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Chapter 422: Skyheart City

 Chapter 422: Skyheart City

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While Newlight City was making triumphant progress, Skyheart City did not stand still without advancement as well.

Skyheart City remained indifferent when they heard of the success of Pagada Screen in Newlight City. That's right. Indifferent. Skyheart City was a city where the rich and powerful aristocratic families gathered. To them, Newlight City was just a city with weak foundations and it would suffer a total collapse after a few rounds of attacks from powerful dire beasts.

Furthermore, what was so powerful and special about Pagoda Screen?

At this point of time, the construction of the newest elemental energy pool was about to begin in Skyheart City.

"This new elemental energy pool will produce a result that is fifty percent better than the old model's. The building process will take about three months. Once the new elemental energy pool is built, the size of Skyheart City will expand again. When the time comes, we will attract a huge number of elite elementalists here. They will be the nucleus of the Avalon of Five Elements."

Madam Ye was speaking with assurance beside Great Elder. At this point of time, she was doused in glory and honor. Her body was exuding magnificence and brilliance. The Elders behind her looked at her respectfully. She was like a bright moon surrounded by a myriad of stars. Who would have expected the pitiful-looking widow from not long ago to become the woman who held the highest authority in Skyheart City today?

It was no longer a secret that Great Elder wanted to give Madam Ye absolute authority over Skyheart City. In fact, this process was already beginning. Those Elders who had good foresight had already made their moves.

It wasn't that no one raised objections to Great Elder's decision. But Madam Ye had shut up all her critics with the capabilities that she displayed. Right now, there were only some obstinate and conservative Elders that still raised objections. They were saying that Great Elder's decision did not conform to traditions.

However, in the face of an imminent crisis, who would care about traditions?

In fact, those people who'd initially raised objections against Madam Ye gradually changed their perspectives towards her. Didn't Madam Ye do a great job? As compared to the slow-reacting Elders Guild, Madam Ye's efficiency was much higher. Otherwise, Skyheart City would not have become the largest city in Beyond Avalon in such a short period of time.

The aristocratic families were overjoyed that Newlight City was beneath them.

The thriving Skyheart City had brought in waves of migrating aristocratic families. Those aristocratic families that initially ventured into Wilderness on their own eventually bowed their heads to Madam Ye in a servile manner after encountering endless obstacles and seeing Skyheart City had progressed so well.

Madam Ye not only let bygones be bygones, she also invited them with open arms. After struggling in the cruel and cold Wilderness, these fragile and weak aristocratic families were extremely touched by Madam's gestures.

Because of this, Madam Ye's public reputation had risen significantly.

In many people's hearts, Madam Ye had obtained the people's mandate. Some fanatics even called her "Empress." The powerful Ling Residence had long been forgotten by the people and became part of the unwanted history.

Great Elder clearly looked much older than he was last year. His eyes were sunken and the wrinkles on his face had become deeper, resembling deep trenches. His eye pupils had become turbid. It was only when a rare glint flashed across his eyes that people remembered this old fogey was still in absolute control over this piece of land.

Madam Ye was holding on to Great Elder. She smiled, "The new elemental energy pool doesn't have a name yet. Everyone is waiting for you to give it a good name."

Great Elder looked at the prosperous city before his eyes and a gratified look appeared upon his face. He sighed with sorrow, "I have been wondering whether or not I made the right choice by authorizing the Wilderness Expansion Order and throwing away the territory left by our ancestors. Every time I think of it, I feel as if a knife is being plunged into my heart.

He gradually increased his volume as his turbid gaze became sharp and clear, "However, what can we do? This is the reality of the situation we are in now. If we make changes, we might survive. If we don't make any changes, we will definitely not survive! Today, after taking a look at Skyheart City, I suddenly realize that the difficulties and dangers we have encountered are merely the path that our ancestors walked on before. The difficulties that our ancestors encountered were much more tougher than ours. However, they were still able to overcome all obstacles and take on the great task of establishing the Avalon of Five Elements. Since the ancestors' blood runs in my body, how can I be a death-fearing individual that holds a sinecure?"

