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Chapter 408: Using a Pretext to Make a Fuss

 Chapter 408: Using a Pretext to Make a Fuss

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In a room within the Fiery Floating Cloud, Lu Feng's roars were so loud that they could tear off the roof.

"He is trying to give me a warning! He is trying to give me a warning! Who does he think he is! How dare he try to give me a warning! I know what he's trying to say! Bastard! All of you are a bunch of trash! Can't even defeat a premature bastard! Trash! Morons! Bums!"

"I want to kill him! I want to kill him!"

"Who does he think he is! Who does he think he is!"


Crackle! Rattle! The sound of things breaking could be heard incessantly. Eventually, only a heavy panting sound could be heard. It was as if there was a wild beast in the room.

The faces of everyone outside the room turned white. This time around, they had really screwed up and embarrassed Sir. They could tell from Ai Hui's words that he was trying to give Lu Feng a warning, but none of them dared to challenge him. What had happened to Huo Dun and Xiao Sen terrified them greatly.

After a long period of time, the heavy panting sound in the room disappeared.

The door opened.

Lu Feng walked out of the room and his facial expression had returned to normal. "Where are those two morons? How are their conditions?"

"Xiao Sen's wound has stopped bleeding. However, due to the severity of his injury, he will most likely be disabled for the rest of his life. As for Huo Dun, his right arm has been frozen and can be re-attached to his body. However, from today onwards, it can only be used for simple daily tasks and not for fighting anymore. Furthermore, the medical expenses...."

"Those two morons!" Lu Feng yelled vehemently. However, he managed to regain his composure very soon. "What medical expenses? Make sure they recover! Prepare the pension for both of their families and arrange lighter jobs for both of them, even though they have thoroughly embarrassed me... Bloody morons!"

"Sir is magnanimous!" the old servant quickly said.

The rest of Lu Feng's subordinates also yelled, "Sir is magnanimous!"

A grateful look appeared on all of their faces. Even though Huo Dun and Xiao Sen were completely incapacitated, Sir was still willing to treat them with kindness. He had indeed treated them with extreme benevolence. In a division, those who were from wealthy and powerful families could obtain their pension easily. However, those who were of a commoner background would be constantly delayed from getting their pension. Disregarding these people was nothing out of the ordinary for the high-ups.

"Magnanimous my foot!" Lu Feng's rage had yet to subside. "All of you, keep your spirit up. It is normal to lose sometimes. I am not angry that Huo Dun and Xiao Sen were defeated. Being not as skilled as others is nothing to be ashamed of. However, if you are intimidated by others, then that is something to be ashamed of. Look at the terrified look on all of your faces! How can all of you be afraid of him when there are so many of you here. At that moment, I almost want to go up against him myself."

All of Lu Feng's subordinates lowered their heads in shame.

"Think about it, have I ever mistreated any of you before? Do you know how many people are envious of your status and salary? Aren't people out there gossiping about what all of you do to deserve these? They say Deathgrass Division is Straw Bag Division and that all of you are undeserving of your status and salary. Are all of you from powerful and rich families? No. Your strength is rather good, but there are plenty of people like you out there. Other than me, who will hire you? Other than me, who will give you such a high salary? Without me, all of you are like the dead dogs on the streets! What do you have? A pathetic life! Do you want to go back to the days when you had nothing at all? If you don't want to, then work hard and do your best! If you're alive, you will enjoy a high position and great wealth! If you're dead, I will take care of your families! If you don't want to work hard and do your best, then get lost! I don't want to take care of trash!

"All of you are a bunch of wolves! Do you know what a wolf does? A wolf will take one or two bites of its enemy even if it is dying! Look at yourself now!

"Get lost!" Lu Feng shouted.


The door slammed shut loudly.

All of Lu Feng's subordinates were ashamed and resentful at the same time. Their faces were flushed and they were panting heavily. Everyone looked at each other and saw the blazing flames in each other's eyes.

