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Chapter 311: Fervor

 Chapter 311: Fervor

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"It turns out that Wang Han is The Lightning Blade! No wonder he is so brilliant! The Sha Family has met their opponent and now they're done for."

"The monster that killed his teacher with his bare hands? It is a pity I am not strong enough. Otherwise how can I let such a person exist in this world?"

"The magnificent Lightning Blade is going incognito in our Peace City. What are his intentions? Could it be that our Peace City has some sort of hidden treasure?"

"Even if there are any hidden treasures, they are not for you to take."

"He could actually bear to use a good object like the fire lotus seed! I can't get over it!"

"If not that, then what could he have done? Wait till the completion of the lesser Avalon of Five Elements, and the reemergence of the fire elementalists materials? They might not be able to produce such a good material like the fire lotus seed!"

"Stop dreaming. Even if the lesser Avalon of Five Elements were to be completed, you would have to wait an eternity for them to produce such high grade materials like the fire lotus seed."

"I heard that there is some fool that brought along two hundred essence elemental beans to seek an apprenticeship with him!"

"You are the fool, he is a nouveau riche after all!"

"To be an apprentice for such an infamous person? If he is not a fool, what is he? If I was rich, I'd..."

"Wait till you are rich!"

"See You Later was actually created by him, he is so awesome!"

"I wonder if we can buy more?"

At the moment, there was only a name buzzing around Peace City - Ai Hui. He was like a whirlpool, attracting everyone's attention and being the topic of their conversations.

Those who adored him praised his impressive battle success and performance in Central Pine City unbridledly. It was due to Ai Hui that Central Pine City was saved from a disaster. Ai Hui was the most prominent figure in the earlier stage of the blood disaster. He single-handedly killed the blood elementalist Tian Kuan, who was one of the core members on the kill list of the Avalon of Five Elements for a long time. Even those who were under Tian Kuan had exceptional capabilities.

Those who had an intense hatred for Ai Hui described him as an ingrate who resorted to unscrupulous means, turning on his teacher to gain credit. Furthermore, his teacher treated him like his own son. How could he be so cruel? What a cold and heartless personality!

Previously, Peace City also had even more famous personalities. However, this was the first time that they had someone that was so controversial. With the topics of See You Later Arrows, King of Anglers, Fire Lotus Seeds and more, Ai Hui became the headline of every conversation starter.

Regardless of whether they understood, or whether they liked it, people wanted to join in the conversation.

Evergold Enterprise.

"Obliterated soul wood, this is a good object! It comes from the century old immortal soul tree. It is then chopped into wooden strips with dimensions three inches long, about two inches wide and one inch in thickness. If you deposit them in the water of the Yellow Springs, those that transform upon contact with water are ash firewood, and those that float atop are overcast firewood. Those that are half-submerged are withered soul wood. Only the ones that are completely submerged and sink right to the bottom are obliterated soul wood. A century old immortal tree can only produce no more than three obliterated soul wood pieces. As such, it is extremely precious."

The person who said that was a middle-aged man with a goatee. He looked skinny and shriveled but his gaze was bright and lively. His family name was Hu and he was known as Mr Hu. He specialized in many times of precious natural resources and his knowledge was extensive. He had just arrived at Peace City the night before.

"The amethyst sword reeds are unusual as well. Sword reeds can be seen everywhere and are extremely ordinary. If the sword reed is not of a certain age, it will be delicate and weak. There are few sword reeds that can grow for more than a hundred years. However, when a sword reed manages to grow over a hundred years, it has many impressive uses. It would be able to absorb the essence of the other vegetation around its surroundings and use the essence for itself. If there are amethyst mica nearby, after thirty odd years it will transform into amethyst sword reeds. The sword reeds will be fully purple in color and can be used as a material in many weapons."

Mr Hu spoke assuredly and he was radiant with delight. He liked talking about such unusual objects and when he started on the topic, he could go on and on.

He went to sleep after he arrived the night before. He was being summoned by Fu family's oldest daughter early in the morning and he rushed over hurriedly. The young mistress gave him a list filled with many different materials. She wanted him to introduce a few materials that were rarely seen. While he was still not clear about the situation, he managed to explain it to her in detail as per his expertise.

Fu family's oldest daughter was intelligent and imposing. She was trusted by the owner of the house and her authority was almost on equal standing with the family head. She brought up a few of her younger brothers as well and she was well-loved and respected. The family head was often rueful that she wasn't born as a boy. Otherwise, he would have an heir.

Mr Hu was even more motivated when he saw that the Fu family's oldest daughter nodded from time to time and did not show any signs of impatience.

After Mr Hu stopped, the Fu Family's oldest daughter praised him, "Mr Hu is indeed knowledgeable. After hearing what you have said, I have learnt a lot."

Mr Hu was elated while he hurriedly denied the praises.

Fu family's oldest daughter continued, "I still have a question to ask. Would it be worth it If I used these to exchange for the fire lotus seeds?"

"Fire lotus seeds?" Mr Hu paused for a moment before saying, "Drought fire lotus?"


"Exchange it!' Mr Hu said without hesitation and with an agitated expression, "You do not know but within the perimeter of where the drought fire lotus grows, the soil is dried up and there are no signs of life. It originated from the Wilderness and after meticulous breeding from the wood elementalists, they managed to get a few seeds. Some of the wood elementalists started to grow it but it led to the extermination of living things within a perimeter of five hundred metres, which resulted in a disaster. The elders were furious and forcefully exterminated and prevented the breeding. The drought fire lotus is easy to grow but it requires much ground elemental energy to produce any fire lotus seeds. It is extremely difficult. Now, the seeds of the drought fire lotus are mostly used by the wood elementalists as some sort of weapon. However I have not heard of anyone that is willing to sell off fire lotus seeds yet."

