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Chapter 318: Coming!

 Chapter 318: Coming!

Translator: Cynthia Editor: TYZ/KLKL

"This guy is cunning."

On an unnoticed roof, a man with long hair murmured while looking up at the red, muslin-like sword ray gradually falling from the sky outside the city. He was tall and wore a long black robe. His face was covered with a bronze mask and only his eyes could be seen. The pupils were silvery rhombuses like the tip of an arrow, which was very rare.

"Insidious," a lady who was standing beside the man said coldly. In her eyes there was still a trace of shock.

The way the lady dressed was unique. She wore her hair in an exaggerated bun. It was a high, tower-shaped bun that leaned back, with throwing knives inserted into it. It resembled a crown and also the horn of a unicorn. Together with her thin waist, attractive breasts, long and slender legs and delicate but cold face, her image was very impressive with massive visual impact.

A group of men were standing behind the two. They were silent and still, and looked indifferent as if they were statues.

"Let's go!" ordered the man with silvery rhombus pupils coldly, and flew away before everyone else.


At the mayor's residence.

A Jinai looked pale, cold sweat trickling down his back. He never thought that Ai Hui could kill Miao Hai in a direct confrontation!

For this fight, Miao Hai was equipped with [Unbreakable Hellfire Armor] and Baneslayers. To deprive Ai Hui's of making money, the superiors forbade anyone to purchase fire lotus seeds from Ai Hui, so that he would have no money to prepare for the confrontation. And to make him more helpless, they blocked all the roads of Peace City and put Jiang Wei under house arrest. They even chose a battlefield out of the city just in case Ai Hui would set traps.

A Jinai had made every arrangement he could think of. He didn't belittle Ai Hui at all.

With such detailed preparation, how could he fail?

Captain Huo, who was standing beside him, was also dumbstruck, as if he had lost his soul.

Now, Jiang Wei was the only one who was happy and at ease. He glanced at the other two and couldn't help serving himself a glass of wine and drinking it off cheerfully. He knew that it was the worst idea to try to get Ai Hui killed in a fight.

That guy was best at fighting!

A Jinai suddenly said loudly with a tough attitude, "Captain Huo, this guy killed Miao Hai in public. He should be arrested and brought to justice!"

Captain Huo's facial expression changed, but soon he made up his mind. They had gone so far, and now except for riding on Ling Residence's coattails, he had no other options. Therefore, he said determinedly, "I'll do it right now!"

Jiang Wei suddenly slammed his wine glass on the table heavily, stood up and said coldly, "Peace City is under my administration. Captain Huo, I'm afraid you are acting beyond your authority."

A Jinai looked at Jiang Wei gloomily, "Jiang Wei, I'd like to remind you that one wrong move will lead to a grave mistake."

Jiang Wei didn't flinch, "A Jinai, you are no longer the steed of Grass Clan. But I am still Ai Hui's brother. if you want to do so, then you'll have to kill me first. My fellow comrades of Sky Edge Division, Captain Huo is interfering in the affairs of Peace City without Elders Guild's permission. He has already made a mistake. Don't you want to stop him before he does it again?"

Captain Huo's soldiers looked at each other in confusion. They all looked hesitant.

A Jinai knew things were not going well, but he had made up his mind and said, "Jiang Wei, why are you so stubborn. If so, then don't beg for my mercy. Take him down!"

No one moved.

Captain Huo was also in a panic. If the plan failed this time, he would lose everything. As Jiang Wei's words had apparently affected his subordinates, he also reproached them loudly, "Why don't you move? A Jinai has Elders Guild's secret order!"

His words created a disturbance. Someone shouted, "Then show us!"

With a hideous grin on his face, Captain Huo said, "How dare you disobey my order! Are you are so eager to die?"

A Jinai smartly said, "Elders Guild? Elders Guild belongs to the aristocratic families. So what are you afraid of? If you render them outstanding service this time..."

Just at that moment, he heard a cold laugh.

"Elders Guild doesn't just belong to aristocratic families."

