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Chapter 298: Sha Wuyuan’s Death

 Chapter 298: Sha Wuyuan's Death

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ/CakeHermit

A fine sword ray flashed before Sha Wuyuan's eyes.

Sha Wuyuan's face turned pale in fear. He felt his enemy was everywhere, appearing and disappearing, at times before him and at times behind him. He simply couldn't guard against such unpredictability.

All he wanted to do now was escape. The further the better. Hatred grew within his heart. He planned to show his best hands when he got back and that damned fellow Wang Han would have nowhere to run.

Sha Wuyuan's attack was beyond vicious and once he'd decided to escape, he did it without the least bit of hesitation or sloppiness.

Protecting his vital organs with both arms, he operated the elemental energy within his whole body as if he was getting ready for battle. With a bellow and a spread of his azure wings, he charged forward!


A sword ray that was directed at his throat hit his arms, causing sparks to fly in all directions.

Sha Wuyuan noted that this fine sword ray was much less powerful than the one from earlier.

At this point, elemental energy was circulating within his whole body. He wasn't operating any high-level moves, but rather [Sand Armor], which was a skill most earth elementalists knew. It was a staple, inherited skill that was actually considerably practical when in the realm of elemental internalization. Sha Wuyuan was in the realm of elemental externalization, so the ordinary [Sand Amor] was impressively formidable in his hands.

It appeared as if his whole body was heavily armored as the light ray was circulating. The veined patterns on the armor were exquisite and clear. A true armor indeed.

The most praise-worthy aspect of the [Sand Armor] was that there were no blind spots. It could form successfully wherever the elemental energy could reach and circulate.

Ding, ding, ding!

Fine sword rays hit his body continuously but were unable to break his sand armor. Sha Wuyuan could finally calm his worried heart. He did not know if that curved sword ray was his opponent's fatal move, but at this point, being almost exhausted, he dared not gamble. These consecutive hits left quite a major trauma in heart and mind.

Going back for assistance was still the safer choice...

Just then, the wound on his abdomen ached suddenly.

Sha Wuyuan's body stiffened as there seemed to be something that pierced into his abdomen.

He was frightened soulless and his face turned deathly pale.

The sand armor covered every corner of his body, but he had forgotten about his wound. Where there was a wound, elemental energy would not be able to circulate smoothly, and thus it became the armor's only vulnerable spot.

A sword ray had entered his body through the wound.

Sha Wuyuan did not understand how his opponent could do something so unimaginable. What technique was this? No, what swordplay?

He now knew he had been defeated thoroughly without a chance of overturning the situation. Between life and death, he had to make a choice. Decisively, he said, "I surren..."

The words that were about to come out stopped suddenly.

Flying at high speed in mid-air, Sha Wuyuan's eyes flew wide open and his body went rigid. He lost control of his wings and, like a bird with a broken wing, dove straight down into the signboard of a roadside shop.

Crash! Both Sha Wuyuan and the signboard smashed onto the ground.

Alarmed cries could be heard on the street and no one dared approached the scene. Those who recognized Sha Wuyuan turned pale.

The devilish ray in Ai Hui's eyes gradually dimmed and his numbed qi and blood started to recover.

Shortly after, he landed beside Sha Wuyuan.

Sha Wuyuan's eyes were wide open and completely absent of life. A grievance-filled death. Without needing to check, Ai Hui knew that the fellow was already as dead as could be. The mini sword that had entered his abdomen had already destroyed his body.

No one could, under any circumstances, survive this.

Without delay, Ai Hui skillfully swept up all the valuables from Sha Wuyuan's lifeless body.

Getting up, he saw a pale belonging to a shop assistant whom he recognized as Zhang. With a flick of his fingers, an essence elemental bean fell before the assistant. "Money to fix the signboard."

He then turned around to leave.

He moved fast as lightning and vanished into the crowd in the blink of an eye.

Before, Ai Hui had held the Sha family's housekeeper and guards captive merely to collect a ransom. However, seeing how Sha Wuyuan had attacked Su Qingye and gang, he felt the desire to kill.

While the three smalls were not his official students, three years of interaction had built a certain level of affection.

Ai Hui could more or less guess Sha Wuyuan's intention towards the three smalls, but that was unimportant. What was important was the fact that Ai Hui would absolutely never tolerate people hurting those around him.

Since it was going to be a death match, you should die first.

Ai Hui's logic was simple and practical.

Alone, Sha Wuyuan was the ideal target to sneak an attack on. Ai Hui had confidence in his assassination skills.

The Assembly of Patriarchs was an underground organization, so naturally it did not lack skills for assassinations. Ai Hui had never thought that he was gifted since he had a poor affinity with elemental energy. If not for Lou Lan's elemental energy soup, his energy growth would be as slow as a tortoise. Swordplay wise, he had also been a mess. As compared to those who had started creating their own absolute art even before they hit twenty, Ai Hui wasn't considered great.

But when he'd been introduced to assassination techniques, he'd found his talent for the first time.

He wasn't sure if it was because he had trained with the sword embryo or because he had been battling in the Wilderness for three long years, but he had a keen intuition when it came to sensing danger. His calmness, patience, and perseverance made him an even more dangerous assassin.

