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Chapter 478: Shock

 Chapter 478: Shock

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Duanmu Huanghun restrained the anger within him.

Being a prideful individual, when he saw that he was being surpassed by Ai Hui and Shi Xueman, he did not feel good at all. He was alright with Shi Xueman surpassing him. After all, he grew up under the shadow of Iron Lady and did not think much about surpassing her.

However, he just couldn't accept the fact that Ai Hui had surpassed him.

Duanmu Huanghun felt as unbearable as if he had swallowed a fly. When they were at Central Pine Academy, he had come a cropper in Ai Hui's hands countless times. If Ai Hui was an exceptional genius, he wouldn't have felt so indignant. However, be it talents or family background, Ai Hui paled in comparison to him, yet Ai Hui was still able to surpass him.


Was Duanmu Huanghun an individual who could bear seeing someone better than him? No.

Duanmu Huanghun threw all the distracting thoughts to the back of his head. He had even rejected Iron Lady's invitation to join the Spear of Heavy Cloud. Right now, he was only thinking about one thing: Master.

He had to become a Master!

Being surpassed by Ai Hui had already brought him so much shame. If he still could not catch up to Ai Hui, it wouldn't be just a matter of shame anymore.

Previously, Duanmu Huanghun had not thought about the issue of becoming a Master. All he cared about at that time was learning various inheritances, and he had been immeasurably satisfied with his terrifying intelligence.

It was only now that he realized more did not necessarily mean better.

What was his Path of Master?

Other than his [Viridescent Flower], he had studied numerous other absolute arts as well. Other than the absolute arts that the Duanmu family and his master, Dai Gang, kept, he also studied the ones that Shi Xueman brought from her family.

There were very few people that could surpass him in this aspect.

Currently, however, this advantage had become an impediment to his progress.

Every absolute art was profound, deep, and contained extraordinary knowledge and rich experience. Glistening and dazzling, they were like gemstones scattered in the elemental energy system.

In the face of so many absolute arts, he was at a loss.

Which path should he choose?

He sat under the defensive ancient tree and knitted his eyebrows in vexation.


Lemon Camping Ground.

Shi Xueman brought Le Buleng to her division's camp and said, "Zu Yan can stay in the fire reservoir first. The fire elemental energy in the fire reservoir isn't too strong, and he can endure it without damaging his body."

Seven fire reservoirs were spread out in a line in front of Le Buleng. Some were packed with people while some were sparsely filled.

Ai Hui followed behind them as well. He was filled with interest toward Zu Yan. He had completely forgotten that he previously defeated Zu Yan in a training hall.

Shi Xueman glanced at Ai Hui. What was this fellow up to again? She understood Ai Hui very well. Having respect for a senior was a characteristic that could never be found in Ai Hui.

Everything he did, he did it with a purpose!

When Shi Xueman saw that this fellow was willing to put aside his training to follow Le Buleng, she was certain that he was up to something.

Le Buleng's gaze swept across the fire reservoirs and noticed something. "The fire elemental energy in these fire reservoirs are at different concentration levels?"

"Yes." Shi Xueman nodded her head. "We have split the fire reservoirs into seven levels, from the lowest concentration level to the highest. We discovered that higher the concentration levels of fire elemental energy were not necessarily better for a fire elementalist. For low-level elementalists, only by absorbing fire elemental energy that is at a suitable concentration level can allow them improve faster."

Le Buleng nodded his head. He definitely knew about this as it was common sense. However, the people in a combat division seldomly conducted everything so meticulously like Shi Xueman.

Shi Beihai had given birth to a capable daughter!

Le Buleng's gaze landed upon the fire reservoir that had the highest concentration of fire elemental energy. This fire reservoir was very small and could only fit two to three people. Currently, there was only a fatty sitting it.

Le Buleng was slightly surprised. This fatty must be quite strong to be able to withstand such concentrated fire elemental energy.

Before he could say anything, an elementalist holding a basket walked up to this fire reservoir, took out a bottle from the basket, and opened its lid. Concentrated and pure fire elemental energy undulations were released from the bottle, lighting up Le Buleng's eyes. It was snow lava.

It truly lived to its reputation as an A-grade fire liquid!

Right now, the market price for snow lava kept on rising. The main issue was they could not be bought in bulk. Otherwise, he wouldn't have looked for An Muda.

The elementalist started to pour the snow lava into the fire reservoir that the fatty was in. The crystal-clear snow lava gave off wisps of transparent flames.

In the blink of an eye, the bottle of snow lava was emptied into the fire reservoir. The fire elemental energy of the fire reservoir significantly increased in concentration level.

Le Buleng furrowed his eyebrows as he felt it was a waste to use the snow lava like this. Was there really a need to use a precious A-grade fire liquid like the snow lava to increase the concentration level of the fire elemental energy by that little bit?

He felt that Shi Xueman was still young and did not know how valuable and expensive the snow lava was.

At this moment, the elementalist took out a second bottle and emptied its content into the fire reservoir.

With a blank look on his face, Le Buleng watched as this elementalist emptied five bottles of snow lava into the fire reservoir. He was not finished yet. He emptied bottles of snow lava into the seven fire reservoirs one by one.

A total of 12 bottles of snow lava had been used!

He suddenly turned around and asked Ai Hui, "Isn't snow lava very valuable?"

"They are indeed very valuable," Ai Hui replied nonchalantly.

Le Buleng turned around again and asked Shi Xueman, "How many bottles of snow lava do you use every day?"

"Around 50 bottles," Shi Xueman, who was very familiar with logistics, answered immediately.

"How many liters of snow lava is that?"

"Five liters."

Le Buleng's face turned very ugly. 100 liters of snow lava were used in 20 days. However... Zu Yan was required to work for Ai Hui for 10 years!