Two figures were standing on the wall of the mayor's residence quietly. Before the one who was speaking had finished his words, many figures appeared and besieged the Mayor's residence.

"Vic... vice division leaders!"

Someone cried out.

A Jinai's face turned pale. How could both vice division leaders have arrived?

The one with silvery rhombic pupils was the vice division leader of Sky Edge Division, Tong Gui. And the lady with the knife bun was the other vice division leader, Yu Jin.

Why would they come?

Captain Huo was shivering all over. He looked frightened and his teeth were chattering.

"I never expected we'd have traitors in Sky Edge Division. This is disappointing." Tong Gui stared at Captain Huo as if looking at dead meat, "You know what to do. I don't want to get my hands dirty."

Captain Huo knew he could not escape today, so he smiled bitterly and said, "I beg for mercy for my family members. Please consider the contributions I have made in these years and let them go."

Having finished his words, he transformed his elemental energy into a sword and stabbed himself in the heart. His body froze and his eyes gradually became empty. Then he fell on the ground, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth.

A Jinai, on the other hand, became more sober than ever, "So you had made preparations long ago, and were waiting for us to swallow the bait."

Tong Gui looked at A Jinai, and said in a bass voice, "You've been with Sky Edge Division for a long time. Why do you work for the Ling residence now?"

A Jinai laughed out furiously, "Winner takes all. Cut the crap. Now I die here, but someone will avenge me. Jiang Wei, this world belongs to the aristocratic families..."

A throwing knife penetrated his heart.

Tong Gui smiled ironically at A Jinai, who could not say anything anymore. "This world belongs to the aristocratic families? Did you even ask us?"

Jiang Wei looked at what had happened in front of him blankly. He had been in Sky Edge Division for almost three years, but this was the first time he had seen the vice division leaders. And since the features of the two vice division leaders were very conspicuous, no one could impersonate them.

He could not be counted as smart, but he kind of understood something from the conversation between A Jinai and Tong Gui.

On the other hand, he was still grieved to see A Jinai's death. Now they were on different sides, but in those days A Jinai had helped him a lot. If it were not for A Jinai, he would have already died in many previous battles.

Tong Gui's eyes fell on Jiang Wei with recognition, "You're not bad."

Jiang Wei didn't feel happy. He simply bowed and said, "I beg you, Sir, to allow me to bury A Jinai."

Yu Jin, who hadn't said anything so far, replied, "Approved. He's dead anyway."

"You can leave now. We have many things to deal with."

Hearing Tong Gui's voice from behind him. Jiang Wei paused, and wondered what else they had to deal with.


Standing in the air, Ai Hui looked at the mess on the ground and sighed, thinking that Miao Hai was strongest opponent he had met in the last few years.

The challenge was different from previous battles. It was like a big exam.

In the fight with Shi Youguang, he was in the dark, while his enemy was in the open, and he won by ambush and sneak attacks. But the fight today was a one-on-one confrontation, during which he could not take advantage like that any more.

The battle didn't last long, but it was extremely dangerous, especially the hellfire. If it were not for the [Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp], he'd have already lost.

In this fight, he had also done his utmost. The [Gale Bat Slash] and [Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp] that he had practiced long and hard, and [Sword Chime] and [Soaring Flames, Cascading Muslin] that he only comprehended recently had all been utilized in this fight.

The fight lasted only a short period of time, but it was a battle of wit and courage. The mental and physical pressure was tremendous.

Now as the battle came to an end, Ai Hui felt that he had used up everything he owned, which seldom happened to him.

He felt that anyone could defeat him now.

Miao Hai was completely destroyed by Ai Hui's last move, [Soaring Flames, Cascading Muslin], and both his spirit and body had vanished. Even his cloud deck was destroyed and turned into fog that dissipated into the air. The only things that were left were the Baneslayers.

Ai Hui picked up the two Baneslayers and sighed. Miao Hai was not a vile guy, but he was an excellent opponent. It was a pity that he almost didn't leave anything behind. So Ai Hui reluctantly had to take the two javelins Miao Hai left in memory of this opponent.

