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Chapter 427: Well-coordinated Once Again

 Chapter 427: Well-coordinated Once Again

Translator: TYZ Editor: TYZ, KLKL

The three huge Yin and three huge Yang sword rings were a seldomly seen defensive move in Ai Hui's arsenal.

The trip to Silver City was the turning point for Ai Hui's swordsmanship.

In Karakorum Sword League, he had witnessed various impressive sword formations. He also read the incomplete swordplay encyclopedia compiled by Karakorum Savant, who was now known as Karakorum Polaris.

The swordplay encyclopedia was divided into six chapters, Variations, Flaming Wind, Anatta, Big Dipper, Yin Yang, and Life-and-Death.

The 'Variations' chapter discussed the numerous variations in swordplay. 'Flaming Wind' discussed complementary forces. 'Anatta' talked about how one's swordsmanship should be decisive and unrelenting.

'Big Dipper' talked about how the Big Dipper had shifted and how the stars had moved. 'Yin Yang' was about the marvels of Yin and Yang. 'Life-and-Death' discussed deep and profound questions in-depth. But Karakorum Polaris did not have many insights on the last chapter as well.

From the content of the sword encyclopedia, Ai Hui could see that Karakorum Polaris was an ambitious individual. She wanted to compile a bible on swordsmanship that would be passed on for thousands of years.

Whether or not Karakorum Polaris could do it, Ai Hui still respected and admired her for having such a great ambition.

The three huge Yin and three huge Yang sword rings was developed on Ai Hui's trip to Silver City. It was derived from the chapter on Yin Yang in the swordplay encyclopedia and [Yin Yang Formation]. This move had saved Ai Hui's life by warding off an attack from a Master.

For the past year, Ai Hui's understanding towards swordsmanship had increased day by day. Like an artisan, he had been constantly polishing his swordsmanship.

Ai Hui learnt his swordsmanship by himself and there were a lot of areas that he was still unclear of. However, as he spent more and more time in practising his swordplay, his understanding towards swordsmanship increased and his skills improved. The sword encyclopedia and the various sword formations in Karakorum Sword League had helped him a lot. He began to come up with his own system that conformed with his swordsmanship.

The three huge Yin and three huge Yang sword rings were being improved constantly.

Within the sword rings, the scarlet fireball released a trace of red glow with a hissing sound. As the hissing sound continued incessantly, the number of traces of red glow accumulated. Like a potato that was being peeled rapidly, the scarlet fireball was quickly becoming visibly smaller and smaller.


The scarlet fire ball was destroyed completely.

Ai Hui loosened his facial muscles as beads of perspiration appeared on his forehead.

The entire process took only a tiny amount of time but Ai Hui had still exhausted a significant amount of mental energy as he was required to stay highly concentrated all that time. Even so, he was still very happy that the sword rings could stop the scarlet fireball.

Upon feeling slightly at ease, Ai Hui whipped his Wintry Jade Blade through the air and he abruptly rose higher into the sky with a crisp swooshing sound

The scarletfire flying foxes were too densely-packed. The burst of sword gleams that Ai Hui shot out had inflicted heavy casualties on them. However, he was fully occupied at that moment to witness the scene.

Like a water bird that skimmed the surface of a lake, Ai Hui flew gracefully through the air.

How's Iron Lady doing so far?

Ai Hui was slightly curious but he was not worried. Iron Lady was more powerful than him. If he could handle the scarletfire flying foxes, there was no reason for Iron Lady to fail. Ai Hui had never linked Iron Lady with the word "weak" before. On the battlefield, she was a trustworthy comrade.

The Starry Gem Swordwing on Ai Hui's back flapped as he rose higher into the sky. His field of vision expanded as he flew past the black-colored mountain ridge beneath him. He directed his gaze towards the other side of the battlefield.

A blue-white figure entered his line of sight. Scarletfire flying foxes were constantly dropping from the sky behind her.

