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Chapter 432: Fairy Devil Palace

 Chapter 432: Fairy Devil Palace

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ, KLKL

A snarl, seemingly coming from a beast on the verge of death and who was slightly trembling, could be heard. There was pain and wildness in that growl, which echoed throughout Beast Venom Temple, piercing through layers of wall and dispersing into the clouds.

The people in Beast Venom Temple quickly dropped what they were working on. They seemed to be listening, their expressions complicated. They were shocked, sympathetic and in fear.

"You're like an exceptional dire beast, Sir!"

"What dire beast! Sir is the Devil himself, Red Devil."

"Not human, that's for sure. How can any human reach this stage?"

"Is the biscuit ready? Give some to Xianzi. She's loyal and honest. I hope Sir Red Devil can lead a peaceful life, or else, what is Xianzi to do?"

"It's already been prepared. How can I forget about Xianzi? Ahh. It's not easy being Sir. It's like raising a kid. Teaching Xianzi how to talk, walk and be a sensible person. Were they a married couple?"

"Definitely, otherwise why would Sir be so kind to Xianzi?"

"Sir and Xianzi are both good people but they were born under an unlucky star."

"It's a chaotic world, who isn't suffering?"

They sighed and lost the mood to talk.

The sunlight that day was glaring. As the palace hall doors opened one by one, a tall and sturdy figure wearing a black and red mask walked out from the darkness, his black cape surrounding him like the night sky. Sweat could be seen on the lashes of the eyes behind the mask. His blue, seawater-like pupils were steady and motionless, but beneath these deep blues was a faint blood color.

"Congratulations, Sir."

The guards outside the door bowed simultaneously with their heads lowered, the zeal and worship on their faces unconcealed.

This figure, appearing to be shrouded by darkness, had broken the previous record of Beast Venom Temple. It was his twenty-first time undergoing blood refinement. No one could even begin to comprehend this number. Even the Holy Emperor was greatly moved and bestowed him with countless treasures before his refinement.

Today, Red Devil has become Beast Venom Temple's emblem.

Each time one went through blood refinement was like charging through hell.

Steel-like willpower wasn't enough to bring the blood refiner back from hell. Countless iron men had died from explosion. Red Devil really was a miracle. A living miracle.

No one knew how he'd done it.

But he did.

He did not reek of blood at all. He stood at the entrance, his gaze pouring down. He was like an unmeltable ink block, blocking off all sunlight.

A group of powerful looking guards, dressed in armor platings, whizzed down while supporting a woman in red and landed in the temple. The golden flag represented the Blood of God's supreme Holy Emperor.

The temple guards kneeled down with a panicked cry. Only Red Devil stood motionless.

The lady in red was She Yu. Her gaze fell upon Red Devil. While she looked indifferent, she was actually beyond shocked. Red Devil was obviously standing about ten meters away, but she felt only emptiness.

Twenty-first blood refinement... simply too terrifying.

She dared not forget her manners, bending her head down respectfully. "Congratulations, Master! His Majesty had heard of your success and was very excited about it, mentioning that our nation has another pillar. He'd specially instructed me to congratulate you and gift you a palace hall, ninety thousand god cores, three hundred carts of jade fruits, ten thousand servants. Daily expenses will be allocated to you by the palace. His Majesty wishes to become Xianzi's godbrother and wants me to ask for your opinion."

As if he'd heard nothing, Red Devil threw his gaze far away and stood still like a statue.

She Yu maintained her posture, not daring to move even the slightest. She was dumbstruck in fact. It felt as if the surrounding air had been frozen. She seemed to mistakenly feel that any slight movement on her part would result in an instant blood splash.

She would have blown him up if it had been anyone else who was being rude, but at this point She Yu simply couldn't get herself to feel resentful.

Anyone who had the ability to survive twenty-one blood refinements had the right to be rude. Sir Red Devil was now one of the most powerful people in the whole of God Nation.

A beautiful figure charged into the temple and upon seeing Red Devil her eyes lit up. She shouted cheerily, "Little Devil!"

Her tender yet crisp voice carried a deep yearning and admiration.

The icy atmosphere melted instantly as the dull sunlight regained its dazzle. She Yu and the rest relaxed their muscles only to find their backs filled with sweat.

The beautiful lady rushed over and stopped before Red Devil, putting her pitiful looking face close to his. She pleaded, "Little Devil, stop undergoing blood refinement."

The lady looked over twenty years of age but her voice resembled that of a seven or eight year old child, tender and crisp.

All the graveness and darkness had vanished, as if a dire beast had quietly retracted its sharp claws or a hedgehog had flattened all its spikes, in fear that she would be hurt the slightest.

The king, who had returned from war, took down his crown, placed his scepter down, untied his sword, removed his war clothes and washed himself.

Without all the halos, Red Devil looked ordinary.

He placed his warm palm on her tear-stained cheek, gently removing them. The lady shut her eyes, revealing an expression similar to that of a relaxed kitten.

"Alright, I won't do it anymore."

He reassured her in a low voice, a slight smile appearing on his face.

With her eyes closed Xianzi acknowledged his words with a face full of joy.

