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Chapter 304: Sword Chime And Swirling Sandstorm

 Chapter 304: Sword Chime And Swirling Sandstorm

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The hovering fine light beams energized everyone.

Wang Han was starting to retaliate!

This was what everyone wanted to see. The Sha Guards were so powerful that everyone felt that Wang Han had slim chances of winning. It would be dull and boring if Wang Han just placed down his weapon and surrendered.

Wang Han was not a fool, but rather a vicious and merciless expert. As such, why would he had stood there and waited for his death? The skydiving fire sword move that he executed yesterday night lit up the entire night sky and stunned everyone, giving rise to an unrealistic expectation in everyone's heart.

What would Wang Han's retaliation be?

Fine light beams shot out from the ground towards the sky and stood tall and upright, looking like glowing light webs. The light webs were stacked layer upon layer, completely enveloping the air space above the training hall. The top of the stack of light webs was narrow while the bottom was wide. It looked like a gigantic bronze bell.

Everyone's gaze was captivated by it. Wang Han's offensive methods had always managed to lit up everyone's eyes, however, they were still slightly doubtful. The Sha Guards were indeed terrifyingly powerful, but at least everyone still managed to understand what their offensive was . As for Wang Han's offensive method...... no one understood it at all!

Even the experienced and knowledgeable Su Huaijun and the Fu family were completely lost.

Suddenly, the light webs started to tremble in unison.

An unexpected clear and melodious sword chime resounded through the training hall.

A biting-cold chill struck everyone's heart. It was as if a sharp reflective sword had pierced through the back of their necks, sending agony down their skins and bones. Those who were brave and firm had their hair stood on end. Whereas, those who were timid and soft could not help it but tremble in fear.

"Sword chime!"

Su Huaijun widened her eyes abruptly.

Sha Wuduan's feelings were different from the outsiders. The Sha Guards felt that their visions were blurred and their world was spinning. The unstoppable Sha Guards stumbled.This was the first time chaos and disturbance broke out in their neat and orderly formation.

The sharp and ethereal sword chime was like a soft yet powerful energy wave, surging to and fro in the sword formation.

This skill was called [Sword Chime], an inheritance that originated from Nine Tones Sword Sect. After studying it extensively, Ai Hui was able to bring back this melodious ancient music.

For the past three years, Ai Hui had never stopped studying and learning from the swordplay manuals that he had read before. These ancient swordplay manuals were like fertile soil to him, providing him with an endless stream of nutrients. He had restored numerous lost and broken sword moves. Some sword moves were derived and developed from it, whereas, some were imitated and transformed into his own moves. At the end of the day, no matter what he did, he gained a lot.

[Sword Chime] was one of the many moves he learnt.

The [Sword Chime] was the only move in the entire Nine Tones Sword Sect's swordplay manual that Ai Hui restored. Ai Hui did not know whether or not it was similar to the original [Sword Chime]. However, its unique chime of sword did contain the similar wondrous power as the original's.

In order to perform the [Sword Chime], the use of the unique flying swords from the Nine Tones Sword Sect was needed.

"The Nine Tones Sword Chime rings and the nine swords shall be unsheathed."

Back in those days, the Nine Tones Sword Chime that hung in the swordsman school in the Old Territory was said to be the sect treasure of the Nine Tones Sword Sect.

The Nine Tones Sword Sect was an illustrious powerful sect in the past.

"When the nine swords are unsheathed, the heavenly music will break through the void."

One could see how mighty and powerful they were in the past.

[Sword Chime] needed at least nine swords to be unsheathed at the same time to work. Hence, after Ai Hui restored it, he had yet to find a way to use it in actual combat. It was only when he built this sword formation that he realized [Sword Chime] could be used here.

The clear and melodious sword chime resembled the soft tinkling of the wind chimes hung below the roof, extremely pleasant to one's ears. However, deep down, the sword chime actually possessed an intense killer intent.

Sha Wuduan abruptly discovered there was a delay in the channeling of elemental energy in his body.

The sand on some of the Sha Guards' bodies began to tremble, showing signs of instability.

What kind of swordsmanship was this?

