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Chapter 450: Han Li’s Transformation

 Chapter 450: Han Li's Transformation

Translator: Irene Editor: X, TYZ

The red light descended from the sky and landed on the [Yin Yang Fish Sword Formation].

The rapidly spinning moon blades carried fine, multiplying thunder webs. They were like sharp drill bits, approaching, twisting, and shattering the light rays, all in the blink of an eye.

Light swords flew out from the ever shifting [Yin Yang Fish Sword Formation]. They were like fish leaping out of the fountain, one after another.

The light swords operated even more wildly, They entered the red glow of the sword formation and instantly underwent an indescribable sluggishness. It was as if they had gotten themselves trapped in a quagmire.

Han Li was no longer looking at Ai Hui. Instead, he obsessively observed the incessantly moving Yin Yang Fish beneath his feet. He had seen and read about the Yin Yang Fish in an ancient sword manual, but had not expected it to be this earth-shaking.

At this moment, he had totally forgotten about the battle.

He stood blankly in the sword formation, his eyes never leaving the Yin Yang Fish. He felt cheerful, admiration, joy, and grief as his body underwent this baptism.

It was as if he had seen light and shadow, love and hate, life and death, spring and autumn, reincarnation...

It turned out that the Yin Yang was composed of two fish that were linked at their heads and tails. One was born as the other was extinguished. It was difficult to individualize them.

He was completely absorbed.

Having witnessed Ai Hui's Yin Yang sword formation, Han Li felt its extreme power and was motivated. This [Yin Yang Fish Sword Formation]] was his new result, one that was superior to Ai Hui's Yin Yang sword formation.

He was not worried about the battle.

The moment the [Yin Yang Fish Sword Formation] took shape, strong confidence filled his body and mind. He did not think that Ai Hui was able to break this formation because even he, himself, was unable to do so. The [Yin Yang Fish Sword Formation] was his most outstanding work so far.

The invisible resistance of the sword formation was 10 times stronger than that of Ai Hui's.

Once a person fell into the sword formation, he or she would be trapped by the interweaving Yin Yang force. For elementalists, they would immediately lose control of their body and be confined. Time would pass as the Yin Yang force continuously corroded their bodies until they lost any signs of life. Injuries inflicted by the Yin Yang force could only be neutralized and cured by Yin Yang force.

Another unique aspect about Yin Yang force was that it was sustainably powerful because it multiplied without end. If one did not break through it the first time, the task became impossible as it would only become stronger.

Han Li was exceedingly certain that Ai Hui's "[Red Muslin]", even with any new changes, would not be able to destroy his [Yin Yang Fish Sword Formation].

He was not as confident, however, that a Master would fail to break his formation. It was difficult to understand the ways and strengths of a Master before becoming a Master and experiencing it firsthand.

But there was something he had thorough confidence in.

It was impossible for those below the level of Master to break his formation!

Ai Hui was strong, but he was not a Master after all, so how could he possibly do it?

In the next moment, the sword formation shook violently with a huge boom, snapping him out of his reverie. Confused, he raised his head. What had happened?

Before he could react he was blinded by dazzling white sheets.

Out of nowhere, a wisp of electricity stuck his body, causing it to tremble and turn numb.

Han Li was stupefied.

Observers were basically as confused as Han Li. They could not wrap their heads around the situation. Only a few had clearly captured the earlier scene.

There was a dense crowd beneath Clearwater City's cloud layer. In an inconspicuous corner stood a blind man and a tall lady that were completely enthralled by the battle.

The tall lady could not help but cover her mouth in alarm. With teary eyes, she was completely overwhelmed with shock.

The blind man looked expressionless, but he grasped onto his cane as if his life depended on it, and his hand trembled. It was as if his forehead had been brutally hammered and he had not even realized that he was mumbling to himself. "Lightning! It's lightning!"

Above the cloud layer, Yang Xiaodang jolted up, evidently frightened. He felt a destructive force, one that was so terrifying that he wanted to stay clear of it.

Venerable Volcano was stunned as well. Lightning was one of the most masculine and domineering forces. It was also a power that elementalists had yet to tame. Having seen the violent lightning flashes and rolling thunder, many yearned for such incomparable strength, but few succeeded. Even to this day, lightning-type inheritances were pathetically few. They were practically the favorites on the market.

Shi Xueman's eyes lit up. "[Dust Fall]?"

While in Central Pine City, she was extremely familiar with the three moves from Ai Hui's sword pill. [Crescent Moon] was modified into [Six Moons], while [Night Epiphyllum] was the move he used to end his master's life, so he stopped using it ever since.

Only [Dust Fall] remained.

Shi Xueman had a very deep impression of [Dust Fall]. Ai Hui had used it to save everyone during the bloody Battle of Long Street. Blood fiends feared the aura of lightning so Ai Hui used it often.

Lou Lan spoke up suddenly, "It's a combination of [Soaring Flames, Cascading Muslin], [Six Moons], and [Dust Fall]."

Mixing sword moves was not an easy task. If done well, the resulting move would naturally double in strength and become more exquisite. If done poorly, not only would its power decrease, it would leave many loopholes and put the elementalist in danger.

