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Chapter 305: “See You Later” Sword Formation

 Chapter 305: "See You Later" Sword Formation

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The sound of an intense battle could be heard from a distance. Even from afar, he still felt a slight tremble on the ground.

Jiang Wei's face turned ashen as he entered the mayor residence.

Standing in front of him, the old mayor nagged long-windedly, "You see, they just don't know when to stop. My wife told me that they don't take me seriously and I couldn't care less. Now that you have arrived, I can peacefully find a place to enjoy my life in retirement. Sigh, Murphy's law-what can go wrong will wrong. All I want is to enjoy my life in retirement and that's why I came to Peace City. However, Peace City became a bustling trading hub and a city of strategic importance, attracting and pulling everyone here. I know myself very well..."

Jiang Wei bade farewell to the old mayor and flew toward the battle site with his soldiers.

He knew that he did not have any background and if these powerful prestigious families and tyrants were not suppressed at this very instant, no one would care about him.

However, he was not here to enjoy his life in retirement.


See You Later!

This was the first time Su Huaijun saw so many See You Laters. She always thought that See You Laters were kept in exquisitely-made wooden boxes and there would not be more than ten of them. Every time she went to buy See You Laters, the boss would always tell her that the arrows were out of stock. It was only after she agreed to pay extra, those unscrupulous businessmen would then put on a heart-aching look on their faces and slowly took out a few arrows.

However, right now, the sky was filled with densely-packed See You Laters. Su Huaijun was dumbstruck with this sight.

How could this fellow own so many See You Laters!

Suddenly, something struck Su Huaijun's mind. Upon remembering that See You Laters were made in Peace City, a bold thought emerged on her mind. Could this fellow be the one that produced See You Laters?

See You Laters were in popular demand in Peace City. However, since Su Huaijun's primary weapon was not a bow and arrows, she had not seen the real power of See You Laters.

Given its costly price, the power of See You Laters should be extraordinary. Su Huaijun thought pensively.

Su Huaijun was not the only one that identified the See You Laters in the sky, many onlookers did too and let out a wave of alarmed cries. Those who did not know what See You Laters were quickly asked the person standing beside them.

What's so special about the arrows in the sky?

Very soon, See You Laters will be justified to these people why its price was so expensive!

A colorful glazed radiance swirled around each and every See You Later, giving off a soft ringing sound that resembled the chime of sword.

Those elementalists who had previously used See You Laters had their eyes light up. Top-grade arrows!

When a See You Later was being used, it would release a unique ringing sound that resembled the chime of sword. This was often used as an authentication method to examine the authenticity of the arrows. Because of its costly price, there was an abundance of imitation of See You Laters on the market. However, not only were these imitations not powerful, the unique sword chime wasn't released when used.

A streak of glazed radiance flashed across the sky and disappeared.

The next moment, an arrow emerged from the chest of a Sha Guard in the air. Following which, a colorful glazed glowing sphere rose from the chest of the Sha Guard. If one took a closer look, he or she could see that the glowing sphere was spinning rapidly, resembling a round-shaped rainbow cotton candy.

Subsequently, the spinning glowing sphere disappeared, leaving a basin-sized cavity in the Sha Guard's chest.

It only took one shot to completely destroy the sand puppet's sand core. Whoosh. The body of the sand puppet collapsed into a pile of quicksand and fell from the sky.

So this was See You Later!

If the tinkling sound of the sword chime wasn't stopped, the glazed radiance would not have faded.

At this very moment, Sha Wuduan was in a dire straits.

The soul-reaping sword chime caused him to tremble with fear. What kind of offensive tactic was this? He had never seen such arrows and he sensed danger from its mighty power. If it wasn't for the sand puppet next to him that dashed forward and blocked the arrows, during this critical moment, he would have breathed his last.

Every arrow claimed one life or destroyed one sand puppet.

Sha Wuduan knew this could not go on any longer. He clenched his teeth and commanded twenty sand puppets to fly up into the sky at the same time to form a sand barrier, which protected the heads of Sha Wuduan and the rest of the earth elementalists.


One of the sand puppets self-detonated. A burst of dazzling yellow light erupted and a powerful shockwave broke out, severely disrupting the flight path of many See You Laters.

Sha Wuduan felt an extreme heartache. The sand puppets that served as Sha Guards were specially made. Each of their cost prices were extremely expensive. The annoying thing was that most of the materials used to build them could no longer be found. This implied that they were irreplaceable.

Right now, as long as that goddamn bastard was killed, everything would be worth it!

Sha Wuduan's face was completely covered by his sand armor, and hence, he became unnoticeable when he blended into the formation of sand puppets.

Just as both of them got closer and closer to each other, Ai Hui suddenly turned around. His movements were sudden and fluid.

Trying to escape?

Sha Wuduan sneered. He had already expected that his opponent would not stay in the same spot and get surrounded by the sand puppets. Poof, poof, poof. Several sand puppets transformed into a huge mass of quicksand, forming an inescapable "net" in the sky. No matter which direction their enemy ran to, he would not be able to escape from this "net!"

Ai Hui, who had already turned around, stomped the ground forcefully with his feet.


The meticulously-built trap mechanism beneath his feet had been broken and deactivated by him.

After Lou Lan's inspection and verification, the artifact remnants placed within the trap mechanism was verified to be an ancient seal that was either related to "Wind Resistance" or "Divine Movement". However, its effect was yet to be discovered.

In this day and age, everyone had little understanding towards ancient seals. Furthermore, the seals within the artifact remnants had undergone the erosion of time and dispersal of spiritual force. Most of them were badly damaged, having only an extremely tiny portion left.

