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Chapter 362: Finally, Overflowing Inspirations

 Chapter 362: Finally, Overflowing Inspirations

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Surging green light flowed through Fu Huaien's body. He was rapidly losing his vitality, looking as if his soul had left his body. Green dragon scales grew on his body. His eye pupils became ice-cold, completely devoid of emotions.

When the dragon scales completely covered his body, an awe-inspiring aura engulfed the hall. The air seemed to freeze at this moment.

Fu Huaien became like a monster that was fully covered with dragon scales. Two short horns protruded out of his forehead.

The cold-looking man's face changed drastically. He quickly roared, "Be careful!"

What was this? The [Green Dragon Art] had such a move? No one knew about it. The reason why the Ling Residence racked its brain to annex the Fu Family was to obtain this [Green Dragon Art]!

The cold-looking man looked slightly worried.

The [Green Dragon Art] was extremely powerful. Other than elemental energy, it also depleted blood and qi. The Ling Residence had an absolute art called [Swallow Moon]. This absolute art happened to be a top-grade art that nourished blood and qi. It complemented well with the [Green Dragon Art]. If one could fuse these two absolute arts together, the [Moon-swallowing Green Dragon Art] might be a transcendent absolute art!

An absolute art and an heir were the keys to the perpetuation of a family. If these two keys could be preserved, then the family could be preserved. Even if a family did not have other resources, it could still survive with the birth of a genius.

A transcendent absolute art was a deadly enticement for the Ling Residence.

No one had expected so many unforeseen events.

By going against the Great Elder, the Ling Residence would definitely not come to a good end. However, after what happened today, everyone had lost their sense of logic. Other than fighting each other to death, there did not seem to be any other options.

When the cold-looking man saw Fu Huaien burning his own vitality to unleash the skill, he knew that a blood feud had been formed between the Ling Residence and the Fu Family. The hope of obtaining the [Green Dragon Art] was completely dashed.

With a flick of his body, Fu Huaien materialized into a streak of green light that flashed across the sky. At the same time, blood-curdling screams could be heard.

A fist-sized bloody hole appeared on the bodies of two Sacrificial Guards. Before the two could react, they collapsed face down onto the ground. Fu Huaien was so fast that he could not be seen by the naked eye. Like an odd-looking snake, he rapidly slithered in and out of the crowd.

Blood-curdling screeches could be heard incessantly. Fu Huaien was on a killing rampage.

Ai Hui was dumbstruck. When these families started to go all-out, it was a terrifying sight to behold. Unlike his abnormally swift movements, Fu Huaien's breathing was calm and stable like a sleeping dragon. The sound of his breaths were not loud, but they sounded like thunderclaps to everyone. With every breath he took, the surrounding elemental energy would be sucked dry.

Many people in Silver City were alarmed by the noises, flew up into sky, and looked in the direction of the Fu Family's residence.

The brightly-lit residence of the Fu Family looked as if it housed a horrifying monster that devoured elemental energy from the environment. Every time it inhaled an immense amount of natural elemental energy poured into the Fu residence like floodwater.

The facial expression of the onlookers changed drastically.


Only a Master could cause such an astonishing phenomenon.

Was that not... the Fu Family?

When everyone recalled the news of what had happened during the day, they suddenly realized what was going on. There were mixed reactions toward the current events. Some people flew toward the Fu Family's residence in haste, but most families chose to look at the ongoing battle from afar.

The collision between the Ling Residence and the Elders Guild was like a battle between two colossi. A direct confrontation between two powerful forces like this had rarely been seen in the history of the Avalon of Five Elements. If an ordinary individual was sucked into this maelstrom, he or she would be shredded to pieces in an instant.

Many people were deeply worried. Could the Avalon of Five Elements withstand the battle between these two powerful families? After this battle, what would become of the Avalon of Five Elements?

No one knew what would happen. It was as if there was nobody that could stop these two behemoths.

When the surrounding elemental energy was completely depleted, it became a extremely miserable for the elementalists in the vicinity. To the Sacrificial Guards, not only was this torture, it was a nightmare as well.

