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Chapter 447: The Death Of Great Elder

 Chapter 447: The Death Of Great Elder

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Yang Xiaodong did not expect such a terrible mess to await him upon his return to Clearwater City.

Yang Wuchang had created a huge trouble for him. The mayor sent for him to reprimand him, which he seldom did. Afterwards, the mayor still wanted him to apologize to Ai Hui.

Yang Xiaodong felt somewhat gloomy. He was a Master and had to apologize to someone who wasn't. If not for the fact that he knew the mayor's character very well, he would have fallen out with him.

After making some enquiries, however, he finally learned who his nephew had offended.

Shi Beihai's daughter, Shi Xueman!

Yang Xiaodong was scared out of his wits. Shi Beihai!

Even though he and Shi Beihai were both Masters, the disparity between their strengths and statuses was extremely wide. Yang Xiaodong finally understood why he had to apologize to the other party. Wait, wasn't he supposed to apologize to Ai Hui?

Who is this Ai Hui? He did not act rashly and made some enquiries once more. It was then that he realized that Ai Hui was the leader of the Central Pine Faction, that Shi Xueman was a member of the Central Pine Faction, and of the sensational snow lava.

Even though he was a water elemental master, he still knew the worth of an A-grade fire liquid. A hint of greed flashed across his mind. Why wasn't he the one who possessed the valuable snow lava?

Within the blink of an eye, however, this hint of greed vanished into thin air.

The information he'd obtained was very detailed. Other people might not realize it, but as a Master, Yang Xiaodong realized that Shi Xueman was completely capable of making the breakthrough to become a Master. For some unknown reason, she was suppressing her breakthrough.

As for Ai Hui's strength, Yang Xiaodong was still unsure how to measure it. He had never seen anything like the [Yin Yang Sword Formation] and so could not determine Ai Hui's strength. The fact that Ai Hui had refused Han Li's challenge, however, had become the main topic of idle conversations in Clearwater City.

With the backing of a colossus like Shi Beihai and the Central Pine Faction, he had no chance of contending against the other party.

A wise man would submit to circumstances. Yang Xiaodong went straight to the mayor's residence and sincerely apologized to Ai Hui.

The atmosphere between both parties was rather harmonious.

Yang Xiaodong knew he was in the wrong and lowered his tone. Ai Hui was also not foolish enough to offend a Master over such a small issue.

This unhappy incident was forgotten just like that.

Yang Xiaodong heaved a sigh of relief. He was rather satisfied with his life in Clearwater City and did not want to change his home for the time being. He even gave Yang Wuchang a warning, instructing him to stay well-behaved.

Qiao Meiqi had built a Master's residence for each of his two Masters. Yang Xiaodong's was in a corner of Clearwater City. He liked tranquility and there weren't any buildings around his residence.

He entered his residence as usual.

Along the way, his servants stopped and greeted him one by one.

He climbed the flight of stairs and walked straight to the study room. Usually, if he encountered any difficult problems, he would lock himself in the study room to ponder them alone.

Just as he placed his hand on the doorknob and was about to enter the room, he suddenly froze mid-motion.

"Xiaodong, you really have poor vigilance."

A deep, hoarse voice came from the study room.

Upon hearing this voice, Yang Xiaodong raised his head abruptly as an emotional look swept across his eyes. Without any hesitation, he pushed open the door and entered the room. Within the study room, the back view of a short man holding a staff appeared before his eyes.


This was not the first time Ye Baiyi had an audience with the Holy Emperor.

In the high dome-like sky was a figure who appeared to be sitting amidst the clouds. Before the Holy Emperor's face were energy undulations that made his face look fuzzy. The oppressive aura he released was far stronger than it had been in the past, making the onlookers beneath him feel as if there was a knife at the back of their necks.

Ye Baiyi knew that the Holy Emperor had already suppressed his energy undulations.

