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Chapter 372: An Enraged Qing Feng

 Chapter 372: An Enraged Qing Feng

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Ai Hui had never seen a grass-lotus puppet before. However, he thought that a grass-lotus puppet should be something similar to a sand puppet. The performance of a sand puppet was usually closely linked to the character and fighting style of its master.

Ai Hui did not know Dai Gang well. All he knew was that Dai Gang was Bangwan's master, but there was nothing very special about their relationship.

However, Ai Hui had a rich amount of experience in handling sand puppets. Lou Lan was his number one training partner.

Since a grass-lotus puppet and a sand puppet were very similar, a grass-lotus's mechanics should be similar to a sand puppet's as well.

Ai Hui's brain was working rapidly.

For example, a sand puppet's body was usually quite big. Most of their bodies had a unique ability. Some could change their forms, some were very sturdy, some hid numerous weapons within them and so on.

Qing Feng's body was made up of grass tendons and lotus roots.

Ai Hui's gaze was first directed at Qing Feng's completely exposed grass tendons. Could the grass tendons be his weakness? Generally speaking, grass-type materials were not sturdy and hard.

With a jolt of his mind, Ai Hui brandished his Silverfold Plum and the six dancing streaks of sword gleams formed an odd-looking arc in the air.

Upon seeing this, Qing Feng spread his palm and his five fingers grew in length frantically. Eventually, his fingers became five thick rattans that shot towards the sword gleams in the sky.

Ai Hui was very familiar with this type of attack. Wasn't this attack something like Bangwan's [Viridescent Flower]?

With a flick of his wrist, Ai Hui slashed his Silverfold Plum downward. The six streaks of sword gleams shot towards Qing Feng. Suddenly, the sword gleams changed direction in the air and flew through the gaps in between Qing Feng's five rattan fingers.

Qing Feng did not expect Ai Hui to be able to control the flying sword gleams.

The six streaks of sword gleams were like six nimble swallows, slicing Qing Feng's naked grass tendon joints.

Clang, clang, clang!

Sparks were flying everywhere.

The grass tendons were much more tougher than Ai Hui expected. When the sword gleams sliced them, it merely left a small and fine mark on them. However, Ai Hui was not discouraged. If these grass tendons were exposed like this, that meant they had definitely been through some process and possessed excellent resistance.

Furthermore, this was a grass-lotus puppet that was produced by Dai Gang. Ai Hui did not think that a Grandmaster would make such an amateur mistake in his work.

With a twist of his body, Ai Hui flitted by Qing Feng in a slanted position. The movement of the Silverfold Plum in his hand was changing.

The six crescent moons dispersed again and swirled toward Qing Feng.

Once again, Qing Feng tried to block them, but failed. These palm-sized sword gleams were a lot faster and nimbler than he thought.


The crisper and louder sound of Ai Hui's attack hitting Qing Feng rang across the air. In fact, there was also a sound produced by the six streaks of sword gleams colliding together. However, due to the extremely short time interval between the two sounds, it sounded as if there was only one sound.

The six streaks of sword gleams had sliced the same position on Qing Feng's grass tendons at the same time!

This attack displayed Ai Hui's brilliant and outstanding control over his sword gleams.

The grass tendons were sliced off!

Ai Hui was overjoyed. However, when he saw the severed grass tendons begin to wiggle and connect back together with the wound starting to heal, the joyful look on his face disappeared completely.

"So this is swordsmanship? Interesting!"

Qing Feng shook his head. He did not seem to care about his grass tendons being sliced off.

Ai Hui's brain was working speedily. Grass tendons had regenerative powers. Alright, that was nothing unusual. A lot of wood elementalists possessed this type of inheritance. A war of attrition was something that wood elementalists specialized in.

The good news was that his sword gleam was able to deal damage to Qing Feng's grass tendons.

What about the lotus roots?

Ai Hui tried to attack Qing Feng's lotus roots, but soon realized that the lotus roots were harder and sturdier than the grass tendons. His sword gleam could not even leave a single mark on them.

