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Chapter 317: Defeating the Hellfire

 Chapter 317: Defeating the Hellfire

Translator: Cynthia Editor: TYZ/KLKL

The billowing hellfire immediately devoured Ai Hui like a red fiendish monster.

Miao Hai sighed in relief.

War was always the best catalyst for self-improvement. Within three years, the normal training method had undergone enormous and profound changes. God elementalists' preference for elemental materials and the elementalists' study and utilization of blood crystals had greatly improved both sides' learning speeds and destroyed the conservative scruples between them.

Many achievements had been made within these three years, one of which was the hellfire.

Adopting the essence of both elementalists and god elementalists, the formidable hellfire was known as Fire of Demon. The name 'hellfire' was a word used by elementalists who practised meditation in the old days. The elementalist who created hellfire so named it to indicate its profoundness.

Almost all elemental energy could be the fuel of hellfire, which meant that hellfire was invincible to all elemental energy.

The Thousand-face Ghost Tree Burl would form when a tree took in a large amount of the souls of blood fiends.

The high-quality Ghost Tree Burls were produced in the Induction Ground, where trees took in many elementalists' souls. But instead of encroaching on this bloodstained place, they sent a lot of god priests and soothed the souls at every corner of the Induction Ground. They claimed that they had no option but to start the life-or-death war by then. But now that people had passed away, they should no longer suffer in misery.

Many people knew that this was just a gimmick, but the reputation of Blood of God did improve because of this act.

The souls of the dead blood fiends contained within the Ghost Tree Burls was the reason why the hellfire was so formidable.

Unable to avoid the sudden explosion of the hellfire, Ai Hui was immediately trapped in flames. His facial expression changed dramatically when he realized that the flames were burning along the [Gale Bat Slash] sword ray.

The [Gale Bat Slash] sword ray was like dry firewood soaked in the oil and was burning rapidly.

Just at that moment, the sky palace between his eyebrows was suddenly activated, and a tiny point of light appeared. It turned out to be the Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp. The lotus was spinning slowly and lit up Ai Hui's body with faint red light.

Compared with the bright color of the hellfire, the red light of Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp was too faint to be noticed.

But it was this faint light that kept the hellfire out of Ai Hui. Without hesitation, Ai Hui stretched his Starry Gem Swordwings in full and flew straight up into the sky like a sharp arrow.


A figure rose up from the sea of fire, leaving a trace of flames behind him.

Miao Hai was dumbstruck and his facial expression changed sharply. How was it possible? This was hellfire! No one had figured out how to defeat it yet. How could Ai Hui survive the hellfire?

Meanwhile, Ai Hui's survival also gave rise to chaos on the ground below.

"Oh my god! How did he make it?"

"How can he resist the hellfire?"

The bystanders went ballistic like boiling water.

But those who had been observing the fight secretly now also stirred in the exciting and tense atmosphere.

"What is the red light on him? We have never seen this before!"

"Quickly go and check what other inheritances Ai Hui had practiced!"

"Sir, Ai Hui once exchanged Heaven Merit Points for [Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp], an absolute art."

"So the [Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp] can defeat hellfire. This is a great discovery. Our previous study towards hellfire was in the wrong direction. Now pay attention to absolute arts concerning state of mind. Try to purchase them as early as possible before their price goes up. The price of hellfire will decline soon. Get them sold quickly."


Those with business acumen had started making arrangements accordingly at once. The reason why the price of hellfire had been held high for a long time was because it was regarded as invincible so far.

Once its weakness was found, the threat of hellfire would be largely weakened.

Ai Hui flew up and looked at the tiny black spot down there in the upper air, his heart still fluttering with fear. The battle just now was a narrow miss. If it weren't for the Skyheart Flaming Lotus Lamp, he would have already lost his life.

The red hellfire was still writhing restlessly in the sky. It didn't die out, but was burning up the elemental energy in the surrounding air.

After about half a minute when all the surrounding elemental energy was burnt up, it began to become dim and finally died down.

The hellfire was indeed formidable!

The spread of hellfire broke out all of a sudden without any signal beforehand, and Miao Hai was good at making moves at the right time. Ai Hui had no time to react at all just now.

The fear from barely escaping his death made Ai Hui breath the fresh air greedily like it was a luxury.

After a few deep breaths, Ai Hui recovered from the shock and returned to normal. His escape meant that the situation between the two sides had totally changed.

Without the armor, Miao Hai was barely under protection. Plus, the cloud deck itself could not move flexibly. As a result, Miao Hai was the fish on the chopping board, and Ai Hui only needed to take one last strike.

Up in the sky, Ai Hui stretched his Starry Gem Swordwings in full and began to dive.

As his speed increased, bright flames began to appear at the tip of his sword. Then the tip shivered slightly, and the flames were attracted by the sword. Soon the sword with flames became as red as hot irons.