Every time the rhythmic breathing was heard, a body would collapse.

Possessing a speed so fast that it sent despair into one's heart and completely dominating the surrounding elemental energy, Fu Huaien was definitely winning the battle right now. The Sacrificial Guards had been through extremely harsh training, and they had extreme willpower and fighting spirit. However, when they faced Fu Huaien's continuous attacks, their defensive line faltered and was on the verge of collapse.

Ling Yun's facial expression changed.

Fu Huaien was burning his vitality and could not last long. Initially, Ling Yun hoped to endure until Fu Huaien's dragon body crumbled, but he could not wait any longer now. Once the defensive line formed by Sacrificial Guards collapsed, he would be defeated.

The deployment of the Sacrificial Guards by the Ling Residence would definitely lead to many criticisms. However, if the Ling Residence could not obtain revenge even after they utilized the Sacrificial Guards, then it would spell much deeper trouble for them.

The Ling Residence's prestige would suffer a devastating decline. Their allies and vassal families would feel that the Ling Residence was strong in appearance, but weak in reality if they lacked the ability to even retaliate. No one would pledge allegiance to a weak family, just like how no one would choose a weak family as an ally.

In this predatory world, the weaklings would become food for the predators.

A look of determination appeared on Ling Yun's face. As a member of the Ling Residence, not only did the fate of the Ling Residence depend on him, but the fate of the Ling Family's descendants as well.

A high-profile battle like this would definitely attract a lot of attention. He had to resolve this battle in the shortest time possible. If Ye Lin's reinforcements were to arrive, this mission would be a complete failure.

The Fu Family was not the only one that possessed desperate measure like the [Green Dragon Art].

Ling Yun's hair turned snow-white at a visible rate before beginning to stand upright and point skyward. His skin rapidly turned pale-white as well. A dark red mark, which was bright and glistening, appeared on his glabella.

With a twist of his body, a streak of white light flashed across everyone's eyes and collided ferociously with the fleeting green light on the battlefield.


The impact from the collision crushed the surrounding sturdy walls and half of the courtyard into fine powder.

Everyone was shocked by the impact of the collision between the two combatants. They quickly retreated from the dueling duo.

Both of them fought each other with force, neither prepared to back away.

Everyone's attention was on the battle between Fu Huaien and Ling Yun.

No one had noticed that Chu Zhaoyang, who was in a deep trouble in one corner of the courtyard, was beginning to show signs of turning the tables.

No one other than Xiao Shuren.

Xiao Shuren had been secretly observing Chu Zhaoyang.

Ai Hui had never fought with enemies that specialized in joint attacks. Due to his inexperience, he was caught up in a bitter struggle from the start.

The combined assault from the three people put immense pressure on Ai Hui, forcing him into a passive position. However, such a pressurized situation also stimulated Ai Hui's fighting spirit. He had an unswerving determination and was not afraid of pressure. Pressure forced him to be more focused. He had no choice but to think at a faster speed as well as use extreme and risky moves to win the battle.

The form of his swordplay began to change.

The last time Ai Hui fought with Su Huaijun, he had to restrain a lot of his inspirations. After a few days, he tried to regain the inspirations he had touched upon the fight, but failed to do so. The inspirations and ideas just shuttled to and fro in his brain until today or, to be exact, until just a moment ago.

The joint attacks from the three opponents were well-coordinated. The time interval between each attack was very short, so short that Ai Hui almost could not ward them off. To break out of this predicament, Ai Hui had to execute his sword moves faster than his opponents' attacks!

As fast as a lightning bolt, the Silverfold Plum moved nimbly and gracefully in his hand. His [Six Moons] technique was changing its form endlessly. Streaks of silvery light swirled around him, appearing and disappearing at random.

His swordplay was not complicated, but simple and clean. Usually, one would find it extremely hard to withstand his attacks.

The three person team that attacked Ai Hui was complaining incessantly. The dancing streaks of sword gleam flew at an extreme speed and came from all sorts of weird angles. A moment of carelessness would cause one to be injured by them.

