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Chapter 426: Well-coordinated

 Chapter 426: Well-coordinated

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Ai Hui knew that if they did not display their strength in this battle, the dire beasts hiding in the dark would pounce on them. Powerful dire beasts were very cunning. Bullying the weak and avoiding the strong was one of their key characteristics.

Therefore, not only must they kill this bunch of scarletfire flying foxes, they also must do it in a fearsome fashion!

Ai Hui's brain was working extremely fast. The Starry Gem Swordwings on Ai Hui's back gave off a layer of faint glow as their operating power reached its maximum.

Like a streaking arrow, Ai Hui shot out from the fog-made mirage.

The scarletfire flying foxes were circling over the valley. They were feeling slightly puzzled. The black rocks beneath them weren't any different from their surrounding terrain but they could smell the scent of humans from within them.

A cold streak of sword gleam appeared below them.

The scarletfire flying foxes dispersed in panic.

Suddenly, the streak of sword gleam exploded into a mass of rain-like sword gleams that blasted towards the scarletfire flying foxes like a huge net.

Pop pop pop. A few bloody holes appeared on the bodies of two slow-moving scarletfire flying foxes. Their blood spurted everywhere.

Scarletfire flying foxes lived in caverns that were situated nearby a volcano and they devoured fire elemental energy to survive. A scarletfire flying fox was around the size of a dog. It was not really powerful but it was extremely agile and nimble on the ground. It had a fire sack within its body that converted fire elemental energy into a unique type of scorching flame. This type of unique flame was called scarlet fire.

Scarlet fire was stable and easy to use. As such, many fire elementalists loved to use this type of fire. Since it was extremely hard to hunt down scarletfire flying foxes, the market price of scarlet fire was very costly.

In the hands of scarletfire flying foxes, the stable scarlet fire could be a very powerful weapon. One of their powerful moves was called scarlet fireball. The egg-sized scarlet fireball was dark-red in color. Any slight contact with it could cause it to explode.

One of the scarletfire flying foxes had its fire sack punctured, causing scarlet fire to leak out from it. In the blink of an eye, the leaking scarlet fire exploded into a burst of blazing fire and engulfed the scarletfire flying fox.

The traces of white mist from Shi Xueman's spear gleam spiralled forward rapidly and went in between two scarletfire flying foxes.

Like a bunch of white-colored whips, the traces of white mist sucked the two scarletfire flying foxes into them.

After being struck by the traces of white mist, the two scarletfire flying foxes exploded into a rain of blood with a loud bang. It was as if they were being struck by lightning.

The whip-like traces of white mist were made up of concentrated elemental energy, possessing terrifying destructive power. Once they entered the body of a scarletfire flying fox, they would explode at its weakest body part.

This was Shi Xueman's typical attacking style. It looked ordinary and wasn't dazzling at all. However, the destructive power it contained was horrifying. Only a combat veteran would know how powerful it was.

Out of the four scarletfire flying foxes, not a single one survived.

Ai Hui and Shi Xueman looked at each other and they could see the solemness in each other's eyes. Before the scarletfire flying foxes died, an invisible elemental energy wave had erupted.Without any doubts, both of them knew that this elemental wave was a distress signal.

After ten seconds, a black-colored cloud rose from the other side of the mountain ridge and flew towards them with a terrifying speed.

"They are coming," Ai Hui told Shi Xueman without shifting his gaze.

"Ok," Shi Xueman acknowledged Ai Hui.

Ai Hui stretched his wrist and released a few sparks from his sword. With an emotionless look on his face, he said, "Let's exhaust their scarlet fireballs first."

He did not want to test the immature defense system of the valley with scarlet fireballs.

"Alright," Shi Xueman replied.

Following which, both of them flew towards the army of scarletfire flying foxes.

In the shortest amount of time, they increased their speeds to the maximum. Both of their speeds were similar as they flew forward side-by-side. Ai Hui involuntarily cast a glance at Iron Lady, who was beside him. He felt that both of them had coordinated quite well with each other today. They were rather well-coordinated after all!

