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Chapter 406: [Fragmented Sword] vs. [Swirling Dragon]

 Chapter 406: [Fragmented Sword] vs. [Swirling Dragon]

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The feeling of holding the Wintry Jade Blade in his hands felt really good and comfortable. Ai Hui actually enjoyed holding it.

His Dragonspine had been forged back when he was still in Central Pine City. Now, it had already become slightly unusable. After the intense battle with the Grass Bandits, cracks had formed on the body of the sword. Using the Silverfold Plum would expose his identity as Chu Zhaoyang, making it unsuitable for him to use it as well. He had been troubled over this issue for quite a while.

The best feeling in the world is when someone passes you a pillow while you're dozing off.

Ai Hui cast a grateful glance at Lu Feng. I will definitely display the might of the Wintry Jade Blade and teach your subordinates a lesson!

As Huo Dun and Xiao Sen stepped into the arena, the look of anger on their faces was replaced by a solemn one. Both of them were veterans that had been through countless gruesome battles. They knew that anger had no place in a fight.

The positions where they stood were well-coordinated as well. One was standing in front while the other was standing behind. Holding a thick vine spear in his hand, Huo Dun was standing in the front. Xiao Sen stood at an inclined angle behind him. In between his fingers, there were different types of grass seeds as he prepared to attack at any moment.

They were indeed experts!

Ai Hui praised them in his heart. His facial expression was calm as he channeled his elemental energy into the Wintry Jade Blade. The sword vibrated slightly, resembling a wild beast pawing the ground before it charged toward its prey.

The reason why Ai Hui chose to fight two opponents at once was not because he was trying to show off. He actually had something else in mind.

After training with Qing Feng, Ai Hui's swordsmanship had improved tremendously. He could sense these improvements from his battle with Cao Ning. Recently, he was on a spree where his improvement rate was exceptionally high. The more battles he went through and the stronger the enemies he encountered during this period of time, the better it would be for his growth.

This was the main reason why he chose to fight two people at once.

Another reason was that Ai Hui could sense that Lu Feng was pressuring Senior Mingxiu, which he did not like. Whether Lu Feng behaved like this because of his nature or because of the authority and power he had, Ai Hui still did not like the way he was treating his senior. Ai Hui was worried that Lu Feng might use certain forceful measures on Senior Mingxiu in the future.

Senior Mingxiu had spent a lot of time and effort on the embroidery workshop. It was unlikely that she would leave the workshop so soon. Furthermore, her home was in the Jadeite Forest and Ai Hui would depart for the hazardous Wilderness very soon, so he was very worried about her.

Senior Mingxiu would stay in Asakusa City for a long period of time. Even though Senior Mingxiu would be under the protection of her oldest brother, Lu Chen, and no one would dare to touch her, Ai Hui still decided to intimidate Lu Feng to dissuade him from harming his senior in the future.

Ai Hui could see that Lu Feng was a strongly ambitious and unscrupulous individual.

He wanted to let Lu Feng know that no one could harm Senior Mingxiu with him around. He wanted to let Lu Feng know that his rage was not to be trifled with.

In an era where brute strength dominated, fear and worry could only be eradicated by force.

Ai Hui had a calm look his face as he slowly brandished the Wintry Jade Blade in his hand.

Even though this was the first time he wielded it, he did not feel tardy using it at all. Instead, the Wintry Jade Blade was like part of his body.

It was indeed a work of a master weaponsmith. Ai Hui mentally noted down the name of Wei Hong.

The vibrating Wintry Jade Blade looked as if it was summoning the god of fighting. The killing instinct in Ai Hui intensified. Without fooling around, he flicked his wrist and a few streaks of sword gleams were released from his sword that shot toward Huo Dun and Xiao Sen like flying arrows.

The base level of the Wintry Jade Blade was higher than the Dragonspine's. As such, the sword gleams it produced were different from the Dragonspine's. This also meant that the Wintry Jade Blade's sword gleams had a higher destructive power.

