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Chapter 356: Gift Him A Blow

 Chapter 356: Gift Him A Blow

Translator: Irene Editor: X/TYZ

The atmosphere was grave and suffocating.

There was a very stern expression on everybody's faces. The main hall was absolutely quiet and only Fu Sisi's sobs could be heard.

Ai Hui lowered his head. All eyes were on him, and it felt as though he was being stabbed by knives.

Madam Ye's usual smile vanished as well. She spoke with a stern face and threatening look on her face, "I did not expect you two to have this kind of relationship. It isn't something for me to get involved in, but when one of you is calling me aunt and the other is a teacher in my residence, I can't just sit and watch as if it's none of my business. So let's talk. What are you two planning to do?"


Ai Hui felt like dying. If he'd known that this 1,200 Heaven Merit Points was going to be so troublesome, he absolutely wouldn't have accepted it. But on second thought, it was a huge sum and it would be unrealistic of him to expect a smooth ride.

With this thought, Ai Hui was set.

Fu Sisi's feeble voice sounded in the hall.

"I... I'm not actually expecting anything. If he doesn't want to marry into the family, so be it. We could've come up with solutions together so why was he so quick to sever all ties?"

Ai Hui instantly felt the looks thrown at him becoming sharper and more murderous.

Ai Hui was crying bitterly inside. What a scheming woman!

Her wretchedness immediately evoked great sympathy! What would you do if this young lady had already resorted to such trickery?

He was in big trouble!

His head throbbed.

It was his first time meeting such a lady.

Money-losing Deal was the most candid and readable lady. She would spare you the trouble of guessing and just show you with her fists. One Thousand Yuan was the most unpredictable lady. She was vicious and sly. There was no need to guess her thoughts since it would be fruitless. Fu Sisi surprised him the most. She was, in reality, completely different from how she appeared. She looked harmless and upright, but was in fact dangerous and secretive.

Thinking about his time in Peace City when he had even thought that this lady was generous and graceful.

How naive and silly he had been.

Madam Ye turned her gaze to Ai Hui and asked, "Zhaoyang, what do you say?"

Ai Hui's brain was spinning rapidly. This was definitely a big hole and jumping into it would mean broken bones and a horrible death. The Ling residence, the Fu family and the Ye residence were all big shots. If he were to enter this massive maelstrom, his small frame would be torn apart in no time.

But he must not offend the Ye residence either, since he had not obtained the notebook yet.

Ai Hui could infer much from Hua Kui's attitude toward the Ye residence. He suspected that the Assembly of Patriarchs was highly dependent on Madam Ye's care. Otherwise, why would the Grass Hall fawn over her?

If he offended Madam Ye, he would definitely cause trouble in the Grass Hall, making it even more difficult for him to find the notebook he had been looking for.

It was wiser to offend her after getting ahold of those notebook.

What should he do now?

Just then, the housekeeper rushed in.

"Teacher, Young Master Ling Xiao has been attacked by an assassin and is seriously injured. His guards are all dead."

Everyone was shocked beyond belief. They looked toward Fu Sisi and Chu Zhaoyang in unison.

Madam Ye's expression changed a few times. The couple had just parted ways with Ling Xiao and now he was severely injured by an assassin. There was something seriously amiss here.

Fu Sisi's face turned as white as a sheet. She did not want to marry Ling Xiao out of fear that the Fu family would be swallowed up by the Ling family. Since the latter was strong while the former was weak, the Ling residence had an excuse to deal with the Fu family now that Ling Xiao was seriously hurt.

Ai Hui's expression worsened. He had just gotten into a brawl with Ling Xiao, and Ling Xiao was attacked soon after. How was he going to clear his name? Plus, the Ling residence would not even care if he was the one behind the assassination. A small shrimp like him was best used as a warning against potential perpetrators.

Another guard spoke up urgently. "Madam, the Ling residence's people are here and wish for you to hand them over. They assert that both of them are involved in Ling Xiao's assassination attempt."

Fu Sisi's face paled even more. She had not expected things to play out this way. The Ling residence's agitation was akin to that of a crazy beast, and the Fu family could very possibly become the first sacrifice.

Ai Hui felt thoroughly down on his luck, but he remained calm since he was already prepared to escape. He would have to think of an alternative method of obtaining the notebook from the Hall of Ancient Records.

The pitiful Chu Zhaoyang was going to feel to the other end of the world soon.

Thinking about how the false identity he had fostered over the years was about to die, all he could do was sigh.

As the saying goes, people die for money while chickens die for food. This applied to his alias as well.

Madam Ye replied coldly, "The Ling residence is really demanding. Do they think they're the Elders Guild? Or do they see me as a widow who can be trampled on? Tell their people to get an order from the Elders Guild before coming over."

Ai Hui gave Madam Ye an astonished look. She was usually soft and gentle, but right now, she sounded extremely domineering. It all made sense now since he was a teacher in the Ye residence. In front of the Ling residence, the Ye residence would definitely not appear weak. Without concrete evidence, Madam Ye would protect the family with all that she had instead of surrendering.

