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Chapter 363: Three Huge Yin And Three Huge Yang Sword Rings

 Chapter 363: Three Huge Yin And Three Huge Yang Sword Rings

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When Ai Hui saw a real person disintegrating into the air like a wisp of smoke, he felt an indescribable shock and a faint tinge of sadness. He had seen many deaths. Some were heroic, some were tragic. The withering of a life was like the withering of a flower. However, when the next spring arrived on the earth, the withered flower would blossom once more, but not the withered life.

There were four seasons in life. The spring of adolescence, the summer of youthfulness, the autumn of confidence, and the winter of obsolescence. However, there would only be one cycle of life.

What kind of reason would make one's death justifiable?

Ai Hui's gaze was fixated on the completely empty sky. Suddenly, he laughed at himself. Since when did he become so melancholy?

He did not know whether or not Fu Huaien vanishing into thin air had caused him to feel an indescribable calmness.

As if he had sensed something, Ai Hui turned around and noticed that Xiao Shuren was staring and smiling at him. Ai Hui felt slightly puzzled. Ever since the last time this woman tried to plot against him, he had become wary of her.

He had long since decided not to pay any attention to Xiao Shuren. He did not want to have anything to do with her. He had zero interest in the so-called ancient treasure. All he wanted to do was to find the godd*mn notebook and leave this scary place as soon as possible.

In this city, a Master would pop out whenever a family fought for its survival. This reality was far too much for a bum like him to handle.

In one day, he had witnessed a Master-level family head's arm being chopped off, the assassination of a Master-level bodyguard, the disintegration of another family head, and the severing of an arm of the leader of the Sacrificial Guards. As for the grunts that had died, their number was uncountable.

It was too scary!

The front line was child's play when compared to Silver City.

At the front line, a Master was considered an important figure who possessed powerful fighting capabilities. Every Master had an impressive entourage of guards and these guards were in charge of all the mundane tasks. The death of a Master would be a devastating loss to an army.

However, in Silver City, it looked as if there was an abundance of Masters.

If all the Masters from these prestigious and powerful families were sent to the front line, the current situation of the Avalon of Five Elements might have been different.

Ai Hui felt somewhat dejected. The Blood of God was flourishing and full of vitality. On the contrary, the Avalon of Five Elements was riddled with internal strife. All of its precious fighting capabilities were wasted on these internal disputes.

The disparity between the two parties was clear and distinct.

As such, how could Ai Hui, an individual who had a deep hatred for the Blood of God, not feel dejected?

He forced himself to calm down and let out a deep breath. His vision had regained its clarity. This time around, what he saw and heard in Silver City had made him greatly disappointed in the Elders Guild. The disappointment reinforced the belief of depending on himself rather than depending on others.

Right now, he wished he could leave Silver City and return to that small peaceful border city. He wanted to fight and seek success together with his friends.

No one knew that Ai Hui thought of so many things in such a short period of time. Even if they knew, would they care about him? From their perspective, Ai Hui was being sour grapes for having such thoughts.

Now that Fu Huaien had perished, the opponent's next move would be...

Without hesitation, Ai Hui dashed toward Madam Ye.

Before the notebook was found, Madam Ye could not die yet!

When Ling Yun saw Fu Huaien dissipating into the air, a tinge of respect arose in his heart. However, he still heaved a sigh of relief. Before he arrived, he never expected for Fu Huaien to put up any resistance against him.

When he scanned the entire area and did not find the old servant of Madam Ye, he felt slightly puzzled. It was no secret among the aristocratic families in Silver City that the old servant was a Master.


Suddenly, his gaze landed upon a body on the floor. It belonged to that mysterious old lady. Apparently, she had died.

Ling Yun was overjoyed. He had not expected for his greatest hindrance to have been killed by someone else!

"Who are you, villain!? How dare you commit such violent crimes in Silver City!"

A figure flew toward him with extreme speed. The surging elemental energy within that figure's thunder-like roar sent a cold shiver down Ling Yun's spine. If Ling Yun was to engage in a deadlocked battle now, the situation would not be favorable to him. The absolute art he used was going to expire soon. Once the absolute art expired, he would fall into a state of weakness. This state of weakness would last for exactly seven days and was the price he had to pay for using the absolute art.

That figure must be one of Ye Lin's reinforcements.

Ling Yun did not have enough time to determine which expert had killed Ye Lin's old servant. Right now, Ye Lin was at her most vulnerable. A chance like this was extremely rare.

A killing intent flashed across his eyes, and his body suddenly vanished into thin air.

As for the young fellow who dashed toward Ye Lin, Ling Yun did not care about him at all. His main target was Ye Lin!

His pale-white palm acted as a sword and carved a mysterious arc in the air in the direction of Madam Ye.

A dazzling glow emitted from his palm before an awe-inspiring sword glint shot out from his palm and flew toward Madam Ye. The transparent sword glint was like a thin slice of mica. It looked extremely beautiful, but contained a deadly danger within it.

Ai Hui, who had reached Madam Ye, could sense a piercing killing intent descending from the sky. The killing intent was so strong that his entire body froze.

An unprecedented sense of danger suddenly erupted in Ai Hui's heart. He immediately understood that if he could not ward off this attack, today would be his death date.

