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Chapter 301: Caught Off Guard

 Chapter 301: Caught Off Guard

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ/KLKL

When Ai Hui landed along with the red muslin that filled the sky, he thrusted his red sword ray into Sha family's compound.

Thump. A dull and somewhat heavy sound rang. The next moment, the eye-grabbing red ray lit up suddenly. The ball of red glow illuminated the night sky radiantly.. Those with their eyes wide opened were unable to avoid it and were temporarily blinded and exclaimed alarmingly.

Their eyesight only recovered seconds later.

Far away, Sha family's compound was extremely quiet. What was happening?

Many were curious but dared not dash forward to look. Wang Han's powerful sword move was simply too terrifying. Plus, he had chosen to charge straight for the family like a death god figure. They couldn't help but revere him.

Who exactly was this guy who concealed such dreadful powers?

"This is it, how am I going to bargain with him in future? How am I going to run my business?" The shop owner held both hands to his head and his face was pale, but quickly, as if he'd thought of something, his face turned red and his eyes lit up. "Aren't Sha family's belongings all going to land in Wang Han's hands? I'll probably earn something by disposing them for him? This Wang fellow is going to strike it rich. Sigh, this is a new tyrant. I shall prepare a few good items for our new tyrant."

The boss was extremely familiar with Ai Hui and knew what he lacked.

There were always bolder elementalists who had more confidence in their abilities, so they flew slowly towards Sha's compound.

When they were close enough to get a glimpse of the yard, they fell into great shock.

There were no intact corner. It was as if the big yard had been plowed over and over again by steel and lava as there were holes and burnt marks all over the place. The flipped soil were black and there was steam coming out of it.

The arrow towers had been torn apart into countless chunks and none of the guards were still standing. Their bodies were filled with burnt bloody holes. It was a pitiful sight.

The walls surrounding the yard were broken into pieces as well. There were countless gaps, big and small, and there were signs of melting within those gaps.

Wherever he looked there were fragmented remnants so it was imaginable how intense and concentrated of a blow they had been dealt with.

There was no trace of Wang Han in the compound.

Ai Hui was awfully busy in the underground warehouse. It was located underground and hence undamaged, much to Ai Hui's relief.

In the center of the warehouse was a quicksand whirlpool that constantly circulated. The core of the whirlpool was like a fish's mouth, opening and closing.

Ai Hui turned into a diligent porter, throwing things into the whirlpool speedily. Sand compass was indeed a miraculous object. The entrance of the whirlpool was definitely small but no matter what he threw in, the whirlpool swallowed them up.

Ai Hui was very well prepared. He knew clearly where the valuable items were. He was like a gust of wind, sweeping the warehouse empty in the blink of an eye.

The most valuable objects were kept in the sand compass. His biggest reward was two trunks of essence elemental beans, which was Sha family's Peace City branch's initiation funds.

There were also many expensive earth elemental materials around. Sha family was a wealthy and powerful family after all.

Ai Hui couldn't be bothered packing the leftover big objects that were of little worth.

After keeping the compass properly, Ai Hui walked out of the warehouse openly.

Murdering without arson was simply unprofessional.

With a jolt of Dragonspine sword, its sharp end glided across the sky. Boom, a line of flame set off in the sky and landed behind him, into the room full of holes.

His move instantly subdued the restlessness of some people. Creating a fire was easy but only for fire elementalists. Wang Han, a metal elementalist, had relied on his swordsmanship to generate flames in such a relaxed and natural motion. The depth of his swordsmanship and achievements was evident and fear-inducing.

The wisp of flame was exceptionally hot and the house quickly became a raging inferno, coating the sky with the color red.

Under the watch of everybody present, Ai Hui returned to his usual calm and cool self without the least bit of uneasiness.

A man with his sword walked, as if he was strolling casually in the park, to the entrance of the badly crumbled compound as the blaze behind him soared.

He noticed the many observers and something clicked. This was a good opportunity! He scanned the area and saw a broken wooden board not far away. He went over to pick it up and found himself a burnt chunk of a small wooden stick.

The surrounding elementalists were beyond amazed, guessing what Wang Han was about to do.

They only saw Wang Han brushing a few words on it before throwing the small wooden stick away. Carrying the wooden board to the collapsed entrance, he picked a spot to hang the board.

A row of words could be seen on the board.

"Swordsman Training Hall, special tuition rate, a hundred essence elemental beans!"

The onlookers: "..."

Hidden in the crowd, Fu Yonghao almost choked on his own saliva. A hundred essence elemental beans? Why don't you rob somebody? It was four beans previously! How can such an unscrupulous businessman exist in this world! Eh, seemed like I'm focusing on the wrong thing...

In that period of silence, Ai Hui admired his own advertorial board. Come to think of it, this was the first time he'd actually promoted the training hall.

Thereupon, Ai Hui swaggered away amid the silence of the onlookers, leaving only the fiery blaze and an advertorial board on that broken door behind.