Facing the incoming streaks of sword gleam, Huo Dun took a heavy step forward and charged toward Ai Hui. It appeared as if he never saw the incoming whizzing sword gleams.

Just as the streaks of sword gleam were about to hit him and leave a few huge holes in his body, a grass seed suddenly exploded in front of him. The grass seed transformed into a basket-sized, gray air bubble.

The gray air bubble blocked the whizzing streaks of sword gleams and disintegrated them and itself at the same time.

Huo Dun had anticipated this to happen. His movements were not slowed down and his charge was unaffected.

The sword gleams released by Ai Hui were warded off by Xiao Sen's grass seed.

Every time Huo Dun took a step forward, his aura intensified and his elemental energy undulation became stronger. By the time he was near Ai Hui, the intensity of his aura had reached a terrifying level. His entire body was like a parcel stuffed with raging flames. As he exhaled, a burst of swirling elemental energy erupted from his thick spear and pierced toward Ai Hui.

Ai Hui's eyes lit up. At this point of time, his eyes resembled the stars in the night sky.

Good spearmanship.

This spear move was extremely powerful. It could be considered the best among the moves he had seen before. The weakness of the slow build-up of this move was offset by his comrade's help.

Ai Hui did not have any intention of going easy on them.

Upon witnessing such an unique spearmanship, the fire within Ai Hui's heart burned with more fervor. He took a powerful step forward and his Wintry Jade Blade moved like flowing water. His sword move did not seem very fast. Every movement he made with his sword was clear and distinct. Every time he brandished his sword, a different sword gleam would be shot out. The different-shaped sword gleams that he shot out resembled fragmented pieces of porcelain.

The slow movement of his sword was an illusion. In the blink of an eye, 13 sword gleam streaks shaped like porcelain shards shot out and formed a sword screen that braced for Huo Dun's terrifying spear move.

When the last streak of sword gleam inserted onto the sword screen like a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, the screen suddenly trembled as the elemental energy in the arena froze.

[Fragmented Sword]!

Ai Hui's strongest offensive sword move.

Meeting brute force with brute force. Ai Hui did not bother to use other strategies.

[Fragmented Sword] collided head-on with the blazing spear move. A slight dazzle erupted from the collision. The dazzle was only pinhead-sized, yet it had blinded everyone.

The sound of the collision was seemingly devoured by the dazzle

Even with the protective light screen of the defensive ancient trees, the onlookers could feel the impact, and their facial expressions changed drastically. All of them were shocked by the scene before their eyes. What kind of swordsmanship was this?

After about 10 seconds, everyone regained their vision.

They saw Ai Hui's figure appearing all over the arena like a phantasm. The sword gleam from his Wintry Jade Blade flashed across the air every now and then, warding off Xiao Sen's grass seeds.

Upon taking a closer look, they discovered Ai Hui's eyes were closed!

When the [Fragmented Sword] and Huo Dun's attack collided, Ai Hui knew that Xiao Sen, who was standing at the back, would mount a sneak attack. This was because he knew that it would be the best chance for Xiao Sen to do so.

Executing the [Fragmented Sword] technique exhausted a huge amount of elemental energy and was when his body was at its weakest. Before the collision took place, he had already closed his eyes.

As anticipated, Xiao Sen indeed mounted a sneak attack. However, having prepared for it, Ai Hui was able to react to it calmly.

Even though Xiao Sen's grass seeds were unpredictable, their destructive power was rather limited. They might be very useful as a form of support, but as a main offensive weapon, they were pretty weak and useless.

This gave Ai Hui the breathing room to recover his elemental energy.

Ai Hui's way of dealing with the grass seeds was very effective. Since the grass seeds were very unpredictable, he did not allow them to get close to him at all. He simply made stabbing motions with his sword and shot out sword gleams.

At the moment, Ai Hui was like an archer. Like flying arrows, his sword gleams accurately shot down the grass seeds in midair. One by one, the grass seeds exploded and could not do anything against Ai Hui. Just in case some of the grass seeds would release poisonous gas when they erupted, Ai Hui destroyed them with his sword gleams and followed up by forming a powerful gust of wind with his sword to blow the erupted grass seeds back to his opponents.

