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Chapter 436: The Wicked Servant

 Chapter 436: The Wicked Servant

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Han Li's face became uglier and uglier.

The hateful servant, along with his sand puppet, was milking him dry. Every store they passed by closed down.

When Han Li took out his last elemental energy bean, his face had turned ashen. Finally, he could no longer take it and yelled, "Enough!"

Ai Hui put on a blank look on his face and replied, "But we haven't bought enough... There are still a lot of things that we need."

Ai Hui gave Han Li an innocent look. After a while, he acted as if he came to a realization and said, "Eh? No more money? Sigh, you should have told me you don't have anymore money. Now you're embarrassed, right? Sigh, Brother, you're an honorable individual after all, don't do such an embarrassing thing in the future again. Come on, come on, I will return everything. Give me a moment."

Ai Hui ran to a nearby store and used one elemental energy bean to buy a piece of rag.

Ai Hui carefully spread the rag on the ground and placed all the things he had bought with Han Li's money on it, piling everything up like a small hill

With lightning speed, Ai Hui finished placing all the things on the rag and heaved a sigh of relief. Following which, he said sincerely to Han Li, "Brother, you don't have much money now and it's all my fault for not knowing your situation. I don't think we can get any refunds for these things. Hmm, since we are here, you can set up a store and get back as much money as possible. Now that I think about it, at least you can earn some travel expenses and we can get to know each other."

Han Li's face reddened as his body trembled with anger. Even after he'd been through so many different situations in his life, he still felt ashamed and wanted to find a hole to hide in at this point of time.

Up to this moment, how could he not have known that he was being fooled by the other party?

Furthermore, since the other party did not want to keep the things, he couldn't find an excuse to be angry with them as well.

He suppressed the anger within his heart and forced a smile, "Brother, you're being courteous with me. These things..."

Before Han Li could finish his sentence, Ai Hui interrupted him with an indignant tone "Sigh, Brother, why are you still so stubborn at this point of time? A true man has to be flexible. How can you be stumped by such a small problem. This is a good place to set up a store. I believe you will earn some travel expenses within a short period of time. Brother, if you're capable, you might even be able to make a small fortune."

By the time Ai Hui finished his sentence, his indignant tone had changed to a caring one. Ai Hui put on an encouraging look on his face as he patted Han Li's shoulder.

Han Li was at a complete loss. He had a blank look on his face as he stood there motionlessly.

Shi Xueman watched the entire incident unfolded from a bystander's point of view. She finally knew how evil Ai Hui could be!

When she heard Ai Hui's last sentence, she almost broke into laughter.

Previously, she was still very curious about how Ai Hui would conclude this situation. She could tell that the other party had bad intentions and she expected them to break into a fight eventually. To her surprise, Ai Hui, being a pain in the neck, did not cause any unnecessary trouble. As Shi Xueman watched Ai Hui's performance, she tried her best to suppress her laughter.

Since she was young, there had been countless boys that had tried to fawn over her. She had seen various methods these boys used to demean each other in front of her. However, none of them could put up such a marvellous performance like Ai Hui.

Ai Hui was different from other guys. Other guys would try their best to show how chivalrous and how kind they were in front of her. Ai Hui was the only one who did not conceal his wickedness from her.

Such an evil guy!

Shi Xueman exclaimed in admiration. With an emotionless look on her face, she took out the blue pearl and placed it on top of the heap of unwanted things. She had just plunged a knife into Han Li's already bleeding heart.

Han Li felt a gush of blood rushing to his brain. His entire brain was buzzing and he could not think of anything.

He was at a complete loss.

Should he blow himself up now? He wanted to do this, but his rationality told him that this would be a bad choice. The surrounding guards had been looking vigilantly in his direction. If he made any wrong moves, he would attract these guards to him. He was not afraid of them, but rather, he was on a mission now. As such, he could only suppress his anger.

If he caused trouble in the market now, he would be expelled from the city and he would fail his mission completely.

Right now, he was filled with resentment and regret. Why didn't he make some preparations before he took action?

It was that hateful servant's fault!

That fellow had been waiting for him to fall into this trap!

That goddamned servant!

Han Li's face was bright red as fury engulfed his mind. He stared at Ai Hui and his party, who had walked off without minding him at all. If Han Li's gaze could kill people, Ai Hui's body would be filled with holes now!

Everyone in the market was looking at Han Li. Mocking comments rang across his ears incessantly, tormenting his mind that was going to go insane.

"Haha, this idiot is being fooled."

"He deserves it! No one asked him to act like a wealthy man! From his arrogant face, I can tell that he is up to no good."

"How dare he try to pick up girls with such skills? He should start a store and make an honest living here, hahaha."


Han Li was going to go crazy soon. He had become the biggest joke in the entire market. Everyone was looking at him with mockery. Even his partner turned around and laughed at him behind his back without any intention of helping him out of this embarrassing situation.


The infuriated Han Li unsheathed his sword and slashed the pile of unwanted things in front of him.

A streak of resplendent sword gleam was suddenly released from his sword. All the laughter in the market came to an end abruptly.

When Han Li unsheathed his sword, the surrounding guards stopped laughing. The sudden streak of resplendent sword gleam caused their pupils to dilate involuntarily.

