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Chapter 323: Watch the Door

 Chapter 323: Watch the Door

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ/KLKL

Cui Tianzheng observed Shi Xueman. He could vaguely see Shi Beihai's spirit in her perseverance and stubbornness. They even had the same disregard for law and nature.

"Have you considered the consequences?"

His tone was peaceful.

"I did." Shi Xueman said calmly as she met Uncle Cui's gaze.

"Bringing Duanmu Huanghun on board and revealing God-subduing Peak's secret. Using God-subduing Peak without permission, killing Blood of God's diplomatic mission in Jadeite Forest... Have you thought about Elders Guild's reaction?"

Shi Xueman answered in a low voice, "I did. These were my selfish decisions. No one else is to be blamed so I'm willing to take all responsibility for my actions."

Cui Tianzheng looked at her meaningfully. "Why are you so anxious? With your current speed, you can take over your father in another ten years. Twenty years after, and the future of the Avalon of Five Elements will belong to you all. You just have to follow the order. Everything is yours. Be it taking revenge or returning favors, you can act according to your wishes."

"I know," Shi Xueman nodded. "but I also know that once I accept these things, I will have to obey them. I will have to accept whatever task they give me, whether I like it or not. It's not mine if I don't accept it. They need people who are willing to conform."

Duanmu Huanghun, who was standing beside her, laughed silently. He was born into an influential family and knew exactly how Shi Xueman felt.

The one wearing the crown must bear its weight. Good things were either too difficult to get a hold of, or obtained at the expense of everything else.

Cui Tianzheng pleaded earnestly, "Youngsters need patience. What can't be done once you have the power? You have a long life ahead of you."

Shi Xueman shook her head. "I will be old by then. I should do what the twenty year old me wants to when I'm twenty, do what the thirty year old me wants to when I'm thirty, and do what the forty year old me wants to when I'm forty. I should do whatever, whenever I feel like. There's no point waiting. I won't be able to do anything when I'm old."

Duanmu Huanghun was startled by her words.

Cui Tianzheng asked helplessly, "Aren't you afraid of dragging your father down?"

Shi Xueman blinked. "Those were my father's words."

Cui Tianzheng sat mute, only shaking his head after a long time. "Both father and daughter are really worrisome. Okay then, since my duty is to ensure that God-subduing Peak does not fall into enemy hands. You're in charge of everything else, so I'll leave it up to you."

As a Master, Cui Tianzheng held a high position. As for God-subduing Peak being snatched away? He wasn't the least bit worried. Even if Dai Gang were to attempt it personally, he would have to pay a huge price in order to seize it.

"Let's go then."

Shi Xueman commanded straightforwardly.

Citizens of Jadeite Forest were shocked to see God-subduing Peak light up suddenly in the night outside the city.

Whoosh whoosh. The thick and solid old vine was like a chained anchor, freshly pulled up from the sea. On its faint, transparent glowing shield, streaks of dazzling light scars were flickering non-stop.

The giant peak sailed unhurriedly in the sky with its intense elemental energy waves dispersing in the air. The gale swept that across Jadeite City and God-subduing Peak was a gradually migrating elemental energy windstorm.

Could it be that God-subduing Peak was really going to attack Jadeite Forest City?

An intense fear shrouded the city.


Outside Peace City.

A typical yet eye-catching Old Territory-style caravan could be seen.

It was different from the Avalon of Five Elements's. Old Territory was home to a vast jumble of people. The pace of living was slower and many customs and habits from the cultivation era remained here. Of course, in the eyes of people in the Avalon of Five Elements, those traditions were in patches and useless.

There was a shortage of resources and elemental energies was scarce. Additionally, it used to be the core of the Cultivation Era, so there were many artifacts and grotto-heavens left behind by the sects that were now seen as garbage.

Old Territory's patchy style had always been this way - the upper body was covered in sturdy armor that was refined by body-tempering sect from thirty thousand years ago, and the lower body was covered in skirt armor fashioned by some sect from seventy thousand years ago. People carried a cult-ish chopper from an unknown period and they either had a priest hat or conical bamboo hat on their head. Shoes were the most cumbersome; only overflowing luck would allow someone to find a matching pair.

Most wore different shoes on both feet and businessmen racked their brains over this issue. For example, if one had Tigerhead Wind-resistant Shoe on the left foot and Greendragon-On-Cloud Shoe on the right, the combination is called Walking Dragon, Sprinting Tiger. Other shoes like Idlecloud Wild Crane, Double Sword and Flaming Wind Assistance could fetch a good price.

But in these past few years, due to wars, prices rose ridiculously. It was absolutely impossible for things to be like in the past, where items were sold by weight.

Even Silver Mist Sea, which was unlocked twice every month, changed to just once a month. In order to prevent the volume of water from dropping too low, Silver Mist Sea tried to empty out the golden ores to increase the metal elemental energy in the sea.

Old Territory's patchy style had been a topic of ridicule in the Avalon of Five Elements. To them, it represented retrogress, poverty and decay.

Nevertheless, when the Old Territory caravan appeared outside Peace City, many pairs of eyes turned bloodshot. That seemingly patched up bit of treasure was actually worth quite a lot today.

All thanks to that damned Blood of God!

Blood of God practiced blood spiritual force so some artifacts could still function in their hands. This led directly to a price hike in those artifact remnants.

People's eyes were red but no one dared to do anything. For any caravan to move about so boldly in the Avalon of Five Elements, it must not be an easy target. A few guards from the caravan were legitimate elementalists with decent abilities. They were swift and fierce, and their gears were impressive.

"Screw it, why am I feeling a little nervous? Let me have a sweet to calm my nerves."

