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Chapter 461: Battles Of Masters (4)

 Chapter 461: Battles Of Masters (4)

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The wall of the meditation room suddenly exploded with a loud bang.

Along with dust and rubble, the terrifying air current from the explosion swept across everyone like a pulverizing iron wall. As it stood nearest to the wall, King bore the brunt of the explosion.

By the time it realized what was going on, the air current had already hit it.

Before it could react, it was hit squarely by the air current. Like a heavy hammer, the powerful impact slammed heavily against it. Its body went out of control and flew backwards through the air. Bang. It collided against the wall behind it.

The rest weren't any better off than King. They lost control of their bodies and fell all over the place.

Immediately, King struggled to get back on its feet. After all, it was imbued with Autumn Water's Path of Master and its strength far surpassed that of the others. King and Autumn Water were telepathically connected, so the latter was able to immediately learn what happened.

"Capture Gong Peiyao!"

King got up and locked onto Gong Peiyao, who had fallen on the ground. King's movements were extremely fast and nimble as it was completely unaffected by the impact of the solution. Like a flying arrow, it charged towards the dazed Gong Peiyao.

At this time, the others were dizzy and wobbling because of the explosion's impact, so none of them stepped forward to stop King.

King's palm closed in on Gong Peiyao. As long as they could capture Gong Peiyao, they would succeed in their mission. Mister Dou and Yang Xiaodong did not know that the Assembly of Patriarchs's actual target was Gong Peiyao. Autumn Water's original plan had been to use Han Li to seduce Gong Peiyao. Han Li, however, became entirely preoccupied with sparring with Ai Hui and neglected his mission.

Autumn Water had put a lot of time and effort into ensuring the success of this mission. Clearwater City had a huge number of guards and a powerful defense system. It was impossible to capture Gong Peiyao using ordinary methods.

When Autumn Water saw that she was about to succeed, an overjoyed look appeared on her face.

At that moment, however, a gleaming streak flashed across the air in front of King. A destructive aura made King instinctively came to a halt.

King was very sensitive to different types of aura. Since its body possessed all five types of elemental energy, none of the elemental energies could deal any severe damage to it. On the contrary, it could devour all five types of elemental energy. As such, it had a huge advantage when fighting against an elementalist.

Despite this, it sensed danger from the aura of the sword gleam.

Before King could make a move, it realized that its own aura was being targeted by something, following which, It was engulfed by a feeling of danger. This time around, Autumn Water, who was telepathically connected to King, turned pale.

Autumn Water was petrified. What kind of aura was that?

Her brain was processing extremely quickly. The first thing that came to her mind was Ai Hui.

Could it be that Ai Hui had become a Master?

Her heart sank, but she felt such a coincidence couldn't happen...

The ongoing battles aboveground were very intense and had become deadlocked. Venerable Volcano and Mister Dou were evenly matched and it would be difficult to determine the outcome of their battle within a short period of time. Meanwhile, Yang Xiaodong and Jiu Gui could not suppress Shi Xueman even though they had joined hands. If Ai Hui was to become a Master, they would completely lose the overall battle.

However, Autumn Winter did not have time to think about this problem.

King was being continuously attacked!

Autumn Water's face turned pale. What was going on beneath the ground?

Gong Peiyao struggled to sit up straight. She looked blankly at the meditation room that had one of its four walls missing.

A figure was standing in the darkness. The figure's face was unclear and he was holding a sword fully imbued with lightning streaks, appearing extremely dazzling. The glow from the lightning streaks illuminated the vibrating air around the figure, making his body look slightly fuzzy.

The figure's face that was hidden in the darkness seemed to turn and look in her direction.

All the lights in the basement had been destroyed and everything was dark. The lightning-imbued sword gave off an ice-cold glow in the darkness. Other than the glow from the sword, there was also the bright and colorful fluorescence of King's body.

Gong Peiyao did not understand what she was seeing. Strangely speaking, the sword was in Ai Hui's hand, but she could not see any part of his body other than the sword and the palm that he was holding it with.

Gong Peiyao was speechless. She was completely stunned by Ai Hui's aura.

King sensed that its own aura was being targeted and quickly dashed towards the exit.

Its bright and colorful fluorescence was unusually striking in the dark.

At almost the same time, however, a shadow appeared behind Ai Hui.

Suddenly, Ai Hui's figure, hidden in the darkness, seemed to move. A resplendent streak of silvery lightning abruptly erupted in Gong Peiyao's eyes and she subconsciously uttered a yelp. The sudden burst of dazzling lightning blinded her, engulfing her eyes with nothing but bright whiteness.


The ground trembled. Something seemed to hit the ground heavily.

Ai Hui swung his sword like a mace and struck the shadow behind him with it heavily. The whole motion was as smooth as flowing water, appearing as if he had anticipated the sneak attack.

At this moment, the colorful fluorescence from King, who was frantically running away, began to dim gradually. Its movements also slowed down until it eventually became a frozen mud statue and collapsed to the ground, creating a huge pit in the process.

An ordinary elementalist would easily fall for such a deceptive move, but due to his frequent training sessions with Lou Lan, Ai Hui was used to seeing and experiencing such deceptions.

Initially, Lou Lan had not been used to using such deceptive moves, but as he spent more time with Ai Hui, he became corrupted by him. Furthermore, Lou Lan was very intelligent and his moves were much more deceptive compared to King's. Even Ai Hui had to be alert when facing Lou Lan, otherwise, he would easily fall for his deceptive moves.

