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Chapter 411: Mingxiu’s Breakthrough

 Chapter 411: Mingxiu's Breakthrough

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ, KLKL

Uncle Yu was resting in the room, pondering over things.

He could obtain the family head's trust because he knew how to use his brain by analyzing the family head's thoughts. He felt that an eligible subordinate had to be able to see and think more, and figure out the higher-ups' true intentions in order not to mess up.

A pity he hadn't seen Ai Hui earlier.

He was very curious about Ai Hui since rumors involving him had been on the rise, as if he had quickly entered the radars of people all over. The residence had been unconcerned about him previously, because, in spite of his position as little Miss' junior, his abilities were simply too lacking.

Lacking in abilities was another phrase for trash.

Although news of Ai Hui's doings in Peace City had been spread extensively, it wasn't worth mentioning in front of the big figures. Many felt that because of Ai Hui's imcompetence, people like Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun were bound to replace him in future. The internal disorder within Central Pine Faction was predestined.

But recently, everyone had been dismissing their previous standpoint, since Ai Hui had displayed great powers and astonishing progress.

There were quite a number of families, like the Lu residence, who had been analyzing Ai Hui's progress from the porridge feast up till now. It allowed them to shockingly conclude that his abilities indeed took a major leap within this short period of time.

If Ai Hui could keep up with this pace and have people like Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun by his side, Central Pine Faction would instantly become a force not to be reckoned with.

The Lu family had an advantage in this aspect since there was an unbreakable bond between Ai Hui and Mingxiu. He'd come over especially for her, evidence that they were close like siblings. As long as the Lu family did not act recklessly, they would always be ahead of the others.

The key now was for the family to express their sincerity and maintain a friendly relationship with him.

He suddenly recalled that two of Second Young Master's subordinates had been severely injured from a conflict they'd had with Ai Hui. This news made him furrowed his brows. He would have to remind Second Young Master not to go overboard.

Second Young Master adored the little Miss. Many knew that the family head held an ambivalent attitude toward it.

But Uncle Yu knew the person the family head really took a fancy to was Yu Mingqiu, who was missing. Yu Mingqiu and Miss had been childhood friends. Plus, he was the junior of First Young Master and a disciple of Dai Gang. Who could be a better candidate than him?

But while Miss was quiet and contented, she would make sure the whole city knew of her opinions whenever she had one. Plus, she was about to become an embroidery master, so the family would require a lot of support from her. As such, her opinions weighed heavily on the family head. On top of that, a noble man admired her greatly. If the family placed considerable weight on the little Miss' opinions, Yu Mingqiu's words were basically sacred.

He was rather worried about Second Young Master. Although Second Young Master was diligent, he was overly impatient.

Suddenly, Uncle Yu stood up. Where the embroidery workshop was, an intense elemental energy wave was soaring into the sky.

A look of joy appeared on his face.

The female embroiderers rushed out, the same joy evident on their faces.


In the courtyard of a house located in another corner of Asakusa City, a few big fellows, who were talking in low voices, stopped suddenly to look at the sky.

"That is... Lu Mingxiu's embroidery workshop!"

"She's experiencing a breakthrough!

The few of them looked around and saw the shock in one another's eyes. They'd not expected Lu Mingxiu to undergo a breakthrough at this time.

"What do we do? Are we going to just sit and watch?"

The leader was calmer. He responded, "We're here to seek information, not to get involved in other issues. Boss is still waiting for us to get back. Lu Mingxiu can't run away!"

"How can we let such a rare opportunity slip? I disagree!"

A tall, grim fellow with long arms stood up, saying, "One shot is all it takes."

The rest immediately fell silent. The grim looking man was called Ban Yan, one of the strongest fellows in the Grass Bandits. He had perfected his bow techniques and countless people had died from his arrows.

The leader clenched his teeth. "You only get one shot! The rest of you, disperse first!"

The others did not resist and left without fooling around.


In the warehouse, having completed [Glimmer of Autumn Moon], Mingxiu did not immediately stop but instead, closed her eyes while standing in the same spot, soaking in and reminiscing about the feeling from earlier.

Ai Hui's eyes lit up. He'd felt the change in the elemental energy within Senior Mingxiu's body and became speechless.

Mingxiu had, for the longest time, been just a step away from becoming a Master, but was stuck and unable break to through.

Earlier, it had been her first time controlling so many embroidery needles so it was very fresh to her. Especially since the flow of the needles was completely integrated, like the natural movement of running water, it shocked and stimulated her greatly.

So embroidery needles could be this smooth flowing!

After all, Ai Hui had limited achievements when it came to embroidery. He hadn't modified this loom from the perspective of an embroiderer but instead, he'd done it with his understanding of elemental energy and Teacher's theories. Also, he'd blended in his knowledge of sword formations to create this unique loom.

All of this impacted Mingxiu significantly. The feeling of inspiration surged like an erupting volcano and whatever questions she'd been puzzling over were easily solved.

She relished in it all, completely engrossed.

