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Chapter 316: Gale Bat Slash

 Chapter 316: Gale Bat Slash

Translator: Cynthia Editor: TYZ/KLKL

Compared to three years ago, Ai Hui's [Heavenly Thrust]s were much more massive and powerful now. Bright stars flew out of nowhere, absorbing light around them and emitting splendid brilliance.

Ai Hui casted ten [Heavenly Thrust]s within the blink of an eye, which fully demonstrated the progress he had made within the past three years.

A streak of glaring golden light appeared among the stars and penetrated Ai Hui's eyes.

An undefeatable power came from the tip, bending his sword like a bow. Ai Hui gave a stifled groan.

It was so powerful!

Seven small swords circled around the tip of the Dragonspine like a cyclone, weaving a dense net of sword rays that could catch its target.

Immense elemental energy exploded at the tip of the sword.

Then, like hitting a spring, Ai Hui bounced away and suddenly disappeared in the sky.

The next moment he appeared again, he was already over a hundred meters away from where he had been standing. He looked as calm as usual, but in his heart he was greatly shocked.

His hand that was holding the sword was numb.

The javelin looked ordinary, but in fact was extremely heavy. Ai Hui believed it must be more than one hundred kilograms.

At that time, Ai Hui didn't know the javelin was the Baneslayer, but his estimation was very precise. The weight of each of the Baneslayer javelins was one hundred and fifteen kilograms.

Miao Hai's elemental energy was already strong and ferocious. Coupled with the heavy weight of Baneslayer, the power of just one attack was unimaginable.

This was the first time that Ai Hui had met with such a violent opponent who was good at long-range offense moves. Miao Hai had completely abandoned any flexibility in his tactics, and focused on vigorous long-distance attacks combined with a strong defense. Ai Hui didn't have to think hard to know that the red glow shrouding Miao Hai was undoubtedly hard to break through.

Playing to one's utmost advantage and making up for one's weakness by using better equipment was nothing complicated, but it was effective. You could see that Miao Hai was an experience fighter.

Experienced fighters tended not to use complicated tactics. Instead, they always preferred simple but effective methods.

It was impolite not to make a return for what one received. Also, you would not know how hard the weapon was if you didn't try.

After a slash of the Dragonspine in the air, a bright light appeared on the sword. It transformed into a moon-shaped sword ray and flew out abruptly.

[Crescent Moon]!"

A crescent moon dashed through the air soundlessly.

All those years ago, he had to exert himself for this sword move, but now it was totally a piece of cake for Ai Hui.

"Good move!" Miao Hai shouted loudly. Armor clattering, he put his hands together and looked down. The red light that was shrouding the cloud deck was gilded with golden beams. Behind Miao Hai, a towering figure could be vaguely seen.

This was nothing profound, but was a very common inheritance for metal elementalists, called [Vajra Barrier]. Many people practiced [Vajra Barrier], but only those who were extremely persevering and had reached the highest level could summon a [Vajra Body]. Therefore, those who were known to have succeeded in summoning a [Vajra Body] were very rare.

Once the [Vajra Body] was summoned, although it was only a phantom figure, it looked so powerful and solemn that nothing could do the slightest damage to it. The elemental energy in the air was almost stifling.

In front of the mountain-like [Vajra Body], the cold and clear crescent moon was like a moth darting into the fire.

The crescent moon looked slow but was actually moving very fast. It transformed into a flowing light and dashed against the red light surrounding the cloud deck.

The red light was rolling like mist and swallowed the crescent moon. A complacent smile had just appeared on Miao Hai's face before it froze.

The crescent moon suddenly transformed into dozens of stars, and drilled into the red light like slippery and sharp eels.

[Shattered Moon, Dotted Stars]!

Caught off guard, Miao Hai was awkward and almost failed to maintain the [Vajra Body] behind him. The red light started to flow, and the [Vajra Body] stretched its arms and grabbed at the sword rays, which suddenly darkened in the red light and then died down.

The start of the confrontation between these two dazzled every bystander's eyes.

Miao Hai's javelin was used in a violent and fierce way while Ai Hui's Crescent Moon was silent and cool, but dangerous. If Miao Hai was the burning sun at midday, then Ai Hui was the silent moon at night.

The polar contrast between the two completely different ways of fighting left a deep impression in everyone's heart.

It was a rare sight to see the confrontation of two experts.

Miao Hai, who was standing on the cloud deck, no longer thought lightly of Ai Hui. He realized that it would be an arduous fight today.

Holding the second Baneslayer in hand, he didn't throw it immediately.

Ai Hui took the initiative. Stretching his Starry Gem Swordwings, he bounced out like a flying arrow. With the huge strength provided by the Starry Gem Swordwings, Ai Hui's flight speed was as fast as a flash.

With the same momentum, Ai Hui waved his Dragonspine. A moon-shaped sword ray appeared and dashed toward the cloud deck.

Ai Hui's figure kept flickering in the air. He was not flying straight, but was zigzagging forward. Every time he popped up, a [Crescent Moon] was used.

Different from the silent [Crescent Moon] from just before, now the moon-shaped sword rays flying in the air were whistling shrilly like dozens of lunar bats, flying from all directions toward the cloud deck.

On the cloud deck, Miao Hai looked solemn. He turned his wrists and put his hands together, holding the javelin horizontally in front of his chest.

The [Vajra Body] behind him bowed its head and closed its eyes. It was also putting its hands together like Miao Hai.