He stopped and turned around smoothly with fluid movements. He placed the Silverfold Plum before his body. Three huge Yin and three huge Yang sword rings that were made from six sword gleams slowly swirled around the vertical silvery sword. Mysterious energy waves emitted from the intertwining Yin and Yang sword rings.

In everyone's eyes, Chu Zhaoyang's eyes suddenly became unusually bright, resembling the stars in the night sky. The cold, scarred face unleashed an elegant aura of purity at this moment.

The descending sword glint collided with three huge Yin and three huge Yang sword rings.


Ai Hui's hand trembled, causing him to lose control of his sword. He was knocked back three steps before he could stabilize himself. The radiance of the three huge Yin and three huge Yang sword rings dimmed, and they looked as if they would collapse at any moment.

His palms were numb and the qi and blood within his body was vibrating. His ears were ringing loudly, causing him to become temporarily deaf.

Was this the might of an attack from a Master?

The joy and excitement he derived from his previous revelations regarding his sword moves had extinguished. He immediately became clear-headed. Ai Hui had rich combat experience. He had a clear judgement of the strength disparity between himself and Ling Yun.

There was no way he could stop Ling Yun.

He took in a deep breath of air and stabilized the elemental energy within his body. Then, he stretched his numb palms. The Star Reaper Gloves produced waves of warmth. Eventually, his palms regained their flexibility. The advantage of wearing an elemental mask was that it made his facial expression looked as calm and composed as usual.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw that Jiu Gui and Prince were coming his way and felt slightly relieved.

In the sky, Ling Yun could not believe his eyes. The attack that he was so confident in was warded off by his enemy! The ultimate attack that he had used all his strength to unleash was actually warded off by an unknown youngster!

His base level was so low and his elemental energy was so weak. He could not even be compared to an ordinary Sacrificial Guard. How was this possible...

He stared blankly at Ai Hui.

This weak-looking guy was the one that warded off his attack? Those black-and-white sword rings were what kind of sword move? He had never seen or heard of them before.

At this point, Ling Yun was engulfed by an intense feeling of frustration. His eyes were lifeless, and his mind was in disarray. He still could not believe that he had just missed such an exceptionally good chance.

This fellow...

Ling Yun's eyes rapidly regained the color of life. As a Sacrificial Guard, he was not someone who would give up easily. He might be very vexed that he had missed such a golden opportunity, but now was not the time for to him to feel regret.

When things did not go well, one should try his best to escape unscathed. When one could not escape unscathed, he should try his best to conserve his strength.

He passed down an order to his subordinates.

Three determined-looking Sacrificial Guards emerged from the crowd. Suddenly, the bodies of these three Sacrificial Guards turned silvery-white, resembling metal men. They flew up into the sky and launched a two-pronged attack against the incoming expert.

"Get lost!"

A thunder-like roar resounded through the air. The incoming expert was as fast as a lightning bolt. He unleashed a burst of firm and powerful fist gleam with a loud rumble.

The three Sacrificial Guards did not retreat and continued to advance forward. One person directed the silver luster on his body to his fingertip and pointed his finger forward. Another person directed his silver lustre to his right palm and swung his right palm as if it was the blade of a sword. The last person gathered his silver luster in his right fist and punched his fist forward.

With a loud bang, the powerful whizzing fist gleam from the incoming expert exploded.

"[Sacrificial Strike]!" a yell could be heard from air.

The three Sacrificial Guards disintegrated to countless silvery crumbs, which fell through the sky like silver snow.

The [Sacrificial Strike] was most famous killer move of the Sacrificial Guards. The technique was derived from the name of the Sacrificial Guards as well. It was a technique that every Sacrificial Guard had to learn. This technique involved sacrificing one's life to unleash a terrifyingly powerful attack.

Many of the Ling Residence's enemies had died from this move.

The arriving expert was an imposing middle-aged man. Currently, there was a lingering fear on his face. A hole could be seen in one of his sleeves. If he had not unleashed his previous punch with all his strength, he would have failed in his mission today.

The Ling Residence's Sacrificial Guards were truly suicidal warriors. They would throw away their lives without any hesitation. Almost every family was extremely fearful of the Ling Residence's Sacrificial Guards.

Soon after, the rest of the Sacrificial Guards disappeared into the darkness like a receding tide.

This scene had shocked many people. Previously, they still thought that by hugging the Great Elder's legs, they would not need to worry about the Ling Residence. Now, however, they finally knew how dangerous and frightening the Ling Residence was.

If they were given a chance to choose again, they might not have the courage to participate in this conflict. Every time two colossi fought, there would be countless corpses beneath their feet.

However, those who had already boarded the boat had no chance of disembarking from it.

The arrival of the reinforcements and the retreat of the enemies loosened up everyone's taut mental state. At this moment, Ai Hui smelled a faintly discernable tinge of a sweet smell.

His eye pupils suddenly dilated. One Thousand Yuan had not left yet!

She was hiding in the dark!

A strong feeling of anxiety forced the speed of Ai Hui's thinking process to increase significantly. Who was her target? Madam Ye? No! If her target was Madam Ye, she would have killed her given that there were so many opportunities for her to do so. Who exactly was her target then?

She wanted to create internal strife within the Avalon of Five Elements by aggravating the enmity between the Ye Residence and the Ling Residence...

Ai Hui trembled and dashed forward instantly!