The leader of the caravan was a solidly armored fatty. He took a malt candy out and popped it into his mouth with a cackling sound.

I have to show Ai Hui the result of three years of hard work!

I haven't just been doing nothing these three years!

A Hui, get ready to be shocked!

He chomped the candy down, gnashing his teeth. He'd been suffering for three bitter years for this moment. He took a deep breath and stopped a passerby.

"Excuse me, may I know how to get to Swordsman Training Hall?"


Swordsman Training Hall entrance.

There were two more figures beside Venerable Volcano this time. Devilish Tong Gui and icily arrogant Yu Jin were in discomfort. The duo had urgently gathered a batch of precious ingredients, finally getting the chance to get a bowl of congee.

But they were called out by Tian Huzun to watch the door with him even before they could step into the training hall.

When Venerable Volcano spoke, none dared to disobey.

The pitiful Sky Edge Division's vice division leaders had never guarded the door for anyone. With eyes on them, both felt uncomfortable all over.

Yet, Tian Huzun directed them non-stop and they had no choice but to lower their heads and obey.

"...Don't let anyone in easily. This is our principle. Look, you guys went to so much effort but have yet to drink the porridge. Others got it so easily, can you bear this? If I were you guys, I wouldn't be able to. Hmm, since Old Yuchi is here, let's just fight first. It's not like we haven't fought anyway."

Cold sweat poured out of their bodies as they tried to breathe as quietly as they could.

Tian Huzun became excited, waving his hand in big motions. "The trick to guarding is to control your eyes! Like a staring contest, you need a fierce gaze so those who are trying to take advantage will cower upon meeting your gaze. As the saying goes, a gentleman is magnanimous whereas a vile person conceals his intention. Hey! Who let you in?"

Already in front of the entrance, the middle-aged man jumped up in fright. His face changed upon getting a clear view of who the three men by the door were.

The middle-aged man instantly gave a charming look and dashed toward Tong Gui and Yu Jin, saying respectfully, "But Tong Gui and Yu Jin? I'm He Cheng, a teacher of Dragonrise Training Hall. The hall owner heard that Miao Hai'd challenged Ai Hui to a battle without reporting to the headquarters and was furious about it. In order to apologize, he specially sent your humble one to prepare a gift that expresses our sincere apologies toward Sir Ai Hui. Who would've thought that I'd be lucky enough to bump into you masters here. How honored..."

He Cheng's tone was passionate and he spoke really fast.

"Dragonrise Training Hall..." A ray of light flashed across Tong Gui's eyes as he made eye contact with Yu Jin.

Dragonrise had a profound background. The owner, Yang Zhen, wasn't somebody they were willing to provoke.

Tong Gui was about to open his mouth when he heard Tian Huzun's impatient voice, "Put the things down and leave."

He Cheng flew into a rage. "You old fellow, I'll have you know that this is the owner's good intention..."


A foot smashed into He Cheng's face. As if he'd been knocked right over by a sprinting, violent, wild beast, he flew more than thirty meters away, losing consciousness.

Tong Gui's pupils instantly shrunk. That leg...

He'd seen it clearly. There was a golden dragon symbol on He Cheng's garment. He was a golden dragon teacher. If that teacher wasn't able to block that kick, would he himself have been able to dodge it?"

Tong Gui broke out in a cold sweat. He wasn't the least bit confident.

Tian Huzun casually picked up the items off the ground. They were the gifts He Cheng had carried with him. The old man was extremely displeased. "That fellow is great and all, except that he's a stingy miser and will not stand losing out at all."

Fatty, who'd arrived at the entrance and witnessed the scene, was dumbstruck.

The caravan guards had the same pale look on their faces.

A thought struck the guard leader, causing his expression to worsen. He whispered in Fatty's ear in a low voice, "That old man is Venerable Volcano, Tian Huzun. He's a Master! The masked man is Sky Edge Division's vice division leader, Tong Gui, and Yu Jin is the woman beside him, a vice division leader as well."

"Watching the door is a small matter. How are you gonna accomplish anything great if you can't even handle something so trivial..."

The old man lectured endlessly.

Sweat meandered down Fatty's chubby face as his clothing became soaked with it. Fear filled his beady eyes.

Watching the door...

Ai Hui's doormen actually consist of a Master and two vice division leaders of a division!

Why were his calves shaking?

Was he in the wrong place?

"Excuse me three gentlemen, is... is this Ai Hui's Swordsman Training Hall?"

Fatty's voice was trembling uncontrollably but no one behind was mocking him. They were in a worser mental state. Before a Master and two vice division leaders, it was already very brave of those who dared talk to them without kneeling down.

The old man gave him a look. "That fellow said he has a fat friend named Qian Dai. Is that you?"

"Yes yes yes!" Fatty answered agitatedly. In this split second, he felt a sense of pride and had completely forgotten that he was here to brag.

The team members beside him stood up straight, puffing their chests out with a proud expression on their faces.

"You can go in, but not the rest."

The old man gave a wave.

Really watching the door...

Fatty swallowed his saliva with some difficulty, quickly bending at his waist in agreeance. Damn it, he had never seen such a VIP!

But another thought quickly filled his mind. Ai Hui was rich now!

Oh my, I'm going to be rich too!

Walking into the hall muddle-headed, Fatty heard a joyful voice suddenly.

"Long time no see! Fatty, I'm so happy to see you!"

Fatty jerked a little before raising his head.

He saw that familiar figure standing before him, smiling and Lou Lan cheering at him with his arms raised.

Countless figures gathered before him. There were people from the Wilderness and Central Pine City. Tears blurred his vision and when he could see clearly again, Fatty's mouth trembled as he started to cry.

"Ai Hui!"