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Chapter 480: The Secret Mission of The Three Central Divisions

 Chapter 480: The Secret Mission of The Three Central Divisions

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"Le Buleng?"

Madam Ye knitted her eyebrows. Nowadays, her authority was absolute. A slight movement in her eyebrows caused the atmosphere of the meeting room to instantly dim. Guards and servants around her were scared out of their wits and lowered their heads.

Even Nian Tingfeng was vexed by her action. With a low voice, he reported, "Yes. Le Buleng has a disciple named Zu Yan. He is a member of the fire elemental Zu family. Reportedly, Le Buleng is there for Zu Yan. As for snow lava, it is a rare A-grade fire liquid from Central Pine Valley. I don't know what deal have they made, but Le Buleng does not seem like he is leaving anytime soon. Meanwhile, Ai Hui's Sword of Lighting is becoming rather powerful. We can't underestimate its combat power."

"Oh, what do you mean by we can't underestimate its combat power?" Madam Ye asked calmly.

Nian Tingfeng recounted the scouting report clearly to Madam Ye.

Madam Ye's facial expression tensed. She came from a family of swordsmen and knew how powerful the sword gleam was from its description. However, when she heard that Sword of Lightning only had 300 people, her facial expression loosened up. "They have too few people. I heard that Ai Hui is an extremely stingy individual. He isn't even willing to hire more elementalists for his combat division?"

"I think he wanted to hire more, but was unable to do so." Nian Tingfeng explained, "Nowadays, most of the swordsmen come from Karakorum. Other than those desperate fire elementalists, no one is willing to go to such an isolated place. Furthermore, no one dares to pursue a fellow who keeps talking about lightning."

300 men were far too few for a combat division, unless they were the Dread Division.

Even with the assets of the entire Avalon of Five Elements, only one Dread Division was formed. However, even the Dread Division had 500 men, not 300. How could Central Pine Valley's strength be compared to the entire Avalon of Five Elements? Even if these 300 men were hand-picked elites, the division wouldn't be very powerful.

If the elementalists weren't powerful and they were so small in number, what fighting capabilities would the combat division have then?

Madam Ye did not take Ai Hui seriously.

The three central divisions were built by the Elders Guild with all its might. A countless amount of resources and money were spent, and generations of research were conducted. Even when the Avalon of Five Elements was at its peak, it couldn't build a fourth central division. Right now, Beyond Avalon could only depend on its leftover assets to survive. Even Beyond Avalon couldn't build another powerful combat division, let alone Ai Hui, who had zero assets.

However, Le Buleng was a troublesome individual.

Madam Ye and Nian Tingfeng clearly knew how troublesome Le Buleng was. This fellow's strength was the highest among all Masters in the Avalon of Five Elements. Other than Grandmaster Dai, no one dared to say they were confident in defeating Le Buleng.

Furthermore, this fellow was reckless and never listened to orders. Otherwise, he would not have left his position as the division leader of the Icy Flames Division.

Le Buleng was bad-tempered and unreasonable.

Everyone thought this madman had died after not hearing about him for so many years. They had not expected him to appear out of nowhere and spoil their plans.

After thinking for a while, Madam Ye said, "Ask your men to retreat first. We won't provoke this madman for the time being. As long as we don't provoke him, he won't go crazy. When Father-in-law was still alive, he said that even though Le Buleng is carefree, he has a deep sentimental attachment for the Avalon of Five Elements. It is no coincidence that Le Buleng appeared at this point in time."

"What does Madam mean?" Nian Tingfeng was slightly surprised.

Suddenly, Madam Ye revealed a confident smile and said, "Who do you think Le Buleng's target is?"

As the division leader of Surveillance, Nian Tingfeng knew a lot more insider stories than the other people. After thinking for a while, he understood what was going on and replied with excitement, "Dai Gang!"

Those who were slightly older clearly knew about the grudges between Le Buleng and Dai Gang.