Upon returning to his room, Lu Feng regained his composure as a smile appeared on his face, without the slightest trace of anger? Ever since his Deathgrass Division was established, everything had been smooth sailing for them and they seldom encountered any setbacks. As such, these fellows had become complacent. He had been wanting to teach them a lesson for a long time, but could not find the right opportunity to do so.

This opportunity came at the right time. Half of his rage was real, while the other half was making use of the current situation as a pretext to make a fuss. Even if his subordinates died, he wouldn't mind the humiliation, let alone if they were injured. The feeling of humiliation was not enough to make him lose his mind.

As an adopted son of the Lu family, he had been bullied and looked down on for an unknown number of times since he was young. People only looked at how fortunate he was. They did not see how he was being neglected and looked down on.

His heart had already become as cold as steel.

Ai Hui had given him a huge "surprise".

It was at this moment that Lu Feng realized the Lightning Blade he previously ignored was not a simple individual. The wisdom and tactics that he displayed had shocked Lu Feng. He knew that Ai Hui wasn't a rash individual and certainly wasn't a smooth-talker.

Lu Feng seemed to understand why Central Pine Faction would follow Ai Hui's leadership.

There were a lot of new citizens in Central Pine Faction. There were also members from first-class aristocratic families like Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun. He was not familiar with Shi Xueman. As for Duanmu Huanghun, he had been observing him from the dark for quite some time. Duanmu Huanghun was a highly intelligent individual. Other than being slightly emotional and sensitive, every aspect of him was great. Whether it was his innate gifts or his intelligence, they were extremely astonishing.

There were actually so many outstanding individuals that were willing to follow Ai Hui.

Lu Feng was drooling over the talents that Ai Hui had and wished he could snatch them over. When he looked at Ai Hui's subordinates and then looked at his own ones, he could see the huge difference in the quality between them.

However, he would definitely surpass Ai Hui!

Lu Feng involuntarily clenched his fists tightly.

After a while, he loosened his fists and took out a small wooden box from one of his drawers. A stack of palm-sized cards was placed inside the wooden box. On the top of the stack of cards, there was a card with the name "Lu Chen" written on it

Lu Feng drew another card and solemnly wrote down two words.

-- Ai Hui.


Embroidery workshop.

Ai Hui and Senior Mingxiu were talking about Lu Feng.

"Second Brother was adopted by our family when he was still very young. In the beginning, he was bullied terribly. I felt very sorry for him and so I asked my father to help him. When we were young, we enjoyed having a rather great relationship. He would take good care of me. However, that was when we were around four to five years old. After that, I went to the embroidery workshop in Central Pine City and learnt embroidery from Mistress. Since then, we have not been in contact much and we grew apart. I often heard my clan members praising him. They said that even though he is not as gifted as First Brother, he is brave and tenacious.

"After that, he somehow became the division leader of Deathgrass Division and he began to rebuild the division. These few years, he has done a remarkable job in rebuilding it. However, there are still a lot of critics saying that he is not capable of the job. Even his higher-ups don't agree to him using the title of 'Deathgrass Lu'. It's most likely that he became the division leader of Deathgrass Division without the approval of his higher-ups. He is rather stressed too."

Senior Mingxiu's tone contained a tinge of sadness. She continued, "I only met him again when I came to Asakusa City to build my embroidery workshop. I disliked him the first time I met him. From his eyes, I could tell that he was extremely ambitious and unscrupulous. I don't like these kinds of people."

Ai Hui nodded his head and replied, "Even though this is my first time meeting him, I can also sense that he is an ambitious and unscrupulous individual!"

Ai Hui knew that Senior Mingxiu was exceptionally intelligent and he was not worried about her. He could tell that Senior Mingxiu disliked Lu Feng based on why she would like Brother Li Wei. At that time, Brother Li Wei was merely a member of the Infantry Division. His status paled in comparison to Senior Mingxiu's. However, Senior Mingxiu did not care about it at all and still liked him.

The main thing was that Brother Li Wei was a genuine and candid individual.