The scarletfire flying foxes were extremely clumsy when they faced the nimble Iron Lady.

Iron Lady's azure wings were much lighter and nimbler than Ai Hui's. Starry Gem Swordwings were heavy and powerful. In terms of power, they were definitely much better than Iron Lady's azure wings. However, in terms of maneuverability, they paled in comparison to Iron Lady's azure wings.

How could he make use of the scarletfire flying foxes' clumsy nature?

Suddenly, Ai Hui's mind jolted as a daring thought emerged in his brain.

At this moment, Shi Xueman happened to cast a glance at Ai Hui. Quickly, Ai Hui made a hand signal and pointed to his front-left. Following which, the screeches of the scarletfire flying foxes erupted behind him, causing him to change his direction abruptly.

Ai Hui did not know whether or not Iron Lady had seen his hand signal. His movements did not slow down and he changed his direction a few times in a row. There were too many scarletfire flying foxes and their attacking range was very wide. As such, they just needed to tweak the angle of their flight path by a bit and Ai Hui would be within their line of sight. Ai Hui had no choice but to keep changing the direction of his flight path.

Only by changing the direction of his flight path constantly could he then prevent the scarletfire flying foxes from locking onto him and break free from their line of sight.

After Ai Hui finished a few maneuvers in a row, he was panting slightly. It was rather strenuous for Starry Gem Swordwings to make continuous maneuvers. Furthermore, ever since they Starry Gem Swordwings were damaged, he had not had the opportunity to fix them. The maneuvers had consumed his energy greatly.

Ai Hui finally completed his series of maneuvers and shifted his gaze in the direction of Shi Xueman. His eyes lit up at what he saw.

Iron Lady was flying towards the direction that he was pointing at!

She understood his intention.

As compared to Ai Hui, who was already panting, Iron Lady appeared calm, her hair was neat and tidy, and her movements were lithe.

However, Ai Hui did not have the time to admire Shi Xueman now. The Starry Gem Swordwings on his back erupted with a burst of radiance and shot towards his destination.

If one looked down at them from a higher height, he or she would see two figures being followed by two black-colored floods of scarletfire flying foxes. The two figures kept on changing their directions while the black floods behind them were pursuing them tightly. Unwittingly, the two figures were getting closer and closer to each other rapidly.

The two black floods were getting closer to each other as well, but their fervent eyes did not notice it completely. They might have a certain level of intelligence but their killing instinct had completely taken over their minds like raging flames at this moment.

Ai Hui flew in an arc and his movements looked slightly sluggish. He had yet to break from the scarletfire flying foxes' line of sight.

Numerous dark-red glows lit up behind him.

At this moment, Ai Hui changed his direction again. The scarletfire flying foxes did not fire the scarlet fireball in each of their mouths. They somewhat identified Ai Hui's flying patterns and changed their direction according to his. The speed of them changing their direction was slightly slower, but they were certain that their prey could not avoid their attacks given their wide attacking range.

Now is the time!

Without any hesitation, the scarletfire flying foxes fired the scarlet fireball in each of their mouths! The dark-red glows suddenly intensified in brightness and became densely-packed.


The sound created by the huge number of scarlet fireballs being fired at the same time struck fear into people's hearts. A glaring red brilliance suddenly erupted behind Ai Hui.

At the same time, densely-packed red glows lit up in front of him as well. Similarly, they gave off a horrifying sound.

The red glows in front of Ai Hui became brighter and brighter, turning into a red brilliance that engulfed his vision. In the midst of the red brilliance, the image of a valiant-looking figure was expanding in Ai Hui's eyes.

Ai Hui's lips curled into a smile. She was truly an iron lady!

The distance between Ai Hui and Shi Xueman was closing rapidly. Numerous scarlet fireballs were following tightly behind them.

Ai Hui and Shi Xueman looked at each other and smiled.

It was as if time had frozen for them.

