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Chapter 295: The Three Smalls

 Chapter 295: The Three Smalls

Translator: Irene Editor: TYZ/KLKL

"How can we help Teacher?"

Hua Xiaoyun was thirteen years old but her cute, apple-shaped face was currently filled with worry. Her body was frail, as if the wind could easily blow her away. The brown curls on her head were the most eye-catching. Her fluffy hair resembled that of a poodle. Because of this, she was often laughed at and called Little Hua Doggy.

She was a feeble but kind girl. Upon hearing that Teacher had offended the Sha family, she got extremely worried and specially made a trip down to Peace City from Cloud Ridge City via Three Leaves Bamboo Cart, in search of Su Qingye and Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen held onto his heavy sword without a word.

Su Qingye listlessly teased his new sand puppet. After his previous sand puppet's reported the expenses, his father finally bought him a new one. Because of Su Huaijun's praise of Su Qingye, his father was more than happy to get him a new and much more improved sand puppet.

At the beginning, Su Qingye was extremely pleased with his new sand puppet since it was much stronger than his previous one.

But when he found out that an argument arose between Teacher and the Sha family, Su Qingye became gloomy.

His new sand puppet, Cuttlefish, was a product of the Sha Family.

Fate was fooling with people. Su Qingye's child-like face was now full of sorrow as he sighed toward the sky.

"Say something you guys!" Hua Xiaoyun spoke urgently. "Why aren't you guys talking! I'm so worried!"

"Teacher doesn't need our help," the mysterious Zhou Wen said all of a sudden.

"Are we just going to sit and watch? Teacher has to deal with so many enemies. What if he can't handle them?" The more Hua Xiaoyun thought about it, the more worried she got.

"We're so weak, how are we going to help him?" Su Qingye was a businessman's son after all and had rich life experiences. "What we should do now is make sure that we don't become a burden and a cause for worry."

Having said that, Su Qingye felt sullen himself.

Stupid Sha family!

How hateful!

"Then what's going to happen to Teacher?" Hua Xiaoyun asked on the brink of tears.

"I trust Teacher." Zhou Wen said.

"Me too." Su Qingye consoled, "Don't forget that there's still Lou Lan. Lou Lan is powerful. We wouldn't be able to win against him even if we joined forces."

Just then, a group of hooligans appeared from not far away. After some brief eye contact, they walked over with bad intentions.

"Hey, take out all your money!"

As the three of them were too preoccupied with worrying, the gangsters had already surrounded them when they were finally able to react.

Zhou Wen stood up coldly and kept Hua Xiaoyun close to him.

Su Qingye wrinkled his brows and berated, "Who are you guys? You all look unfamiliar. Why? Coming all the way here to cause trouble?"

While Sea Pacific Enterprise wasn't considered big, it had been standing for many years and the local societies and businesses were beyond familiar with it. Su Qingye had been interacting with these people since he was young and had no fear. What kind of storm could a small city like Peace City cook up?

Su Qingye was more than certain that he'd not seen these people before.

There was an influx of foreigners into Peace City recently and security had become less ordered.

"How arrogant!" The lead gangster stepped out, an evil green appearing on his face. "You'd better take out all your money now if you don't wanna get beaten up. Or else, don't blame us for being impolite!"

"We can give you the money, but you have to let us go." Su Qingye said while fishing out money.

Seeing that Su Qingye gave in, the hooligan let his guard down momentarily, saying, "Don't play any tricks and you'll be fine..."

Even before he could finish speaking, he felt a sharp pain in his thigh.

He looked down and saw a sand sword jutting out from his thigh as fresh blood poured out.

Before he could react, his little brothers had already fallen into a pitiful state.

Zhou Wen had already completely powered his sword. It was like a solid hammer. Taking a hit would usually cause a sore, bone-shattering sound. While he did not look strong on the outside, he was as brave as a fierce tiger.

Hua Xiaoyun followed closely behind as the swords made from fog became agile and sharp arrows, unceasingly landing on their enemies' bodies and leaving wounds.

"You're courting death!"

The leader had a sinister look on his face but right in front of him, Su Qingye was all smiles. Even before he could react, his other thigh got stabbed as well.


The gang leader's legs turned weak and he sank to his knees.

A sand lock chained around his neck transformed into a collar, where sawteeth were spinning slowly around the inner side of it.


Su Qingye spoke up as the sawteeth tightened suddenly and a blood streak surfaced on the gang leader's neck.

The gang leader turned pale as he quickly instructed, "Stop! All of you, stop!"

Seeing the state their leader was in, the rest of the gang hesitated a little before stopping.

Bang bang bang!

Ferocious Zhou Wen had no intention to stop. Instead, he charged forward and took down the remaining hooligans in the blink of an eye.

The gang leader's expression worsened. He knew he had provoked the wrong person and lowered his noble head.

Su Qingye asked calmly, "How long have you guys been in Peace City?"

The gang leader answered in all honesty, "Three days."

Chuckling, Su Qingye asked, "Three days and you guys are feeling restless already?"

The leader hurriedly replied, "I must be blind to have offended you all..."

"Heh heh, let's talk things over." Su Qingye changed the topic suddenly. "Who asked you guys to come over?"

The gang leader's expression changed slightly but he remained silent.

Zhou Wen and Hua Xiaoyun exchanged glances.