He decided that he shall attack the grass tendons then!

Ai Hui kept on brandishing his Silverfold Plum. Every now and then, there would be six streaks of sword gleams shooting towards Qing Feng.

The number of sword gleams surrounding Qing Feng was increasing gradually. Seen from a distance, it looked as if there was a gigantic school of fish swimming and dancing around Qing Feng.

Qing Feng tried to use his grass rattans to whip the sword gleams, but they were too fast and nimble for him to hit them.

Very soon, Qing Feng realized that something was not right. These sword gleams were flying faster and faster and he felt like he was trapped in a tornado. Woosh! A streak of flames suddenly ignited within the tornado.

Very soon, the tornado became brighter and brighter and the sword gleams flew faster and faster.

[Flaming Wind Sword Formation]!

When the swishing sound of the sword gleams and the whooshing sound of the flames merged together, they created a sound that struck fear into one's heart. A flaming tornado shot into the sky and engulfed Qing Feng.

Phew, Ai Hui heaved a sigh of relief. This sword formation should be able to deal some damage to Qing Feng.

At this moment, the [Flaming Wind Sword Formation] suddenly exploded with a loud bang, revealing the figure within it.

"Very interesting."

An awful voice echoed through the air.

Ai Hui was stupefied. Qing Feng's head, limbs and all his grass tendons had withdrawn into his lotus root body's torso. The [Flaming Wind Sword Formation] did not do any damage to him, other than leaving traces of burn marks on his white-colored lotus root torso.

Qing Feng was like a man made of rubber bands. His head, limbs and grass tendons extended out of his lotus root torso in a grotesquely weird way.

He could... do this?

Qing Feng stretched his body and shook his head, saying, "If your capabilities are only this much, you won't survive today."

After finishing his sentence, Qing Feng crouched his body slightly. His thick and strong grass tendons resembled a bunch of compressed springs.

Ai Hui widened his eyes abruptly.

Swoosh! Qing Feng became a blur and appeared before Ai Hui. Like a bunch of vipers, ten grass rattans attacked Ai Hui from different directions.

Ai Hui's reaction was extremely fast. Instead of retreating, he moved forward and attacked. He crouched his body slightly and then dashed forward like a cheetah. The elemental energy within his body had been channeled to its maximum level. The Silverfold Plum in his hand went for Qing Feng's head directly!

He did not integrate any complicated techniques for this attack. This attack was a simple, piercing strike!

When he was trying to survive, he would go all-out. This simple-looking piercing strike was actually extremely powerful and vicious.

Qing Feng felt a strong sense of danger when he saw a cold glint flashed across Ai Hui's eyes. He did not expect Ai Hui to go all-out on his offense. As such, he was caught off guard and landed himself in a dangerous situation..

Upon seeing that he could not avoid Ai Hui's attack, Qing Feng suddenly opened his mouth to reveal two rows of shiny sawteeth. That two rows of sawteeth were flickering with a horrifying cold glint.


Two rows of dazzling sawteeth bit onto Silverfold Plum tightly.

The powerful force from the inertia caused Ai Hui to lose control of his body and he swung up into the air like a ragdoll.

Ai Hui did not expect Qing Feng to modify his teeth. Apparently, the two rows of shiny sawteeth were a sharp weapon made up of precious materials.

Crack, crack, crack!

Cracks began to appear on the two rows of sawteeth. However, at this point of time, Ai Hui had already used up his momentum. A premonition arose in his heart and he quickly withdrew his sword and retreated.

Clang, clang, clang!

A few spear-like grass rattans pierced the position that he was previously at.

Crash! As Ai Hui withdrew his sword, countless fragments of Qing Feng's sawteeth flew out from his mouth and scattered in the air.

Ai Hui pulled away, distancing himself from Qing Feng. He was panting heavily. Even though the exchange was short, it was extremely dangerous. A moment of hesitation would have cost him his life. Such a short and intense exchange depleted his physical energy and strained his mind greatly. At this point of time, he could only feel numbness in his limbs.