The Holy Emperor led a reclusive life and seldom asked about daily matters, yet still possessed absolute authority. In the face of absolute authority, no one dared to show any intention of rebelling against the Holy Emperor.

On one occasion, there had been an official who had performed his job poorly and incurred the wrath of Holy Emperor. At that time, the sky had been dyed scarlet and the air had blazed with searing flames. That official had been devoured on the spot without any remaining dregs.

No one had any complaints about Holy Emperor. Absolute power gave rise to absolute order. Nothing was more important than this for the newly established God Nation.

The Holy Emperor had a mysterious origin. Even God Nation's internal department knew almost nothing about him.

Bei Shuisheng was one of the few people who knew a thing or two about Holy Emperor, but he seldom spoke about it. The Sick Tiger of God Nation never left his cage, the piercing Cold Palace.

Ye Baiyi did not know Holy Emperor's purpose in calling him over.

Currently, God Nation had harvested its first batch of jade fruits, of which there were countless numbers. The internal department of God Nation was steadily strengthening. Compared to the Elders Guild and Jadeite Forest, God Nation's strength was no doubt the best.

"Official Ye, how is the ongoing battle at the front line?

Holy Emperor's voice echoed through the sky from a distance. The voice was imposing and domineering, causing the air to tremble.

"Reporting to Your Majesty, the situation at the front line is stable. There are victories and defeats for both our side and the enemy's side," Ye Baiyi reported with honesty.

"Is the opposing general Shi Beihai?" Holy Emperor asked.

"Yes," Ye Baiyi replied.

"Does Official Ye have confidence in obtaining victory?" Holy Emperor asked again.

"No, I have no confidence," Ye Baiyi summoned his courage and replied.

Soft laughter sounded from above Ye Baiyi, but it sounded thunderous in his ears. Ye Baiyi's heart sank. Holy Emperor was known for his moodiness. If Ye Baiyi was unlucky, he would be in deep trouble.

However, Ye Baiyi did not expect to hear the Holy Emperor's next words. With a cheerful tone, the Holy Emperor replied, "I know that Shi Beihai is a courageous and resolute individual. He is a valiant general. It's a pity that this valiant general is not under me."

Ye Baiyi somehow did not know what Holy Emperor was thinking. It was obviously something regretful, but he said it with such a cheerful tone.

Ye Baiyi did not dare to question further.

Holy Emperor stopped laughing and his tone became solemn once more. "If I want Official Ye to annihilate the North Sea Division, how many people will you need?"

Ye Baiyi replied with a deep voice, "It's hard to determine the exact number. The North Sea Division has a complete organizational structure and is very powerful. Other than the North Sea Division, the Elders Guild also has a few rather well maintained combat divisions. Especially the three central divisions, their strength is unfathomable. Once Elders Guild sees that the North Sea Division is in danger, they will definitely send out reinforcements. Once this happens, we will be engaged in a long, drawn-out and deadlocked battle against them. Your Majesty, we cannot yet determine the outcome..."

"What if Shi Beihai doesn't have reinforcements?" Holy Emperor interrupted Ye Baiyi.

"No reinforcements?" Ye Baiyi was stunned. Suddenly, he understood what Holy Emperor meant and a cold shiver went down his spine.

"Official Ye, if the North Sea Division doesn't have reinforcements, how do we annihilate them?" Holy Emperor's voice sounded as if it was drifting aimlessly in the clouds.

Ye Baiyi fell silent as he felt an indescribable sadness. After a while, he raised his head; his eyes were red. With a hoarse voice, he replied, "Shi Beihai is brave and shrewd. Other than engaging him in war of attrition, there is no other way. One soldier for one soldier, one general for one general."

Holy Emperor gave a soft chuckle and said, "One soldier for one soldier will do, there's no need for us to sacrifice our generals. God Nation has sufficient soldiers. With Official Ye leading our troops, how can we lose this battle? All the armies in God Nation are available for Official Ye to use and deploy. No matter how many soldiers we lose, I only have one request."