"I thought it was strange. Coming for money straight away, how ignorant! Not even a greeting or an excuse, do you take me for a fool?" Su Qingye smiled coldly. He was very familiar with how things went on the street. "You better be honest with us or I'll kill you. Heard of Huang Dahai? Entering someone else's territory, have you paid your respects? Still have the guts to rob? You'll get seriously hurt if I hand you over to him. He would have to thank me and invite me to attend the ritual!"

Upon hearing Huang Dahai's name, the gang leader's face turned a deathly white.

Huang Dahai was the big boss of a few streets nearby and was vicious and merciless. If the gangster fell into Huang Dahai's hands, he would have a miserable ending. The gangster's body shook uncontrollably at the mere thought that Huang Dahai might deal with him cruelly.

He bit his teeth. "Yes..."

A green light flashed abruptly and hit the gang leader right between his brows.

A grunt sounded and ended spontaneously. There was a bloody hole in between his brows as blood flowed down.

This sudden change of events stunned Su Qingye for a while. Because Teacher attached much importance to real combat, the three of them were used to confrontation. He had fought before, but killing people...

The gang leader on the ground was no longer breathing, his eyes wide open and expressionless. The emptiness was uncomfortable to bear.

Su Qinye blanked out.

Boom! A huge force knocked him down, which also allowed him to snap out of it.

It was Zhou Wen!

He had left a pit in the ground.

Habitually silent, Zhou Wen lived in an even harsher environment and thus had a higher psychological endurance than Su Qingye.

He was fighting against the attacker who launched the sneak attack now.

Soon, Hua Xiaoyun threw herself out there as well. Her fish-like cloud sword made concentrated shuffling sounds. The frail-looking brown-haired girl was actually stronger that she appeared.

Clap! Su Qingye gave himself a slap, shame filling his chest.

Cuttlefish seeped into the ground and went for the opponent like a pool of ink.

The attacker was a middle-aged man. He had an average appearance, a face that would fade in a crowd. However, he was exceptionally strong, taking on three opponents by himself, yet maintaining the upper hand.

Zhou Wen's subtle sword strokes were effortlessly blocked off by the man. The man could also easily dodge Hua Xiaoyun's crafty cloud sword, as if he'd long predicted its moves.

Cuttlefish's speed increased and in the blink of an eye, it was already under the man's feet.

A pool of ink wrapped around his legs.

Su Qingye saw the sneer in the man's eyes. Boom! The man did not move his legs but the black ink around them exploded into a puff of sand.

Their opponent was simply too powerful!

His realm, fight and even battle experience far exceeded theirs.

"If you meet an enemy that's too powerful, don't run. You can't outrun him. Keep in mind what I'm about to teach you..."

Teacher's words suddenly floated into Su Qingye's conscious mind.

Su Qingye remembered these words very clearly since Teacher made sure to explain the content to them when they were all present. Teacher wasn't very responsible in the sense that he appeared and disappeared unpredictably, and just mostly wasn't around. Lou Lan was the one who had been monitoring their trainings. They really liked Lou Lan and felt he was more like a teacher.

Su Qingye was somewhat vexed. They'd never tried practicing what Teacher had taught them.

His relationship with Zhou Wen wasn't considered friendly and Hua Xiaoyun only visited twice a week so no one had thought of practicing the drill together.

They could only push their way through, even if it was beyond their abilities...

"Three elements!"

Su Qingye shouted suddenly and dashed behind Zhou Wen. The dispersed ink sand on the ground assembled and moved toward him as if it was attracted by something.

Upon hearing Su Qingye's loud roar, Zhou Wen retreated suddenly without the slightest hesitation.

He stood about ten feet to Hua Xiaoyun's right as Su Qingye stood about thirty feet to her left.

The three of them formed a polyline angle.

Their opponent did not interrupt them. Instead, he observed them calmly.

"... A pentagon has five points. The three of you occupy three connecting points. Remember, Hua Xiaoyun right at the front, followed by Zhou Wen and finally Su Qingye..."

At this moment, Su Qingye was beyond thankful for his daily trainings.

Teacher had strict requirements when it came to their sense of space. He felt that having a precise sense was very helpful in battles. As such, the three of them had undergone countless extra trainings and punishments. Basically, they suffered quite a lot of hardships to perfect this part.

And finally, in this moment, all their hard work would be put to good use.

Without any adjustments, Su Qingye knew their positions were completely accurate.

Teacher, you must mean what you say...

Su Qingye prayed inwardly to each and every god he knew. His hand movements were super fast, his arms unoccupied. The black ink sand shuffled its way up off the ground and formed a sphere, which spun around between his arms.

Gathering all the elemental energy within his body, Su Qingye made a strong push with his arms and the fast spinning black sand ball in front of his chest transformed into a black sand sword, flying toward Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen had a stern expression on his face as he used both hands to grab his sword. Silhouette like a bow, he thrusted his sword unhurriedly.

A silver bright glow swiftly lighted up.

The black sand sword, as if attracted by something, flew toward the sword light from Zhou Wen's attack.

The moment the black sand sword shot into the bright sword light, the light dimmed and an indescribable grandeur shrouded the whole place.

The sword ray appeared in front of Hua Xiaoyun in a flash.

Hua Xiaoyun condensed six cloud swords and like vines, they wound around this sword ray.

The middle-aged man's face changed greatly.

Just then, the sword ray made a shocking transformation.