Everyone lowered their heads in shame.

Great Elder looked at the sky, appearing to be lost in thought.

No one dared to say anything. A dead silence descended upon them.

"An Muda's life is coming to an end soon," Great Elder suddenly said.

A commotion broke out as a look of fear and panic arose on everyone's faces. This rumor had been spreading around like a forest fire, but no-one completely believed it. Several families that kept in contact with Jadeite Forest in secret were not really worried as well.

Everyone still carried a tinge of hope. After all, An Muda was a Grandmaster, maybe he could come up with a way to extend his life?

However, when this news came out of Great Elder's mouth, everyone knew for sure that An Muda's life was indeed coming to an end.

A dead silence swept across the crowd. All of their faces were deathly pale. Hearing this news with their own ears had dealt a huge blow to them.

"This new elemental energy pool shall be called "An Muda". Let's hope that it can safeguard the Avalon of Five Elements, like what An Muda did," Great Elder could not suppress the grief on his face. Not only was An Muda the Grandmaster of the Avalon of Five Elements, he was also his older brother.

The atmosphere was dead and depressed. Suddenly, someone began to weep.

Great Elder straightened his crooked back abruptly as his sunken eyes widened with rage. He said with a stern voice, "What's there to cry about? Can crying prolong An Muda's life? Can crying keep the Avalon of Five Avalons intact? Such a disgrace! An old fellow that has been safeguarding all of you is going to die soon. Look at all of you, looking like a bunch of timid quails!"

Madam Ye hurriedly reached out her hand to pat Great Elder's back to calm him down.

Great Elder's rage subsided significantly as his gaze became sunken once more. With a softened tone, he continued, "Old fogeys like us are going to die soon. All of you have to continue walking this path on your own in the future. Whether you die or survive, it will depend on your individual capabilities. I tell all of you this news to let you know that time is running out."

After Great Elder finished his sentence, he unenthusiastically said, "All of you, take your leave now."

The rest looked at Madam Ye and she waved her hand to signal them to take their leave. Following which, everyone bade farewell and left.

The surroundings became silent in an instant.

"Father-in-law, why do you have to be so angry with them? Anger will harm your body. You can't depend on these people to do anything. It's already good enough if they don't create any troubles," Madam Ye said gently.

"I'm angry at them precisely for not living up to my expectations. All of them come from powerful families and their ancestors are heroes. Why is everyone trash when it comes to this generation?" Great Elder sighed.

"There are a few who are not bad," Madam Ye consoled Great Elder.

Great Elder did not comment on her words. Then, he spoke with gratitude, "Lucky you're here. Otherwise, I can't imagine what will happen to us. It's a good thing that they listen to you now. However, it's still not enough. I told them the news of An Muda because I want them to be afraid. Now that they are afraid, they will listen to whatever you say. The new citizens are becoming more ambitious and they are untrustworthy."

"Lin-er appreciates Father-in-law's painstaking efforts," Madam Ye replied gently.

"How's Master's Glory coming along?" Great Elder asked.

"It's proceeding smoothly. The first year, which is the most dangerous stage, has already passed. There are around thirty-seven people that can't adapt. Out of these thirty-seven people six did not survive."

"Look at the big picture, don't be soft-hearted," Great Elder reminded Madam Ye.

"Lin-er will bear this in mind."

Suddenly, Great Elder looked as if he thought of something and asked, "I remember Wang Shouchuan still has a disciple, right?"

"Yes, his name is Ai Hui. He was personally chosen by Wang Shouchuan as his disciple. It's a pity half a year later the blood catastrophe struck," Madam Ye quickly replied.

"It's really a pity," Great Elder's face was filled with disappointment.

He was feeling that it was a pity Ai Hui spent too little time studying under Wang Shouchuan. What could he possibly learn in half a year's time? Wang Shouchuan's theories were in high demand now. God-subduing Peak, Skyheart City and elemental energy pools were created based on Wang Shouchuan's theories and research works.