Ai Hui prayed in his heart, "Lou Lan bless me!"

The barriers between essence elemental beans, blood crystals and the artifact remnants were broken. The ancient seal appeared once more on this land. A wisp of green light swirled around his legs, he felt as light and lithe as a feather.

It was magical!

The ancient spiritual force, seals and spells were extremely profound in nature. This was the first time Ai Hui used the ancient seal from the Cultivation Era. It felt entirely different from elemental energy.

However, at this point of time, his encounter wasn't important. He squatted down slightly and jumped towards the air.


Ai Hui's vision blurred. When he clearly saw his surroundings, he was shocked. He was already fifty metres away from the ground in the air.

When Ai Hui lowered his head and saw the flight path of his See You Laters being disrupted by the self-detonation of the sand puppets, he twisted his body and dived downward.

Meanwhile, when Sha Wuduan lost sight of Wang Han all of a sudden, his facial expression changed drastically and a strong feeling of danger arose in his heart.

Without even thinking, he brought the rest of the Sha Guards along with him and drilled into the ground.

However, there was an unexpected a layer of barrier beneath the ground. This prevented them from drilling and digging into the ground.

At this very moment, a deafening mournful sword chime exploded above his head.

Sha Wuduan's facial expression changed drastically. The terrifying sword chime caused him to feel an unprecedented danger. An intense feeling of danger engulfed him, prompted his hair to stand on end.


The sand barrier above his head suddenly exploded. A mournful sword chime descended from the sky.

Like a legendary bird that spreaded it's wings, Ai Hui descended from the sky with his sword raised in his hand. Numerous radiance-glazed See You Laters were attracted to the Dragonspine in his hand. Like a gigantic school of fishes, they flew nimbly through the air while Ai Hui's Dragonspine acted as the leader of the school of fishes.

Ai Hui felt an indescribable contentment.

This was sword formation!

Within the sword formation, every See You Later had a connection with the Dragonspine in his hand. If it was any other individual, he or she would have found it difficult to control. However, this was what Ai Hui needed and specialized in. From the day he started to use the Red Dust Swordbox, Ai Hui had developed an interest in the use of a normal-sized sword to control many small swords.

On its own, a See You Later was already very powerful. Right now, being brought together, their power became even more terrifying!

Ai Hui's body was completely engulfed by a colorful glazed radiance, circled by numerous See You Laters. Amidst the torrent of sword chime, he felt an indescribable excitement.

Like a frail piece of paper, the sand barrier above Sha Wuduan's head was easily pierced through.

Sha Wuduan couldn't care less and hurled five sand puppets at Ai Hui at the same time. At the very instant they made contact with Ai Hui, they self-detonated once more.

Like an inflated balloon, a burst of yellow glow erupted and expanded outward. Following which, Ai Hui used his See You Laters and punctured the burst of yellow glow in one shot.

A few of Ai Hui's See You Laters had been broken down into colorful glazed glowing luminous bubbles, gradually vanished into thin air.

Boom, boom, boom!

The sand puppets looked as if they had gone mad, flying toward Ai Hui and self-detonated in front of him.

The shock wave from the self-detonation of the sand puppets was rather powerful. Every sand puppet was able to destroy a few of the See You Laters that circled Ai Hui. It was as if Ai Hui and Sha Wuduan were fighting a battle of attrition.


When the last See You Later was destroyed, Ai Hui's head was hit by the shock wave from a sand puppet's self detonation. He let out a groan and his body flew backward.

A tinge of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth. His enemy did not seem too well either.

There were only twenty-three Sha Guards left and all of them were severely injured.

Sha Wuduan gave a sinister smile. Without See You Laters, Wang Han had nothing up his sleeves to fight against him. Even though there were only twenty-three Sha Guards left, six of them were earth elementalists. He had enough confidence to slay Wang Han.

From his perspective, See You Laters was Wang Han's trump card and his greatest reliance.

Suddenly, Ai Hui maneuvered his body in the mid-air and flew towards a corner of the courtyard. Just as his feet barely made contact with the ground, he plunged his sword directly into the ground.

Pop. The soft popping sound made Sha Wuduan's facial expression changed slightly as a premonition crept up his heart.

Ai Hui was abnormally swift and agile. Like a dragonfly, he skimmed swiftly across the training hall. Every time his feet made contact with the ground, there would be a soft popping sound given off.

Even though Sha Wuduan wasn't aware of what his enemy was doing, he knew that he must stop him.

As such, the rest of the Sha Guards dashed towards Ai Hui at the same time.

Some transformed into quicksand, while some transformed into mini sandstorms. Some even transformed into sand spears for their comrades to throw at Ai Hui.

There were a wide range of attacking methods, which widen one's horizon.

One by one, essence elemental beans, blood crystals and artifact remnants kept on rupturing. The surging elemental energy transformed the training hall into a raging sea of elemental energy. All the artifact remnants had been activated and glows of various colors lit up in every nook and cranny of the training hall.

After fighting for his life this long, Ai Hui knew that there was no point holding back now.

Sha Wuduan felt that he was going crazy soon!

Different colored glows kept on lighting up and Sha Wuduan knew they belonged to artifact remnants. This fellow actually had so many artifact remnants! There was one thing that he found inconceivable. Was this fellow crazy to squander his resources that recklessly? How could he have squandered so many artifact remnants?

Various weird-looking glows and seals formed an utterly chaotic performance in the training hall. Icy frost, violent winds, lightning bolts, sword glints, spear auras, etc had completely flooded this small training hall.

Those Sha Guards that just dashed toward Ai Hui had encountered a cosmic catastrophe.