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Chapter 349: I Will Give The Sky To You

 Chapter 349: I Will Give The Sky To You

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"It's just a trial and I don't want all of you to destroy this old manor of mine. Therefore, everyone will have to wear a Suppression Bracelet. There's no need for you to execute those ultimate moves that exhaust a lot of elemental energy. Who is up first?"

Madam Ye's tone was relaxed as her gaze swept across everyone.

Expressionless, Ai Hui stood in the arena while holding the Snow Cherry, looking like a statue that gave off an austere aura.

Xiao Shuren's eyes lit up.

She had a deep impression of Chu Zhaoyang. Emotionless, decisive, calm and collected, always planning his next killing move. Auspicious was destroyed by him. If not for him, she definitely would not have led such an arduous life like this.

The current Chu Zhaoyang was exactly the same as the one from her memory.

The change in Chu Zhaoyang's demeanour began from the moment Madam Ye announced the reward.

Xiao Shuren thought pensively. It seemed that only practical benefits could move Chu Zhaoyang.

Honestly speaking, she also did not expect Madam Ye to be so generous. She actually used a rare artifact like Star Reaper as a reward for such an ordinary competition.

Was this the might of a legitimate aristocratic family?

Xiao Shuren felt a cold shiver go down her spine.

A tall and sturdy teenager stepped out, "I will be the first one."

A delightful look appeared on Madam Ye's face as she encouraged that teenager, "Gui Hu, good job!"

Everyone began to cheer for that teenager.

"Ah Hu, come on!"

"Defeat him!

"Let him have a taste of your strength!"


The teenager grinned as a glint of battle fervor flashed across his eyes.

Among this group of young masters and mistresses, Gui Hu's family background wasn't really impressive. However, he was brave, aggressive, determined and resolute. He clearly understood how important this opportunity was and he had to make an all-out effort.

As Gui Hu spread his arms, all his muscles bulged out of his clothes. His fingers were like iron pincers, giving off a bright metallic lustre. Vigorous elemental energy flowed through his blood vessels. Blub blub blub. His blood vessels sounded like a monster swallowing its saliva. A violent and powerful aura was emitted from his body.

All the teenagers had their faces turned solemn as they silently trembled in fear.

Gui Hu's body tempering had actually reached such a high level. His body had attained Silver Marrow Completion and was beginning to step into Golden Blood Completion.

Copper Skin, Iron Muscles, Steel Bones, Silver Marrow, Golden Blood.

When one attained Golden Blood Completion, it implied that his or her level of body tempering had been maxed out.

A look of approval appeared on Madam Ye's face as well. The painstaking work that was needed to achieve such a high level of body tempering would make one flinch.

Such determination was hard to come by.

"Big Chu, come on!" Xiaobao suddenly yelled.

An awkward silence swept across the arena. No one expected Xiaobao to cheer for Chu Zhaoyang.

From the arena, Ai Hui waved to Xiaobao. He casually brandished the Snow Cherry in his right hand, looking as if he was stretching his joints.

Ai Hui remained expressionless. No one could tell what he was thinking.

"This fellow is indeed motivated by only wealth," the old woman whispered to Madam Ye with a smile on her face, "If Madam never took out the Star Reaper as a reward, this fellow would be thinking of ways to leave this place."

"Being avaricious is not a weakness. As long as one is wise and just, it's okay even if he or she is avaricious," Madam Ye laughed involuntarily.

"Madam is right," the old woman nodded her head, "Now we don't need to be worried that he won't reveal his true skills. It's a pity Karakorum Savant is not free, otherwise it would be much better to let her teach these kids instead."

"Chu Zhaoyang is no different from her," Madam Ye continued, "Let him put up a good show for everyone."

"Yes," the old woman replied.

At this moment, Gui Hu bent his knees slightly and jumped straight for the arena. He flew twenty metres through the air and landed steadily in the arena. Just this move alone sent the crowd into an uproar. Everyone could clearly see that Gui Hu's leap did not use any elemental energy at all. The leap depended solely on his physical strength. This showed how powerful his physical body was.