Smart individuals would know that Wang Shouchuan's theories and research works were changing the world at a terrifying speed right now.

"It's really a pity," Madam Ye continued, "Ai Hui and the survivors of Central Pine City have gathered together. They called themselves Central Pine Faction. Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun are in it too. Reportedly, Duanmu Huanghun was kidnapped by Shi Xueman. During that period of time, Jadeite Forest had been asking us for an explanation for a long time."

"Is Shi Beihai behind this?" A vigilant look swept across Great Elder's face.

"I'm not sure," Madam Ye replied with prudence.

"What are they doing now?" Great Elder asked bluntly.

"Some time ago, they were spotted at a place called Lemon Camping Ground. This place is in the east of Palette Cloud Village. It is located in the depths of Wilderness." Madam Ye recalled. Luckily, she had a highly retentive memory, otherwise, she would not have remembered this unremarkable piece of intelligence.

"Take note of Shi Beihai," Great Elder said with a deep voice.

"Yes," Madam Ye made a mental note.

Suddenly, Great Elder became infuriated, "Out of everyone from the aristocratic families, Shi Beihai was the most obedient. In the end, he still turns out like this. Devotion on the outside but opposition on the inside. Simply outrageous!"

"This is not the first day he's acted like this," Madam Ye laughed bitterly.

In everyone's eyes, Shi Beihai was a weirdo. No one knew what he was thinking and what he wanted. Most of the time, he kept a low-profile and his existence was completely unnoticeable. However, when one tried to pressure him, he or she would not get anything out. Other than boundlessly loving his daughter, this person did not leave much of an impression on other people.

"This is why I let him be a division leader," Great Elder replied plainly.


The valley, Blackfish Mouth Volcano.

Ai Hui was encouraging Fatty, "Just do it according to what you have practised so far. Didn't I ask Lou Lan to arrange many practices for you? Just relax and don't worry. There's nothing scary about it. It won't eat you, right?"

"I'm afraid that I might break the energy-stabilizing pillars..." Fatty answered with a wobbly voice as his legs trembled.

Upon seeing the terrified look on Fatty's face, Ai Hui was filled with anger. Smack. He slapped the back of Fatty's head and said, "If you continue to behave like this, you're going to be dead today!"

"Ah Hui, if I mess it up, don't blame me..." Fatty was crying miserably.

"I will not blame you! No one will blame you! It's okay as long as you try your best!" Ai Hui was trying to suppress his anger.

"Ah Hui, why do you have to set up the fire elemental energy pool last? Why do you have to choose me to set it up when there are so many fire elementalists around? If I mess it up, you will definitely blame me, beat me and..." Fatty was still trembling with fear.

After persuading for nearly an hour, Ai Hui finally lost his patience and exploded with rage, "I'm going to beat you now!"

Fatty curled his body up on the ground with his hands covering the back of his head. Iron Lady quickly ran over and stopped Ai Hui.

Ouch! My chest hurts! How can she elbow my chest so hard! Iron Lady has such huge strength...

Ai Hui heaved a deep sigh. When he turned around and saw Lou Lan, his eyes lit up. He beckoned to Lou Lan, "Lou Lan."

"Ai Hui, do you need Lou Lan's help?" Lou Lan widened his eyes and asked.

"I'm very hungry, make us some elemental soup," AI Hui winked at Lou Lan.

"No problem, Ai Hui!" Lou Lan yelled.

From the corner of his eyes, Ai Hui saw Fatty's ears twitch. Following which, Ai Hui sneered, "Lou Lan, go and make the elemental soup. We will drink the soup first. Fatty will only drink the soup whenever he is done with the fire elemental energy pool."

Fatty stood up with grief and indignation written all over his face. He looked as if he was going to the battlefield while facing death with equanimity.

"I will kill whoever drinks my share!"