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Chapter 412: Two Masters Under One Roof

 Chapter 412: Two Masters Under One Roof

Translator: Irene Editor: X, TYZ

The Lu Residence's guards acted cautiously, as if a great enemy was approaching.

"There shouldn't be any fools right?"

"Shut it! It's always good to be careful."

"No suspicious targets."

"No suspicious targets."


Uncle Yu glanced over at the reverse flowing elemental energy and breathed a sigh of relief. He could tell that the most dangerous period had past and that Miss's elemental energy waves were gradually stabilizing.

Just then, an intense uneasiness rose within his heart, abruptly alerting him.

A shadow flashed across the corner of his eye. So quick!

That was... Ai Hui!

Ai Hui's intuition toward danger grew, and he could feel the bitingly cold and terrifying blood lust. More importantly, he had locked onto the position where it was coming from-the sky!

He reacted extremely fast. Both legs sprang off the ground, and his whole body was like a loosed arrow, shooting into the sky.

A speck of cold ray appeared before Ai Hui, who was now in midair, causing his pupils to shrink.

How fast!

Right then and there, simply no words were able to describe the swiftness of the sword ray that appeared in front of him. Without any time for consideration, Ai Hui had instinctively brandished his sword.

Without any false or fancy moves, Ai Hui executed the simplest and most basic sword thrust!

Facing such an intense crisis, Ai Hui struck nine times in one breath!

Due to the practical training with Qing Feng, the improvement in Ai Hui's execution speed was clearly displayed at this instant. He was extremely speedy and managed to complete nine strikes within such a short period of time.

Without holding back, he attacked with all the strength he possessed!

To the average person, there was only a single sword ray. A strangely resplendent and dazzling sword ray appeared in the sky all of a sudden. It was so bright that even the sun paled in comparison.

The three fruits exploded instantly upon getting hit by the first sword ray, but even before they dispersed, the second sword ray followed closely behind. And then the third, fourth...

Nine sword rays struck the arrow consecutively, all within an exceedingly short amount of time.

It was a bizarre sight.

An abrupt explosion occurred in front of the sword ray. It was as though the surging devilish flames had smashed onto a layer of invisible elemental energy and were unable to advance. The flames emitted burning heat and dripped from the sky like lava.

"Lava fruit!" Uncle Yu's expression changed as he involuntarily cried out.

He was experienced and knowledgeable, hence he was able to recognize at first glance that these scarlet, lava-like flames were actually lava fruits. Lava fruit was an extremely dangerous material and highly explosive. If elemental energy was first channeled into these fruits, the range of the resulting explosion would expand.

All it took for the embroidery workshop to fall into ruins was a single lava fruit.

And the perpetrator had used at least three!

Uncle Yu's face turned ashen. The opponent had actually used lava fruits and definitely wanted Miss's life. Who was this vicious person? Uncle Yu was shocked and furious at the same time. He had watched Miss grow up, so it was only natural that he felt strong affection for her. Plus, Miss stayed away from worldly affairs and never made enemies, so who in the world wanted her dead!

As if drunk, Ai Hui swayed as he descended, but no one laughed at him right now. His sword thrusts had left them dumbstruck.

That solid strike against the lava fruit arrow... what technique was that?

The impact from the explosion of the three lava fruits was appalling. Ai Hui's right arm went numb and the qi and blood within his body churned violently. He had no strength left to battle.

Uncle Yu, who had just recovered from his shock, rushed forward.

Ai Hui pointed in the direction of the incoming arrow. "That way, about one and a half miles. He's injured."

Having no time for questions, Uncle Yu quickly ordered two guards to pursue.

Ai Hui's right arm was still numb and fear rose within his heart. That arrow was simply too frightening. He felt that it was unbelievable that he had actually been able to block that terrifying arrow!"

In the courtyard, as if inflicted by a heavy blow, Ban Yan spat out a mouthful of blood, his face white as sheet. "Run, quick!"

The leader turned pale with fright. Without a word he pulled Ban Yan up and fled. Fear filled his heart. He had thought about the possibility that Ban Yan would fail, but had not expected him to be injured.

Shortly after they disappeared, two figures descended from the sky.

Seeing the blood stains in the courtyard, their eyes lit up.


"He's injured!"

They saw the joy in each other's eyes. If the perpetrator had been unhurt, they would absolutely lack the courage to chase after him. Those able to hit their target from a few miles away were definitely strong individuals and not people they would want to provoke. Since the enemy had lost so much blood, however, it was a golden opportunity bestowed by heaven!


Both left hurriedly.

In the courtyard of the embroidery workshop, Ai Hui's whole right arm was swollen and looked like a radish bloated with water. Ai Hui crinkled his brows. Poison? His arm was still numb, and his hand palace was unresponsive as well. He used his left hand to grasp the Wintry Jade Blade.

"Mister Ai, this is my family's antidote. It was refined by our First Young Master. Lava fruit is very toxic and can easily inflict internal injuries."

Uncle Yu promptly delivered a transparent, jade green bamboo joint. There was only one section, about the thickness of a thumb. A pill could clearly be seen inside.

Just from the look of it, Ai Hui knew that it was considerably valuable!

Afraid to delay, he stuck his sword into the soil and used his left arm to retrieve it. He then proceeded to smash the bamboo joint somewhat regretfully.

This was a jasper bamboo, sold by joints.

