor or the perimeter walls, he could not see any bricks being used. Everything was entirely made out of soil and then solidified using elemental energy. Le Buleng felt the floor with his hand and noticed that it was very sturdy and hard. Furthermore, it was unusually smooth and level as well. Clearly, it was built by an earth elementalist all in one go.


He exclaimed in admiration in his heart. Small details like these showed a lot about an elementalist's strength.

Everything fit seamlessly. No wrinkles could be found on the street roads or the perimeter walls. These unremarkable details displayed the impressive strength of the builder.

Of course, those slightly rich families would not use such a method to build their cities. They felt that this method would result in crude and ugly cities. They would only use this method when they needed to set up outdoor camps in the wild when they were travelling.

An outdoor camp was completely different from an army camp that could fit 10,000 people.

There would be a difference in quality between a city that was built by a group of people and a city that was built single-handedly by one person.

Le Buleng was slightly surprised. Even though he had not spent a long time with the Central Pine Faction, he had a feeling that it was packed with talents. Even before Le Buleng met the earth elementalist who single-handedly built the city, he could not help but give him an extremely high rating.

An earth elementalist who was very likely to become a Master!

Fortification Master?

This profession might not have existed in the past, but Le Buleng wasn't someone that rigidly adhered to conventions. Instead, he thought highly of this profession. If a fort appeared out of thin air on the battlefield within a night, it would create a huge sensation throughout the world.

Given Shi Xueman's capabilities, she could definitely take advantage of this new profession.

The Spear of Heavy Cloud had a bright future!

He felt at ease when he thought of this. With Zu Yan following Shi Xueman, he no longer needed to worry about him in the future. He could set his mind at ease and focus on dealing with Dai Gang.

When Le Buleng thought of Dai Gang, a battle fervor gushed through his body in an instant.

Shi Xueman and the rest quickly found Wang Xiaoshan, who was sleeping soundly. The entire body of Wang Xiaoshan was covered in mud, making him looked like a homeless man. A respectful gaze appeared on everyone's faces as they subconsciously lightened their footsteps.

Wang Xiaoshan deserved to be respected for building a complete city like this single-handedly. Even Le Buleng was speechless.

When Shi Xueman saw Wang Xiaoshan sleeping soundly on the ground, she felt touched. She could tell that Wang Xiaoshan was extremely fatigued.

Actually, Wang Xiaoshan did not have much of a presence in the team. He was mild mannered, gentle, amiable, and easygoing. No matter how much work he was given, he would earnestly complete it.

Wang Xiaoshan woke up feeling groggy and rubbed his eyes. When he saw that he was surrounded by so many people, he was scared out of his skin. He only heaved a sigh of relief when he saw familiar faces like Shi Xueman and Jiang Wei.

Looking as if he blamed himself, he quickly responded, "Ah, Xueman, all of you are here already? I... I haven't completed the city yet... The defense system isn't up yet..."

"It is all right. The city is close to being perfect. Thank you, Xiaoshan!" Shi Xueman sincerely thanked him.

"But..." Wang Xiaoshan replied with a worrying tone.

Jiang Wei patted Wang Xiaoshan's shoulder and smiled, "There are so many of us here. If we still have to worry about our safety, then we aren't fit to enter the battlefield."

Wang Xiaoshan finally relaxed himself when he heard Jiang Wei's words. Immediately, his eyes became drowsy and he yawned. "Then I shall have a good sleep first. Don't wake me up, I'm going to sleep until the end of time!"

He was very tired. but satisfied at the same time.


After Shi Xueman and Spear of Heavy Cloud had left, Lemon Camping Ground became cold and cheerless.

When Sword of Lightning announced that it wouldn't be recruiting new members, everyone left Lemon Camping Ground one by one. Lemon Camping Ground was simply too small to support so many people.

As such, Lemon Camping Ground returned to its previous desolate state. The occasional yells from the inner camp managed to create some liveliness.

Since everyone's attitude toward training changed, the training efficiency increased sharply.

Even though the training was boring, they weren't hard to execute. When Ai Hui chose the members for his division, he purposely chose those who could endure long and boring training sessions and could maintain focus for a long period of time.

The considerations that Ai Hui had taken prior to the formation of the Sword of Lightning began to now display their effects.

Gu Xuan, who had the right attitude toward training, quickly entered into a zone. The Merak Sword Pagoda where he was stationed was second only to Ai Hui's Megrez Sword Pagoda. The Merak Sword Pagoda was the second tallest sword pagoda with eight levels in total.

Every level, there were six men. The entire sword pagoda held up to 48 men.

In reality, Gu Xuan had never commanded more than five men before. He aspired to become a swordsman. What was a swordsman? A swordsman was a lone wolf who used his sword to slice through every problem.

Gu Xuan finally found acceptance when he regarded the sword pagoda as a sword formation. Even though he had never seen a sword formation like this, he was absolutely sure it was a sword formation when he saw the sword gleam from the Alkaid Sword Pagoda. It was a very powerful and pure sword formation.

