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Chapter 345: Sword Glint And Tranquil Night Breeze

 Chapter 345: Sword Glint And Tranquil Night Breeze

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To become a true Master, one must fulfill two conditions. The first condition was to reach the Three Elemental Realm. The second condition was to create an absolute art. These two conditions were mandatory.

After one attained elemental externalization, he or she would have to focus on controlling and channelling elemental energy from the natural environment. Elementalists that had attained elemental externalization must first learn how to control the elemental energy of their base type. For example, Ai Hui, who was a metal elementalist, could control the metal elemental energy in the wind or the scattered metal elemental energy in the ground.

As an elementalist's control over elemental energy improved, not only could he control the elemental energy of his base type, he could also draw and convert other types of elemental energy that engendered his base type.

For example, after Ai Hui had increased his base level, he could draw and convert earth elemental energy into metal elemental energy, thereby strengthening himself.

Duanmu Huanghun's [Perennial Lock] made use of this logic as well. He drew water elemental energy from the ground to nourish his own wood elemental energy.

This was also known as the Two Elemental Realm.

After attaining Two Elemental Realm, an elementalist could eventually draw one more elemental energy type to strengthen himself. This was the Three Elemental Realm. For example, if Ai Hui reached the Three Elemental Realm, he could draw and convert fire elemental energy and earth elemental energy into metal elemental energy.

The ability to draw and utilize all five types of elemental energy was the mark of a Grandmaster. Dai Gang, a Grandmaster, was surrounded by only wood elemental energy.

The unique characteristic of Three Elemental Realm was the reason why it became one of the two necessary conditions for becoming a Master. When an elementalist reached the Three Elemental Realm, he was no longer restrained by the cycle of the five elements.

If Ai Hui was to attain the Three Elemental Realm, he would be able to control fire, earth, and metal elemental energies. In the past, fire elemental energy happened to be the bane of his metal elemental energy. As such, if he attained the Three Elemental Realm, he would no longer be restrained by fire elemental energy. This also implied that his control over natural elemental energies had reached a new level.

Reaching Three Elemental Realm allowed one to be filled with vigorous elemental energy. The inheritances that everyone practiced were focused on where this vigorous elemental energy could be used and applied. Inheritances could display an elementalist's level of understanding toward elemental energy as well.

The ability to create an absolute art indicated a deep and unique understanding that an elementalist had toward elemental energy.

An absolute art was a way for one to exhibit the "path" he chose to embark on.

It was hard to determine the strength of an individual who was below the level of a Master. Some people had a low elemental energy level, but a strong comprehension of elemental energy. On the contrary, there were other people whose strength could easily be determined just by engaging them in battle.

Right now, there was an unknown number of eyes looking from the shadows at the ongoing war in Karakorum.

Fire Crow was an infamous villain As such, his fighting capabilities were obviously powerful. Having achieved the Three Elemental Realm allowed him to launch his attacks continuously. Nonetheless, even though Jiu Gui was only at Two Elemental Realm, he did not show any sign of being in a disadvantageous position against Fire Crow. He had an abnormally deep understanding ofs elemental energy. His moves were extraordinary and transcended worldliness.

Meanwhile, the mysterious-looking cloaked man was actually a transfigured earth elementalist!

Very soon, Hua Kui could feel the pressure from the cloaked man. His opponent could transform his body at will. Furthermore, his body was made up of an unknown material that gave it immense strength as well as the ability to turn invisible and vanish into thin air.

If not for the traps that Hua Kui had put in the potted plants, he would be in deep trouble. Even so, his current attacks were not really effective against the cloaked man. He had yet to discover the weakness of his opponent.

Both of them were in a deadlocked position.

Meanwhile, the battle between Prince and Ye Shuang was extremely dangerous and sent sparks and flames in all directions.

Both of them were fighting force with force.

Ye Shuang had been suppressed by Prince from the beginning of the battle. Now, he was slowly pulling back the battle. His sleeves were completely torn, revealing two muscular arms in the air. It was at this point in time that the onlookers noticed a dragon tattoo on each of his arms. Suddenly, the dragon tattoos looked as if they came to life. Their eyes gave off a faint glow that pulsated rhythmically.

The might of Ye Shuang's golden wheels became increasingly terrifying.

Prince behaved as if he had not even noticed what was going on with Ye Shuang. The golden-glowing hurricane around his body became thicker and thicker.

The six individuals locked in combat were extremely powerful. Those who covertly watched the ongoing battles were shocked.

Out of the six combatants, they only recognized Fire Crow. They knew nothing about the remaining five.

The cloaked man was a transfigured earth elementalist. Transfigured elementalists were shunned individuals who lived in the dark. As such, there was nothing unusual about the cloaked man being unknown. As for Ye Shuang, one could tell that he was a rookie with a glance. Hence, it was also normal that not many people knew about him.

On the other hand, the three defenders of Karakorum were terrifyingly powerful. Their moves were weird and constantly changing. Most importantly, they had rich combat experience. After having been through countless battles, how was it possible that they were just some ordinary individuals?

However, none of the onlookers knew who these three people were. Those who were well-informed could only link these three with some fragmented information.

However, all the onlookers knew one thing for sure: Karakorum was not as weak as they thought.

A lot of people became solemn as they thought of this, but no one had given up the hope of obtaining the ancient treasure.

Everyone knew that no matter how powerful Karakorum was, it still could not contend against the superpowers.

