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Chapter 352: Madam Ye’s Background

 Chapter 352: Madam Ye's Background

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"What does she mean? What is she trying to say? Despicable!"

A sharp, hysterical voice traveled from the Golden Eagle Study Room as the servants stood outside quietly in fear. From what they remembered, they had never seen Madam lose control.

Inside the study room, Madam Ling's face was beet red, her long hair spread out like angry water plants, and her chest heaved.

She glared at her own husband with a vicious gaze, as if looking at a mortal enemy.

Ling Sheng quivered and tilted his head subconsciously to avoid eye contact.

Madam Ling gradually stopped panting as her anger faded. She regained her usual composed and virtuous self. She held the teacup up gently, placed it by her mouth, and pursed her lips, revealing their plumpness and fresh red color.

"Finally, Ye Lin no longer wants to be alone." Ling Sheng laughed grimly.

Ling Sheng hesitated for a moment before asking, "But why? Is Widow Ye relying on Dai Gang? Or the Blood of God? Impossible. Could it be that she's interested in the ancient treasure? Xiao Shuren entering the Ye residence means that she will be attacked from all sides. Widow Ye isn't such a brainless person."

"You're not wrong." Madam Ling nodded. She knew very well that her long time rival was not an easy target and said coldly, "If she was interested in the ancient treasure, she would've launched a sneak attack instead of creating such a huge commotion. Where did she get her confidence from?"

Ling Sheng cried out in alarm, "Could it be the Great Elder?"

Madam Ling's faced changed, and as they made eye contact, both could see the shock in each other's eyes.

They were already convinced that this matter was incited and instructed by the Great Elder or there was no way Ye Lin would be so flamboyant about it.

If this was true, what message was the Great Elder trying to convey?

Both were smart people who quickly grasped the significance within, and their expressions worsened.


Grass Hall, seventh floor.

Ai Hui diligently thumbed through note after note. While he was still unable to find the notebook the old man was talking about, he had gained a lot.

In fear of missing something, he chose to flip through the books one by one.

All kinds of strange notes and bizarre personal letters expanded his horizons, and he often read them with keen interest and pleasure.

For example, he saw many kinds of travel notes written by seniors who had stayed many years in the Wilderness to seek their fortunes. Some spent more than 10 years going to the deepest part of the Wilderness and even found antique relics. These relics were very similar in composition to those from the Avalon of Five Elements, so these seniors made a bold guess that the Avalon had its origins in this place.

There were all sorts of similar speculations, which made Ai Hui feel that the seniors from the Assembly of Patriarchs were not as reliable in the past.

Of course, these were just interesting topics to talk about.

Ai Hui also saw some notes regarding fusion elemental energy. These notes recorded some initial thoughts on it as well as all sorts of conjectures. He could tell that fusion elemental energy definitely was not studied by one person, but by many researchers. Only through a significantly long period of analyzing had fusion elemental energy become what it was known as today.

The more Ai Hui thought about it, the more apprehensive he became toward the Assembly of Patriarchs. They were not as simple as he had thought.

The words on the notes he was holding started becoming blurry. Ai Hui knew that his fusion elemental energy was nearly exhausted. Although he wanted to continue reading, he had no choice but to exit the Grass Hall.

The scene before him vanished in a puff of smoke, while the green and the tender Patriarch grass sprouted up, full of vitality.

Still not enough fusion elemental energy, Ai Hui thought as he shook his head and walked out of the room.

The sun shone brightly outside. Ai Hui squinted his eyes and saw a group of people practicing hard in the training grounds.

A few fellows with sharp eyes immediately adopted a more focused look during training upon seeing Teacher Chu's appearance.

They had never seen a teacher like him.

Teacher was strong, irritable, and wild, especially when he charged toward them during the match. If he was merely this, he would just be a weedy man. Such weedy people were all cannon fodder, fated to die by the hands of others.

Yet, Teacher Chu absolutely was not a weedy person. He was completely despicable and treacherous, seeking and prioritizing nothing but personal profit.

Among the students, even the stingiest fellow had already spent over a hundred heaven merit points on Teacher Chu. Teacher Chu charged fees for all kinds of made up things like "sincerity." Just hearing this word made everyone ache.

Ever since the collapse of the Avalon's currency, it had quickly been replaced by essence elemental beans. Other than that, the deal allowing Heaven Merit Points to be used instantly turned it into the highest-end currency, causing a rapid circulation.

As the highest-end currency, its value was extremely high.

Most of the students had never spent so many Heaven Merit Points, so the ache they felt was beyond piercing.

What angered them more was the fact that Teacher Chu was incomparably lazy. He often arranged a big bunch of training content and made them self-practice while he, himself, would go back to his room to sleep.

He even encouraged them to snitch on anyone that goofed off. Such a contemptible and crafty trick was as disgusting as the fake smile on his face.

Ai Hui was strolling leisurely along the sides of the training arena. He felt that the life he was leading now was really good.

With only two days of effort, he had already received 1,400 Heaven Merit Points, an amount that would cause many to be envious. Plus, he could be idle and did not need to watch them all day long. Such good days were simply too comfortable.