Golden light burst out from the cloud deck, and a layer of golden light, like a colored glaze, suddenly contracted. Under the light, Miao Hai's crimson armor was being gilded and became statelier.

Clank, clank, clank!

Moon-shaped sword rays hit the red light of the cloud deck, sounding out a roar like a sword smashing a huge copper bell.

Miao Hai staggered. He was surprised at the pureness of Ai Hui's elemental energy, as he didn't expect that Ai Hui's sharp sword rays could penetrate his protection and cut his defense like a knife. Was it [Big Dipper]?

This guy's swordsmanship was frightening indeed!

Miao Hai marveled. He knew the swordsmanship of Karakorum, which was nothing like Ai Hui's. It was hard to say whose was superior, but each sword move Ai Hui used was aimed at killing with nothing gaudy about it.

Fortunately, as a Heaven-grade weapon, the Unbreakable Hellfire Armor he was wearing lived up to its reputation. It could well restrain the attack of metal elementalists. The red light that was shrouding the cloud deck was the hellfire emitted by this armor. It was not natural fire, but a recently-developed flame that could only be made with ten kinds of fire flowers from Fire Prairie, together with Thousand-face Ghost Tree Burl cultivated by Blood of God.

Both of the materials were produced in Blood of God, but they were sold to the Jadeite Forest, where wood elementalists made them into hellfire and sold it to the Avalon of Five Elements at a high price.

Hellfire could greatly restrain metal elemental energy, and therefore was known as the bane of metal elemental energy.

If it weren't for the protection of the armor, Miao Hai would be uncertain about the result of the confrontation. Those who survived the blood disaster and made a name for themselves could not be easily dealt with.

But still, however tough he was, as long as he was an enemy of the big shots, he was a dead meat!

Ferociousness flickered in Miao Hai's eyes, and the Baneslayer javelin suddenly scattered and transformed into dots of golden light, which didn't disappear, but stayed still in front of his chest.

His unclenched fist grabbed the javelin, the golden light of which was reflected in his eyes and gilded his pupils. Between the golden light, however, he could see a silvery spot was becoming larger fast.

It was not moving straight!

The silvery light left a weird arc traced in the air. The arc was about to fall down when it turned upwards abruptly. Shrouded by the flat sword ray, Ai Hui flew fast across an invisible surface of water.

He was unpredictable!

Miao Hai's hair stood on its end. He grabbed one more Baneslayer and held it vertically in front of his chest. Then the javelin scattered and transformed into countless light spots.

Ai Hui had already mastered the sword move [Gale Bat Blade]. Now, combined with his slash attack, it had evolved into the move he was now using, which was called [Gale Bat Slash]!

From the moment when this bit of inspiration had occurred to him, it took Ai Hui a whole month to successfully design the new sword move, and six months in total to perfect his ability to use it.

A Jinai who was watching the fight in the courtyard had become completely sober and cried out, "What is this sword move?"

"I don't know either." Jiang Wei tried to sound as calm as usual, but inside his heart, he was extremely excited.

Captain Huo's drunkenness was gone too. His face was pale. Seeing the weird sword move that was disregarding of any conventional wisdom, he had a premonition about the result of the fight.

Not only they, but all the others in Peace City were also shocked by the [Gale Bat Slash].

A bystander could better feel both the wonderful and weird sides of the arc. Ai Hui in the flat sword ray was dangerous, even lethal like a ghost assassin.

Su Qingye was totally dumbfounded. His eyes lit up and were full of admiration.

Su Huaijun who was standing beside him also kept her gaze fixed upon Ai Hui in fear of missing any details.

Fu Yonghao's eyes widened as if he was looking at a demon.

Fu family's oldest daughter couldn't believe what she saw and murmured, "Bad times make monsters of men..."

Miao Hai, who was faced with this move, knew how powerful it would be, and therefore didn't dare to take it lightly. As the light cross had already appeared in front of his chest, he quickly pushed his hands forward.

The light cross collapsed with a loud crash and transformed into two enormous circling, roaring, golden-light dragons that consisted of countless small light shuttles. The dragons hovered and suddenly dashed towards the oncoming Ai Hui.

Covered with sword rays all over his body, Ai Hui suddenly gained height and left an arc in the air, avoiding a face-to-face collision with the dragons. Then he descended rapidly and punctured the abdomen of the golden dragons like a sword.


Numerous light shuttles fell on the sword ray like heavy rain, making the sword ray dim and unstable.

Ai Hui knew that at this moment, if the sword ray surrounding him collapsed, he would definitely be immediately riddled by the light shuttles.

The Dragonspine slashed again and again like crazy at an incredibly high speed. More sword rays appeared after each slash and merged into the larger sword ray. The sword ray from [Gale Bat Slash] had just been lit up by the new sword rays when more light shuttles crashed against it and dimmed it down. In this way, it lit up and dimmed again and again.

Ai Hui didn't know how many times he had slashed. His mind was extremely focused.

Suddenly, his view became open and clear. All he could see was red light.

He had pierced through!

Ai Hui had no time to cheer for this. He was less than ten meters away from Miao Hai, and could even clearly see the stunned expression on Miao Hai's face, as if he couldn't believe that Ai Hui had already gotten so close to him.

Miao Hai seemed to wake up all of a sudden. He knew that now came the critical moment. Having made up his mind, he tore up the priceless Unbreakable Hellfire Armor he was wearing.

A bright red hellfire leapt up silently like red demons from hell, devouring Ai Hui who was shrouded by [Gale Bat Slash]'s sword rays.