Ai Hui relaxed immediately.

Who would attempt an assassination at such a critical juncture?


The streets were in a chaotic state, and the ground was still covered in bloodstains and corpses, displaying the evident intensity of the battle. People observed from afar because no one dared to come close to the scene. They discussed in low voices instead. Which family had been brave enough to pull the Ling residence's beard? Some felt rueful over Silver City's plight. How long had it been since such a huge incident happened here?

A few figures whizzed down from the sky and landed.

The two persons turned out to be Tong Gui and Yu Jin. Seeing the Ling residence's emblem on the guards' uniform, their gazes changed. They saw the surprise in each other's eyes.

Dealing such a huge blow to a Ling residence's descendent in Silver City... how far would they have to trace this matter back to?

Fights between aristocratic families were irreconcilable, but there was a certain mutual understanding. For example, not assassinating the sons of the families was an unwritten rule. To the aristocratic families, a momentary benefit could not be placed on par with the continuation of a family's genealogy. Families rose and fell, but the continuation of the family line never failed to bring hope.

Any family that broke this unwritten rule would be the target of public criticism.

Now, such a vile thing had actually happened in Silver City.

Both could feel a storm brewing.

Yu Jin checked the guards' corpses and said rapidly, "The perpetrator must have blended into the crowd and attacked from the side. There were also archers lying in ambush above the shops on both sides of the street. The attack was very intense, and they had no time to retaliate. The opponent's target was Ling Xiao. Look at the arrowheads."

The densely packed holes on the ground formed a circular, but irregular shape.

Most arrows had been blocked by the guards' bodies, but the attack was concentrated, so Ling Xiao's injuries must be pretty significant." Yu Jin rose and looked at Tong Gui. "They want him dead."

Tong Gui muttered to himself, "Who would want his life?"

Yu Jin gave no answer, but continued, "The perpetrator is very experienced. The arrows he used are ordinary and without any symbols."

Just then, a subordinate came forward to give his report. "Sir, after checking with those nearby, they mentioned that there were numerous perpetrators. Upon completing their task, they escaped through the underground canal.

Tong Gui immediately ordered, "Form a group to check on each and every exit of the underground canal. Take suspicious characters down. Send another group to search within the canal."


The subordinate flew off immediately.

Yu Jin gave Tong Gui a look. "Only local families would be familiar with such a canal."

Immediately upon completing his sentence, a bunch of aggressive fellows, led by Ling Sheng, dashed over.

Without even looking at the both of them, Ling Sheng walked toward the corpses with an ashen face and started examining them.

Shortly after, he stood up and looked at them coldly. "If I recall correctly, the Sky Edge division has recently been in charge of Silver City's defense. The Sky Edge division has evidently been neglecting its duty for such a nasty thing to happen here. The division must take responsibility. You guys wait."

Tong Gui responded lazily, "As you wish."

Ling Sheng was furious. His eyes spat fire, but he said nothing and led his team away instead.

Seeing Ling Sheng's disappearing figure, both also started to realize the severity of this matter.

"They are heading toward... the Ye residence?"

"It's been rumored that a swordsmanship instructor got involved with Fu Sisi and both had just been in conflict with Ling Xiao before he was attacked. Earlier, the Ling residence sent people to the Ye residence to get ahold of the suspects, but were rejected by Madam Ye."

"Is Ling Sheng planning to barge in?" Tong Gui shook his head. "Things are about to get real messy."


The Ye residence.

Ai Hui thought hard about who the perpetrator could be, but to no avail. All right, no point in thinking if it's not working out. Silver City's waters ran too deep. For a small shrimp swimming in the big ocean, there were other things to worry about. Letting his worried heart calm down, Ai Hui loosened his mind.

Objectively, the Fu family and him were all victims. There was no evidence to prove their relations, and Madam Ye absolutely would not back down. If the Ye residence was unable to protect Fu Sisi and himself, the Great Elder's authority and power would be obliterated, something unacceptable in the eyes of the Great Elder.

This gave the Fu family an opportunity to rely on the Great Elder's support.

Seeing Fu Sisi return to her usual state, Ai Hui knew that this scheming woman had realized this too.

Just then, a furious voice roared from the sky, "Ye Lin! Hand over that adulterous pair and I'll disregard this matter!"

The voice was like exploding thunder, its volume reaching far and wide.

Ling Sheng, who was in the sky, brought along a bunch of murderous-looking guards. Looking mighty and powerful, it seemed as though he was ready to crush this old house into pieces.

Unexpectedly, Ye Lin retained her usual disposition and even had a faint smile on her face. Except that this smile was exceptionally cold.

"Our ancestors were right: the kind get bullied," she mumbled to herself with a casual expression on her face. "I'm the only widowed mother in the Ye residence, so people often think they can trample on me as they wish. They forget the Avalon's origins. They forget that all elementalists owe their lives today to the Ye family!"

Finishing her sentence, her expression turned cold and murderous.

"Gift him a blow."

A loud rumble could be heard in the Ye residence. It was as if a monster had been awakened from a thousand years of deep sleep.