Viciousness was written all over Gui Hu's face as his copper bell-like eyes stared at Ai Hui. Just as he revealed a sinister smile and was about to speak, Ai Hui suddenly asked, "Are you ready?"

Gui Hu's rhythm was disrupted and he froze. At this moment, Ai Hui struck out.

A streak of crimson sword light gleamed suddenly before Gui Hu.

Apparently, Gui Hu had underestimated Ai Hui's degree of slyness. He could only cross his forearms and protect his face.

Unexpectedly, the sword gleam suddenly curved and pierced towards Gui Hu's chest.

Gui Hu's reaction was extremely fast. With one hand protecting his throat, he spread open the palm of his other hand and aimed for the sword gleam with lightning speed.

His palm was brimming with elemental energy, making it impenetrable.

He caught it!

Gui Hu was overjoyed. The strength of his palm was terrifyingly powerful. There was once he broke an enemy's weapon with his bare hands. The moment he caught his enemy's weapon, he would gain control over the tempo of the battle.

However, right now, he felt as if he had caught a mud fish that was slipping out of his hand.

A sharp and intense gush of chilliness suddenly blasted his body. Gui Hu's heart tightened as if it was being frozen by the blast of chilliness.

The sword gleam was heading straight for his heart.

Gui Hu was shocked and enraged. He opened up his palm and tried to smack the body of the sword.

It was as if Ai Hui had expected Gui Hu's attack. The crimson sword suddenly sprung up.


A crisp explosion resounded through the air.

Together with his sword, Ai Hui plunged into the ground. His Snow Cherry was stuck in the ground, looking extremely pathetic.

"He's not really that good!"

"That's right, he dares to be our teacher with that kind of standard?"

A disapproving look appeared on many people's faces.

Gui Hu's body was sent flying into the air by the recoil. He heaved a sigh of relief. The chilliness from Chu Zhaoyang's sword created a misperception in him that he was going to get pierced. Fear still lingered in him.

However, that fellow must not have enjoyed his attack as well.

Gui Hu was feeling slightly pleased with himself. He lowered his head and looked at the ground. When he saw Chu Zhaoyang pull his sword from the ground and stretch his shoulder, he felt even more pleased with himself.

On the ground, Ai Hui was stretching his shoulder while looking at Gui Hu in the sky,

This boy's strength is rather huge!

His shoulder was sore and numb. This fellow's strength was terrifying. Ai Hui felt Fatty might be the only person to beat this guy in terms of strength.

Looking in the direction that Gui Hu was falling, Ai Hui exerted force through the balls of his feet and dashed forward. On the way, he passed the sword to his left hand.

When Gui Hu saw Ai Hui dashing to the spot where he was going to land, he did not panic, and just bent his legs and sucked in his stomach.

A streak of sword gleam shot up from the ground towards him.

Sure enough. Gui Hu sneered. The elemental energy in his entire body began to surge. Suddenly, his bent legs straightened abruptly and he shot down with his feet pointing downward.

The anticipated collision did not occur. He felt as if he had landed on an elastic web. He went deeper and deeper, and then...

The surrounding scenery became a fleeting blur. He was being sprung up into the air once more!

This time around, he flew even higher up than before, at least eighty metres above the ground. From his perspective, Chu Zhaoyang had become a tiny figure.

Gui Hu was at a loss. Around him, there was nothing but air. A mysterious panic began to extend throughout his mind. He had no azure wings!

Without azure wings, he lacked the ability to fly.

Actually, even if he had azure wings, they would not be of much use. Flying had always been his shortcoming as he placed all his attention on body tempering. He felt that his body alone could crush and destroy everything.

However, right now, he could not find anything to hold onto or step on in the empty sky.

Without something to hold onto, he was like a massive weight. No matter how massive or sturdy he was, he was still a weight that could be smashed to pieces if he landed on the ground.

