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Chapter 371: Powerful Enemies

 Chapter 371: Powerful Enemies

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Ai Hui sat up from the rattan chair. He could sense someone was nearby.

A faint, seductive voice suddenly rang acrossed his ears, "You're truly worthy of being my chosen one. The last time I left in a rush, but today we shall have a good, intimate time together."

"Long time no see," Ai Hui grinned, appearing rather fearless.

A lightning-fast silvery sword gleam erupted without any warning.

"I've been expecting you to do this. I know how ruthless you are. If you can even kill your own master, why wouldn't you kill me now?" Like a ghost, She Yu was maneuvering and dodging Ai Hui's sword gleam with ease.

Ai Hui turned a deaf ear to She Yu. His facial expression did not change but his sword gleam became increasingly intense. Having just achieved a breakthrough, his essence-breath-spirit was at its peak. One Thousand Yuan was trying to use her words to disrupt his mental state but her words actually made him even more powerful. He had never regretted killing his master with his sword three years ago.

He would be sad, he would grieve, but he would never regret it.

Six crescent moons were dancing in the sky and they were accompanied by streaks of odd-looking sword gleams. Meanwhile, the buzzing sound of Silverfold Plum rang incessantly through the air. Even though it was not loud, it would still cause one to tremble in fear.

A red figure was darting in and out of the fleeting streaks of sword gleam, appearing and disappearing like a wisp of smoke.

Clink, clink, clink!

The brief and repetitive sounds of collisions could be heard constantly. The flying sparks gave the two hazy figures a demonic sense of beauty and an awe-inspiring aura of killing intent.

As compared to three years ago, Ai Hui's strength had improved tremendously. Similarly, She Yu's strength had also increased sharply. Three years ago, She Yu was unpredictable. Three years later, She Yu was still unpredictable.

Three years ago, when he fought One Thousand Yuan, all he could feel was a deep sense of helplessness. However, right now, he finally had the capabilities to put up a fight with her!

A sense of fervor arose in Ai Hui's heart. Sword moves poured out of him like a torrential river.

She Yu was seemingly smiling, but really she was shocked.

When they were still in Central Pine City she'd already thought highly of Ai Hui's future, even though his aptitude was not really outstanding. However, now that she looked at Ai Hui again, she knew that he definitely would have a great future given his outstanding mind, cool-headed mentality and diligence.

She was still shocked by Ai Hui's improvements.

Even though his sword gleams were not fast, they came out in huge numbers. Furthermore, his sword gleams intertwined among each other, seemingly containing a mysterious force within them. She Yu tried to block a few streaks of sword gleams and noticed that her palms went numb, sending a cold shiver down her spine.

As the seed of Blood of God and a rare God Priest, the God Nation had spared no effort in cultivating her. She learnt the most profound and high-leveled techniques and spells in Blood of God.

[Star Divine Hallucination] was the most profound and the most difficult spell to learn in God Nation. Up till now, she was only the second person to master it. The first person who'd mastered this spell was Holy Emperor.

[Phantom] and [Smoke Saunter] were two completely different spells. She combined these two spells and granted herself the ability to become half-phantom, half-smoke. By combining these two spells, her attacks were unpredictable and impossible to defend against.

Not only that, she'd also mastered a spell that only a god shaman could practise, [Demonic Nine-step Dance]. By combining this spell with [Phantom] and [Smoke Saunter], she created the unique [Phantom Smoke Dance]. Every movement she made would create distortion in the space surrounding her, making her almost omnipotent.

She had fought with many elementalists and had seen many absolute arts before. However, Ai Hui's sword gleam was completely different from the others' absolute arts.

When the attacks from the usual absolute arts entered the distorted space surrounding her, most of them would be displaced. However, She Yu discovered her [Phantom Smoke Dance] had very little effect on Ai Hui's sword gleam. Ai Hui's dazzling sword gleam contained a mysterious force that rendered her [Phantom Smoke Dance] ineffective.

The sword gleam had another characteristic that was trouble for She Yu.

The sharpness of the sword gleam.

This was absolutely something that She Yu had not expected. Fundamentally, blood spiritual force was spiritual force. Even though blood spiritual force could not be compared to the pure spiritual force of the Cultivation Era, it was still more powerful and of a higher level than elemental energy. When blood spiritual force collided with elemental energy, the former had an extremely huge advantage over the latter. This was also the main reason why blood elementalists could maintain superiority over elementalists during battles.

The only time where elemental energy was more powerful than blood spiritual force was when an elementalist became a Master, and the structure of his elemental energy was enhanced greatly.

She Yu discovered that Ai Hui's sword gleam remained abnormally firm and strong, even when it collided with blood spiritual force.

So this was swordsmanship?

She Yu clearly knew that Ai Hui wasn't at the level of a Master yet. She immediately came to realize that swordsmen might become the biggest threat to Blood of God in the future. There was a high possibility that Blood of God's superiority in fighting capabilities might come to an end.

Now, she slightly regretted that she'd planted [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art] on Ai Hui. Otherwise, she would have killed Ai Hui at all costs.

Swordsmanship, which had been obsolete for so many years, should continue to stay obsolete. By staying obsolete, it would benefit Blood of God in the long run.

However, [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art]...

She was having a headache. This time around, she had to capture Ai Hui alive and bring him back to Blood of God at all costs. Ai Hui had become her greatest weakness. Luckily, she was the only one who knew this.

If She Yu knew that Ai Hui had already found out about [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art], she would die of pure regret.

"Go and find Xiao Shuren."

When She Yu finished her sentence, a few figures appeared on top of the surrounding walls.