Ai Hui had done an extremely fine job of combining the three moves.

They could clearly see that the six rapidly spinning moons were slowing down and weakening. Suddenly, the thunder web connecting all six moons exploded.

Lightning was one of the scariest forces in the natural world, and in that moment, it displayed its terrifying destructiveness.

Silver snakes danced in disorder.

The surrounding light swords gave way to an empty region of about several squares.

Yin Yang force could multiply nonstop, but it required time. Even if the light swords were continuously flying out from the Yin Yang Fish, they were unable to fill this gap.

Without a sound, an enormous red sword shot into the empty space.


Orange flames blossomed together with the release of the absolutely terrifying, built-up force. It was as if a heavy hammer had smashed into the ground, causing its surface to pulse.

The unrestrained and brutal flames flowed like wildly charging dire beasts, tearing and shattering the light swords.

Ai Hui, who was in the sky, coldly looked down under his feet as the orange flames blossomed, spread, and burst through the sword formation, eventually swallowing it up. An enormous flaming flower blossomed on the ground.

The rising heatwaves soared and the explosive shockwaves rapidly spread outward like ripples. Wherever they passed, the rocks shattered, mountains collapsed, and the ground split, leaving bottomless cracks that extended across several miles.

Ai Hui spread his azure wings, flying up even higher.

He looked very calm, without the least bit of joyous victory on his face.

In actual fact, he did not find it worth celebrating. Han Li's [Yin Yang Fish Sword Formation] was indeed superior to his. Given time, Han Li's formation would only become stronger.

The [Yin Yang Fish Sword Formation] was still at its weakest, while the full potential of [Red Dust] had already been unlocked, so it was difficult to improve it further.

Han Li had already grasped a way of doing things.

Yet, what was his style? Ai Hui was at a loss.

Ai Hui's killer move was extremely powerful, but he knew that his moves were very heterogeneous, so forming a system that connected them was unlikely. Han Li chose Yin Yang. What should he choose?

A figure shot up from amid the flames. It was Han Li.

Han Li was in a sorry state. Only half of his Flowing Wind Wings remained, his garments were torn and tattered, half of his eyebrows were burned, his face was filthy with grime, and there were bloodstains on parts of his body.

Yet, he was not the least bit discouraged or dismayed. Instead, he was in great spirits, emitting an indescribably glow.

He saluted from afar. "Thanks for being lenient."

He looked sincere. It was from the bottom of his heart.

Ai Hui returned the salutation and shook his head. "Brother Han's abilities made it so, I was extremely lucky."

Han Li laughed. "I lost and you won. Why so polite? The battle today was like a monastic practice. I have been enlightened and benefited a lot. It has also allowed me to see the future of swordsmen and how vast and boundless the future of swordsmanship is."

Ai Hui listened quietly and felt somewhat envious.

Han Li's eyes were as clear as water and free from distracting thoughts. He was like a whole different person, like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis.

He had a solemn expression on his face. "Before today I was muddled, drifting with the waves and going with the flow. I was born in a fleeting time and had been trapped in dangerous situations, constantly worrying about daily affairs. Today, I finally understand what I have to do from now on. The marvel of swordsmanship is boundless and requires a lifetime of dedication."

Ai Hui could feel Han Li's devotion and was genuinely happy. "Congratulations, Brother Han!"

Han Li also could fell Ai Hui's sincerity. With bright eyes, he said, "Although I have lost today, I have already advanced. If Brother Ai slacks off, you're going to be left far behind."

Ai Hui's heroic spirit vanished as he burst into laughter. "The next time we meet will be the day I defeat Brother Han once again!"

Han Li laughed as well. "Such a heroic speech. I'll wait and see. I'll bid you farewell for now. See you again!"

Ai Hui replied, "Have a pleasant journey."

All of a sudden, Han Li said in a low voice, "The Assembly of Patriarchs has its eyes on you. Be careful, Brother Ai."

With that, he turned around and flew off.

Ai Hui looked at Han Li's disappearing silhouette and appeared to be lost in thought, but was actually overwhelmed with shock.

The Assembly was watching him? Why? Because of the snow lava or because they had found out about Chu Zhaoyang's identity? Or were there other schemes?

Clearwater City. Seeing Han Li flying further and further away, the tall lady's face turned ugly.

The blind old man could not help but mock. "That's all there is to the Assembly. I thought you guys had more control over Han Li. Haha!"

The tall lady's expression returned to normal. "Without Han Li we still have Zhang Li and Wang Li. You didn't think we were placing our hopes solely on Han Li, did you?"

The blind old man snorted. "I hope you mean what you say and those words aren't just nice to listen to."

The tall lady smiled. "Don't be angry. You need money, and so do we. We have the same goal. Rest assured. How can we let this money tree slip away from our fingers?"

The blind old man's expression loosened up slightly. Just thinking about the snow lava made his heart palpitate eagerly. He said faintly, "Then how are you guys going to take action? That Ai fellow is a tough nut to crack Plus, there's that woman from the Shi family too. Attacking head on isn't such a good idea."

The tall lady laughed softly. "We can't do that of course. We have a more clever method. It isn't that difficult."