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Chapter 417: Difficulties Starting Out

 Chapter 417: Difficulties Starting Out

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Seeing the precious land with their own eyes had undoubtedly boosted the gang's morale. Even without Ai Hui's instructions they dispersed to survey the surroundings.

Benefits of having enough people were made apparent here since quickly, all kinds of information were gathered one after another. Soon, everyone had a rough understanding of this precious land, which surprised them even more.

The volcano sat in the west of the valley and would not block off the morning sun. This was also an important reason why the plants could grow so healthily here. This valley's formation and the engenderment of the five elements relied on many natural coincidences.

Ample earth fire supplied unlimited elemental energy like an energy source powered by the elemental energy cycle. There were countless tunnels and holes underground, a key condition for the metal wind to flourish. It was also a coincidence that the metal wind came out from an exit beside the volcanic ash mound, and on the eastern part of the valley, the waterfall that flowed out from the cracks on the cliff carried water elemental energy. Having the high and low-lying land in the west and east respectively also gave the valley sufficient sunlight for plants to grow. With consistent vegetation growth, there would be endless amount of wood elemental energy. It could take root in the valley and stabilize the whole elemental energy cycle.

It took many coincidences from the nature to develop this precious land; nothing was dispensable.

The longest distance from east to west was about 2.5 kilometers, and 2 kilometers from south to north. The place wasn't considered big but was more than enough for now. They could always expand outwards in future, when necessary.

What shocked them even more was the fact that the highest tree in the valley was actually an defensive ancient tree, approximately fifty meters tall, grown for defense. Judging from time, it was probably planted by Senior Xiao.

Perhaps Senior Xiao had hoped that one day this valley would be used by future elementalists.

The defensive ancient tree strengthened the valley's defense, proving the phrase "trees grown by predecessors would become shades for later generations" right.

Ai Hui and the gang had already done their preliminary checks and made initial plans before they came over.

"Wood-type defense will be constructed, using this defensive ancient tree as core. According to our plan, Bangwan will be in charge of this." Ai Hui looked over at Duanmu Huanghun and asked in a deliberately uncertain tone, "Will you be able to handle it, Bangwan?"

Despite being aware of Ai Hui's tactic, Duanmu Huanghun still felt blood rushing to his head. In an instant his white face turned flushed, as if blood was about to seep out. He shouted in fury, "You watch out!"

After that he turned around and flew towards the tree.

In mid air, Duanmu Huanghun felt his anger rising. He must show Ai Hui a little something! Whatever dog crap Lightning Blade, I'll let you know who's the real talent!"

Plus, he had already made preparations before coming over!

Imagining Ai Hui kowtowing in front of his masterpiece gave Duanmu Huanghun an adrenaline rush. He had inexhaustible energy in him. Excited, a devilish blush appeared on his white, handsome face as his eyes emitted an unnegligible ray.

Seeing Duanmu Huanghun's aggressive departure, Shi Xueman couldn't help but be annoyed. "Provoking him again!"

Ai Hui replied joyfully, "What a good deal, getting him all fired up without spending a single cent."

Shi Xueman laughed before asking, "What's my task?"

"Bring a few down to the cave and explore." Ai Hui kept the smile on his face and reiterated in all seriousness, "This is our territory now so safety over everything."

Iron Lady was the strongest so this mission was hers to complete.

"Got it." Shi Xueman nodded resolutely before turning around to make her selection.

Fatty the meat shield was a definite choice. An outstanding meat shield was a great asset to the team.

Ai Hui's gaze fell onto Wang Xiaoshan. "You'll have to work a little harder, Xiaoshan. With the defensive ancient tree, there's temporarily no need for city walls but we will have to build everybody's homes first."

Wang Xiaoshan agreed immediately. "No problem, Ai Hui! I'll just build them according to the initial plan?"

Ai Hui nodded. "Yes, just follow that and don't get the directions wrong."

The locations of each house were strategically arranged. Houses in different regions would have different properties to suit different types of elementalists. They were also positioned in a way to stabilize the elements' frail engenderment process.

For example, houses in the wood elemental energy region would be constructed with wood, while houses in fire elemental energy region would be built with special volcanic lava.

Wang Xiaoshan nodded and left hurriedly. Building houses for a few hundred people wasn't an easy task. Even if he came prepared, he needed to work fast.

The farmers and herbalists were already searching for suitable areas for cultivation.

Grass-grade weapon craftsman Mo Zhong was also scouting for areas that would be suitable for planting sword reeds and so on.

Weaponsmith Blind He and Lou Lan were examining the earth fire since Blind He needed it to refine weapons, while Lou Lan needed it to brew elemental food and soup.

After delegating jobs for the rest of the group, Ai Hui started on his own task.

His job was unique-modifying the mist stirred by the metal wind. The moment he realized that the mist enveloping the valley was a result of the metal wind, an idea popped up in his mind.


The mist blown up by the metal wind surrounded the whole valley. It was definitely the best material since it was condensed and did not disperse. There had always been a close relationship between mist and fantasy land.