Extravagant! Wasteful!

The light fragrance of the pill entered his nose, and he could not help but swallowed his saliva. Ai Hui placed the pill, refined from unknown herbs, into his mouth. It melted instantly without leaving any dregs.

A wisp of refreshing energy spread throughout every part of his body. He trembled involuntarily and was soon shocked to realize that his right arm had regained its feeling. The swelling reduced rapidly, and his arm quickly returned to normal along with his right hand palace.

How effective!

Seeing its effectiveness, Uncle Yu started to relax. Ai Hui was an important guest. If anything were to happen to him, they were all going to be punished without fail.


The warehouse, which was in imminent danger, was finally unable to endure the elemental energy blast and transformed into countless shattered pieces that flew everywhere.

Mingxiu's silhouette entered everybody's field of view. She had a gentle and refined demeanor, fluttering long hair, delicate and pretty face, and eyes a bright as stars, but right now, her bearing was imposing and lofty, producing an air of inviolability.

Everyone understood that a new embroidery master had just been born. Considering who her teacher was, this came as no surprise, but to witness it for themselves, they could not help praising her. She really was a fairy-like figure.

Quickly, many started to notice the table and the artificial rockery.

What was that?

Many looked on curiously since the whole warehouse had been destroyed by the wild elemental energy. Only this table and artificial rockery were intact.

"What is this?"

"No idea. A treasure probably, or else why would she preserve it?"

"Definitely not any ordinary treasure. What treasures does the residence not have? Why would they protect that one at this crucial time?"

"Probably an embroidery object. Miss Mingxiu, no, we have to call her Master Lu now."

"The Lu brother and sister, two Masters under one roof. How impressive of the Lu Residence. There's nothing exceptional about having Masters within a residence, but to have two in the direct lineage? The Lu Residence's geomancy is done right!"

"Indeed! And they're both so young. The Lu family's fortune has just started!"

Uncle Yu also noticed the table and artificial rockery beside Miss, but quickly diverted his attention toward her. Happiness filled his face as pride suffused his heart.

The second Master of the Lu Residence was born!

This news spread like wildfire across Jadeite City, causing a sensation.

Uncle Yu felt somewhat rueful. Miss's position in the family will shift. Her attitude toward matters will not be overlooked from now on. She had been quiet and content since young, stayed away from worldly affairs, and everybody loved her. After following Han Yuqin, she became even more sensible and business-minded. More than once, the family tried to get her to return home. With regard to her marriage, many had opinions about it.

There would no longer be any of those vexing matters to fret over from now on. Miss would be free.

The Lu brother and sister, two Masters under one roof. If this news spread, the Lu Residence would once again occupy the spotlight. Judging from the siblings' characters, however, Uncle Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry. They enjoyed peace and were uninterested in worldly affairs. If one was committed to handling the family affairs, wouldn't there be nothing left for Second Young Master?

He shook his head. This major matter was not something a mere servant like him should think about.

The turbulent elemental energy waves around Mingxiu gradually calmed down. Her fluttering hair fell gently in place as the external imposing aura faded as well.

She opened her eyes and smiled, looking at everybody.

Uncle Yu bowed. "Congratulations, Miss!"

The other guards cheered in unison, "Congratulations, Miss!"

The audience quickly bowed and made their salutations, crying out loud, "Congratulations, Master Lu!"

Mingxiu returned their bows. "Thank you everyone."

"Master Lu's bearing is really worth learning!"

"Yeah, not the least bit arrogant. Wonder who's going to be the lucky fellow to marry her!"

The crowd ceasely praised, each offering their own compliments.

Mingxiu walked toward Ai Hui and said in all seriousness, "Thanks, Junior!"

Ai Hui scratched his head. "I'm not used to you being so solemn, haha!"

Without smiling, Mingxiu expressed her gratitude. "If not for you, I really don't know when this breakthrough would happen! Your contribution is the greatest!"

Ai Hui smiled inwardly and was just waiting for her to say, "I really don't know how to express my gratitude" so he could uprightly answer her with, "You can convert my service into money."

Instead, Mingxiu laughingly changed her tone, "Since we're all family, let's speak like one. I'm your senior and you're my junior, so I'll cut the formalities."

Ai Hui had a sluggish expression on his face. His opened fingers were hanging in midair as he stood motionlessly.

Upon seeing this, Mingxiu pursed her lips and smiled lightly, but her smile broadened like ripples and eventually erupted into a fit of laughter.

Uncle Yu smiled too. He was somewhat shocked since he seldom saw her laughing this heartily. Plus, the thing she said about Ai Hui contributing the most, could it be that this breakthrough was also thanks to his efforts?

It seemed like Master had underestimated this guy's potential.

He regained an awareness of his surroundings upon hearing the sounds made the gnashing of Ai Hui's teeth.

"Accounts must be kept! Gratitude isn't important, money is!"

"Junior, if not for me, how would you have been able to repay Teacher's debt? How can you be so ungrateful?"

"Heh, then I'll take this loom away."

"This was left behind by Teacher, how can you take it away? Oh yeah, you haven't given it a name yet."

"Oh right. What should I call it? Fish Waterfall Machine? God-subduing Peak Loom? Hah, let's call it Needle God Peak! Our loom is the God-subduing Peak of all looms!"

"Junior, you just might get beaten up if you keep going on about the God-subduing Peak in Jadeite Forest..."