Exclamations were heard at different corners of Peace City at the same time.

Su Qingye cheered loudly, "It's that move!"

Su Huaijun who was standing beside him knew what he was talking about without explanation.

And at the same time, Fu Yonghao also blurted out, "It's that move!"

Miao Hai's face became pale. He could clearly see what Ai Hui was thinking.

His situation was very tough.

When he heard the thrilling whirr, when he saw the heaven fire appear at the tip, he thought of the fiery sword ray that fell down from the sky a few nights before.

The power of the sword move frightened everyone in Peace City. After it had struck, the courtyard of the Sha Clan was almost completely destroyed.


Miao Hai never thought of escape. Compared with azure wings, the cloud deck was as slow as a turtle. Where could he escape to? He knew he was being used as a pawn, and there was no way back. Those higher-ups who were watching him behind his back were the real players.

Fortunately, he still had four Baneslayer javelins.

Miao Hai took the javelins out from the box, and stuck them on the cloud deck.

No happiness or sadness could be seen on Miao Hai's face. It seemed that he was not concerned about the foreseeable danger at all. His big palms swept across and grabbed one javelin in each palm. Then he leaned backward, bending his strong body like a bow. Every muscle was glowing with golden gloss.

The elemental energy was surging, the javelins quivering like they could fly out if they had not been firmly gripped by those hawkbill-like hands.

There seemed to be an invisible wall in front of Miao Hai, who stepped on the wall and ran in big strides while throwing out the javelins, one by one, forcefully towards Ai Hui.

Boom, boom!

Two tremendous rumbles resounded, like the loudest thunder in the sky, and golden light exploded in front of the tip of Ai Hui's sword, hindering his speed to some extent.

The golden waves of elemental energy ejected needle-shaped golden rays that spread out at a fast speed.

Miao Hai did a backward somersault, and staggered when he landed. The two [Vajra Thunder]s he'd just utilized were killing moves of absolute art and were energy-guzzling. However, even the [Vajra Thunder] that usually never failed to prove its power only slowed down Ai Hui's speed for a while.

He smiled hopelessly. He had been too arrogant and shouldn't have underestimated Ai Hui.

But thinking of the higher-ups behind him, who also belittled Ai Hui, he felt less depressed.

At that moment, he knew that there was no hope for himself to win. That meant he must die. Only death could give the higher-ups a satisfying answer. A pawn who was ready to die should die heroically, so that those who had families could earn them a considerable amount of compensation, and those without families could earn themselves a glorious ending.

He grabbed the last two javelins. Different from before, this time he was holding the tips in his hands.

The crimson tips were extremely thin and sharp, and Miao Hai's hands were dripping with blood. The javelins seemed to enjoy drinking the blood and became more delicate and charming.

He crossed the two javelins in front of his chest, red blood trickling down along the shafts in spirals.

He didn't take action immediately, but was looking up at the sky and waiting for the last opportunity.

However, he didn't notice there were seven small swords in the distance cruising silently like swordfishes in deep sea.

They were so inconspicuous that no one ever noticed them.

Everyone's attention was on the reckless figure diving from the sky, accompanied by a curtain of red light and fiery, dazzling sword rays.

But at this moment, as if summoned, the seven small swords flew towards the cloud deck silently from each direction.

Still, no one ever noticed their presence.

Miao Hai, standing on the cloud deck, stared at Ai Hui focusedly. He knew he had only one chance.

Whether it would result in his death or survival, he only had this last chance.

But he wasn't discouraged at all. Instead, he somehow became excited. He couldn't say that his life was without regret, but he hadn't wasted it either. Maybe he had been idle for too long, and now at this life-or-death moment, his heart that had been long at rest was stirring.

His eyes were as sharp as a sword. He could clearly see Ai Hui's stone-cold face behind the sword rays.

This lad had a bright future!

Come on!

He was more excited than ever, like a drunk man - his face was red, and body was quivering.

Suddenly, something appeared in sight abruptly. They were seven glowing small swords in a circle.

Miao Hai paused, and a thought occurred to him - he must have seen a similar scene somewhere before.

The quivering of the small swords produced a clear chime, making Miao Hai's vision blur and his mind go absent.

He remembered! The light webs he used to defeat Sha Guards...

[Sword Chime]!

The chime of the swords lingered in the air. The blazing Dragonspine approached closer and closer with a thrilling whistle as expected.

In the last minute before he was devoured by the blazing sword rays, Miao Hai suddenly became sober.

Even though Ai Hui was absolutely on the more advantageous side, he still chose not to use his insidious moves just in case something happened. What a smart yet callous lad!

He wanted to laugh out loud when he thought about how the higher-ups would feel about dealing with such an annoying guy.

His figure withered away in the blazing sword rays.