Here they faced the greatest threats, not from Blood of God or elementalists but dire beasts. With their current abilities, bumping into dire beasts who had yet to produce elemental elixirs wasn't so big a deal. On the other hand, if they were to meet those that had done so, they wouldn't be able to withstand it.

It would be best if they could deceive the beasts.

If it was impossible, coupled with the valley's defense, the mist would make it difficult for the dire beasts to pinpoint their target accurately.

Battles were never about both parties standing still. It's not about you stabbed me once and I returned the favor.

Many times the so-called advantage stemmed from an accumulation of tiny details.

Since his previous inspection, Ai Hui had already been thinking about how to complete this illusion and finally, a rough idea came upon him.

After a thorough investigation of the mini waterfall flowing out from the cracks, he was quickly satisfied. He started carving on the rocks, marking out spots before fixing Color Clam Pearls that he had prepared beforehand on the cliff.

Color Clam Pearls were a kind of water elemental material that lived on the seabed and were produced by clamshells. When a bright ray casted onto the pearls a bizarre illusion would be created, just like a mirage.

Color Clam Pearls were extremely unorthodox, but Ai Hui needed many of them so he relied on Iron Lady's family to purchase them.

He had thirty-six of them with him. They were like thirty-six elemental energy needles, stuck on the cliff, instantly filling it with overflowing colors and brilliance. Ai Hui then fixed an elemental energy bean in the middle of the pearls.

Thirty-six Color Clam Pearls immediately lit up in drizzles of colors, which gathered to form a sheet. The colored lights altered unceasingly and gradually formed a cylindrical shape, where the colors appeared to flow within its body continuously.

As if attracted by the colorful cylinder, the mist underneath was sucked into it.

Hu, a soft sound was heard.

A wisp of colorful flame rose from the cylinder that looked like a colorful candle.

That was right. Ai Hui was borrowing the idea of water candles. The flame was bright and colorful but made from water vapor. However, the materials he used were better and his design was elaborate, allowing this "water candle" to be far more effective than ordinary ones.

The flame rose in spirals, producing wisps of colored mist that continued to circle within the valley, along with the metal wind.

If you looked down from the outside, you could see that the colored mist enveloping the valley were undergoing changes. Quickly, the valley would seem to vanish into thin air and blended in together with the surrounding black volcanos. No matter how closely you look you won't find any abnormalities.

Nevertheless, no one in the valley was affected. In fact, no one sensed the changes in the mist.

Ai Hui did not stop after finishing his first task. The missions awaiting them were arduous. This extremely precious land had all five elements, which meant that they would need to build five elemental energy pools. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth. Each elemental energy would require an elemental energy pool of their own.

Ai Hui and the gang contributed mostly on this aspect. One blueprint was enough but five sets of materials were needed.

Lou Lan carefully leveled off the creases from the black volcanic rocks, which revealed the dark red rocks. He continued to dig inwards and finally reached the red lava within.

Blind He reached his palm into the lava for a short period of time, and had sustained no injury at all upon taking it out.

He shook his head. "Not hot enough."

Lou Lan exclaimed in shock, "He Wei, you're amazing! Such a hot earth fire isn't enough for you? Ai Hui and I haven't used anything like this before!"

Blind He responded warmly, "Nothing amazing."

He liked Lou Lan a lot. He appreciated his delicious elemental soup and his ever cheerful voice. With Lou Lan around it was as if he was basking in the sun. His blindness caused him to be extra sensitive to the outside world so he could feel Lou Lan's genuinity.

He felt that Boss was really lucky to have such a great sand puppet.

Lou Lan shook his head. "Really amazing. The heat here could breed fire-winged serpent eggs."

Blind He was somewhat embarrassed. "Oh yeah?"

"Yes." Lou Lan looked around, the red glow in his eyes flickering incessantly. "If the temperature here isn't high enough then... there! Found it!"

Lou Lan's cheer brought out a slight smile at the corner of Blind He's mouth.

Lou Lan walked in front as Blind He's feet left the ground, floating slowly behind.

Lou Lan stopped and said in certainty, "Here!"

Blind He stopped as well. Surprise was evident in his pale, thin face as he shut his eyes tight. He did not feel that there was anything special about this area. He had extremely sharp senses when it came to his surroundings ashe could sense even the slightest differences between temperatures. If the earth fire was even stronger, the temperature here was only a little higher than other places.

But he did not speak up. Instead he floated quietly at the side with a gentle smile on his face. It did not matter even if Lou Lan had made a little mistake.

"I'm going to start!"

At that he transformed into a high speed spinning sandsaw that buzzed loudly.

Sparks flew everywhere the moment the sandsaw landed on the black volcanic rocks.The rocks were super thick and solid but it was as if the sandsaw had an invisible hand, cutting it cheerfully and unceasingly. Shortly a precise square cut out was created.

With a slight smile still kept on his pale face, Blind He looked rather sluggish.