A good while later he answered without even turning his head, "I'll thank His Majesty on the behalf of Xianzi."

She Yu let out a breath, exultation filling her heart. She responded deferentially, "His Majesty will be ecstatic to know. I shan't disturb your rest any longer. I'll ask to be excused."

At that she left quietly with her guards.

"Thanking His Majesty on my behalf?"

"You're about to have a powerful brother."

"Is it you, Little Devil? But I don't want Little Devil to be my brother."

"Haha, it isn't me of course."

A pair of guards entered the palace with a huge pile of gifts, bowing respectfully. "Congratulations, Sir! Mister Bei's heard about your success and was unable to contain his joy. He specially instructed us to bring you some congratulatory gifts..."

Yet another group entered the courtyard as the head greeted, "Congratulations, Sir! I'm the person in charge of War God Palace and am here to present you with a little something on behalf of my master. He couldn't stop praising you upon hearing about your success, calling you a heroic youth..."

Group after group entered to congratulate Red Devil and offer gifts, filling up the courtyard quickly.

As though nobody was present, Red Devil paid no attention at all. His gentle and warm gaze was only focused on the beautiful face in front of him.

"We're about to have a palace. You are going to name it."

"Really? Let's call it Devil Palace!"

"But Xianzi's living in it? Let's call it Fairy Devil Palace."

"Little Devil, I'm hungry..."

The sunshine was perfect now.


In Skyheart City, citizens suddenly noticed that there were many elementalists from Infantry Division and Sky Edge Division walking on the streets, emitting an unusual trace of odor. People became more careful as they knew that something major was likely to happen whenever such a situation arose.

Madam Ye stood guard before the bed couch, her eyes red. Xiaobao had fallen asleep while leaning on the edge.

On the bed lay an unconscious old man.

This old man wielded the most power in the Avalon of Five Elements but was missing his former might. He was merely an old man who was almost reaching the end of his road.

No different from any other old person.

Worry was evident in one servant's eyes. She urged in a low voice, "Madam, please get some rest. I'll keep watch. You haven't had any rest since yesterday."

Madam Ye shook her head. "I'm fine."

A lady in a veil walked into the room with a long sword in her hand. Seeing Madam Ye she called out softly, "Aunt Ye."

Madam Ye let out a breath upon seeing her guest. "How is it? How's the situation outside?"

This young looking lady was today's Karakorum Polaris.

"We've already sealed Skyheart City off. Families are still at peace but they're all asking around so I reckon it will be difficult to hide it for long. Elder Yuchi from Newlight City had fallen ill as well and is unable to return to Skyheart City as scheduled. We suspect that he's already gotten hold of the news."

Having learned through experience over a period of time, the lady was no longer the chief of Karakorum Sword League but a division leader of Sky Edge. She did seem more capable and experienced.

Madam Ye couldn't help but let out, "That old fox!"

She massaged her forehead.

Just then, a weak cough was heard from above the bed, startling the two of them. They turned their heads to the side immediately. Great Elder was slightly awake.


"Great Elder!"

Sorrow filled their hearts. The Great Elder, who used to dominate the Avalon of Five Elements, did not even have much energy to cough.

Great Elder opened his eyes slowly. The glimmer in his eyes was like a candlelight in the wind, causing much worry that it could go out at anytime.

His voice was frail and carried a bit of a self-mocking tone, "Looks like I'll leave before Junior, how unexpected. But this is good too. He's a Grandmaster after all and I'm just an ordinary man."

Madam Ye responded softly, "You have to stay strong, Father. Everyone's waiting for you to lead us again. You're our backbone."

The Great Elder did not answer. He was rather absent minded. Countless images appeared before his eyes. He'd had the glory of ruling over the world. Every one of his strategic decisions affected and changed the Avalon of Five Elements. But thinking about how they had to resort to struggling their way into the Wilderness, an intense guilt rose within his chest. He did not know what he'd done wrong.

But he knew that he must have done something wrong.

As the Great Elder, he was definitely accountable for the plight of the Avalon of Five Elements.

His faint breaths contained an inexpressible guilt, remorse and blankness.

He said, somewhat at a loss and somewhat relieved, "Avalon of Five Elements is yours from now onward. You're stronger than me. Maybe you'll think of a solution. Do not lose to Blood of God."

Madam Ye reassured unhesitatingly, "We won't lose to them."

Her voice carried such an intensity that sent Karakorum Polaris and the servants trembled inwardly. Madam had always been composed, virtuous and sweet-tempered. It was their first time seeing Madam so resentful.

But thinking about her dead husband and her muddleheaded boy, everyone was relieved.

The Great Elder's eyes lit up a little. "Order the three central divisions to withdraw from Old Territory and defend Skyheart City. Have the three division leaders meet me. Order North Sea Division to launch an attack against Blood of God. There's a need to boost the morale of the Avalon of Five Elements. Tell Shi Beihai not to worry about casualties. The three central divisions will provide assistance when the time comes."

Karakorum Polaris shuddered and couldn't help but take a quick glimpse at Aunt Ye.

Madam Ye stood up immediately. "I'll get to it right now."