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Chapter 472: Guest

 Chapter 472: Guest

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ, KLKL

Before Ai Hui could finish his sword tower, an emissary from the Gong Residence appeared at Lemon Camping Ground.

He was about fifty years old and had kind brows. He was always smiling and his skin was well maintained. It was obvious that he had been living like a prince for a long time as there was a natural air of nobleness surrounding him.

The housekeeper, Mister Wang, spoke very slowly and in a harmonious tone. It was pleasant listening to him.

"... My master heard about this and the family was rejoicing over it. Old Madam cried a lot too and was traumatized by it. She said that luckily Master Ai was around, or else it would have been too late to regret if a serious mistake was made. Master Ai's kindness will not be forgotten. Master Ai's chosen his path and my residence is too late in congratulating him. It's a great disrespect, but things had been delayed over that side. Master and Madam are still brooding over the incident and unable to justify it. Now the things with that side have been settled, Master Ai can get an explanation and the residence will be able to return his kindness..."

A whole load team of gifts followed. There were many of them and they weighed a lot. Those present were left speechless.

Just the list alone was a long scroll.

Ai Hui glanced over the list and was flabbergasted. The majority of the items on that list were resources related to battling or materials that could be used in the workshop. It seemed that the Gong Residence had been watching them and knew what resources they needed.

He kept the gift list, a smile appearing on his face. "How kind of your residence! Please send my greetings to Master and Madam Gong!"

Housekeeper Wang sighed a breath of relief upon seeing Ai Hui's straightforward acceptance of the gifts, his smile widening. "Do not worry about the Assembly of Patriarchs. Everything has been taken care of cleanly."

Ai Hui then realized that "that side" referred to the Assembly of Patriarchs. He asked out of curiosity, "Oh, how did you guys do it?"

Housekeeper Wang replied smilingly, "The Assembly of Patriarchs lost two Patriarchs and one is heavily injured. Five divisions were torn down so they had to get someone to relay a message and mediate."

Ai Hui shivered inwardly. The Gong Residence was really powerful. He asked, "But what about the two Patriarchs from before?"

Housekeeper Wang shook his head. "No, I heard that the two of them had been severely injured by you. The mayor wanted the other party to hand them over, but the Assembly of Patriarchs hoped to use other means to compensate. Sensing their sincerity the mayor agreed, albeit reluctantly."

Ai Hui felt an indescribable sense of relief knowing that they weren't the two Patriarchs from before. Although he'd only interacted with Jiu Gui once, he truly did not wish to hear news of his death.

Seeing Jiu Gui reminded him of the deceased Hua Kui.

Ai Hui did not ask what the Assembly of Patriarchs's sincerity meant, but he figured they must have offered a sufficient price, or the Gong Residence would never agree to a settlement.

This was also Ai Hui's first time experiencing what the deep foundation of an aristocratic family signified.

Having been inside, Ai Hui knew how influential the Assembly of Patriarchs was. It was a power not to be trifled with currently. If not for the fact that the Assembly of Patriarchs was after his snow lava, Ai Hui would not provoke them. But for the Assembly of Patriarchs to be tamed by the Gong Residence, the latter must be even more imposing.

Ai Hui was beyond glad that there were no conflicting interests between the Gong Residence and himself.

The Gong Residence probably thought the same, hence the generous gifts.

Housekeeper Wang's attitude validated his guess. Especially upon hearing that Shi Xueman was going to establish her own combat division, he offered a batch of additional resources on the spot. From this, it could be inferred that Housekeeper Wang had significant power of speech back in the residence, since he was able to make decisions on his own.

Ai Hui asked casually, "How's the situation in the Shi family? It's been a long time since Xueman went back."

He felt it slightly strange that the Gong Residence sent supplies immediately upon hearing that Shi Xueman was going to start a combat division, when Iron Lady's own family, also an influential family, appeared unconcerned about her ever since she'd joined Central Pine Faction.

Housekeeper Wang stopped himself before any word escaped his lips.

Ai Hui sensed the change in his expression and pressed, "What's the problem?"

Housekeeper Wang looked to the sides before saying in a lowered voice, "Please tell Miss Xueman not to go home, no matter what, for the time being."

Ai Hui was jolted. It seemed that something bad really happened to Iron Lady's family. He asked softly, "What's the matter?"

Housekeeper Wang only shook his head.

Seeing that, Ai Hui did not press him for an answer but kept that in mind. He would get someone to investigate as soon as possible. Ai Hui wasn't too worried, since Iron Lady was now a Master who had power of speech no matter where she went. Not many could force her into doing things against her will.

Plus, the gang had her back.

Housekeeper Wang was very knowledgeable and tactful. Money and power helped in any occupation. He spoke wittily, making people feel refreshed and not the least bit tired. More importantly, he was very generous and said the line many a times, "Oh, my residence has a solution. We'll send it over in a few days' time."

Might cannot be bent. Riches and honor must be feared.

Ai Hui loved chatting with these rich people. Time is precious? Not at all! No time? Time was like water in a sponge, definitely there when squeezed!