"If I'm not wrong, Le Buleng is Grandmaster An Muda's backup plan to stop Dai Gang from annexing Beyond Avalon. Now, he is conveniently taking care of Shi Xueman." Madam Ye laughed.

"What about us?" Nian Tingfeng's eyes lit up.

"We shouldn't disturb them. Even if Le Buleng can't stop Dai Gang, he can significantly exhaust Dai Gang's strength. As for Central Pine Valley, Shi Xueman is the daughter of Shi Beihai. How could she bear to ignore the perilous situation her father is in? If Ai Hui agrees to help her father out, then all of them will head toward the battlefield. Ha, but what can 300 people do? If Ai Hui disagrees, Central Pine Valley will face bitter dissension."

"Madam is wise!" Nian Tingfeng exclaimed with sincerity.

Madam Ye withdrew her smile and said with a solemn tone, "This period of time is very important to us. We definitely can't make any mistakes. What are Ximen Caijue's and Wan Shenwei's stances?"

"This subordinate is useless!" A shameful look appeared on Nian Tingfeng's face.

A cold glint flashed across Madam Ye's eyes. With an indifferent tone, she said, "This is not your fault. Each man has his own aspirations. We can't force them to do something they don't like. However, they have been well cared for by the Elders Guilds for generations and should at least show me some sincerity. I heard that the three central divisions have methods that are specially designed to deal with Grandmasters?"

Overwhelmed with shock, Nian Tingfeng's facial expression changed drastically. He had not expected for Madam Ye to know about such a top-level secret!

A jittery look appeared on Nian Tingfeng's face. Madam Ye merely smiled and did not hurry him for an answer.

Nian Tingfeng regained his composure. With a determined look on his face, he lowered his head and replied, "Yes, the three central divisions do have such strategies."

A Grandmaster was a supreme being with extraordinary status.

In reality, the ruler of the Avalon of Five Elements was the Elders Guild. The Elders Guild benefited from the existence of a Grandmaster, but they were simultaneously filled with fear toward him as well. The Elders Guild had always wanted to devise strategies to deal with a Grandmaster. Other than some additional special reasons, the three central divisions were stationed in the isolated Old Territory to develop strategies that allowed them to deal with Grandmasters. This was also one of their most important missions.

The Elders Guild hoped that they would have the capabilities to retaliate if they were one day at odds with a Grandmaster.

Developing strategies to deal with Grandmasters was one of the most top secret missions of the three central divisions.

Very few people knew about this mission. Usually, only the Great Elder would know about it. A Great Elder would pass this secret on to the next Great Elder before he died.

Any Great Elder understood that if this secret was leaked out, the Grandmasters would definitely not tolerate the existence of the three central divisions.

"Since this is their responsibility, tell them to properly make the necessary preparations," Madam Ye said plainly.

"Subordinate will pass down the order." Nian Tingfeng's chest tightened.


When Le Buleng was finally informed that they would be heading to the new city, he heaved a sigh of relief.

However, he quickly became slightly suspicious and asked, "Ai Hui and the rest are not coming?"

Shi Xueman shook her head and replied, "They are staying here to train since the sword pagodas are difficult to bring over to the new city. We will go over first."

Le Buleng understood and did not ask any more questions.

The movements of the members of the Spear of Heavy Cloud were sharp and precise. Even though they had not trained together for very long, they acted somewhat like a legitimate combat division. Their formations were neat and orderly, and they behaved with utmost propriety.

"Like father, like daughter!" Le Buleng praised Shi Xueman.

He was the previous division leader of the Icy Flames Division. Even though he was uninterested in becoming a division leader and was obsessed with training, he was still an expert in assembling and managing a combat division. Right now, the strength of the Spear of Heavy Cloud had already surpassed that of an ordinary combat division. All they needed now was time and combat experience. Once the Spear of Heavy Cloud entered the battlefield, they would be polished into an elite unit.

Its foundation and structure were indeed outstanding!