This was also the reason why Chu Zhaoyang, who had achieved only elemental internalization, could gain a decent reputation.

Sha Wuyuan never would have thought that Ai Hui would attack him so soon, so timing wise, Ai Hui had already gotten the upper hand. If he couldn't even get rid of Sha Wuyuan at such an opportune moment, it just meant that their disparity in skills was too wide.

Then Ai Hui would immediately take Lou Lan and flee to the other end of the world.

Su Huaijun sat herself down upon bringing the three smalls back to Sea Pacific Enterprise's training hall. The kids were in low spirits and a sulky mood. Without straightening anything out, Su Huaijun instructed, "Do not leave the hall these few days. I will ask for letters to be sent to your families and they will pick you up."

The kids ignored her, but she did not mind as long as they did not cause any trouble.

She had Su family's interests at heart. Getting involved in this battle brought no benefits to the family.

Not just the Su family, but no family would get themselves tangled in this war.

Wang Han simply overestimated his abilities.

She shook her head and reached for a teacup.

Just then, Su Qingye's father dashed in, looking flustered. "Sha Wuyuan was killed by Wang Han."

The teacup stopped by her lips as Su Huaijun's face froze up. She spoke up not long after. "What happened?"

"After parting with you guys, he was secretly followed by Wang Han and eventually got taken down in the middle of the street. He died on the spot."

Father Su's voice was trembling.

The three kids' eyes lit up as they gave each other a look. They saw the same excitement in each other's eyes.

Su Huaijun's mind was buzzing non-stop and only one voice echoed within.

Wang Han had actually initiated an attack on Sha Wuyuan!

How daring! How ruthless! How crazy!

It wasn't any secret that the Sha family was after Wang Han, but it was beyond her imagination that as the weaker party, Wang Han had actually dared to make the first move.

An indescribable shock overtook her, but when she calmed down, she realized how exquisite Wang Han's move was.

She had to admit that she had belittled him. He was actually such a powerful and fierce character!

Back in his own training hall, Ai Hui was sure that he would face the Sha family's outburst.

He'd better prepare for it.

Lou Lan was upgrading his body. If he hadn't been, Ai Hui would have gotten his assistance and not killed Sha Wuyuan personally.

He was used to being hands-free. Now that he had to deal with these things, Ai Hui couldn't help but laugh bitterly.

Dashing into the warehouse, he opened a chest lying in a corner. The boss of the shop he frequented would go crazy if he were to see this open chest!

The chest was filled with weasel bristle arrows, commonly referred to as 'See You Later'.

Why wouldn't the boss go crazy? When had See You Later ever come in a whole chest? Selling eight or ten arrows was like dripping blood. As such, every time the boss sold See You Later, he would feel an inevitable sense of guilt. There would always be a devil-like voice urging him to sell one less arrow. Just one less arrow...

When the boss finally became determined to sell them, that voice started shouting, raise the price a little, just raise it a little...

The whole chest was filled with See You Later and Ai Hui hadn't kept records on the exact number. Each time he made them, he would keep a third aside for rainy days.

Who knew that rainy day would really come.

Ai Hui took out another chest that was much smaller. It was as small as a jewellery box.

Upon opening it, all kinds of light rays shone through the cracks at the edges.

There were many compartments inside the chest and each contained a piece of artifact remnant. The box was full of artifact remnants. There were around forty pieces of them. They were of different shapes and sizes, and were evidence of the King of Angler's military successes.

Within each compartment was a label indicating that these remnants had been analyzed.

While Lou Lan's Midnight sand core was unable to operate at full force, it could still do many things like analyzing artifact remnants. These remnants must be of excellent quality for them to have survived the test of time. Other than that, there must have been some kind of seal that allowed them to be preserved during the elemental energy era.

These seals were what Lou Lan had been trying to analyze.

Although they were in poor condition, the research value was still exceptionally high in Lou Lan's eyes.

Lou Lan had already drawn out many badly damaged seals and even then, they were extremely complex. In this elemental energy era that placed simplicity and practicality above all things, no elementalist would waste time and effort on something so fruitless, just as how few would practice swordplay like Ai Hui.

The reason why Ai Hui was interested in these seals was because he found similarities between them and some of Teacher's plans.

Teacher's [Treating The City As A Piece Of Cloth] had been very complex and he knew every detail inside out. He would even ponder over it at times.

This was the only way he could reminisce about his Teacher.

The forty artifact remnants all had different kinds of seals, which gave Ai Hui sufficient options.

He had a few backup plans on hand that he and Lou Lan had come up together. He offered ideas while Lou Lan perfected the details. When it came to complicated and dull details and calculations, no one could settle them better than Lou Lan.

Ai Hui took out whatever essence elemental beans he had. There were a few hundred.

The biting cold rays of See You Laters, the brightly-colored remnants' glow, and the soft light of the elemental beans lit up the whole warehouse along with Ai Hui's somewhat agonized but resolute face.

He had sacrificed everything and returned to the state of poverty that he lived in before the blood catastrophe broke out. He would lose too much if he created too small a stir. It's time to intensify the storm!