King was severely injured.

It was lying face up in a huge pit, resembling a dead fish. Its stitch-made mouth had split open. Every now and then, lightning streaks would appear on its body, causing its limbs to twitch.

This was Ai Hui's first battle after mastering the Path of Lightning. The result was extraordinary.

Ai Hui looked at the lightning-imbued sword in his hand and the corner of his mouth curled up, revealing a bitter smile. No one saw him smiling as he was concealed in the darkness. Holding the sword hilt caused a pricking sensation in his palm. The Wintry Jade Blade was imbued with the terrifying power of lightning.

Deep down, Ai Hui was glad to possess the sword-style breathing technique, otherwise, the amount of lightning in his body would exceed his capacity limit. When that happened, he would most likely explode and die or disintegrate into ashes.

The sword-style breathing technique had directed a huge amount of the lightning in his body to the Wintry Jade Blade, relieving the pressure on his body.

Ai Hui's advancement to Master level was only halfway complete.

He couldn't care much about it at this time. He had smiled bitterly just now as the lightning-imbued Wintry Jade Sword had begun to show signs of melting.

The Wintry Jade Blade could not handle the huge burden imposed on it.

Furthermore, Ai Hui was unable to absorb the lightning from the Wintry Jade Blade back into his body. His body was like dynamite now.

In a battle, he couldn't care about too many things.

Ai Hui cast a glance at the twitching King and bluntly plunged his sword into King's chest.

It felt pretty good to reduce the amount of lightning in his sword.

Lighting bolts that were as thick as an arm travelled around King's body. King's limbs twitched more intensely, but after around ten seconds, King's twitching began to slow down until it stopped moving altogether.

King's body was reduced to a puddle of colorful mud.

Buzz buzz. Densely packed lightning streaks swam and danced on the puddle of colorful mud. Subsequently, the puddle of colorful mud became scorched black and disintegrated into ashes.

King disappeared from this world completely.

After Ai Hui pulled his sword out of the ground, the pricking sensation from the sword hilt reduced significantly. The tip of the sword also seemed to have stopped melting.

He heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

The person who had given him the Wintry Jade Blade wasn't exactly a nice person, but the sword was still a good sword. It was currently impossible for him to find a better sword than the Wintry Jade Blade.

The more powerful one became, the more demanding he would be of his weapon. Only high-level weapons could endure elemental energies that were of high purity levels. Furthermore, the Path of Lightning that Ai Hui had mastered was extremely destructive, causing heavy damages to his weapon.

Ai Hui's body was filled with elemental energy that was mixed with lightning lava, causing him to feel as if he would explode at any moment.

He moved with extreme caution. He was afraid that if he made any huge movements, the elemental energy in his body might explode. Right now, instead of the safe elemental energy sword pills, his body contained the lightning-lava-mixed metal elemental energy.

The worst thing was that the metal elemental energy in his body continued producing lightning and Ai Hui did not know how to stop the process.

A huge amount of lightning lava was forming in both of his hand palaces and in his earth palace. Ai Hui knew that this had something to do with [Dust Fall] as this skill required both his hand palaces and earth palace to work.

Now was not the time to think about this. Ai Hui took in a deep breath of air and started walking carefully.

The rest were dumbstruck.

King had been destroyed with a single blow.

At this moment, however, Ai Hui was carefully ascending the flight of stairs.

He moved extremely slowly and his facial expression was unusually solemn. It was as if the flight of stairs beneath his feet was his arch-enemy.

Aboveground, blood seeped out from the corners of Autumn Water's mouth. Her eyes were filled with fear. Before she could know what happened, she had already lost contact with King. There was only a deep fear in her mind. King had been defeated with a single blow...

She could not imagine what had happened. Her face was pale-white and her mind was blank.

King was made up of extremely precious materials. Since it possessed all five types of elemental energy, none of the five elemental energies was its weakness. This was one of the reasons why she could become the Ninth Patriarch with the use of King. If she used King as a shield, it would not be easy to destroy it even for a Master-level attack.

Furthermore, King could devour all types of elemental energy. In its body, there was a five elemental cycle that allowed it to break down and devour attacks that were of any type of elemental energy.

In past battles, King would only get stronger and stronger without being injured. If they carried a small-scale attack, King would always stand in front of the unit and act as a meat shield. This plan had never failed before.

King was also specialized in carrying out psychic attacks. These odd moves would usually work in critical moments.

She really could not imagine what kind of attack could defeat King with one blow. She stared at the entrance to the basement as her body trembled involuntarily. Fear was devouring her mind, but she still wanted to see what was going on below!

Suddenly, the air surrounding the basement's entrance began to distort.

It was as if there was a fire in the basement and heat waves were gushing out from the entrance.

An indescribable aura suddenly appeared. Everyone fighting aboveground had extremely sharp senses and all of them immediately stopped moving. This aura was something that they had never encountered before. They found it somewhat familiar and unfamiliar at the same time.

All of them stopped fighting and shifted their gazes towards the basement entrance at the same time.

The air surrounding the entrance became more and more distorted. A fuzzy figure appeared before everyone's eyes.

A powerful aura pervaded the air, causing everyone to feel fear and trepidation.

This was the first time an emotion appeared in Jiu Gui's unmoved almond-shaped eyes.

It was fear.