20 days of snow lava in exchange for 10 years of labor!

When Ai Hui saw Le Buleng's ashen face, he panicked. Iron Lady was too honest.

With a solemn look on his face, Ai Hui coughed softly and said, "The Spear of Heavy Cloud is our core combat division. From the beginning, we had already decided to spare no expense in assembling it! This is for the sake of allowing everyone to improve their strength rapidly and to survive in the battlefield. Therefore, we do not hesitate to provide as much snow lava as possible. Everyone knows the value of snow lava... but!"

Ai Hui suddenly raised his voice as his facial expression became more solemn. "We feel that everyone's lives cannot be measured with money. Yes, wars are indeed unavoidable. However, since everyone has joined the Spear of Heavy Cloud, all of us belong to one big family. Our main target is to have as many people survive as possible. To do so, we are willing to spend more money. I also hope that everyone will not let Division Leader Shi down and will train hard to improve your strength!"

Ai Hui's words were powerful and resonant.

All of the elementalists in the fire reservoirs were extremely emotional. They had been through dark times when fire elemental materials were scarce and progress could only be made with great difficulty. They knew the current moment of bliss was hard to come by.

Ai Hui's words had touched their hearts deeply. If not for the fact that they were enduring the heat of the fire reservoirs at this moment, they would make a vow to follow Ai Hui for eternity.

Shi Xueman cast a glance at Ai Hui. After Central Pine Valley's production of snow lava increased, they could not sell it because they feared crashing the market. As such, their stocks of snow lava piled up more and more, and they had to use them for their training...

Le Buleng's facial expression softened as he felt that what Ai Hui said made sense. It was not that they did not know the value of snow lava, but rather, they were willing to use them in bulk.

"That one then." Le Buleng pointed at the fire pool that Fatty was in.

Deep down, Ai Hui was wiping off the cold sweat on his forehead. Luckily, he had followed them over here.

"We are moving to another location in a few days' time. Uncle Le, do you mind waiting for a few days?" Shi Xueman asked.

"Moving to another location?" Le Buleng was slightly puzzled.

"We have a newly-built city. The fire elemental energy there is much more vigorous and concentrated," Shi Xueman explained.

"A newly-built city?" Le Buleng was shocked.

Youngsters nowadays were becoming more and more formidable. They could casually build a city just like that?

"That's right, we have a capable earth elementalist who is specialized in building structures," Shi Xueman said. "It will take some time to travel over there. I'm not sure whether or not it will affect Zu Yan's condition."

Upon hearing these words, Le Buleng said, "We will start when we arrive at the new city then. Prepare enough snow lava by then. Once Zu Yan begins to absorb the fire elemental energy, the process can't be stopped halfway."

"All right, we will put up less snow lava for sale and make sure Zu Yan has enough snow lava to use," Ai Hui quickly said.

A satisfied look appeared on Le Buleng's face.

Shi Xueman could not help but look at Ai Hui. This fellow... was indeed an evil businessman!

Ai Hui seized the opportunity and asked, "Senior, can you teach us a thing or two? Do you mind giving us some pointers?"

Le Buleng, who was feeling rather pleased now, said, "Xueman doesn't need me to give her any pointers. She will have a bright future if she continues on her path. As for you..."

Le Buleng examined Ai Hui for a while and furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Your condition is much more complicated."

Everyone, including Shi Xueman, was shocked as nervous looks appeared on their faces. On the contrary, Ai Hui was calm. He was even in the mood to laugh. "Luckily, it's complicated and not terrible."

Le Buleng could see the facial expressions on everyone's face. He was surprised at the importance of Ai Hui in everyone's heart and by how calm Ai Hui was.

This lad was indeed interesting.

Le Buleng nodded his head and said, "That's right, your condition is complicated, but not terrible. Is something forming at your earth palace?"

"How does Senior know?" A look of surprise finally appeared on Ai Hui's face.

When he was making the breakthrough to Master, he had already sensed that something was developing in his earth palace. However, even now, there was nothing in his earth palace. This feeling had been bugging him all this time.

Therefore, when Le Buleng analyzed his body, he was startled.

"When your elemental energy flows past your earth palace, there is a very slight hesitation in its flow." Le Buleng looked as if he was recalling something and continued, "I have once encountered something like this, however, it did not happen to my earth palace. It happened more than 20 years ago. Hmm, what did I practice at that time? I can't really remember."

"Can't really remember..." Ai Hui was stunned.

How could someone not remember what he was practicing?

The rest were stunned as well. They thought they heard Le Buleng wrongly.

"I have tried to make the breakthrough to the level of Grandmaster eight times and failed every time. Every time I failed, I had to change my Path of Master and forget everything about my previous Path of Master. Therefore, how can I clearly remember what I used to practice?"

Le Buleng's tone sounded as if he had downplayed his experience. On the contrary, everyone was appalled by his experience. Even Shi Xueman was overwhelmed with shock.

Whenever one failed to make the breakthrough to the level of Grandmaster, his mind and body would be severely traumatized and his base level would drastically fall. He would doubt his Path of Master as well. Many people could not walk out of the shadow of failing to become a Grandmaster for the rest of their lives.

Even Yuchi Ba, who had failed breaking through to the level of Grandmaster in the past, only now had the courage to try again. Everyone was filled with admiration toward him.

Whenever people talked about Le Buleng, they would sigh with sorrow. In many people's eyes, he was merely a backdrop who was used to amplify Dai Gang's glory.

However, this man, who was treated like a backdrop by everyone, had tried to make the breakthrough to the level of Grandmaster eight times without anyone knowing!

He had endured a life-transforming, once-in-a-lifetime agony eight times.

Ai Hui was utterly shocked.