When Ai Hui thought of Brother Li Wei, he had complex feelings. The Brother Li Wei of the past had become Silver Soldier now.

Mingxiu smiled and continued, "You don't need to worry about me too much. Even though First Brother seems like a nonchalant individual, no one dares to oppose him. Even the clan leader is scared of him, let alone Lu Feng. First Brother loves me dearly and he will take good care of me."

Now that Ai Hui thought about it, he agreed with his senior too. Senior Mingxiu's first brother was White-robed Divine Physician, Lu Chen. He was also Dai Gang's eldest disciple. Lu Chen's influence and reputation in Jadeite Forest were undeniable. Anyone that wanted to harm Mingxiu would not ignore Lu Chen's existence.

Suddenly, a tinge of doubt arose in Ai Hui's mind.

Weren't the Grass Bandits scared of Lu Chen's rage when they decided to target Senior Mingxiu? The Grass Bandits must have known the deep relationship between Senior Mingxiu and Lu Chen. If that was the case, why did they still target Senior Mingxiu? Unless... Unless they had a way to deal with Lu Chen's rage?

The only one in the entire Jadeite Forest that had the capability of stopping Lu Chen was Dai Gang.

However, Grass Bandits and Dai Gang were arch-enemies, how was it possible that they'd joined hands?

No, there was one more possibility!

The Grass Bandits' target was Lu Chen!

When this emerging thought flashed in Ai Hui's mind, he felt that the Grass Bandits were crazy!

Not only was Lu Chen a wood elemental master, his healing skills and combat skills were exceptionally outstanding. Out of Dai Gang's three disciples, Lu Chen was his favourite disciple. On more than one occasion, Dai Gang had said that Lu Chen resembled his younger self.

Being a member of the Lu family, he was wealthy and powerful. His healing skills were superb and he had healed numerous experts before. He had great relationships with everyone and even Dai Gang paled in comparison to him in regards to this aspect. The moment Lu Chen asked for help, a lot of people would certainly come forward to his assistance.

It was not a difficult task for Lu Chen to raze the Grass Bandits to the ground. Where did they get the confidence to target Lu Chen?

Upon realizing that the Grass Bandits were not as simple as he thought, Ai Hui decided to stay in Asakusa City for a while longer. He did not care what plots the Grass Bandits were hatching. As long as he destroyed all Grass Bandits, all their plots would be strangled to death in their cradles.

He indeed had to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots completely.

Ai Hui's facial expression remained the same as he made his decision. He changed the topic and asked, "Senior, have you reached the level of Master in embroidery?"

The embroidery-related question immediately captured Mingxiu's attention. She replied with a distressed tone, "I feel like I am very close to achieving it. However, there is this area that I have stagnated in for quite some time."

Upon hearing that, Ai Hui could not help but ask with deep concern, "Which area? Tell me about it, perhaps I can give you some advice."

For one to become a Master, he or she must create his or her own absolute art. This applied to the field of embroidery as well. Mingxiu had to create her own embroidery technique. Han Yuqin was excellent with regards to this aspect. She had created more than ten embroidery techniques by herself. Her embroidery works had a special name, Rainbow Embroidery.

It was not an easy task for one to create his or her own embroidery technique.

Senior Mingxiu cast a disdainful look at Ai Hui and replied, "Look at your embroidery level, other than spinning silk from cocoons, what else do you know? Based on your level, you want to offer me advice?"

"Senior, you have underestimated me. I have travelled extensively and I am very knowledgeable. I might be able to come up with one or two ideas for you," Ai Hui boasted shamelessly.

"You have indeed become a bad boy. Your words have become flippant and insincere. My loom is spoilt. A hero that has travelled extensively, helping me to fix it." Mingxiu replied with contempt.

Ai Hui's face was brimming with confidence as he walked to a non-operating loom and asked, "Is this the one? Leave it to me. I can easily fix this small problem."

"That is a shredder."

"No wonder it looks so ugly."