It was definitely not easy for 48 people to unleash the same sword move at the same time, but everyone still managed to do it after putting in effort. When 48 streaks of sword gleam were gathered together, the dense sword aura that shot through the sky excited him.

He was the pagoda master and every sword gleam in the sword pagoda would gather at his position. As such, only a capable swordsman could take up the position of the pagoda master. Only a capable swordsman could make minute adjustments amid so many sword gleams.

In Sword of Lightning, Gu Xuan's swordsmanship was second only to Ai Hui's. However, even so, the number of minute adjustments he was able to make was very few. There were a lot of times when he needed to depend on the coordination among his teammates.

However, being a pagoda master had its benefits too.

Since every sword gleam in the sword pagoda would gather at his position, the sword aura that he experienced would be concentrated and powerful. The first time he successfully unleashed an attack from the sword pagoda, his mind went blank.

To outsiders, this might not have any value, but to a swordsman, this was the best form of tempering his swordsmanship.

Gu Xuan was pleasantly surprised. He had never given up on the sword path.

Currently, the biggest problem that swordsmen faced in training was that there weren't any swordsmen left from the Cultivation Era.

No one had a direct understanding of swordsmanship. Karakorum Sword League's sword formations were for beginners to gain a first direct impression of swordsmanship. What was a sword? What did a sword gleam look like?

However, when a swordsman progressed to a higher level of swordsmanship, he or she would be at a loss again.

What did a high-level sword gleam look like? No one had seen it before, so there was nothing to reference.

The current sword pagodas were able to directly show Gu Xuan how a sword gleam looked when it became stronger. This chance was extremely hard to come by. A dense and concentrated sword aura was able to help Gu Xuan understand swordsmanship as well.

One could imagine the joy Gu Xuan felt.

Similarly, inside the Alkaid Sword Pagoda, Ai Hui immersed himself in the dense aura of sword gleams.

The words Le Buleng said that day had a huge impact on him.

Before that day, Ai Hui had always been hesitating. Le Buleng was able to carry out those crazy training programs because of his character and personality. Le Buleng could afford to be reckless and place himself in dire situations.

Ai Hui couldn't do that. He wasn't a loner and still had a bunch of comrades depending on him.

Ai Hui was different from Le Buleng in the sense that he had more responsibilities.

Everyone was different. Each person had his or her own path to walk.

Subconsciously, Ai Hui would tell himself these words and restrain himself from doing anything reckless.

Today, however, Ai Hui suddenly realized how wrong he was.

Yes, he was the leader of the Central Pine Faction. Was making sure everyone survived his only responsibility? No. If that was his only goal, then all he needed to do was to lead them to the depths of Wilderness and stay in a corner.

What was the point of doing that? Who would agree to that?

Making sure everyone survived was not his only responsibility. He still had to lead them to seek revenge and obtain victory. In an era where Grandmasters reigned supreme, they would eventually fail if they did not have any Grandmasters.

In the face of a Grandmaster, they did not have any chance of winning. Not only must he make sure everyone survived, but he had to aim to become a Grandmaster as well.

If he did not, who else would?

Either he died on the way to becoming a Grandmaster or he died at the hands of a Grandmaster.

One option was to fight for his life, while the other was to wait for his impending doom. It was obvious which option he was going to choose.

After getting rid of his internal conflict, Ai Hui felt an indescribable relief. For a very long period of time, he felt like he was walking on thin ice and trembling with fear. He was afraid that if he made one wrong move, everyone would be consigned to eternal damnation.

Ai Hui was filled with admiration toward Le Buleng.

Le Buleng was widely known to be a stubborn, intolerant, and crazy individual. Most people ignored his wisdom and composure. Whether it was the [Cold Embers], [Earth Elemental Inverse Flame], or [Grandmaster Obliteration Flames] technique, all of them displayed the creativity of a genius.

Le Buleng might appear to be crazy, but in reality, he was actually extremely calm.

This was the scariest part about Le Buleng.

An individual that was stubborn, determined, crazy, and intelligent was a formidable freak. Even so, Le Buleng was still suppressed by Dai Gang throughout his life.

Ai Hui could not imagine how powerful Dai Gang actually was.

Was a Grandmaster really that powerful?

Ai Hui took in a deep breath of air and threw all the distracting thoughts out of his head. He then focused on his restless earth palace.

With Le Buleng's reminder, Ai Hui paid a lot of attention to any abnormal movements in his earth palace. While training with the sword pagoda, Ai Hui discovered that every time the sword gleams gathered, his earth palace would somewhat react.

It was sensitive the the aura of a sword gleam.

Ai Hui's mind jolted as he suddenly thought about the sword embryo he used to have.

He quickly discovered that even though the most powerful sword aura currently produced could make his earth palace restless, that was all it could do. It seemed that the sword aura was not powerful enough.

Perhaps, he should consider other methods?

Le Buleng complained that Ai Hui's sword pagodas were not powerful enough, that they were useless on a battlefield. In reality, Ai Hui had already prepared for this problem. All along, he had not planned to use the seven pagodas on the battlefield. He had a plan: Big Dipper Seven Swords, Combining the Seven Swords Into One!