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Chapter 457: A Swap Between Master And Slave

 Chapter 457: A Swap Between Master And Slave

Translator: TYZ Editor: TYZ, KLKL

Boom, boom, boom!

Earth-shaking, loud booms resounded throughout Clearwater City. Every boom caused the earth to tremble violently. The entire city was shaking and its residents were escaping the city in panic.

The clash of Masters could destroy the city and the area of effect would be very huge.

The skinny Jiu Gui put up a terrifying display of power. A series of intimidating neighing sounds resounded through the air as a fleeting afterimage appeared and disappeared at random in the sky.

Every punch he unleashed was not fanciful at all. They landed heavily on the water screen. Jiu Gu was like a city sieging machine, his punches were filled with terrifying strength.

Initially, there were merely undulating ripples on the water screen. Subsequently, the water screen began to tremble. Now, splashes of water erupted from the water screen with every punch that landed on it.

"The water elemental energy pool has half of its energy left!"

A guard who watched over the water elemental energy pool in the mayor's residence yelled. His voice was trembling with fear.

The water elemental energy from the underground rivers was being directed to the water elemental energy pool in the mayor's residence to power the water screen. The water elemental energy was depleting at a much faster rate than what they had expected.

Venerable Volcano's facial expression became solemn. The skinny fellow's body seemed to contain boundless energy. He was very different from the conventional Masters that Venerable Volcano had encountered before. Most Masters were focused on the understanding and applications of elemental energy.

Unknowingly, a feeling of strangeness arose in Venerable Volcano's mind.

Since when had the world undergone so many changes? He did not know. Even the training system had changed completely these days. New developments and things were appearing every day.

Conventional ideas were being toppled constantly while new ideas began to dominate the world.

Even though aristocratic families were still very powerful, they were no longer invincible like they were in the past. All of them were in their twilight years. Venerable Volcano had a deep relationship with the Gong residence, otherwise, they would not have given him offerings. He had seen how powerful and arrogant the Gong residence was in the past. But the current Gong residence wasn't that insufferably arrogant anymore.

Furthermore, now was the Elemental Desolation Era.

As Venerable Volcano put away his distracting thoughts, a voice suddenly rang across his ears.

"It's the legendary [Sky Palace Possession Technique]. The skill uses wine as a medium to activate it and it is an ingenious skill. The elemental energy in his body is very unique as well. It should be the unique fusion elemental energy from the Assembly of Patriarchs."

The voice belonged to Shi Xueman.

Venerable Volcano's eyes lit up as he realized what they were dealing with. "So it's [Sky Palace Possession Technique]. I have heard about it before. Reportedly, it had been lost for many years. I didn't expect it to reappear in the hands of the Assembly of Patriarchs."

Venerable Volcano could not help but look at Shi Xueman. Youngsters nowadays are really formidable!

"Sister Xueman, do you have any ways of countering it?" Gong Peiyao asked hurriedly.

"[Sky Palace Possession Technique] has a very long history, but it is a weird and unpredictable skill. It is very risky and dangerous for one to practise it as well. Ever since it was created, only a small number of people have successfully mastered it. Outsiders know very little about this skill. I merely know a thing or two about it."

Everyone pricked up their ears to listen to Shi Xueman.

"The wine that he drank should have been specially concocted and it contains the breath of a mutated dire beast. The breath of a mutated dire beast can stimulate his sky palace. By using this skill, his sky palace will treat his body as a mutated dire beast's. The bodies of most elementalists like us contain only one element, while dire beasts are heterogeneous in nature. Fusion elemental energy contains all five elements and it suits the unique characteristic of the skill. His body might look frail and skinny, but it actually possesses the fighting capabilities of a mutated dire beast."

Shi Xueman paused for a while before continuing, "The most powerful part of [Sky Palace Possession Technique] is that it allows its practitioner to possess the abilities of a dire beast without losing his or her consciousness."

Hiss. Alarmed gasps broke out in their surroundings.

This was the first time that most of them had heard of [Sky Palace Possession Technique]. All of their faces turned ugly.

The deafening booms sounded as if someone was using a huge hammer to knock their foreheads continuously.

"[Sky Palace Possession Technique] has its weaknesses as well."

Shi Xueman's words energized everyone.

"Even though he possesses the abilities of a mutated dire beast, he still has the physical body of an elementalist. Even with the help of fusion elemental energy, he is still very far from being a real mutated dire beast. He can't keep on unleashing those powerful attacks, otherwise, his body will completely collapse."

"Are his attacks now considered powerful?" Gong Peiyao could not help but ask.

Shi Xueman shook her head and replied, "I'm not sure, it will have to depend on the mutated dire beast that possesses him. From his aura, I can't tell which dire beast it is."

Qiao Meiqi looked at Shi Xueman and asked, "So what will we do now?"

"We will wait," Shi Xueman answered.

Qiao Mei nodded his head continuously and took in a deep breath of air. "We will wait for them to exhaust their energy before we take action."

Even though a Master was very powerful, this did not mean he or she couldn't be defeated. Everyone was feeling scared, but they were not feeling despair. The guards in the mayor's residence were the elites in Clearwater City. Right now, there were still around fifteen of them left. If they fought with all their might, they still had a chance of winning this battle!

At this point of time, Qiao Meiqi had fully displayed the ruthlessness and decisiveness of a competent businessman.

When Qiao Meiqi's guards saw that he was not afraid of death, they became less fearful as well.

They would wait! They would wait until their enemies were exhausted before they took action.

A glint of hatred flashed across their eyes.

However, no one knew that Shi Xueman's purpose for asking them to wait was different from what they thought.

The underground meditation room was trembling.