In the midst of a dead silence, Han Li sheathed his sword. With an ice-cold look on his face, he walked through the market. Everyone in the market subconsciously made way for him to walk through.

Pffff. A soft burst sounded through the air, resembling the sound of a water bubble popping.

The heap of unwanted things on the rag had been reduced to a pile of ashes. Following which, it burst into colorful flames. The colorful flames were formed by a mixture of elemental energies.

Everyone, including the surrounding guards, was stunned. Their eyes were widened and their facial expressions froze.

They did not expect the fellow, whom they'd just mocked, to be so powerful. The surrounding guards looked at their leader for instructions, but he merely shook his head and signalled for them not to be meddlesome. Han Li destroyed his own things so they had no reason to confront him.

Han Li's face was gloomy as his eyes flickered with the blaze of anger.

You shall wait and see. I, Han Li, will seek revenge for the embarrassment you have given me today!

Han Li's partner shyly walked up to him. Just as he was about to speak, a slap landed on his face. Smack! The loud and crisp slap resounded throughout the market. The impact from the slap sent Han Li's partner flying in the air. Following which, he landed on the ground and stayed there motionlessly.

Han Li left immediately without looking at his fainted partner.

Ten seconds after the devil-like figure had left, the quiet market began to regain its liveliness.

"Such a terrifying fellow," the guards exclaimed in fear.

"That's right, he is too cruel."

"I think I know who he is. He is Han Li!" The guard leader's facial expression turned slightly ugly as well.

Hiss. Everyone took in a gasp of cold air.

At this point of time, the guard leader stood up and said, "Keep your eyes on the market, I have to report this to the mayor."

Every mayor cared about the experts that entered his or her city. The presence of an expert posed an uncertainty to a city. One major battle could destroy a city. No mayor would remain indifferent to an expert that could pose a threat to his or her city's safety.

An ally or a foe could determine whether they lived or died.

Only by becoming stronger could one gain more respect.


Kang Appraisal Shop.

Kang Ding's apprentices were peeking at him. Today, their teacher seemed weird. From morning until now, their teacher kept on gasping with surprise. They had never seen their teacher behave like this before. From their impressions of their teacher, he had always been a solemn and meticulous individual.

Was it possible that he had come across something good?

They were filled with curiosity. What kind of good thing could make their teacher gasp in surprise like this?

Inside Kang Ding's room, he had finally completed his appraisal of the crystal-clear fire liquid. His face was filled with incredulity as he muttered to himself, "A refined fire liquid, it's actually a refined fire liquid?"

The difference between a natural fire liquid and a refined fire liquid was that the former could only be found in small amounts while the latter could be mass produced.

In an instant, Kang Ding knew what the other party's intention was for having this fire liquid appraised. The other party had a huge supply of fire liquid.

Not only that, the other party must also have mastered the method for refining this unique type of fire liquid. This also implied that the other party could produce a steady supply of this fire liquid.

This was extremely important to any city.

The crystal-clear fire liquid was the most outstanding fire liquid that Kang Ding had ever seen. Ever since Fire Prairie had been annexed, the supply of fire liquid on the market was scarce. Expanding into Wilderness alleviated the situation significantly. Several volcanoes had been discovered and a lot of fire elemental cities had emerged around them.

From that point onwards, the supply of fire liquids on the market increased slightly. However, the supply still did not meet the demand. Such a small amount of fire liquid would be sold-out in an instant.

Most of these fire liquids were low in base level and they were mainly lava. Even deep lava was also scarce.

All those fire liquids paled in comparison to this crystal-clear fire liquid.

"A-Ordinary". This was the final appraisal grade he gave to the crystal-clear fire liquid. He had appraised more than one hundred types of fire liquid and this fire liquid was the only one with grade "A".

He could imagine how much commotion this fire liquid would cause when it appeared on the market.

He was proud of himself for being able to appraise this fire liquid personally.

Kang Ding became excited. A few buyers that might be interested in this fire liquid had already come to his mind. Whoever could afford this fire liquid would not be an ordinary individual.

No matter who bought it, Kang Ding would receive a portion of the profits made as well.

He earned the profits fair and aboveboard and he had no qualms about it.

He did not want to drag the issue any longer and walked to a short message tree in the corner. Following which, he began to write down the same content on different message leaves.

"A-grade refined fire liquid. Those who need it, come to my shop quickly."

This message tree could only transmit messages within Clearwater City. in reality, message trees, which were commonly used in Avalon of Five Elements, faced great obstructions in Wilderness. The distance that messages could travel had been reduced greatly. Connections with the nearby cities could still be established, but anywhere further than that and the message trees would be useless.

After Kang Ding finishing writing to all the enterprises that might be interested in the fire liquid, he felt much relieved.

Even so, he still looked very excited.

After a few seconds, the pieces of leaves lit up one by one with words appearing on them.

"Arriving soon!"


"Give me ten minutes!"


Kang Ding smiled. So this is the might of an "A-grade" fire liquid.

Very soon, his appraisal shop was crammed with people.

He did not like liveliness, but he still had to work regardless. Kang Ding could still take a break for a few minutes and he sat down. Just as he was about to place this completed appraisal job aside, his hand felt something else left in the package.

Kang Ding was stunned. The other party still had something else for him to appraise?

An unknown piece of beast bone appeared in his hand.