Ai Hui quickly gained the upperhand in the battle and headed for Xiao Sen.

Xiao Sen had not expected Ai Hui to anticipate his sneak attack. Without the protection of Huo Dun, he became unusually weak and fragile. Since he was unable to contend against Ai Hui, he could only continuously dodge. However, he had good dodging techniques and was abnormally slippery. There were a few times Ai Hui thought he was going to successfully pierce Xiao Sen, only to narrowly miss.

Xiao Sen might have done a good job in avoiding Ai Hui's attacks, but he did not lower his guard at all. His face was deathly pale. There were a few times when his heart stopped beating because Ai Hui's sword gleams were mere centimeters away from his neck.

His opponent was like a vengeful ghost that refused to go away.

The thing that scared Xiao Sen the most was that his opponent was beginning to grasp his dodging patterns. His dodging techniques were what he was the most proud of. The elemental energy within his body flowed differently from ordinary people, as such, he could make many movements and maneuvers with his body that defied logic.

Huo Dun looked extremely miserable. His entire body dripped with blood, while a section of the spear in his hand had broken off.

He was at a loss. His [Swirling Dragon] technique had never failed before. No one had ever dared to directly clash against his [Swirling Dragon]. Whenever he encountered dire beasts, he had always used this move to finish them off.

What kind of sword move was that?

Along with the terrifying vibration, the sword move that resembled fragmented porcelain reappeared before his eyes.

"Old Huo!"

Xiao Sen's alarmed shriek woke Huo Dun up from his stupor, and he quickly turned around. When he saw the battered and exhausted Xiao Sen running about in the arena, he instantly returned to his senses.

Holding his broken spear, Huo Dun roared and charged toward Ai Hui.

Outside the arena, Lu Feng and his counterparts heaved a sigh of relief. With Huo Dun returning to his senses, they saw a new glimpse of hope in the situation. The prior unforeseen event had occurred too abruptly. Everyone had yet to regain their composure.

No one had expected both parties go straight for a head-on collision instead of testing each other out!

This logic-defying battle tempo stunned all the onlookers. By the time they returned to their senses, the battle had become completely lopsided. When Lu Feng and his counterparts saw Ai Hui chasing after Xiao Sen all across the arena, their faces turned extremely ugly.

It was only now, when Huo Dun re-entered the fight, that everyone could feel at ease.

Ai Hui's eyes lit up when he saw that Huo Dun was still capable of fighting.He immediately turned his body around and pounced on Huo Dun.

Ai Hui had the upperhand in the collision between the [Fragmented Sword] and [Swirling Dragon]. This was because the [Fragmented Sword] was a ranged attack, while Huo Dun had to follow along with his attack.

As such, Ai Hui was able to avoid the impact of the collision, but Huo Dun had to endure the full brunt of the impact. Huo Dun's body might appear to be drenched in blood, but if one wiped away his blood, he or she would discover that there were no wounds on his body. The blood on his body had directly seeped out of his skin.

Even Ai Hui slightly admired Huo Dun's ability to withstand the [Fragmented Sword]

Huo Dun roared and pierced his spear toward Ai Hui. This attack was not as powerful as the [Swirling Dragon], but it arrived from an extremely awkward angle, resembling a poisonous dragon striking out from its dwelling.

In the midair, Ai Hui spun his body around and struck the incoming spear with his Wintry Jade Blade.

The anticipated sound of a collision did not happen. Suddenly, Huo Dun's spear became soft and flexible like a piece of rope and snaked toward Ai Hui.

Ai Hui's reaction was extremely fast as he jerked backward.


A shadow flew past him as the strong gale that accompanied it inflicted an extreme pain to his face.

Bang, bang, bang! At this moment, explosions continuously erupted around him.

Xiao Sen threw out 20 grass seeds in one go. All of them simultaneously exploded around Ai Hui.

Ai Hui was in danger.