The dried up elemental energy within her body moved suddenly, as if a turning point had emerged. The surrounding elemental energy surged wildly toward her, making increasingly huge motions as all the energy flowed backward and into her body.

Ai Hui's face changed greatly. The elemental energy around him had been vacuumed out!

Despite the fact that he was in the Second Elemental Realm and that he had a very strong control of his surrounding elemental energy, the energy was still being sucked away uncontrollably.

This is...

A light bulb went off in his head. An ecstatic look flashed across his face as he rushed out of the warehouse.

Only then did he realize that people were already crowding around outside and that many of them had their eyes on him.

Uncle Yu saw him too. He'd seen Ai Hui's mirage beanpod and recognized him immediately. The elemental energy waves within the warehouse were obviously Miss' doing but now that Ai Hui was here, could it be that Missus' breakthrough had something to do with him?

The others looked on with curious gazes.

Along with the increasing commotion within the warehouse, everyone had no choice but to retreat further. Elemental energy gathered from all over and headed toward the warehouse like a hurricane.


The strongly resistant tile roof ripped apart and shattered as the whole warehouse shook.

The female embroiderers turned pale.

Ai Hui, on the other hand, was filled with joy. Master! Senior was becoming a Master!

He raised his guard quickly, however, as his face tensed up. He wouldn't be this nervous if he was in her shoes.

Nothing must happen at this time!

Just then, Ai Hui sensed a dangerous odor and like a cat, his hair stood on end. He retrieved his sword instantly, suspiciously surveying the surroundings but finding nothing peculiar despite scanning every corner within his field of vision.

Ai Hui was in a highly nervous state. It was his first time experiencing something like this.

Uncle Yu was the first to notice his unusual behavior. He raised his guard immediately. Could it be that someone was trying to disrupt Miss' breakthrough? Better safe than sorry, he yelled hurriedly, "Stay away, everyone."

Right then, quite a number of citizens had already been alarmed. With such a huge commotion, anyone in the city would've sensed it as long as they weren't daft.

"Is Miss Mingxiu attaining the level of Master? Asakusa City is about to have a Master too!"

"Great teachers produce great disciples. Seeing how Han Yuqin was such a formidable Master, Miss Mingxiu is sure to excel as one too."

"Could it be that Ai Hui knew that she was about to break through and hence came over specially to protect her?"

"Possible. But why would she seek help from far away? Isn't the Lu family's power fearful enough?"



Seeing that Ai Hui hadn't relaxed at all, Uncle Yu felt even more nervous. Just then, upon seeing a few swift and fierce figures appearing, he finally let out a breath of relief.

Mingxiu's safety was an issue since she lived in Asakusa City alone. As such, the Lu residence had specially arranged some men to protect her from the sly.

"Uncle Yu!"

The guards heaved a sigh of relief as well, upon seeing Uncle Yu.

Without letting his guard down, Uncle Yu shouted sternly, "Be alert! Someone might cause trouble."

The guards shuddered and answered hurriedly, "Yes!"

They would all be dead if something were to happen to little Miss at this time. They stiffened their faces, sweeping their sharp eyes over the surrounding crowd. Wherever they looked, the crowd quietened down out of fear. These guards were clearly the elites of the Lu Residence so to provoke them was to dig their own graves.

The embroidery workshop was about to face a great enemy, currently located in another corner of the city.

In the courtyard, Ban Yan took out his bow with a solemn expression on his face. His bow was ash-colored, and appeared to be made from a kind of rotten wood block. However, the bowstring was blood red in color, exceptionally eye-catching.

The arrow was over a meter long and emerald in color, resembling a mini javelin. The arrow was made from three fine rattan vines twisted together. It was aesthetically pleasing, with its perfectly straight and slender form. There were three thumb-sized, black fruits spinning around the arrowhead and the arrow tail was carved like a golden feather, vivid and lifelike.

The leader couldn't help but ask, "Are you confident?"

Ban Yan responded coldly, "Within 5kilometers, success is guaranteed."

The big fellow knew he'd asked for nothing the moment the question left his mouth. They were less than two miles away from the embroidery workshop so there was no way Ban Yan would miss. Ban Yan had even successfully struck a wood elementalist from five miles away.

Ban Yan wrapped his fingers around the golden arrow tail, placed it on the bowstring and pulled the bowstring in one go. His moves were indescribably pleasing to the eye.

He did not release the bow immediately. Instead he shut his eyes tight and remained motionless like a statue.

Only the three black fruits continued spinning around the arrow head.

A long time later, he opened his eyes suddenly and at the same time, with a cry, his whole body rose in green flames. The green flames extended from his arm to his fingers and onto his bowstring, causing a devilish red glow to appear on it. Mixed in with the green flames, the overall sight was unexplainably eerie.

The green flames spread to the arrow and bow, and when it reached the arrow head, the three black fruits turned into burning red metal balls, emitting a bright red light.

Ban Yan was, at this point, extremely imposing and lofty. Exhaling, he released the bowstring in a swift manner.

The arrow quickly transformed into a tiny speck of light, disappearing into the horizon.