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Chapter 423: Are You Looking for a Fight? Come On, Come On

 Chapter 423: Are You Looking for a Fight? Come On, Come On

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Trembling with fear and trepidation, Fatty finally completed setting up the fire elemental energy pool. The fire elemental energy pool was shaped like a mini volcano and was about a man's height. If one took a closer look at it, he or she would notice that it looked somewhat similar to Blackfish Mouth Volcano.

The mini volcano continued to spout flames. The concentration of fire elemental energy in the surroundings rose sharply. Similarly, the temperature of the surroundings increased significantly. Pleasure and comfort were written all over the faces of the fire elementalists. Meanwhile, the rest quickly retreated from this blazing hot place.

Ai Hui was about to ask Fatty how much the concentration level of fire elemental energy had increased, but when he turned around, Fatty was already squatting in one corner and hungrily devouring his soup. The look of satisfaction and prudence on his face made Ai Hui smile involuntarily.

Such a useless fellow!

Luckily there were still other fire elementalists available.

"The concentration level of fire elemental energy has increased by three times! Oh my god! Training in this place feels so good!"

"I want to become a fire elemental master!"

The air was dyed crimson, a distinctive feature of having extremely concentrated fire elemental energy in the surroundings. The fire elemental energy that was given off by the fire elemental energy pool was extremely pure in nature, making it very suitable for fire elementalists to train with.

Suddenly, a brilliant ball of flames shot out from the fire elemental energy pool. Like a feather, it gently and gracefully floated to the ground. When it landed, instead of extinguishing, it transformed into a dazzling blazing flower.

"Fire flower?" Shi Xueman was startled.

She ran over and squatted to take a look, following which, she yelled in excitement, "It's really fire flower!"

Each petal was as thin as paper, bright-red in color, and shaped like a ball of flames. Its black-colored stem was thick and short. Its texture felt exactly like that of volcanic rock.

The rest reacted immediately upon hearing the news and crowded around Shi Xueman. A look of joy appeared on their faces. Fire flowers were a unique material found only in Fire Prairie. Ever since Fire Prairie was annexed by Blood of God, fewer and fewer fire flowers were appearing on the market.

Upon seeing the fire flower, everyone felt happy and deeply moved. Who would have expected to see fire flowers in this nameless valley?

Another ball of flames shot out from the fire elemental energy pool and swayed as it floated to the ground.

No one could take their eyes off the flowers. Most of them had never seen a fire flower from Fire Prairie before and would not be able to see one in the future either.

"When I was young, my grandfather brought me to Fire Prairie once. It just so happened that Calabash Mountain erupted and flames rained down from the sky, engulfing fifty kilometers around the mountain. On the ground, there were numerous fire flowers. When we arrived, there was nothing on the black-colored plains. In a night's time, fire flowers grew and filled the plains. It was a breathtaking sight to behold. People rushed in from all directions to gather the fire flowers. Everyone was in high spirits, looking as if they were celebrating a festival. It's a pity that we will never witness that kind of grand occasion again," Shi Xueman recalled fondly.

A faint sadness engulfed everyone's heart. They felt unusually sad when they thought of the fallen Fire Prairie. The excitement and joy they felt earlier diminished significantly.

"Be careful, don't touch their roots. I really didn't expect to find fire flowers here. A windfall indeed! Fence off the area thirty meters within the fire elemental energy pool. Fire flowers are extremely valuable. Now we have one more source of income! A land of treasures! This really is a land of treasures!" Ai Hui's voice broke the emotional moment.

The emotional and grief-filled atmosphere was immediately spoiled.

"Why are you thinking of money all day long?" Shi Xueman glared at Ai Hui.

"Duh? What will happen if we have no money? Everyone will be cold and hungry. Money is justice!" Ai Hui replied and gave Shi Xueman an innocent look.

"If money is justice, then what about owing people money?" Shi Xueman sneered.