Come, come. Come chat with me. Hit me with your money!

Both host and guest were joyful and started calling each other brother in the blink of an eye.

Ai Hui had wanted to gain more tangible benefits from Housekeeper Wang, but soon realized that he had fast and abundant channels for obtaining news. No matter what he said, Housekeeper Wang could provide insights he wasn't already aware of.

For example, the front line was having a confrontation, Sky Edge and Infantry Divisions were already waiting to take action and that they were going to assist North Sea Division on the front line. Also, resources everywhere had risen over seventy percent in price, and the three central divisions had many different ideas.

Ai Hui listened with keen interest. These insider pieces of news were things he wouldn't be able to get elsewhere.

Housekeeper Wang asked suddenly, "My boy, when do you think the big war will start?"

Ai Hui wrinkled his brows, the smile on his face fading. His mind became exceptionally calm as he answered, "When Master An Muda dies."

Ai Hui realized what he'd said only after he said it.

Housekeeper Wang was shaken. No matter how he tried to conceal it, he wasn't able to hide that sudden change in his emotions.


Assembly of Patriarchs.

Autumn Water lay on the bed unconscious. Her face was pale and bloodless, her bare skin withered and cracked. She was like a dried up water bed that had been exposed to the Sun for a long period of time. Her former charm and beauty was no longer visible.

"Still not awake?"

The man who spoke was about twenty-five or twenty-six years old. He was handsome looking and had a small cinnabar on his forehead. It was exceptionally beautiful. His face was flawless and even fairer than a lady's skin. His nose bridge was tall and straight, his gaze deep and blurred. His delicate and fine eyebrows would knit once in awhile, subconsciously revealing his state of distress.

He had a very strange name - Hong Rongyan.

[Hong Rongyan - literally meaning 'Red complexion'.]

Even within the Assembly of Patriarchs, few had heard of this name. He seldom showed himself, but Jiu Gui dared not show any disrespect before him.

The Assembly of Patriarchs's second Patriarch, Hong Rongyan.

Worry flashed across Jiu Gui's face. "No, her body is about to stop operating. I had to feed her fusion elixir to keep her breathing till now."

Fusion elixir was a life sustaining elixir that was troublesome and expensive to refine so only the Assembly of Patriarchs would produce and allocate it. It required all five types of elemental energy and the refining work process was extremely complex. Any negligence would waste all previous efforts.

Fusion elixir contained pure fusion elemental energy. For everyone in the Assembly of Patriarchs, their lives could continue as long as they still had their last breath.

If not for the desperate situation Autumn Water had fallen into, Jiu Gui wouldn't have been able to part with his fusion elixir.

Worry was still evident in Hong Rongyan's face. His voice sounded pleasant, carrying an irresistible charm and faint grief. "The might of lightning really is domineering. This is also the predestined fate of Autumn Water. It's too dangerous to entrust the mental state to foreign objects. Any slight incautiousness and you'll be devoured."

"Yeah." Jiu Gui sighed. "But it's her path."

Every Master had a different path. Some had grand, mainstream paths while others had a more lateral and unorthodox path. The latter group was unable to envy the former.

Everyone was different. So were their paths.

Jiu Gui's [Sky Palace Possession Technique] was also extremely dangerous. The moment he lost control, the beast within the alcohol would turn against its master and take over, causing him to lose all awareness and reason, and become a beast in the form of a human.

Hong Rongyan sighed. There was no answer to this question. He asked, changing the topic, "Did Mister Shao agree?"

"No!" Jiu Gui seemed slightly angry. "That old fellow is stubborn and refuses to agree. If not for his frail body I would've dealt with him!"

Of course Jiu Gui was furious. With Autumn Water being in this state, they needed to remake a human puppet. It was said that Mister Shao was an outstanding earth elementalist and was an expert at refining sand puppets. Jiu Gui requested for his help, but did not expect to get rejected so directly.

He'd even conducted special investigations. It was unknown when Mister Shao had entered the Assembly of Patriarchs, but he'd never been seen refining a sand puppet. If he wasn't reading, he would be sitting around. He'd never made any contributions to the Assembly of Patriarchs.

What was more strange was the fact that there were guards watching over such an idler, although no one bothered him.

Jiu Gui was very clear that the Assembly of Patriarchs treated people who made no contributions heartlessly. Those unable to display their worth would live terribly within the Assembly of Patriarchs. As for respecting the wise and so on, these were things that did not apply there.

There had been arrogant craftsmen who were quickly put in order and made docile, contributing whatever they could.

This old man, however, lived a good life so Jiu Gui found it strange.

Hong Rongyan shook his head. "Don't be disrespectful."

Although his tone was mild, Jiu Gui was apprehensive. "Could it be that this Mister Shao is a big figure?"

Hong Rongyan shook his head without answering. "Just relay the orders."

Jiu Gui felt somewhat relieved. Seeing that the fellow was old and weak, he had not attacked Mister Shao. Something was weird, definitely. He hurriedly answered, "Yes."

"I'll go visit him."

With that, Hong Rongyan turned around and left.