Sha Wuduan felt that his opponent's swordsmanship was freakish and unprecedented. This mellifluous sword chime was able to unsettle one's mind.

However, Sha Wuduan was a powerful veteran that had survived countless bloody battles, and as such, he was able to think of a solution in an instant. In Avalon of Five Elements, there were inheritances that involved unsettling one's mind. Those elementalists who mastered their sky palace were specialized in carrying out mental attacks.

Mental attacks...

Sha Wuduan furrowed his eyebrows. Normal attacks would be completely useless against the Sha Guards. On the contrary, mental attacks posed to be a troublesome problem for Sha Wuduan.

He did not seem to understand Wang Han at all. He was a fire elementalist that was proficient in swordsmanship and specialized in developing the sky palace. This combination seemed weird to him.

Sha Wuduan did not have the luxury of time to think. Elementalists that were specialized in developing their sky palace were tricky and sly. They had various bizarre tricks up their sleeves. He had to react fast because if he gave his opponent too much time, the Sha Guards would fall and would be subdued.

Elementalists that specialized in mental attacks had weaknesses as well, for example, they had frail bodies.

It was highly possible that the scene before them might be an illusion. This was the most commonly-used technique among the various types of mental attacks. Powerful illusions could shut down an elementalist's six senses, which would caused him or her to lose the ability of judgement and made grave tactical errors.

However, no matter how real an illusion was, it was still an illusion.

Something that was fake would never become real.

Sha Wuduan ignored the spinning world in front of him. As long as his feet was on the ground, he would not lose his confidence. Whether or not the scene before his eyes was real, the fact that they were in the training hall was real.

"Swirling Sandstorm!"

The 132-men battalion of Sha Guards roared angrily in unison.

The yellow light beneath their feet began to float and drift. The surging quicksand started to cover the web-like light beams on the ground, which resembled the tidal waves in the sea. The Sha Guards stood imposingly and motionlessly. Following which, the rolling quicksand gathered in the mid-air and pieces of stones appeared amidst the quicksand. The stones kept on growing in size, which became larger. Eventually, the stones became millstone-sized and rolled in the raging torrent of quicksand.

At this point of time, the few sand pits in the training hall, which were prepared for Su Qingye's training purpose, had been completely devoured by the Sha Guards. After devouring the sand pits, the torrent of quicksand increased significantly in its size and might.

Strong and violent winds swept up and swirled around the Sha Guards.

The millstone-sized stones and the quicksand were swept up from the ground by a violent gust of wind. The deep and low whizzing sound produced by the torrent of quicksand intimidated everyone. Eventually, the torrent of yellow quicksand materialized into a terrifying yellow-colored sand veil. Along with the millstone-sized stones, thick sand veil covered the Sha Guards and expanded outward all of a sudden, resembling a gigantic sand tornado.


A huge tree in the corner of the training hall was smashed by the flying stones in the air. Before it collapsed to the ground, the whizzing torrent of quicksand and stones had already left numerous densely-packed holes in the sturdy truck of the tree.


The huge tree could not withstand the spinning sand veil and shredded completely to smithereens in the air.

Deep down, Ai Hui was glad that he kept the message tree, otherwise, it would definitely be destroyed.

The brown-colored swirling sand veil destroyed everything in the training hall like a crazy beast. The [Sword Chime] did not have any effect on a gigantic beast like this.

Not only did the high-speed swirling sand veil had high destructive power, it also blocked off the chime of the sword.

The sand veil was like a high-speed spinning millstone, if anyone was to be sucked into it, he or she would have zero chance of surviving.

Ai Hui did not expect his [Sword Chime] to be countered by a simple move like the [Swirling Sandstorm]!

However, how could the sword formation that he meticulously built contained only one type of attack?

Were the sand and stones the key to the might of [Swirling Sandstorm]? No, it was the wind!

Being a metal elementalist who was trained with the metal winds in the Suspending Golden Pagoda, Ai Hui was extremely familiar with the nature of wind.

Ai Hui's eyes lit up.

He pulled out his Dragonspine from the ground and shook the sword hilt softly. The daggers that swirled around Dragonspine flew towards every nook and cranny of the training hall, resembling agile swimming fishes.