In the past, Ai Hui could control flying daggers. However, these daggers were made up of solid matter while the [Six Moons]'s sword gleams were formed by elemental energy. The sword gleams were as light as a feather and several times faster than the flying daggers.

As such, the difficulty of controlling the sword gleams was also higher.

As Ai Hui's control over the sword gleams improved, the [Six Moons]'s destructive power increased sharply as well. Ai Hui, who previously was outnumbered, began to turn the tables on his enemy. The three Sacrificial Guards looked as if they were facing seven swordsmen in one go.

This was not the only breakthrough Ai Hui had obtained. Along with Ai Hui himself, the six crescent moon shaped gleams formed by the Silverfold Plum just happened to form the exact number of entities needed to activate the [Big Dipper]. As his ability to control the sword gleams increased, his understanding of sword formations escalated in an instant.

Other than the [Big Dipper Sword Formation], how many more variations could the Silverfold Plum and the six sword gleams derive?

Next, he thought of the [Fragmented Porcelain Sword Formation]. What would the power of a simple [Fragmented Porcelain Sword Formation] be like?

How about the [Yin Yang Sword Formation]? Could the Silverfold Plum be used as a central axis while the six sword gleams formed three Yin Yang rings? Or could he form three huge circular Yin and three huge circular Yang sword gleams?

If he excluded the Silverfold Plum, then would it not be possible for the six sword gleams to attempt the [Plum Blossom Count]?


Inspirations popped up in his brain one by one. The long-awaited feeling of contentment overwhelmed Ai Hui. The movement of the Silverfold Plum became increasingly refined, swift, and erratic. There were times where wind and fire would arise, while other times a dancing rain of razor-sharp sword consciousness would form.

His brain was overflowing with inspirations. Ai Hui, who was completely absorbed in his enlightenment, could not stop what he was doing. The Silverfold Plum became alive in his hand and came up with unpredictable forms of swordplay.

The three pitiful Sacrificial Guards were continuously ravaged by Ai Hui's successive unpredictable sword moves. There were a few times when they were about to call for help, but Ai Hui's offense would weaken and give them a chance to gasp for breath. This happened several times. Eventually, they began to suspect that Chu Zhaoyang was doing this on purpose,

They felt as if there was a noose on each of their necks, tightening and loosening at random.

By now, Ai Hui did not know what he was doing. He was completely immersed in the inspirations in his mind.

Slowly, the three Sacrificial Guards realized that Chu Zhaoyang's swordplay was not really stable. Could he be trying out new sword moves on them? The three of them felt somewhat humiliated, but heaved a sigh of relief at the same time. Chu Zhaoyang's swordsmanship was really powerful and really unpredictable. If he was in his peak form, the three of them would have been dead.

As Chu Zhaoyang's swordplay became stable once more, the noose around their necks tightened.

The three Sacrificial Guards clenched their teeth and endured the incoming attacks. From their experience, if they could endure a bit longer, Chu Zhaoyang's swordplay would slacken very soon.

Clink, clink, clink!

The densely-packed sounds of the collisions between the sword gleams and their weapons was suffocating. The thing that struck terror in three of them was that Chu Zhaoyang's swordplay did not slacken. Instead, it became increasingly sharp and precise.

Swish, swish, swish!

Three human heads flew up into the air at the same time. A terrified look still remained on their faces.

A few streaks of white light intertwined in the air. The razor-sharp sword gleams looked as if they were even going to rip a hole through the dimensions of space.

Ai Hui's vision became clear and bright once more.

At this moment, there was an earth-shaking explosion.

Ling Yun's right arm was severed, dripping fresh blood all over his body. He glared at Fu Huaien, who was standing opposite him.

The body of Fu Huaien, who was covered in dragon scales, began to collapse. His legs were fracturing into numerous green crumbs. The disintegration process began from his legs and traveled upward.

His green glowing eyes had regained the warmth of a human, but it was time for him to bid farewell.

He smiled at his tearful daughter. Just as he opened his mouth and was about to say his last words, the disintegration process reached his face.

Before he could say anything, he disappeared along with the wind.