These rich and hardworking students were the best!

As he scanned across the training ground, his gaze finally landed on Xiaobao.

Xiaobao surprised him the most. He had wisdom like that of a child, but was gifted and matchless in swordsmanship. He was naturally very sensitive to swords, and the level of his swordplay was already rather solid.

Only after asking Xiaobao did Ai Hui find out that he had been taught by a lady. Despite Ai Hui's continuous questioning, Xiaobao was not able to share her name. Ai Hui guessed she was the Karakorum Sword League's chief. It seemed that Chief was related to Madam Ye, so she probably visited frequently. It would not be a surprise, then, that she imparted skills to Xiaobao.

Ai Hui spent the most effort guiding Xiaobao.

Xiaobao had the heart of a young child and was kind and naive, traits that Ai Hui liked the most.

Ai Hui glanced across the field and his gaze landed on the "Fu" family's oldest daughter. No, "Fu" was a false surname. Her real surname was Fu(note: written differently in chinese), Fu Sisi.

Fu Sisi was the complete opposite of Xiaobao when it came to talent. Her talent in swordplay was incomparably lacking. While she was exceptionally diligent, she improved the slowest among all students.

Previously, Ai Hui was worried that Fu Sisi would be able to recognize him, but now, he realized that he had been worrying pointlessly, so he laid his worried heart to rest.

He had heard some rumors about Fu Sisi these past two days.

The Fu family's position was way above the aristocratic families that other students came from. No one could compare. She was always the most eye-catching person around and always attracted the most discussion.

Sanmu Su Family, where Su Huaijun was from, was either declining daily or simply not as good it used to be. To her family, the opportunity to participate in the Master's Glory program was extremely precious.

Madam Ye's capabilities shocked Ai Hui. Of course, he knew about the Master's Glory program. It was Elders Guild's most spirit-raising project.

He had not expected Madam Ye to control an admission slot in Master's Glory. More than one it seemed.

With the Fu family's standing, receiving an entry slot was like hammering a nail into an iron panel, but their entry was for Fu Yonghao, Ai Hui's former student, not Fu Sisi. A marriage had been arranged for Fu Sisi, and it was rumored that she was unwilling, so the Master's Glory became her only chance to escape.

Even those superior to the Fu family would not be able to overlook the existence of a master. In other words, a master's worth far exceeded the value that Fu Sisi's arranged marriage would bring.

Such a pitiful girl.

Ai Hui looked at her sympathetically before turning his head.

Just then, there was a disturbance among the diligently training noble sons and daughters.

"Great Elder!"

"It's the Great Elder!"


Suppressed cries could be heard since they were too excited. They had not expected to see the Great Elder in the Ye residence. It gave them full confidence in this training session.

Ai Hui was stunned. He shifted his gaze and saw Madam Ye standing beside an old man with snow-white hair and a stern face. He was surrounded and well-protected by guards.

This was the Great Elder? The Great Elder of the Avalon of Five Elements?

Ai Hui had speculated a lot about Madam Ye's background, but being related to the Great Elder was simply beyond his imagination!

Who had the most authority in the Avalon? The Great Elder!

The Great Elder was no mere Elder. He became a Master at the age of 28 and was regarded as one of the candidates who had the highest chance of becoming a grandmaster. He then joined the Elders Guild and was the only Elder who never assumed a commanding role. When he turned 40, he started wielding power and became the head of the Elders Guild. Ever since then, his position had never been threatened.

Since all of his heart was placed on government affairs, he had yet to enter a higher realm. His senior, on the other hand, fulfilled his long-cherished wish by becoming a Grandmaster during the Great Elder's second year of leading the guild.

This senior was one of the strongest grandmasters around, An Muda.

The Great Elder had the most power in all of the Avalon of Five Elements, period.


Upon seeing the old man from afar, Xiaobao shouted cheerfully before dashing over.

Ai Hui jolted. He finally understood why these youngsters would come over here to join in the training.

It was not the Great Elder's first time in the Ye residence, so he was very familiar with this place.

Feeling the bright and beautiful sunlight, he was in a good mood. He strolled along while saying in a warm voice, "It's been hard on you to ask you to step in personally."

"Don't say that." Madam Ye responded respectfully yet amiably, "It's no trouble. Having everyone over here in harmony is a good thing too."

The old man nodded. "It'd be great if they're as far-sighted as you. Heh heh, I'm not dead yet, but they already can't wait to collude with Dai Gang. If it'd been five years back..."

There was a murderous tone in his voice.

Madam Ye quickly soothed the situation. "Why bother with people like them?"

"Yeah, there's no way." Great Elder sighed. "I'm old, the Avalon can no longer rise, and this is it. Don't count on them. They have no minds of their own. We will still have to rely on the young generation so guide them and don't hold back."

His gaze fell on the youngsters.


When he saw Xiaobao, who was covered in sweat, running over, his stern gaze immediately softened and turned friendly. "Slow down, slow down. What are you running so fast for?"