Shi Xueman noticed Ai Hui looking at her and asked, "What are you looking at?"

"Iron Lady is rather energetic today, huh!" Ai Hui replied cheekily.

"Are you implying that I'm usually not energetic?" Shi Xueman replied expressionlessly.

"I'm saying you're more energetic than usual! Battles would always make one energetic! Here they come!" Ai Hui chuckled.

Ai Hui raised his volume abruptly as he said the last three words "Here they come". Excitement arose upon his face. He had never thought that one day he would face an army of scarletfire flying foxes like now!

This felt extremely good.

Less than six hundred meters away from the black-colored cloud, they could already clearly see the densely-packed scarletfire flying foxes that would make one's hair stand on end.

Numerous red, glowing spots appeared in their line of sight.

A cold shiver suddenly went down Ai Hui's spine. At this moment, the strong sense of danger had created a strange feeling of excitement in him. Every inch of his muscles was twitching and burning right now.

At this moment, it just so happened that Ai Hui and Shi Xueman were looking at each other.

Shi Xueman saw the excitement and battle fervor on Ai Hui's face and Ai Hui saw the glittering star-like eyes on Shi Xueman's face.

All of a sudden, a knowing smile appeared in both of their eyes at the same time.

Like a dragon that emerged from a sea of clouds, Cirrus flew towards Ai Hui. Like a star that fell from the sky, Wintry Jade Blade flew towards Shi Xueman.

The sword and the spear collided.

A terrifying force erupted at that instant. Like two rubber balls colliding against each other, both of them bounced apart ferociously.

The force was so great that both of them looked as if they'd just disappeared into thin air.


The next moment, rain-like scarlet fireballs flooded the position that both of them previously were at.

The scarlet fireballs missed their targets and bombarded the mountain ridge below, causing countless deafening explosions to go off continuously. The mountain ridge was shrouded in smoke and dust and the ground beneath it was shaking.

After the smoke and dust dispersed, everyone in Central Pine Valley could see a huge chunk of the rocky mountain ridge disappeared. It was as if a huge spoon had scooped a spoonful of rocks from it. The hole was three hundred meters deep, resembling a mini valley. Pieces of huge rocks surrounding the hole were collapsing.

Everyone's face turned white. Now they understood why no one dared to provoke the scarletfire flying foxes. How many scarlet fireballs had they shot out just now? No one could grasp the exact number. Its area of damage was extremely huge. If one was to get caught in the attack, he or she would not be able to escape. A small city would not even be able to withstand a single scarlet fireball.

Duanmu Huanghun's facial expression turned ugly. He was the one that understood the defense system of Central Pine Valley the best. Right now, their defense system could withstand, at most, three waves of attack of such a degree.

A cold shiver went down Ai Hui's and Shi Xueman's spines.

However, both of them did not have the luxury of time to be frightened at this moment. A slight moment of negligence in battle would result in a defeat. In a high intensity battle like this, defeat would lead to only one result, death by being shattered to smithereens.

The two of them had no time to think about any plans. That was because the army of scarletfire flying foxes had split into two smaller armies. Two arc-shaped armies of scarletfire flying foxes flew towards Ai Hui and Shi Xueman separately.

After the two of them witnessed the destructive power of the previous wave of scarlet fireballs, they did not dare lower their guards at all. If they were hit by the rain-like scarlet fireballs, they would face absolute death. Furthermore, the scarlet fireballs were extremely huge in number and their area of effect was extremely huge. It would be very hard for Shi Xueman and Ai Hui to dodge the scarlet fireballs.

Ai Hui's brain was operating at a very fast speed. The destructive power of the scarlet fireballs was extremely powerful and there were many scarletfire flying foxes. The only weakness of the scarletfire flying foxes that they could make use of was their poor flying ability.