Ai Hui's facial expression changed. The aura of these people was powerful and fierce. Their strength was comparable to Jiu Gui's and Prince's, However, Jiu Gui and Prince had followed Madam Ye on her trip. At this point in time, Ye Residence had almost zero defenses.

Following which, those figures flew towards the court that Xiao Shuren was staying in.

Suddenly, an extremely awful voice resounded through the air, "Keke, all of you get lost."

A wall of vines suddenly blocked their path. Numerous streaks of green light shot out from the wall. These streaks of green light were actually straight and sharp rattans. A faint and sweet aroma was emitted from them, proving that they were highly toxic.

The elementalists that were flying towards Xiao Shuren's court changed their facial expressions drastically, and they quickly dodged out of the rattans' way.

She Yu had just struggled free of Ai Hui's sword gleam, when her eyes froze momentarily. "Grass puppet!"

"I don't like that name," Qing Feng shook his head. His torso was made up of thick, solid grass tendons and white-colored lotus roots. Atop that torso was a human head, making him look extremely creepy.

"I am Qing Feng," he grinned.

Ai Hui was dumbstruck. This was the first time he saw such a monster. Suddenly, he thought of Shi Youguang. Actually, this grass-lotus puppet was no different from a transfigured earth elementalist's. One was from an earth elementalist, the other a wood elementalist.

Now that he thought of it this way, he felt relieved.

Body transfiguration was a forbidden art. Its process was complicated and high-leveled. Ai Hui did not favor this method of increasing one's strength as well.

"Such an interesting thing," She Yu's eyes flickered.

The Beast Venom Temple would be very happy if she could capture and bring this thing back. Beast Venom Temple loved all kinds of weird stuffs.

Furthermore... it seemed like Dai Gang was determined in obtaining the ancient treasure!

She Yu felt more and more curious. What exactly was the ancient treasure? A Grandmaster actually wanted it so bad that he was willing to obtain it at all costs.

"Interesting thing?" Qing Feng shook his head, "Today, you're going to die here."

At this moment, a cold sneer resounded through the air.

Even though it was just a sneer, it felt as though the surrounding elemental energy was being stirred by a pair of invisible hands.

She Yu's facial expression changed drastically. A master!

Her gaze was locked on the old man beside Qing Feng. That old man was actually a Master!

There's trouble this time around!

Very soon, she understood what was going on. After she forced them into dire straits, the Ling Residence had no choice but to hug Dai Gang's legs.

Since they wanted to hug Dai Gang's legs, they had to get Xiao Shuren for him.

Upon seeing what was going on, the elementalists that She Yu had hired started to feel the urge to retreat. They did not expect to encounter a Master in the mission this time around.

One of them opened his mouth and said to She Yu, "This mission is too dangerous, pardon me for being powerless. Goodbye!"

The others retreated without any hesitation.

The old man ignored those elementalists who had just retreated. He knew that his main target was Xiao Shuren. As long as he could get Xiao Shuren, he wouldn't care about other small matters.

As long as he got Xiao Shuren it would be alright, even if the Ling Residence fell out with Elders Guild. If Dai Gang personally invited Ling Residence to join him, what could Elders Guild do?

An Muda was old and dying, while Dai Gang was at his peak. Would Elders Guild be so stupid as to fall out with Dai Gang over the Ling Residence?

Elders Guild and Dai Gang were merely vying for power. Both parties were elementalists. Ultimately, there was nothing that could not be solved.

From the perspective of aristocratic families, if they had served and worshiped An Muda in the past, why couldn't they do the same to Dai Gang as well?

If An Muda passed away, other than Dai Gang, who was there to stop the Holy Emperor of God Nation? Even if Elders Guild didn't think for themselves, they would still think for their future generations, right?

Just like She Yu, Ai Hui's facial expression changed drastically. The energy fluctuation from the metal elemental master had a huge impact on him. All the surrounding metal elemental energy was out of his control. He felt as if he was in a turbulent, stormy sea.

So this was a Master....

"Brother Chu, let us join hands. We can split the ancient treasure evenly!"

Goddamned demonic girl!

Ai Hui cursed She Yu in his heart. When Qing Feng and the old man's gaze landed upon him, he knew something was wrong. He quickly explained, "All of you can continue what you're doing. I have zero interest in the so-called ancient treasure!"

After he finished his sentence, he wanted to make an escape.

"So you're Chu Zhaoyang?" the old man squinted his eyes as his voice was filled with a chilling, killing intent, "So you're the one who fought with Xiao-er over Fu Sisi?"

"It's a misunderstanding! It's definitely a misunderstanding! All along I felt that Brother Ling and Miss Fu were a match made in heaven!" Ai Hui laughed.

"I heard that both of you are deeply in love, but it turns out that the two of you are just cowards," the old man had a disdainful look on his face. However, the killing intent within his eyes did not decrease in the slightest. "My poor Ling-er is still unconscious even now. How can the both of you still be alive? Today, I shall seek revenge for Ling-er!"

Ai Hui sighed in his heart. Men died in the pursuit of wealth, and birds died in the pursuit of food. The price of avarice was death. These were truly words of wisdom.

If he'd known at the time that the small amount of money he'd made would bring him so many troubles, he would have stayed away from Fu Sisi.

"It seems like we will either live or die together!" She Yu chuckled.

Ai Hui knew what She Yu's words actually implied, but he acted as if he did not know anything. [Life and Death Flower Sacrificial Art] had a lot of areas that could be exploited.

If he could not escape, then he could only fight.

Ai Hui was not confident about facing a metal elementalist master. As such, he quickly yelled, "I will take on the grass-lotus puppet and you will take on the old man!"


Before She Yu even finished her sentence, both of them struck out at the same time.