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Chapter 365: Treasury

 Chapter 365: Treasury

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ/CakeHermit

The Ye Residence's treasury had neither golden floor tiles nor exquisite crystals. There was no magnificent and ornate velvet. The treasury's design was simple and generous and its green-tiled wooden shelves were uneven. The soft light allowed observers to admire the exceptional pieces from all angles.

Standing inside the treasury, Ai Hui was in awe.

Ai Hui finally understood the meaning behind "millennium family." The treasury wasn't big. It was more like a small storehouse with roughly five to six hundred wooden racks. If it was a storehouse, it would be the world's most valuable storehouse.

Each treasure emitted a pure and gentle radiance. Multi-colored rays intertwined and reflected off the walls, brightening up the whole treasury.

The ordinary looking shelves were, in fact, used to seal up prohibited treasures. If not for these shelves, the elemental energy waves released by the treasures would mix together, causing the whole house to shatter into pieces.

Ai Hui's gaze regained its brightness as he inhaled deeply, calming his inner agitation.

The butler did not expect Ai Hui to regain his senses so quickly and was rather surprised. The Ye Residence's butler position wasn't like its counterpart in other residences. It was strictly an inherited status. The butler's son would start learning the ropes from his father at the age of ten. When the butler turned old, the son would be in his prime and take over his father's role as the new butler. After nurturing and educating them from a young age, these sons were most definitely loyal to the Ye Residence.

The butler was one of the dearest and most reliable members of the family and was trusted with a lot of confidential information.

In the butlers' historical records, each guest tour had been observed and noted down, wherein valuable guests were all depicted as being dumbstruck and bedazzled upon entering the treasury. Some were even in a daze for more than five minutes. It must be said that these guests had all been outstanding fighters and held great power and influence. The Ye treasury was evidently amazing for causing them to temporarily lose their souls.

Generations of butlers enjoyed seeing these powerful figures' blank faces. It made them feel proud and honored.

Yet, Chu Zhaoyang had managed to regain his senses after a mere 22 seconds.

This surprised and displeased the butler. A guest had finally arrived and he was naturally going to record and note down his time for future generations to read. Thinking about how his guest was stunned for only 22 seconds made him somewhat unhappy. This 22 seconds wasn't the shortest time, but it was within the top three.

He asked with a straight face, in a respectful tone, "Mister Zhaoyang, do you need a few introductions?"

Chu Zhaoyang's status in the Ye Residence was constantly on the rise. He had saved Madam and the young master's lives, so even if he had a bad name and was evil, the Ye Residence would still regard him as a VIP.

People started calling him 'Mister Zhaoyang' instead of 'Teacher Chu.'

Ai Hui never would have thought that the butler would care about how long he had been stunned. He shook his head. "It's alright, I'll look around myself."

Quickly, he noticed quite a few empty frames and asked out of curiosity, "Why are these unoccupied?"

The butler explained, "Some were given away while others are being used by the previous family head. The first family head once said that no matter how good a treasure is, it is useless if not used. It is good to like and cherish treasures, but using them when necessary is a bliss for the future generations. Apart from the first family head, there have been no more Grandmasters. Because successive family heads enjoyed making friends, treated people with passion, and were generous and fair, the residence has managed to expand until today."

Ai Hui praised, "Mister Huitang is great. The residence is great."

The Ye Residence's first family head, Ye Huitang, was also the last swordsman. Not only was he strong, he also knew his way around life and the later generations did not disappoint.

The ancestors were well-celebrated while the descendants were humble and kept a low-profile. Successive family heads were good at networking, straightforward, fair, kind, and charitable.

For a family with such a rich history, there must be something unique about it.

The power the Ye Residence was able to utilize was greater than appearances led one to believe.

The butler smiled slightly. "Madam would like to have you select anything from the treasury. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. I have been managing this treasury, so I am familiar with every single item. Of course, I would like to seek your cooperation in preventing thieves, and ask that you do not divulge any of this information."

Ai Hui nodded. "I understand."

The treasures in the case emitted different types of light. Although still separated by the seal, Ai Hui could nevertheless feel how frightening the faint elemental energy waves were. Items that could be called treasures were either retrieved from the Wilderness or were formed from special elemental energy, and they usually carried a rich, surging elemental energy. This was also the reason why they were called treasures. Just like the treasures from the Cultivation Era, they were usually filled with spiritual force.