At the same time, Ai Hui realized that they had to exhaust more of the scarletfire flying foxes' fireballs. Otherwise, the valley would be razed to the ground after a few more waves of bombardment by the scarlet fireballs.

If they wanted to exhaust the scarletfire flying foxes' scarlet fireballs, they could not let the scarletfire flying foxes think that they couldn't hit them. In other words, Ai Hui and Shi Xueman had to get closer to the scarletfire flying foxes

This was the time to test their dodging ability!

Luckily, the fire sacks of the scarletfire flying foxes were not huge and they could not contain too much scarlet fire.

Ai Hui was very calm and his mental state was unwavering. He began to make continuous maneuvers in the sky.

The pressure on Ai Hui decreased significantly after the scarletfire flying foxes split up into two smaller armies. Furthermore, the scarletfire flying foxes had poor flying ability. These two factors had given Ai Hui a lot of confidence. Ai Hui was extremely nimble and deft. Not only could he change direction horizontally, he could also change direction vertically.

There were a few times that the scarletfire flying foxes became dizzy after they tried to lock onto the constantly maneuvering Ai Hui.

Only by locking onto Ai Hui would their scarlet fireballs work. That was the only way they could form an accurate rain of scarlet fireballs.

Ai Hui, who had been changing his flight path constantly in the air, suddenly stopped and spurted towards the army of scarletfire flying foxes. His change of direction was very sudden and his flying speed was extremely fast.

Just as he was about to collide with the scarletfire flying foxes, he twisted his body and drew an arc in the air. The Wintry Jade Sword in his hand whipped across the air frantically and released a burst of sword gleam.

The scarletfire flying foxes had strong offense but weak defense. Since they had weak defense, Ai Hui did not need to use a powerful attack against them. This meant Ai hui's [Heavenly Thrust] would be useful in this scenario. Facing such a crowded formation, [Heavenly Thrust] would work better than [Six Crescent Moons] as it had stronger piercing power.

A torrential rain of sword gleams erupted from Ai Hui's sword and blasted towards the densely-packed scarletfire flying foxes.

At the same time, the scarletfire flying foxes shot out their scarlet fireballs that flew towards Ai Hui in a rain-like formation.

Ai Hui's Starry Gem Swordwing flapped and he flew along the rain of scarlet fireballs in an awkward arc.

However, Ai Hui got too close to the rain of scarlet fireballs and he saw a scarlet fireball coming at him at a rapid speed.

Ai Hui's pupils dilated abruptly. At this point of time, his Starry Gem Swordwings' operating power had already reached its maximum. He could no longer make another maneuver.

Damn it!

Without thinking, Ai Hui placed his Wintry Jade Blade horizontally in front of his chest. Six crescent-moon-shaped sword gleams formed in front of his sword in a dazzling manner. Following which, the intertwining streaks of sword gleam transformed into six ring-shaped sword gleams. A mysterious aura suddenly erupted from the ring-shaped sword gleams.

Three huge Yin and three huge Yang sword rings!

The scarlet fireball flew into the centre of the six sword rings.

At this moment, Ai Hui's concentration had reached an unprecedented level. A cold glint flashed across his eyes as he stared tightly at the scarlet fireball within the sword rings. He could clearly feel the violent fire elemental energy contained within the scarlet fireball. This was caused by compressing the usually stable scarlet fire numerous times.

However, Ai Hui was able to come up with a solution in an instant.

At this moment, the huge sword rings erupted with a burst of radiance. Six streaks of sword gleams shot out at a terrifying speed.

The surprising thing was that the scarlet fireball did not explode and it looked as if it had fallen into a puddle of quicksand. The intertwining sword gleams created traces of pulling force. These traces of pulling force were not strong, but gentle.

The traces of gentle pulling force caused the scarlet fireball to spin in the sword rings.

Ai Hui widened his eyes as he increased his focus. He came up with this solution at the last minute. He was unsure whether or not would it work.

The scarlet fireball within the sword rings began to spin faster and faster.