Ai Hui was very happy. Iron Lady must've been happy because of their good coordination as well. He merely made a hand signal and both of them could coordinate perfectly. It was as if they had been partners for many years.

Wintry Jade Blade and Cirrus collided against each other once more. Perfect coordination!

Ai Hui and Shi Xueman flew towards each other in a straight line. As they got closer to each other, they abruptly soared upwards at the same time.

The scarletfire flying foxes realized they were going to get caught in a head-on collision with their comrades and the scarletfire fireballs. They were panic-stricken and their formation went into a chaos. Sharp screeches resounded through the air incessantly.

They wanted to escape but it was already too late. In the face of the fast-flying and densely-packed scarlet fireballs, they were extremely clumsy.

The two masses of scarlet fireballs collided against each other in the air and released a dazzling burst of blaze. Most of the scarlet fireballs flew past each other and smashed heavily into the two black-colored floods of scarletfire flying foxes.

Boom, boom, boom!

Huge bursts of blazes and radiance dyed the sky red. The incessant deafening explosions resembled thunderclaps within the depths of storm clouds, striking fear into people's hearts.

The scene was exceptionally spectacular, causing even Ai Hi and Shi Xueman to be dumbstruck.

The scarletfire flying foxes' charred bodies fell from the sky like dumplings. Most of them were ripped to shreds by the violent shock wave. The fact that the fragile scarletfire flying foxes couldn't withstand their own scarlet fireballs was indeed an irony.

Cries of joy broke out in Central Pine Valley.

No one had expected Ai Hui and Shi Xueman to be able to create such heavy casualties in the ranks of scarletfire flying foxes. All of them were dazzled by the battle. Children like San Xiao and Wei An were jumping and yelling in excitement. Their faces were filled with pride and adoration for Ai Hui and Shi Xueman.

However, not everyone in the valley behaved like this. There was an indifferent-looking individual, Duanmu Huanghun!

Duanmu Huanghun hovered above the bamboo forest, appearing as if he was standing on a green-colored sea of bamboos. He was trying his best to keep his facial expression calm but he still could not hide the flickering flames in his eyes.

He'd let this fellow take the limelight again!

He subconsciously ignored Shi Xueman and stared at Ai Hui with a pair of blazing eyes. He did not know whether or not it was the traumatization he'd received from Ai Hui in Central Pine Academy that caused him to act like this. As long as he saw Ai Hui was in the limelight, he would be triggered.

No, there was a switch in his head!

Once this switch was flicked on, his brain would only hold one thought.

He must not lose to that fellow!

A strong sense of battle fervor spread throughout his body like a forest fire. Duanmu Huanghun withdrew his gaze and his face turned ashen. He snorted with disdain while his robe fluttered, even though there was no wind.

A green-colored glow rose from the sea of bamboos beneath his feet, resembling the mist above the surface of a sea. This green glow was the pure wood elemental energy.

The wood elemental energy became increasingly concentrated and slowly swirled around Duanmu Huanghun. Bamboo leaves from the bamboo forest began to rise up into the air as well. Like numerous jade-made tiny swords, they swam and danced silently in the green-colored mist

After Duanmu Huanghun withdrew his gaze, his facial expression became focused. He took out a bag of grass seeds and scattered the grass seeds all around him.

The grass seeds hovered in the green mist and moved along with the flowing wood elemental energy.

Very soon, the bag of grass seeds was emptied. Duanmu Huanghun's facial expression did not change as he took out another bag of grass seeds and scattered them around him. His movements were smooth-flowing like water. He looked extremely casual but one could tell from his facial expression that his ordinary-looking movements weren't easy to carry out.

Everyone in the valley was focused on Ai Hui and Shi Xueman in the sky. No one noticed that Duanmu Huanghun had already scattered a lot of grass seeds above the bamboo forest.

As the number of grass seeds being scattered increased, Duanmu Huanghun's gaze became increasingly excited and zealous. His devilish, handsome face looked charmingly demonic.