Mr Hu said all these things rapidly. He paused momentarily, "As such, the fire lotus seed is extremely out of the ordinary. It is usually used to train your sky palace as well. One effect of the fire lotus seed is to strengthen your state of mind. Those who have weak willpower usually are those who have a weaker state of mind. As such, it is easy for them to be taken advantage of by external forces. If their mindset is strong, then their willpower will be strong as well.

The Fu family's oldest daughter had maintained a composed face all this time but finally showed a surprised reaction and said, "There's such an effect?"

Mr Hu had also toned down at that moment and replied, "Yes, this is not a secret and there are many who know about it. However, this knowledge is useless to most as the fire lotus seed is elusive.

Fu family's oldest daughter forced a smile and said, "This is going to be interesting."

Mr Hu stared blankly at her while saying doubtfully, "Could it be that someone is disposing of the fire lotus seed?"

Young Mistress nodded her head, "Yes, there is a total of fifty eight. It is up to us to see how many we can get our hands on."

"Fifty......Fifty eight?" Mr Hu felt light-headed and his face was flushed like he was drunk.

"Since Mister thinks that we should exchange for it, our family will try our best to get it." The young mistress said solemnly.

At that moment, the smile on her face was gone. Her gaze was resolute and her back was straight. Her petite figure radiated power and influence. Everyone was scared into submission and bowed in response.

"I need to consult you for one more thing." The Fu family's young mistress muttered, "From this list of things, what do you think are the intentions and objectives of the person who wrote it? For example, is it for refinement and what sort of refinement is it for?"

Mr Hu shook his head and said, "Your humble subordinate is unable to tell. I might need to gather some experienced artisan and we can discuss it together?"

Fu family's oldest daughter bowed slightly, "Thank you for your help."

"No need to thank me," Mr Hu hurriedly bowed back in return and was awed. The young mistress was always respectful and never had any haughtiness about her.

Looking at Mr Hu's retreating figure, Fu family's oldest daughter suddenly turned around and told Fu Yonghao, "Previously you failed in becoming Ai Hui's student. Do not fail this time."

Fu Yonghao was at a loss and said, "Ah...Older sister..."

"Work hard at the training hall."

"Older sister... I..."


Swordsman Training Hall.

Ai Hui stared in surprise at the shop owner. That old face was more than familiar.

While he had already released the list of things for a long time, he had never imagined that the first person to trade would be the boss of the store.

"Definitely Boss, I can't believe it. You are like the sage that disguises himself as an ordinary person."

The shop owner gave a simple and honest smile, "It is nothing as compared to you. I am just trying to make ends meet, trying to make ends meet."

Ai Hui did not bother with the formalities. He took the box and threw it towards Lou Lan.

He did not ask further. Everyone had their own secrets.

He knew of the store owner's background. In the past, he used to purchase different types of materials from this store owner. At that time, he already felt that the store owner had a vast range of resources. Now, he knew that he had underestimated the store owner. The store owner's background was even more extensive than what he had guessed. While everyone else was yet to react, the store owner had already come over to do a trade. Ai Hui was impressed by this.

Lou Lan took a glance and told Ai Hui, "Ai Hui, this is obliterated soul wood. There is no problem with the quality and there is a total of three."

The store owner said cheerily, "Lou Lan has good foresight."

"Three?" Ai Hui nodded his head and took out three fire lotus seeds. He wrapped them up in a piece of scrap paper that he randomly found and thrusted it at the store owner.

The store owner's cheeks twitched, "Can't you put it in a proper box?"

This was a precious natural resource!

How could he just use a random piece of paper to wrap up the priceless fire lotus seeds? Even an unscrupulous businessman like the store owner was unable to stand his way of handling them.

"Are you going to pay for the box?" Ai Hui countered.

The store owner also felt that he had wasted his breath. He was clear about Ai Hui's character. His expression suddenly cleared and a smile lifted up his cheeks "Hey little king, when should we meet up to create See You Later? You have to leave enough for me! We have so many years of friendship..."

Nobody knew that the shop owner took away with him three fire lotus seeds. Just like nobody knew that he came.

When the shop owner left, Ai Hui's mood lifted. At least it was a good start.

After a moment, he heard Lou Lan shouting from the outside, "Owner, someone is seeking knowledge."

Ai Hui was happy! There is business! A successful business is equivalent to two hundred essence elemental beans!

However, when Ai Hui saw the face of the person, his face became doubtful, "It is you!"

"So what if it is me?" Fu Yonghao said rudely and threw a money pouch towards Ai Hui, "Two hundred essence elemental beans."

Ai Hui took over the money pouch and counted it. He raised his head and said, "You! Two hundred essence elemental beans is not enough!"

Fu Yonghao said indignantly, "What do you mean? Didn't you write down the price on the door?"

Ai Hui said righteously, "You are over-age, so naturally you should pay a higher fee. Give over another one hundred essence elemental beans."

"You!" Fong Yongwu was almost spitting fire now. But when he thought of his older sister being angry at him, he trembled and forced the words out of his mouth, "If you want that additional hundred, I will give it to you."

With a disdainful expression, Ai Hui said reluctantly, "Alright, since you are so sincere, I will make an exception and accept you as a student. Come on, call me Teacher!"

Fong Yongwu was so angry that his neck turned red.