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Chapter 320: Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge

 Chapter 320: Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge

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A clear, shattering sound could be heard. Perhaps it came from the pot on the master's table, which cost 2,000 elemental energy beans, or from the crooked-neck porcelain vase outlined in gold on the wall shelf. While the servants quietly waited outside to clean the mess, there were still a few precious decorative items that remained intact inside the master's room.

The heavy breaths sounded like the roars of a trapped beast.

The red sandalwood carved door was made by a famous craftsman. Its complicated and exquisite grass pattern swept the sword. The emblem protecting the Ling residence was a soaring golden eagle with its wings spread open.

The Golden Eagle Study Room is an important place in the Ling residence. Many influential strategies that deeply affected the Avalon of Five Elements were born here. Currently, the tightly closed door was like a steel cage that trapped an angry and violent wild beast.

And a beast tamer.

Madam Ling sat on a chair beside the tea table, turning a blind eye to the mess on the ground and the wild beast's roars. Her gorgeous, waterfall-like silk dress really accentuated her slim waist and body. Above her half-revealed, delicate collarbone was her long, snow-white neck. As if there was no one around, she sipped on her tea slowly and indifferently.

The rough breaths gradually stopped as the bulging veins on the angry man's forehead disappeared. His bloodshot eyes became clear once again. He walked in big steps before he stopped in front of the lady, grabbed the teapot, raised his head, and gulped a large amount of tea noisily.

The man put down the teapot, wiped his mouth, and said in a low voice, "It must be that old fellow, Yuchi Ba. He has yet to give up. How is the situation outside now?"

Madam Ling put her teacup down gracefully and replied with her pleasant voice, "There aren't many talking about Ai Hui being a murderer that killed his master anymore. He is once again seen as a hero. In fact, many are suggesting that he should be compensated. Another piece of bad news is that after word spread that Ai Hui could be coming out of his seclusion, members of Central Pine Faction, which had already been swayed, go back on their words now. Even those who'd agreed to join the aristocratic families are now backing out."

The man opened his eyes wide. "Are they fools? Withdrawing as they please? Is this a game? Do they think we can't deal with them?"

Madam Ling sipped on her tea, before saying, "It is true that we can't do anything to them. Just today, a few have already tendered their resignations and are preparing to head to Peace City. They were all previously A-1 unit members."

The man blanked out for a moment and found it hard to believe. "Are their brains damaged? What can a positionless fellow offer them? Power? Prospects? Wealth? Absolute arts? Nothing!"

Madam Ling drank her tea unhurriedly. "Underestimating your enemy... are you insulting yourself?"

The man sneered. "My enemy? Hah, do you really think Ai Hui is qualified to be my enemy? Only Yuchi Ba has the right."

"But the one raging is you." Madam Ling laughed softly, not the least bit bothered by the man's ashen face. She asked, "Perhap you can kill everyone in Central Pine Faction to ease your anger?"

The man calmed down. He had to admit that it was useless to be angry at this point. He was unable to take Central Pine Faction down since the Elders Guild would not allow it.

"Ai Hui's sudden rise is unstoppable now." Madam Ling hit the nail on the head. "Yuchi Ba and his gang chose him to be the future leader of the new citizens. I have to say this move of Elder Yuchi is very beautiful. He's using this method to help Ai Hui clear his bad name as a murderer."

The man clenched his teeth and said, "I should've killed that kid long ago!"

"Many people are after his life, but he's still living well." Madam Ling put her tea cup down and looked at the man. "Those who want his life aren't able to find the chance. Ai Hui is more vigilant than we think. He left suddenly three years ago, changed, and concealed his identity. A wise choice, judging from the current situation."

The man was filled with bloodlust. "It's not too late."

"You better stop this dangerous way of thinking," Madam Ling warned sternly. "I do not want to wake up one day to the news of my children getting killed. In the past, Ai Hui wasn't a member of the New Citizens Faction, so killing him will not bring about any dispute. Now, as a selected successor of the faction, my children will sink into the vicious cycle of revenge if he gets assassinated. Yuchi Bai is not an unarmed and defenseless old man."

The man knew Madam Ling was right, but felt somewhat indignant. "Then what should we do now?"

Madam Ling had been waiting for this question. A charming smile appeared at the corner of her mouth. She said gently, "We have a lot of time. Ai Hui is popular, but positionless. They are trying to push up him, but they also have to choose a suitable seat for him. For example, he can enter the Sky Edge Division and eventually get promoted to become the division leader. Even if things proceed smoothly, it will take a few years' time."

The man nodded his head repeatedly.

"The more important question is if Ai Hui is willing?"

The man was stumped by this funny question. He shook his head. "Hahaha, don't be ridiculous. Would anyone be unwilling? Who wouldn't be willing to achieve instant success?"

Madam Ling blinked. "You have to ask Ai Hui."

The man was stunned.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Dong, dong, dong.

A servant's voice was heard from outside the door two seconds later. "Master, there's a new report."