He could not help but glance at the Sword of Lightning within the inner camp and feel pity for them. The Sword of Lightning was rather interesting with rather strong fighting capabilities. It was a pity that its numbers were too small.

The Sword of Lightning seemed to be practicing a kind of sword formation.

Le Buleng was not at all unfamiliar with sword formations. After all, he was a training fanatic who had changed his Path of Master eight times. he had delved into almost every field before.

Sword formations were neither complicated nor simple. The main logic behind a sword formation was that it gathered everyone's strength and combined them into one single attack.

The number of people involved had a direct effect on the might of the sword formation. The strength of more than 10 people might look impressive, but it was insignificant when placed on the battlefield.

Le Buleng had a rough gauge of the sword pagodas' strength after withstanding an attack from the Alkaid Sword Pagoda.

Given The Sword of Lightning's current strength, Le Buleng felt that they were still not ready to enter the battlefield.

A combat division should have at least a few thousand men. The strength of the elementalists in The Sword of Lightning wasn't really impressive, there weren't any Masters other than Ai Hui, and their numbers were extremely few. How could they enter the battlefield and fight?

However, Le Buleng could tell that Ai Hui was an opinionated individual. Furthermore, there were many marvellous, yet mysterious principles in these sword pagodas. The important thing was, what did all of this have to do with him?

With Le Buleng clearing the path ahead of the Spear of Heavy Cloud, the danger-ridden route had become a safe road.

Shi Xueman and the rest witnessed Le Buleng's formidable strength with their own eyes. In the face of Le Buleng, those powerful dire beasts were like sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

When everyone recalled that Le Buleng trained in the depths of the sky, they could not help but feel relieved.

If he could train effortlessly in the depths of the sky, the dire beasts on the ground would be as weak as chickens to him.

The entire journey was like a marathon. Le Buleng kept on clearing the path and pushing forward at the front while Shi Xueman and her division ran frantically to catch up with him. Throughout the journey, they were constantly being mocked by Le Buleng.

"Are you a division of tortoises? Even a tortoise crawls faster than all of you!"

"A short journey like this and all of you are already tired? How can you fight on the battlefield with your pathetic stamina?"

"All of you are too slow! I'm bored waiting for you. I will go and survey the vicinity within 20 kilometers of us now. If you still can't catch up by then, I will find some place to train first."


Le Buleng kept on saying such words. Even a clay figurine could be melted with flames, let alone the youngsters in the Spear of Heavy Cloud. Everyone restrained themselves from erupting.

Run! Charge!

The journey was initially seven days long, but through sheer effort, they managed to reach their destination on the afternoon of the third day.

When Le Buleng saw the Blackfish Mouth Volcano, his eyes lit up. "You found a good place! Where is the new city?"

"Once we pass the mountain ridge ahead, we will arrive at our destination," Shi Xueman replied.

She had mentally prepared everyone that the living conditions of the new city would be bad. Everyone had this mental preparation. No one dared to be too hopeful that Wang Xiaoshan could build a city single-handedly in 15 days.

Having a prototype of the city would be good enough. The most important thing was to have the training facilities finished. No one here was a spoiled and pampered brat after all.

On the contrary, Le Buleng wasn't anxious at this moment. He followed beside Shi Xueman, looking rather excited. He could sense the abundance of fire elemental energy contained within the Blackfish Mouth Volcano. However, he felt puzzled. Even though there was an abundance of fire elemental energy, the base level of the fire elemental energy wasn't really that high. How could they produce an A-grade fire liquid like the snow lava?

He was filled with curiosity toward Ai Hui and his counterparts.

After they passed the mountain ridge, the wind in the air became stronger.

A brand-new empty city was built along the mountain ridge, making the latter look as if it was decorated with jewels. Amid the strong wind, the new city glistened in the afterglow of the setting sun.

The wind blowing in their direction contained the earthly scent of fresh soil.

Le Buleng was stunned. He abruptly turned his head around and asked, "This city was built by one person?"