Gui Hu wasn't stupid. He immediately knew what Chu Zhaoyang was trying to do. His facial expression changed drastically but he still could not think of any solution.

On the ground, Chu Zhaoyang was stretching his shoulder once more. Clearly, the odd sword move he executed just now was taxing to his body. This gave Gui Hu a glimpse of hope. The higher he sprung up, the stronger the collision force would be on the way down. How many more times could Chu Zhaoyang catch him?

Ai Hui stretched his left arm and passed the sword to his right hand.

When he raised his head and looked at the sky, he saw Gui Hu had turned from panicky to calm and collected. When Gui Hu got into the same previous position and prepared to dive down, a grin flashed across Ai Hui's face.

Alright, I will give you the sky.

Without any hesitation, he appeared directly below Gui Hu.

Just like before, a similar sword gleam appeared. Gui Hu channelled all his elemental energy as he bombarded the sword gleam.

And just like before, he felt as if he had landed on a solid but elastic net. Once again, the net sprung him up into the sky. This time around, he flew up even higher.

Gui Hu continued to bombard Ai Hui.

Ai Hui continued to spring Gui Hu up into the sky.

After a few rounds, Gui Hu, who was being sprung up into the sky, still wanted to continue. Suddenly, Chu Zhaoyang yelled from below, "Hey, I am not catching you this time around."

Can't hold on anymore? You're dead. Gui Hu sneered in his heart.

His body continued to ascend through the air. When he looked back at the ground, Chu Zhaoyang had become a small black dot.

Ai Hui stepped far away from the spot that Gui Hu was going to land on.

Eh? Why was he so far away from the ground?

More than two hundred metres above the ground...

Gui Hu suddenly realized what was going on and his face turned deathly pale. More than two hundred metres above the ground!

Even if his body tempering had attained the level of Silver Marrow Completion and his body was comparable to that of a dire beast, he would still be smashed to smithereens when falling from two hundred metres above the ground.

The more frightening thing was that the scenery on the ground was expanding rapidly in his vision as he fell towards the ground...

He had never come so close to death before.


A blood-curdling scream resounded through the air.

A figure flew across the air out of nowhere and caught the falling Gui Hu. To Ai Hui's surprise, it was the figure that had directed him to his living quarters.

Not bad.

Ai Hui cast a glance at the servant. In his eyes, the Ye Residence had become increasingly inscrutable. A random servant already possessed such a large amount of strength. Was this the might of a true aristocratic family?

The onlookers were dumbstruck. A lot of people had yet to know what was going on,

However, when they saw the gaze of Ai Hui, their faces turned solemn. Everyone who faced Gui Hu before knew that it was impossible to defeat him so easily.

When the servant landed on the ground, one could see the deathly pale face of Gui Hu. He had yet to recover from the fear of encountering death.

Clap, clap, clap!

Applause could be heard. It was Madam Ye. With her face brimming with admiration, she stood up and clapped loudly, "Marvellous! Outstanding! Not only does Mr Chu have amazing swordsmanship, your strategy is exceptionally unique as well! Ingenious!"

Xiaobao was at a loss. However, when he saw his mother start clapping, he clapped with enthusiasm as well.

Xiao Shuren had seen Chu Zhaoyang's fighting methods before. However, when she saw them once more this time around, she was still filled with astonishment.

Following which, Madam Ye turned her head around and encouraged the pale Gui Hu, "Ah Hu, don't be too discouraged. Losing to Mr Chu today is a good thing for you. Isn't losing to him better than losing to your enemies in a real battlefield? You're so young and yet you have developed your body tempering to such a refined level, you will definitely have a limitless future."

"Thank you Madam for the pointers!" Gui Hu returned to his senses and thanked Madam Ye.

"Drink some tea, have a rest and take a look at other people's performances. Who is up next?


A cold and calm voice rang across the air. A pretty and petite figure appeared on the arena. It was Su Huaijun!

Ai Hui had a slight headache.