Qing Feng was a powerful grass puppet.

His defensive capabilities were very powerful and he could heal himself. His thick and strong grass tendons were like a bunch of springs. His lotus-root torso was extremely light, making him as fast as a gust of wind. Even the teeth in his mouth were a weapon.

Damn it! He was truly a fully weaponized creature!

Ai Hui's plan on defeating Qing Feng through elemental energy fell through as well.

Metal overcame wood. This was a natural interaction The reason why he'd chosen Qing Feng as his opponent was because he wanted to make use of this natural interaction. The relationships among the five elements could be very effective against an opponent that had not reached the level of a Master.

Initially, Ai Hui still thought that he might have some advantage over Qing Feng. However, after that previous exchange, Ai Hui realized he was completely wrong. Qing Feng's wood elemental energy was extremely weird. Ai Hui's metal elemental energy could not restrain Qing Feng's wood elemental energy at all.

Could Qing Feng be a Master-level grass puppet?

Don't tell me he is that powerful....

Ai Hui groaned in his heart. He did not dare to get distracted and fixated his gaze on his opponent. Even though his previous attack had shattered Qing Feng's teeth, he did not do any practical damage to him.

Such a pity...

A chance like that would not occur again.

Furthermore, that attack seemed to have infuriated Qing Feng.

That's right, Qing Feng was indeed enraged. His gaze was cold as he spat out his shattered teeth. His metallic tooth fragments were mixed with traces of blood. The previous dangerous exchange had left a tinge of fear lingering in him. However, he still felt more anger than fear.

Initially, he treated this battle as a cat-catch-mouse game. In the end, he almost got killed by the mouse. As such, why would he not be angry?

"I em koing do shre yoou do peethes..."

Ai Hui, who was feeling tense and anxious, could not help but laugh. However, when he saw the killing intent in Qing Feng's eyes, he quickly explained, "I didn't laugh at you intentionally. Really, I didn't do it on purpose. It's not your fault that you don't have teeth! Come, follow after me, 'I'm going to shred you to pieces!'"

Qing Feng's face swiftly became red with anger. He let out a beast-like roar, "Go ann dlie!"

Ai Hui almost laughed until he collapsed.

It was a surprise to him that he could infuriate Qing Feng.

However, when Ai Hui saw what Qing Feng did out of the corner of his eyes, he was so scared that he retreated in haste.

Qing Feng withdrew his palms and grass tendons, leaving two holes at the end of his lotus root forearms. At this moment, he began to emit a green glow. A strong feeling of danger engulfed Ai Hui.

Pop, pop, pop!

The sound of beans exploding suddenly resounded through the air.

Qing Feng's two arms were spinning frantically as numerous lotus seeds rained down on Ai Hui.

Ai Hui brandished his Silverfold Plum with all his might. The six crescent moons around him formed a protective screen for him. The impact of those lotus seeds was extremely terrifying. After a while, the protective screen formed by his six crescent moons collapsed.

Ai Hui had a very fast reaction. He quickly unleashed another six crescent moons.

Qing Feng's intense offense caused Ai Hui to gasp for air. All he could do was unleash the six crescent moons repeatedly to block the incoming lotus seeds.

However, he did not notice that when those lotus seeds were warded off and landed on the ground, they immediately burrowed into the dirt. As for those lotus seeds that missed him, they burrowed straight into the ground.

A lot of lotus seedlings emerged from the ground. They lay flat on the ground, resembling water lilies floating on a pond. The ground was becoming soft and transforming into a swamp rapidly..

By the time Ai Hui felt that something was not right beneath his feet, he realized that he was stepping on a lotus leaf.

Lotus leaf?

At this point of time, the torrential attacks had disappeared. Ai Hui knew something was not right, and raised his head. All he saw was boundless lotus leaves.

Fifty meters away, Qing Feng was standing on a single lotus leaf. He was chuckling as he withdrew his lotus root arms.

Not good!

Ai Hui's facial expression suddenly changed drastically.