Upon hearing "owing people money," Ai Hui felt an indescribable guilt. Suddenly, he thought of Eighty Million Yuan. All he knew was that Eighty Million Yuan was still alive and she would prompt him to repay his debt every now and then; however, they had not yet actually met. Thinking about it now, he felt rather puzzled. Every time he asked Eighty Million Yuan where she was, she would never answer him.

Other than this matter, Ai Hui had never committed any shameful deeds. It was becoming a secret worry for him.

Poverty stunts ambition!

Once I am rich, I will repay the debt with interest, lest you haunt me like a ghost every now and then!

"Justice might arrive late but it will never be absent," Shi Xueman snorted.

Ai Hui felt as if his secret had been revealed. Fying into a rage out of humiliation, he said, "Are you looking for a fight?"

Shi Xueman sneered as she took the red hairband from her wrist and calmly tied up her long hair. "Come on, come on."

Ai Hui touched his aching chest and felt slightly nervous in an instant. This woman had such huge strength...

Immediately, a look of disdain appeared on his face and he replied, "Childish!"

After finishing his sentence, he turned around and yelled at the meddlesome onlookers, "Why are all of you standing here! Go and take a look at the elemental energy pools!"

"Ah Hui, how can a man say no to a girl?" Someone yelled out.

"True Hero Ai Hui, Big Sister is asking you for a fight," heckled another person.

"Ai Hui is asking, where can they fight?" Another person joined in the fun.


An aura of death engulfed the air. Shi Xueman's hand was already touching her Cirrus.

Everyone roared with laughter and dispersed instantly like a bunch of alarmed birds. Most of them had spent the last three years as members of various divisions. They were no longer the innocent students they used to be.

Shi Xueman held her spear and stood in an imposing manner. The faint blush on her beautiful and alluring snow-white face set off a contrast that made her looked even more gorgeous, so much so that her murderous-looking gaze displayed a tinge of gentleness and sweetness.

Puzzlement was written all over Ai Hui's face. He was still thinking of the word "bed" that had ended all the heckling instantly.

What's fighting got to do with beds? Beds have so little space...

He subconsciously cast a glance at Iron Lady. Following which, his body froze. Ai Hui had never seen Iron Lady in this manner. He'd always felt that Iron Lady was an iron warrior who possessed terrifying fighting capabilities. She was cool-headed, brave, and fearless. She was definitely a trustworthy comrade and a good partner.

Right now, there was an indescribable fascination about Shi Xueman. Like a magnet, she firmly attracted Ai Hui's gaze. He was dumbfounded by her.

When Shi Xueman noticed Ai Hui looking at her, her slightly blushing face suddenly turned bright red. She looked like blood would seep out from her face at any moment.

"What are you looking at? Are you looking for a fight?" She said fiercely to Ai Hui.

The moment she finished speaking, she knew she'd said something wrong. Right now, she wished she could find a hole and hide in it.

Ai Hui returned to his senses and blurted out, "You looked quite pretty just now."

After Ai Hui finished his sentence, he knew something was wrong as well. Iron Lady was going to flip out!

He smacked his head and exclaimed, "Oh! I forgot to do something important!"

Following which, he turned around and ran away in a panic.

An aura of death erupted behind Ai Hui. He trembled in fear and ran even faster.

Am I tired of living? How can I praise an iron warrior like Iron Lady for being pretty? How can I humiliate a true warrior like her?

Feeling fearful, Ai Hui touched and checked his body. Luckily, there weren't any spear gashes.

Oh my god, why did I think Iron Lady was pretty? Since when did my taste become so bad?

I used to have great taste in the past. Why did it turn out like this?

After thinking it through, Ai Hui came to the conclusion that he had been influenced by the sissy Bangwan.

That's right, it must be him!

Currently, Ai Hui was doing serious, deep self-reflection.