On the contrary, there were few treasures without many elemental energy waves. These treasures were inherently unique. Some had special characteristics, like a blue wisp of flame that Ai Hui noticed. There was a clear shadow flickering within the flame. This blue wisp did not have any elemental energy waves, but it made Ai Hui's hair stand on end.

He couldn't help but inquire, "What flame is that?"

The butler looked at it before answering, "Blue Soul Fire. Legend has it that a human soul is trapped within it. It is a piece that belongs to the seventh family head, who found it among historic relics when he was out exploring the world at a young age. The successive family heads became really interested in it, but no one has managed to unfold its secrets."

Ai Hui felt that the figure inside the flame was watching him, and while he was a gutsy person, it sent a chill through his bones.

Suddenly, Ai Hui stopped in front of a big tree and asked in shock, "Is this... a

message tree?"

It seemed as though the butler was very pleased by Ai Hui's surprised look. He replied in a mild manner, "Yes, this is a message tree. To be precise, it is the first message tree."

Ai Hui opened his eyes wide. "The first?"

"Yes!" The butler tried to sound composed but his pride couldn't be concealed. "Its advent greatly changed the avalon while also significantly altering our lifestyles. The family head at that time saw the revolution coming, so he spent a huge fortune to purchase it. While its practical value isn't as high as other treasures, it has witnessed the change of an era, and so is extremely precious."

Ai Hui stared blankly at the message tree. His heart swelled with the realization that this message tree was exactly the same as the one he'd taken away from Vanguard Training Hall.

Pride quickly turned into relief, as it was apparent that Madam Ye and the Assembly of Patriarchs shared a deep relationship. According to the Ye Residence's style of handling affairs, it wasn't at all strange that she had such a good relationship with the assembly. It was even possible that this tree was brought over from the assembly.

Perhaps the elementalist who had invented this tree was from the assembly?

The Assembly seemed to hold more power than he'd thought.

The butler was unaware of the many thoughts that were running through Ai Hui's mind, but seeing his astonished face pleased him very much.

Such 'one and only' treasures like the first message tree were not things money could buy. This was a real display of a family's influence.

"Your residence is really terrific."

Mister Chu Zhaoyang's praise and admiration fed the butler's pride and joy.

Ai Hui continued walking forward and quickly realized that many of the swords were rusty and difficult to use.

Noticing this, the butler explained, "These swords are mostly treasures from the first family head's generation. Seven of out ten treasures are swords. Some are still spiritual in nature, while others were once well-known. When elemental energy was first created, these swords contained spiritual force, but as generations passed, the last bit of spiritual force dissipated, leaving these swords rusty and obsolete. Because the first family head really adored these items, they have been kept all this while."

Ai Hui was fascinated.

Being good at discerning thoughts from body language, the butler added, "I do not recommend that you choose a sword. The swords from the cultivation era are mostly unusable. Swordsmanship has resurfaced these two years, so the contemporary master craftsmen are only just starting to attempt building treasure swords. Treasure swords from the past, no matter their significant history or how exquisite they are, are of no practical use in battles."

Ai Hui was slightly disappointed, but very grateful. "Thank you!"

What the butler said made a lot of sense.

Swordsmanship had declined over a long period of time and sword users were pathetically few in number. So far, no famous swords had been created by famous craftsmen either.

Finishing his words, the butler gave Ai Hui time to look around.

To any individual, choosing a treasure from such a dazzling line up was extremely challenging. Each treasure had its own appeal and many contained intense elemental energy waves. Separated by the seal, Ai Hui could still feel the sharp consciousness of the elemental energy waves, as though they were about to pierce through the seal.

A few times, Ai Hui palpitated with eagerness. Some ingredients were extremely valuable. If he could find a skilled workman to fashion a sword out of them, it would definitely become an exceptional sword.

Ai Hui forced himself to hold back. He decided that no matter what he saw, he would first tour the whole treasury before making a decision.

The butler nodded as he observed Ai Hui. Chu Zhaoyang was a man of extreme willpower. Each treasure was shockingly enticing and some could even aid elementalists to enter a higher realm. Few had been able to browse the whole gallery before selecting something.

Madam had initiated this tour not only to repay his kindness for saving her life, but also to build a good rapport with him. The Ye Residence often used this method to ensure its continued existence.

Madam made such a decision because she really looked favorably upon Chu Zhaoyang. Experience had taught successive generations that they must not be petty when investing in a talented individual. They would reap exponential benefits if they invested at the right time, when the talent was still nameless.

The butler did not know if Chu Zhaoyang had good prospects, but greatly admired his determination.

Ai Hui stopped in his tracks.