How many families had taken part in this struggle? Nobody knew the exact number, but they definitely knew that it was huge.

No matter how powerful Karakorum was, under such a situation, their members would be constantly exhausted and weakened. Eventually, they would reveal their vulnerability.

As long as they were patient and waited long enough, they would be able to strike out and reap the fruit of another's hard work after Karakorum's experts were eliminated. Everyone felt that they were the strongest hunter, that they would obtain the ultimate victory.

A shadow silently approached Xiao Shuren's courtyard.

Suddenly, a streak of sword glint swiftly appeared. Its dazzling radiance illuminated the dark night in an instant.

A dazzling flash flew across the air as a human head flew up into the sky. After a moment, blood spurted into the air as a headless corpse fell heavily to the ground, twitching nonstop.

Everyone was stunned by the streak of sword glint.

They had never seen such a dazzling, sharp, and crisp sword glint before.

A long time ago, swordsmanship had collapsed and was made irrelevant by the elemental energy system.

It was only now that the sword glint reminded everyone of the incomparable glory of swordsmen.

Was this true swordsmanship?

No one could clearly identify that sword move. Even Xiao Shuren, who was standing beside the Karakorum Savant, was dumbstruck and overwhelmed with shock. She was completely unable to see how the Karakorum Savant had unleashed her sword move.

The Karakorum Savant sheathed her sword. The veil on her face prevented anyone from seeing her expression, but it was obvious that her eyes were still as tranquil and calm as before.

It was at this point in time that everyone remembered where they were right now.


This name was a new face for the swordsmanship that used to command reverence and respect in the distant past.

Could it be that swordsmanship was on the rise again?


Those hidden onlookers muttered this word repeatedly, revealing fear and excitement on their faces.


Fire Crow was the first one to turn around and retreat. He had no confidence in withstanding that previous sword move.

The cloaked man did not hesitate to escape either. He transformed into a cloudy sandstorm and flew across the air. After flying several hundred meters away from Karakorum, he turned back into his original form and vanished into thin air in the blink of an eye.

After hesitating for a while, Ye Shuang clenched his teeth and turned around to escape as well.

The concealed onlookers scurried back to where they came from like a bunch of rats.

The Hua Kui trio looked at each other. They could see the astonishment in each other's eyes. The Karakorum Savant's amazing sword move had left an unforgettable memory in their heads. They had not expected such an intense battle to end in this fashion.

The battle arrived abruptly and ended abruptly as well. Peace and tranquility returned to the Karakorum Sword League once again.

At this moment, the creaking sound of a door opening could be clearly heard in the quiet Karakorum Sword League.

Everyone turned around at the same time.

The door to the courtyard was pushed open, and Ai Hui stood at the doorstep looking absent-minded. His body wobbled, looking as if he could be blown away by a gust of wind at anytime. With a blank look on his face, he surveyed his surroundings. Clearly, he had not returned to his senses after delving into the world of swordsmanship.

After a while, his eyes slowly regained their focus.

"Eh? What happened? How did things become like this? Why did you demolish the floor and walls for nothing?"

Ai Hui looked surprised by the Karakorum Sword League that had changed beyond recognition. Everything was messed up with debris everywhere. A few lone figures stood nearby.

"Eh? Hua Kui, why are you here? Oh? Are you waiting for me? Has the mission started? Are these two your assistants?"

Ai Hui suddenly realized what was going on.

Hua Kui remained silent as his face turned extremely grave.

Jiu Gui coughed softly, walked to Hua Kui, and patted his shoulder. "Hua Kui, your little fellow is rather interesting. He will have a bright future."

"Hua Kui, it's okay. Your rating is very high."

The relationship between a mentor and a rookie was extremely tight. Usually, a rookie's performance would have a direct impact on his or her mentor's rating.

If a rookie performed really badly, his or her guide's rating would be reduced.

After being teased by Prince and Jiu Gui, Hua Kui's face turned even uglier.

However, he was a shrewd individual after all. He regained his composure after a while and asked calmly, "Did you fall asleep just now?"

"Ha, how could I fall asleep?" Ai Hui quickly shook his head. "I was too engrossed in reading a swordsmanship inheritance. Is the mission going to start soon?"

Hua Kui could not be bothered with him and replied expressionlessly, "Not yet."

"It seems that I came out too early." Ai Hui let out a yawn. Since his body was on the verge of collapsing, he simply just sat his a** down on the ground.

"What progress have you made?" Hua Kui asked casually.

"Great progress. It's truly amazing. I didn't expect that swordsmanship could be used in such ways..." Ai Hui yawned incessantly. He had made huge progress and obtained a lot of revelations. Countless marvellous ideas were spinning in his head. Like a piece of knotted rope, he had a lot questions that he could not untangle. He vaguely remembered that he had a very daring and powerful idea, an idea that would shock everyone...

His brain processed slower and slower as sleepiness continuously seeped into him.

How could he be so tired after reading a swordsmanship inheritance for a while...

Before the fatigued Ai Hui could understand why, he fell into a deep sleep.

Apparently, he had not realized how many days and nights he had spent reading the swordsmanship inheritance. The continuous excitement and deep thinking had greatly exhausted his physical energy. In reality, his body was extremely weary.

Facing the sky, he sprawled on the floor and slept.

After a moment, his snores pervaded the tranquil night breeze, resembling the loud and rhythmic croaks of a frog in pond.