The morning sunlight came as scheduled, declaring that it was a cloudless day.

Having checked his inventory of spoils of war through the night, Ai Hui was simply too excited to sleep. The items, piled up like a mountain, brought extreme bliss and made it difficult for one to look away.

Murderers and arsonists were rich indeed!

All of Ai Hui's investments paid off quickly. Those two trunks of essence elemental beans were enough to dazzle him. Moreover, that pile of ingredients was worth a scary amount of money. What surprised Ai Hui was those twenty sand puppets whose models he couldn't recognize.

He knew that these puppets were the newly and successfully manufactured model, Earth Sentinel, that had yet to be released in the market. Sha Wuyuan either brought twenty of these along to strike a deal with other clans or because they had some special uses. After all, many elementalists were not easily swayed by money. Plus, it would be more appealing if there was only one instead of twenty sand puppets.

Because it was a new release, there were only thirty of those in the whole Sha household. Now, twenty had fallen into Ai Hui's hands.

Although Ai Hui did not know what models they were of, being shrewd, he could still distinguish the differences they had from ordinary sand puppets.

Feeling pleased, Ai Hui came out of the warehouse to welcome the sunlight. It made him feel incomparably contented and he couldn't help but start to stretch. Sha family had better come a few days later. yBy then, Lou Lan would've completely upgraded his body and he would have more confidence. The set up in this garden would be more formidable under Lou Lan's commands.

Of course, he believed that Sha family wasn't so sluggish. If they were so slow, the family would've perished a long time ago.

This wasn't the era of peace after all. Fighting and killing were the norm in this chaotic world. People who wasn't fully alert would die quickly.

Gazing into the distance, Ai Hui's body suddenly stiffened up.

He stared at a black dot far away. After a while, that dot magnified significantly. A mountain peak. It was moving extremely fast and in a flash, it was already close by.

The huge mountain whizzed over in an alarming speed. The pressure it brought was stifling and even someone as mentally strong as Ai Hui couldn't help but was a little shaken up.

Guardian of Five Elements!

The four red words on it was absolutely domineering.

Peace City was like a startled beast as it turned dead quiet all of a sudden. But when people saw Elders Guild's emblem on the mountain peak, Peace City came alive!

Ai Hui stared blankly at that mountain peak, as if his soul had been drawn out of his body.

It was undoubtedly his first time seeing it but a strong sense of familiarity rose within his heart.

The silver pond at the summit must have layers upon layers of circling veined patterns; images of the cascading waterfall and the hidden meandering river drew themselves out in his mind; he even knew that there must be a thousand and eight hundred trees; the vines were in multiples of six; there were nine faintly discernible lava caverns that supposably shared the same core; palace, pavilion, arrow tower, pagoda; he knew there was a building amid the clouds that were dragged along by the bottom of the mountain......

He knew why he was so familiar with it and he knew why he would know those set ups. It was because he had already memorized that complicated proposal with all his heart and knew every detail inside out.

He was caught off guard. Like a feather, he was being pulled into the warmth and sunshine amid that remote, mini city.

Tears rolled down, blurring his vision.

Master, Mistress.


On the God-subduing Peak, Jiang Wei was bidding goodbye to Shi Xueman and Sang Zhijun.

"Peace City is just ahead. We won't be stopping so fly there yourself." Shi Xueman said, slightly apologetically.

Jiang Wei was rather surprised. "So rushed? I was even planning to host both of you for a couple of days as a friendly gesture."

"How are you a host when you're a foreigner?" Shi Xueman laughed and took a look at the thick smoke rising from the east side of the city. "It doesn't seem peaceful here eh, looks like you'll have to get busy. I'm busy too, I have to help Bangwan seek justice."

Shi Xueman's last sentence carried a murderous spirit.

Jiang Wei was alarmed. "Something happened to Huanghun?"

Although Duanmu Huanghun was in Jadeite Forest, both parties were loyal to their masters. Jiang Wei did not think this was Huanghun's fault.

"Just received the news."

Sang Zhijun passed a report to him.

"Duanmu Huanghun openly challenged She Yu, suffered a bitter defeat!"

A murderous look flashed across his face upon seeing these few words. Of course he remembered that She Yu participated in the war of Central Pine. He recovered himself and returned the report. Laughing, he said, "Do it on my behalf as well."

"Sure!" Shi Xueman agreed readily.

"Then we'll get going."

Jiang Wei waved and rose into the air before flying towards Peace City.

God-subduing Peak whizzed speedily past and above Peace City with a heavy whistle before disappearing far away.

When Jiang Wei left the peak, there was an equally lofty group that descended from Fiery Floating Cloud.

When they arrived at the marked site and saw the thick fog and ruins, the corpses and advertorial board on the badly damaged door, their eyes instantly turn bloodshot and the veins on their head were like they were popping out.

"I want to know everything that had happened!"

The leader of the group squeezed these words out from the gaps between his tightly clenched teeth.