The fire elemental energy pool was the last elemental energy pool to be set up and was also the most important one. Fire elemental energy would be the fountainhead of propulsion for the five elemental cycle. As long as there was an endless stream of fire elemental energy, the five elemental cycle would grow and multiply without end.

The concentration level of fire elemental energy would continue to increase. The air would be dyed crimson, looking as if a piece of red-colored muslin was draped over the air.

When the concentration level of fire elemental energy reached its limit and could no longer rise, the surplus fire elemental energy gushed towards the earth elemental energy pool. The concentration of earth elemental energy then began to increase continuously. The amount of quicksand gushing out of the earth elemental energy pool increased. Eventually, the hillock became a sand dune.

When the earth elemental energy's concentration level continued to increase, the air became dry and the sand dune increased in size. When the earth elemental energy's concentration level reached its limit, the narrow river of quicksand started to flow.

The river of quicksand flowed towards the metal wind cavern.

The metal wind cavern was situated at a lower ground level than the sand dune. The quicksand gathered around the entrance of the metal wind cavern, which looked as if it had put on a ring made of quicksand.

The wind speed of the metal wind in the metal wind cavern became stronger.

Ai Hui was extremely familiar with metal wind. The wind speed of metal wind could be determined just by listening to the nature of its whizzing sound. If the wind speed increased, the whizzing sound of the metal wind would become sharper and more intense.

The metal wind became stronger and stronger.

The ear-piercing whizzing sound had become deep and low. The deep-sounding booms made everyone tremble in fear and trepidation. There was also an obvious change in the color of the metal wind.

The metal wind gave off an abnormally bright metallic lustre. Every now and then, one could even see silvery lines within the metal wind.

However, no matter how violent the metal wind was, the twelve silvery umbrellas hovering in the air stayed motionless. When the violent metal wind collided against these silvery umbrellas, they were broken down into numerous gentle-spinning air vortices.

Ai Hui felt an indescribable sense of comfort. Streaks of faint silvery light swirled around his body. These streaks of silvery light were metal elemental energy.

He had never been to a place that had such high concentrations of metal elemental energy. At this point in time, he was filled with an extremely strong sense of achievement. He felt that all the hard work he'd put in was not in vain.

He immediately restrained himself from carrying out a Circulatory Cycle Revolution. He could not start training now. He had to wait for the other elemental energy pools to stabilize before he could truly train at ease.

When Ai Hui sensed that the metal elemental energy's concentration level had reached its limit, he quickly flew over to the lake.

Shi Xueman was already keeping watch at the lakeside. She looked normal and calm. Ai Hui sneaked a glance at her and felt at ease when he had made sure that Iron Lady would not suddenly attack him.

Shi Xueman did not look at Ai Hui. It was as if she did not see him.

The surplus metal elemental energy gushed into the mini waterfall. The waterfall did not become stronger, but the color and the lustre of the lake began to change. The lake became sparkling and clear, resembling a gigantic sapphire.

The cloud above the lake began to change as well. It became spotlessly white and thick.

The misty rain became denser as the fine raindrops drifted and danced in the air. One could feel an abundance of water elemental energy entering his lungs every time he took a breath.

Ai Hui raised his head and stared attentively at the transformation of the cloud.

Shi Xueman closed her eyes and reached out her palm to experience the vigorous water elemental energy in her surroundings.

Two figures stood side-by-side at the lakeside that was shrouded in misty rain.

The rest of the people dispersed. They looked at each other and smiled.

Ai Hui heaved a sigh of relief and withdrew his gaze. He was relieved when he saw the condition of the cloud was very good. Following which, he could not help but sneak a peek at Iron Lady, who was standing beside him and had her eyes closed.

He almost gave himself a slap on the face. It appeared that he had not done enough self-reflection just now.

The guilty Ai Hui began to tiptoe toward the bamboo forest.

Ai Hui walked past Iron Lady behind her back.

On Shi Xueman's beautiful snow-white face, the eyelashes on her closed eyelids flickered unnoticeably.