Pop pop pop!

Essence elemental beans ruptured and surging elemental energy gushed into the sword formation. All the artifact remnants lit up and the layers of light webs above Ai Hui's head dispersed, which caused the gigantic glowing bell to collapse. If Ai Hui was to raise his head at this very moment, he would see every light web had transformed into a light spot. Even though it was daytime, they still looked like stars in the sky.

Every light web shot a silvery light beam that converged at the Dragonspine in Ai Hui's hand.

The Dragonspine was engulfed by an intense silvery light, resembling a silver-colored burning torch, dazzling and glaring.

A burst of metal elemental energy surged into the sky, as if a sharp sword was thrusting toward the blue dome of heaven.

Instead of feeling surprised, Sha Wuduan felt overjoyed. The enemy had abandoned his uncanny sword moves and was relying on the elemental energy that he was familiar with. That was equivalent to seeking his own death!

Ai Hui held the Dragonspine in his hand and dashed towards the swirling sand veil. Just as he was about to collide with the swirling sand veil, he thrusted his sword into the sand veil all of a sudden and swirled along with it.

The thrust did not seem to contain any force and looked extremely ordinary.

Ai Hui's body flew into the air and swirled along with the spinning sand veil. Before he landed on the ground, he twisted his body, flew towards the sand veil and thrusted it with his sword in the similar fashion as before.

Everyone, including Sha Wuduan, were baffled and was unsure of what Ai Hui was doing.

Every thrust he executed was ordinary and did not contain the slightest bit of destructive power.

Ai Hui's movements were abnormally fast. In a blink of an eye, he had swirled around the sand veil and thrusted it with his sword several times.

His Dragonspine had lost almost half of its metal elemental energy.

Su Huaijun's eyes lit up, "Nice!"

Sha Wuduan sensed something was up. As the metal energy poured into the spinning sand veil, the violent wind that swirled the sand veil gradually became metal wind. Even though the insertion of metal elemental energy had caused the wind speed to increase, Sha Wuduan realized he was losing control of the spinning sand veil.

Something was not right. Just as he was about to disperse the sand tornado, Ai Hui took action.

All six artifact remnants emitted a glow at the same time!

Suddenly, an astonishing chilliness erupted beneath the feet of the Sha Guards.Unexpectedly, the Sha Guards were caught off guard and became a battalion of ice statues. Even Sha Wuduan was frozen.

Not good!

Chilling frost engulfed his body, freezing his elemental energy.

The high-speed swirling sand tornado lost control and exploded abruptly.

The frozen Sha Guards became the perfect target. The high-speed spinning sand veil was mixed with razor-sharp metal elemental energy, becoming terrifyingly powerful. Pop, pop, pop. In an instant, the neat and orderly Sha Guards had their bodies filled with holes.

The millstone-sized stones were like cannonballs, heavily smashing a few unfortunate Sha Guards into powder. When a sand puppet was smashed, he would be reduced to a pile of yellow sand. However, when the pile of yellow sand was mixed with fresh blood and decapitated limbs, that was not a sand puppet, but a fallen earth elementalist.

Sha Wuduan was most powerful among the Sha Guards. Within a short period of time, he had recovered the control over his elemental energy. The scene before him exasperated him intensely. Only half of the Sha Guards were left standing. Those who collapsed were mainly earth elementalists. Three earth elementalists had already died and the rest were severely injured.

"Kill him!"

Sha Wuduan pounced towards Ai Hui as his angry roar resounded through the air. The rest of the Sha Guards followed his suit and yelled angrily, "Kill him!"

All the Sha Guards flew into the air, resembling a huge net that covered the sky.

Ai Hui, who had nowhere to run to, stayed calm and stood up, shook off the yellow sand on his body. It was a huge taboo for earth elementalists and sand puppets to leave the ground.

Ai Hui raised his Dragonspine and pointed it towards the incoming flood of enemies.

The fine light webs that filled the training hall had disappeared, which revealed Ai Hui's main formation.

Su Huaijun cried out in alarm, "See You Later!"