Therefore, under the gaze of everyone of the city, he carried the javelins and flew back to his training hall groggily.

Ai Hui looked exhausted and his azure wings were flapping heavily.

It seemed that crossing the city had taken all his effort.

A puzzled look appeared on Ai Hui's face.

This was not what he had expected. He thought that by now, someone should have jumped out and accused him of being heartless and cruel, and then a group of people would come to take him down.

But why was there no one?

No follow-up? That was it?

Even if there was no brotherhood between the conspirators, didn't they have brains? That was all they could think up?

If so, the rest of the tricks he had arranged would be wasted!

Ai Hui felt remorseful about the money he had used and the time he had spent with Lou Lan on this follow-up arrangement.

And now it was wasted?

Ai Hui still could hardly believe this result. He knew that it was less likely he'd get anything useful from Miao Hai, but he thought they would definitely come to retaliate. So he had made delicate arrangements in hope of getting some benefits this way.

But he now knew that this hope seemed no longer achievable, which meant that in this fight, he only got two Baneslayers in reward. Of course the whole set of Baneslayers was of great value, but now as he only had two of them, it wasn't worth much.

Thinking about the essence elemental beans he had spent, Ai Hui almost cried. What a money-losing deal!

Because of this, everyone in Peace City saw something very weird. Although Ai Hui was the one who won the fight, he looked melancholy and not the slightest hint of happiness could be seen on his face.

Those observing businessmen were also confused.

But they were calm enough. They were also all waiting, including Sea Pacific Enterprise and Evergold Enterprise. The purchase prohibition on Ai Hui's fire lotus seeds was given from the superiors. The shrewd businessmen knew that the Ling residence must have been involved in this.

As the Ling residence had taken action, it would not stop so easily.

So everybody was waiting.

Just at that moment, a group of people appeared in the sky far away and were flying towards Ai Hui at a fast speed.

This excited everyone, especially Ai Hui, who began to think about how to act his part well enough to lure them into his trap.

The group of people soon came in front of Ai Hui. Their clothes were all embroidered with the badge of Elders Guild.


The bystanders said to themselves in their hearts, and widened their eyes.


Ai Hui said to himself, and began to prepare to feign defeat.

A middle-aged man, who looked cold and gloomy, stepped forward and asked, "Are you Ai Hui?"

Ai Hui pretended to be suffering from severe injuries, and asked with fright and vigilance, "Who are you?"

The middle-aged man stared at Ai Hui. The flicker in his eyes looked fierce. Then he took out a round insignia.

The insignia was about the size of a palm, with a red word, "Order", on the front and the badge of Elders Guild on back. This was called the Elders Guild Order, and it would be used only when the order to be conveyed was officially issued by the Elders Guild.

The bystanders were surprised. The Ling residence had connections everywhere!

Ai Hui was desperate. If the manipulator was Elders Guild, then he'd better pack up his things and prepare to run.

The middle-aged man unclenched his fist and the insignia was suspended in the air. The moment he pointed to it with one finger, the insignia began to shine with glorious radiance, and an old, but dignified voice could be heard all over the city.

"As agreed by the Elders Guild, I hereby announce that Wang Shouchuan, the deceased teacher of Central Pine Academy, is honored with the title of Master. As a teacher of Central Pine Academy, Master Shouchuan had been working conscientiously with perseverance and consistency for decades. He had played a key role during the battle in Central Pine City. Besides this, the school of thought that he created was unique, unprecedented and meaningful..."

Ai Hui was shocked.

The others' facial expressions changed too.

Although they had already known this information, the Fu family's Big Sister and her brothers were also surprised. They didn't expect that it would be announced at this time in this situation. They were further shocked by what they heard next.

"His great deeds blessed every one of us. And his disciple, Ai Hui, followed in his footsteps and devoted himself to studying his teacher's theories. He had killed the Sand Sentinel to prevent people in the Peace City from suffering. This is a brilliant contribution. Therefore, Ai Hui is awarded as follows..."

Ai Hui was dumbstruck.

Everyone else in Peace City was also dumbstruck.