Swordsman Training Hall was already a lively gathering place by now. Without needing Ai Hui's instructions, the guests had already prepared the bonfire, started to grill the meat, and brought wine over. Everybody was taking in big pieces of meat and big bowls of wine while chatting endlessly, crying, and laughing at times.

"Really, Ai Hui?" Lou Lan looked at Ai Hui with his eyes wide open and filled with surprise.

"That's right." Ai Hui laughed. "Since everyone's so cordial, we have to do our part by returning the favor. Take out all the fire lotus seeds. Prepare a bowl of elemental soup for everyone, Lou Lan. Everyone misses it. I can't sell those anyway."

"Leave it to me!" Lou Lan reassured happily. "I'm so happy to see everybody today! I will work hard to prepare a bowl of Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge!"

"Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge?" Ai Hui burst into laughter and asked curiously, "Sounds like a pretty potent porridge. What effect does it have?"

Lou Lan explained, "All five types of elementalists can consume it. It raises people's spirits and noticeably fixes internal injuries, increases one's connectivity with elemental energy, and strengthens their elemental foundation. It helps both the physical body and elemental energy greatly."

"Good stuff!" Ai Hui's eyes lit up while drooling.

Lou Lan was a little hesitant. "But we're missing quite a few ingredients. Although we can find substitutes, the porridge will be less effective..."

Jiang Wei, who'd been listening in on their conversation was unable to hold back anymore. "What ingredients do you need? Make a list Lou Lan. Everyone will think of a solution!"

Jiang Wei's usual steadiness was completely absent as anticipation filled his face.

"That's right, that's right, we will all think of a solution!" Ming Feng spoke up while swallowing his saliva, a sound that was ear-piercing.

Ai Hui stared blankly at the bunch of eager fellows. They ran off like a gust of wind upon receiving the ingredient list, leaving him alone at that spot and ignoring him.

"Hey, hey, hey, fire lotus seeds are expensive. Aren't you guys touched by my generosity..?"

Before he could finish his sentence, everyone had already left and not even their shadows could be seen.

Minutes later, the news of Lou Lan preparing Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge, which used fire lotus seed as the main ingredient, spread among all Central Pine survivors present at the party and caused a commotion.

"Fire lotus seeds! Oh my god! How much money is that?"

"What's important is that Lou Lan is preparing it himself! Hahaha, we did right by coming. What a gain! Oh my! I can't control my drool, what should I do?"

"Judging by its name, it must be very powerful! Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge! Damn it, who grilled this meat? Why does it taste so bad?"

"Didn't you just praise my grilling skills earlier?"

"Missing ingredients? Hah, quick gather them everyone!"

"Gather, gather, gather!"

"For Eight Treasures Porridge!"


News about Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge spread around in the blink of an eye!

Upon hearing it, survivors from Central Pine City quickly gathered ingredients and flocked over from other cities.

"Manager, your ingredients are ready!"

"Are you going to participate in the Eight Treasures Porridge feast? Is The Lightning Blade really that great?"

"Ai Hui is really amazing!"

Wang Xiaoshan carried with his many bags, big and small, and boarded the Fiery Floating Cloud with an excited heart. He was going to get to Peace City as quick as he could. He heard that practically all of Central Pine's survivors had already departed on their journeys, rushing over from all directions to join in the reunion party.

Ai Hui did not expect his random idea to blow up so much. Within a short period of time, the Swordsman Training Hall's Five Elemental Eight Treasures Porridge feast had already spread widely across the Avalon of Five Elements. Even the list of ingredients was disseminated widely.

As one of the most in vogue figures currently, Ai Hui was a target of interest to many news villages.

Many cooking masters, who were proficient in cooking elemental food, deduced the porridge's recipe after analyzing the ingredient list.


This was the word that came out of people's mouths the most. The porridge's effectiveness was similar to that of a legendary divine medicine that could cure all illness and extend life.

While there were people who tried replicating the porridge, they were shocked to find out that the main ingredient, fire lotus seeds, was not purchasable at all.

Advocation from many news villages triggered the interest of some resolute people.



Yet another sound of something being shattered and an angry snarl traveled from within the Golden Eagle Study Room.

"Bribery! Undisguised, plain bribery!"

The mayor's residence.

Seeing the racket outside Swordsman Training Hall, Tong Gui said ruefully, "Using so many fire lotus seeds to buy people's hearts. What a big move! That little fellow is treacherous, but in a different way. It's all because of those people who are so loyal to him. Even Jiang Wei did not attract any attention when he walked into the training hall."

Detecting the unhappiness in Tong Gui's voice, Yu Jin responded coldly, "All the divisions have already received a total of 12 resignations and they're all from Central Pine Faction."

Tong Gui was stunned and only opened his mouth after a little while. "Okay, so that means Jiang Wei isn't that bad. At least he did not resign. Looks like we underestimated the influence he has over this crowd."

Yu Jin replied, "We've yet to ask for his opinion."

Tong Gui fell into a daze once more before saying bitterly, "Okay, looks like we are going to go get a bowl of porridge and whatever else we can."