Ye Baiyi bowed and replied, "Please tell me your request, Your Majesty."

"I want to see the head of Shi Beihai."

The crazy and domineering voice resounded through the air like surging flames. It was as if the air was being hit by a heavy hammer, creating a buzzing sonic boom that caused the entire palace to tremble.

Outside the palace, the sun became blood red.


Skyheart City looked as if it had become a black and white world, devoid of any colors.

Everyone was mourning. A candle was lit at the door of every house. As night fell, the candles in the city became brighter, resembling the countless stars in the night sky.

Great Elder had passed away.

Emissaries from various cities had gathered at Skyheart City to pay their respects to the deceased Great Elder.

With regards to Great Elder's death, everyone was feeling extremely complicated. Having been in power for so many decades, he did not really commit any irreversible mistakes. He even had a few admirable achievements. Despite all this, the fall of the Avalon of Five Elements happened entirely in his hands.

Facing the menacing Blood of God, the Elders Guild had been slow and senile in its reactions, like Great Elder. The foundation of the Avalon of Five Elements had been destroyed in his hands.

Now, they could only struggle to survive in the Wilderness.

The prosperous age of the Avalon of Five Elements seemed like it was just yesterday. The state that elementalists were in now was miserable.

Had Great Elder been incompetent? Who other than Great Elder could save the Avalon of Five Elements from this desperate crisis? Who could lead everyone to the light?

Not only was everyone feeling sad over the death of Great Elder, but they were also feeling worried for their own futures. The future was now shrouded in heavy winds and torrential rain; which path should they now follow?

No one knew the answer and it only made them more sad.

Great Elder passed away in the second year of Elemental Desolation Age. It marked the end point of the Elders Guild that had ruled Avalon of Five Elements for thousands of years. Only three Elders attended Great Elder's funeral.

Even the emissaries sent by powerful aristocratic families like the Gong Residence were unknown and insignificant individuals.

As compared to the absolute authority and supreme status Great Elder had held while he had been alive, the turnout for Great Elder's funeral made one sigh in sorrow.

Madam Ye's face turned ashen.

Everyone knew an era had ended; this was the beginning of a new era.

The isolated Clearwater City appeared to have nothing to do with the maelstrom, but Ai Hui and his counterparts still heard the news of Great Elder's death at the first instance.

The Gong Residence's unique way of transmitting messages allowed them to obtain the news almost immediately.

Everyone was feeling complicated now.

As an important figure who represented the past era had left this world, everyone could not help but sigh in sorrow.

Gong Peiyao was deep in thought. Madam Ye and the Gong Residence had an irreconcilable relationship. With Madam Ye in power, she would not let the Gong Residence off easily.

Gong Peiyao was preparing to go home, but a message from the Gong Residence told her to stay in Clearwater City.

Whether it was in Skyheart City, Newlight City, or the Gong Residence's Palacefield City, it was unusually quiet. It was so quiet everywhere that it was as if nothing had happened. A terrifying storm seemed to be brewing.

Now was the calm before the storm.

Ai Hui thought that they would not be affected since Clearwater City was very far away from Skyheart City.

Unbeknownst to him, however, the undercurrents of Great Elder's death were silently surging toward them...


Han Li had become a madman. Everyday he would go to the mayor's residence to challenge Ai Hui, and everyday the latter would turn a deaf ear to him, completely ignoring him.

Failing once again to get Ai Hui to accept his challenge, Han Li returned to his inn.

He was in a very bad mood. He did not expect Ai Hui to completely ignore his challenge.

"Han Li, you have forgotten about your mission."

A sweet and delicate voice rang across the room. It belonged to a tall, slim woman.

Han Li immediately grasped the hilt of his sword, but soon loosened his grip. With an ugly facial expression, he snorted, "Don't talk to me about the mission, I'm not in the mood right now"

"You merely failed in getting Ai Hui to accept your challenge, right? I have a way to make him accept your challenge." The woman smiled.

"How?" Han Li became energized.