The power from Jiu Gui's punches was immense. Dust kept on falling from the trembling ceiling of the meditation room. However, in the darkness, Ai Hui could not feel anything.

He looked as if he was being possessed, walking around the dark meditation room bare-footed. He kept on slashing the air with his Wintry Jade Blade, leaving streaks of sword gleams in the air.

Sometimes, he would stop moving momentarily and pondered about something with knitted eyebrows. Sometimes, he would keep on brandishing his sword. His sword gleams were in complete disorder, making him look like a childish kid that was scribbling carelessly on the wall with a pencil.

Whatever happened outside did not affect him the slightest bit.

The boiling steam cloud around his body kept on reducing in size.

Boom. An impact that was more powerful than before occurred. Even the soundproof meditation room could not block off the loud boom.

At the same time, a silvery lightning arc flashed across the darkness.

In the midst of the deafening booms, the lightning arc released by the sword tip illuminated Ai Hui's face and limpid eyes in the darkness. He wasn't lost, hesitant, helpless or confused. The lightning arc gave off a resplendent glow, resembling bright stars in the night sky that overlooked the vast earth.

He did not bother about the loud booms outside. In fact, he did not even hear them.

Ai Hui placed all his attention on the streak of lightning arced on the tip of his sword, staring at it without looking away for even a slight moment.

He had never observed or experienced lightning at such a close distance.

Ai Hui did not know that the previous loud boom was the sound of the water screen being broken. The battle on the surface was extremely intense at this moment.

As time passed, the lightning arc on his sword became increasingly hot and dazzling.

At the same time, there was another battle ongoing in Ai Hui's body.

More and more lightning streaks were formed in Ai Hui's body. They were remodelling his body. This was a process that all Masters had to undergo. This was also one of the reasons why a Master was so powerful.

The lightning streaks became increasingly compact. It was as if a silvery chainmail had been draped over Ai Hui's body. When those lightning streaks flitted across the blood plum blossom on his chest, the blood plum blossom trembled, resembling a frightened monster that was digging into Ai Hui's body with all its might.

The movement of the blood plum blossom immediately caught the lightning streaks' attention.

One by one, the streaks of lightning ensnared the blood plum blossom. As the blood plum blossom continued to dig into Ai Hui's body, the lightning streaks that ensnared it increased in number. Buzz, buzz. Cracks began to appear on the blood plum blossom's petals.

A red-colored blood mist gushed out from the cracks. However, the next moment, the blood mist became entangled in layers of lightning streaks and was destroyed completely.

The blood color of the blood plum blossom faded as silvery lightning streaks gushed in. The cracks on the petals of the blood plum blossom began to heal. Eventually, it became a silver-colored plum blossom. One could even see fragmentary lightning streaks flitting across the petals.

At this moment, in the depths of the distant God Palace, She Yu's body suddenly froze.

She lifted up her sleeve abruptly. On her snow-white arm, the dark-red blood plum blossom was gradually sinking into her skin.


She let out a yelp as fear filled her eyes.

The blood plum blossom had caved in towards the depths of her body!

She was frightened out of her wits.

She Yu, who had mastered [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art], clearly knew what was happening when this situation occurred.

The Flower of Destruction and the Flower of Life were representations of Yin and Yang respectively. Under normal circumstances, the Flower of Life was the master while the Flower of Destruction was the slave. However, this status quo would not always remain. Under special circumstances, if the flower slave's power became stronger or could restrain the flower master's, the positions of the flower slave and the flower master would swap. This logic was similar to the fact that Yin and Yang would swap positions under special circumstances.

However, the conditions needed in order for this event to take place were extremely strict and demanding. This would only take place when the strength of the flower slave was exactly one base level higher than the flower master's.

How could he be stronger than her? And by exactly one base level?

She Yu, whose face was deathly white, felt as if she was being locked in an icehouse as her body trembled involuntarily.

No, there was one more possibility!

Ai Hui's power was restraining her power!

What exactly did he do?

Fear kept on engulfing She Yu.

Right now, the Blood of God was thriving and unsurpassable. On the battlefield, god elementalists had held dominance over elementalists. The fact that blood spiritual force restrained elemental energy was no longer a secret. In terms of training, Blood of God had a huge advantage over elementalists as well. The ripening and harvesting of jade fruits and the abundance of blood cores and blood crystals made god elementalists stronger with each passing day.

The birth of Red Devil was one of the epitomes of Blood of God's greatness.

She did not understand what was going. What kind of power could restrain blood spiritual force?

How could there be a power in this world that could restrain blood spiritual force?

She felt helpless as she did not know what to do.

What could she do?

She did not want to become the flower slave. If she was to become the flower slave, her life would be placed in the hands of the flower master. She would become the fertile soil for the flower master. All her hard work, vitality, essence-breath-spirit and soul would be devoured by the Flower of Destruction. She would become a supreme treasure to be used for the flower master's training!

When She Yu thought of the fact that her life was going to vanish in a puff of smoke, her body became ice-cold. A piercingly cold shiver went down her spine, causing her to tremble non-stop in fear.

No!, She definitely must not become a flower slave!

She must beg His Majesty for help!

His Majesty must have a solution!

She was like a person that was drowning and holding on to her last lifebuoy.

Like a madwoman, she dashed towards the door. The afternoon sun was exceptionally dazzling, casting a snow-white light through the door. Her feet stopped right on the thin line separating light and darkness.

Her body was swaying as intense fear engulfed her pale-white face.

Suddenly, she tore apart the front of her red dress.

On her snow-white, perky breasts, there was a glistening, blood-red plum blossom.

Far away, in a dark meditation room, a silver-colored plum blossom silently appeared on Ai Hui's left arm.