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Chapter 286: Woman in Red, She Yu

 Chapter 286: Woman in Red, She Yu

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The blood-colored eye on the bandage lighted up slightly and looked alive. It seemed as though there was a pair of invisible hands untying the knot around Ai Hui's wrist.

Sha sha sha was the sound made by the bandage rubbing against the shirt. The bandage was like an agile snake, coiling around Ai Hui body as it moved.

Its tip started to tremble slightly like a snake that sniffed around constantly.

It quickly appeared on Ai Hui's chest. The blood plum blossom must have swallowed up a significant amount of elemental energy for it to look this plump and tender. Its petals reached out, as if it was going to peel off from Ai Hui's chest.

The bandage shot out like a white, sharp sword, and entered the heart of the blood plum blossom suddenly.

The flower trembled, as if breaking free, but was unable to no matter how hard it tried.

A fine wisp of blood thread extended along the bandage and entered the blood eye .

The blood eye's light brightened significantly. The initial blurry and stiff eye now burst with life and carried a different kind of grace.

The flower's extended petal withdrew into Ai Hui's body again. It's once tender, beautiful and lifelike appearance withered and dulled, becoming a dark red color.

The light cracks on Ai Hui's body faded quickly and eventually vanished.

The light whirlpool between his brows shrunk rapidly until it closed up as well.

At this point, the blood bandage was full and satisfied. It withdrew from the blood plum blossom and returned to its original position, knotting itself up around Ai Hui's wrist.

Jadeite City was located at the core of Jadeite Forest and was the biggest city. Ever since Jadeite Forest was established, instead of falling into a slump, this area became livier. Everything went well and business within Jadeite Forest flourished. The families involved in its establishment recovered from their initial worry and became highly confident.

Power, status and so on were easily attainable for these core families.

Quan family was one of the mightiest families in the whole of Jadeite Forest.

There were three main supreme families.

The most reputable and unsurpassable clan would be the Duanmu household.

Duanmu household was the most well-known family within Avalon of Five Elements and possessed a lot of inside information. Furthermore, Duanmu Huanghun was Dai Gang's disciple. Jadeite Forest never would've been possible without Duanmu household's support.

Other than the Duanmu family, there were two other comparable families and one of them was Lu family. Lu family used to be pretty influential in the past but still not as much as Duanmu family. Now, with the chance to contribute to the establishment of Jadeite Forest, Lu family made a great leapt and became one of the most supreme families.

Like Duanmu family, Lu family had a disciple under a Grandmaster. Not only was Lu Chen Dai Gang's disciple, he was the first disciple. Even Duanmu Huanghun had to address him as Senior when they meet.

Able to squeeze its way into the top ranking families without Duanmu Household's inside information, Lu family had not only Lu Chen to thank but also Lu Feng. That year where Deathgrass's division's leader Zheng Yuanhong refused to surrender, the whole division underwent a blood purge. Thereafter, Yu Mingqiu left his village and Deathgrass Division fell into a downward spiral.

At the time of calamity, Lu Feng undertook the role of leading Deathgrass Division.

It was this appointment which people were not optimistic about but the results were extraordinary favorable. Lu Feng was outspoken, straightforward and loyal. Within a short period of time, he managed to reorganize and transform the atmosphere of the division, tidying up the previous ruins.

Other than Duanmu and Lu family, there was yet another family that stood at the peak of the food chain - Quan family.

If one were to say that Duanmu family set Jadeite Forest in place and Lu family took the opportunity to drive their influence, then Quan family bore the first evildoer. The Deep Sea Enterprise, created by Quan family, was the biggest underground organization that had every commodity under the sun.

Although Quan family was wealthy, they had no power and did not bear any top-notch fighter. Since ancient times, merchants were the lackeys of tyrannical aristocratic families. They had plenty of money but were without status.

The head of Quan family, Quan Weide had his own interpretation of the situation and initiated a provocation regarding the establishment of Jadeite Forest. And in order to gain the approval of Duanmu family, Lu family and Grandmaster Dai Gang, Quan Weide spontaneously offered Deep Sea Enterprise.

The merchants of Jadeite Forest ridiculed Quan Weide's action and felt that he was simply being silly. Handing over his own chamber of commerce was like trying to draw water with a wicker basket. The greedy families would definitely take thorough advantage of him and reduce him to nothingness.

Who would've thought that not only did Quan Weidie not get swallowed up, a few big families joined hands to enter Deep Sea Enterprise. They invested a large amount of money and manpower to expand it.

From then on, the trading world also became Jadeite Forest's national policy.

More importantly, Quan Weide was Deep Sea Enterprise's authority figure. Just like Lu family, Quan family shot their way up to become one of the most reputable families that carried the money bag of Jadeite Forest. Even Dai Gang encouraged him to do a proper job and Quan Weide did not disappoint. Under his leadership, Deep Sea made astonishing gains, filling the big families' pockets with money and so, they were especially courteous to Quan family as well.

It'd been said recently that Dai Gang might be taking in an unofficial disciple from Quan Family. This was buzzing news that drew many visitors to the household.

Quan residence was filled with visitors tonight as well. The wine and food were intoxicating and the lights were bright and splendid, as if it was day time. More than half of Jadeite Forest's most important figures were here and their usual stern faces were replaced by cheeriness. Occasionally they raised their glasses to celebrate and enjoy this moment of recklessness and tipsiness. Many hoped to mingle with familiar-looking people, going forward to start chats.

And beyond the high perimeter walls, so many people were racking their brains trying to get in.

Quan family feasts were usually well-known since Quan Weide enjoyed lavish fun and many other fresh things. Over time, the family also became a place for many children from influential families to hang out. They held an astonishing record of hosting a party for over two hundred days straight.

Tonight's feast was exceptionally grand. Quan family had spent many days preparing for this.

When a lady in red appeared, the whole household quietened down. That beautiful and tender face had already gotten the gentlemen holding their breaths.

Her blooming red clothes floated gracefully like smoke, carrying a tinge of languidness and charm. It was as if there was a pair of invisible hands that grabbed everyone's hearts.

Quan Minglong, who stood beside her, was looking at this goddess-like lady passionately as well.

The lady in red smiled sweeting, instantly brightening up the whole hall.

Quan Minglong's heart was beating so fast, as if a voice was booming inside. He must have her! No matter what, he must have her!

This voice was raging within his chest like a fierce storm. Quan Minglong radiated a whole new kind of vigor as he'd just found the biggest desire of his life.

The lady in red was unaware of how the gentleman beside her was feeling but she wouldn't care even if she did. She did not have time to care since so many men were interested in her any way.

She handled the scene skillfully, giving the right amount of smile, words and charm.

Everyone who met her couldn't help but admire and praise her inwardly. The emergence of Blood of God was indeed not a fluke.

The lady in red, She Yu, was indeed out of the ordinary.

She Yu was sent by Blood of God on a diplomatic mission. She had heard that Duanmu Huanghun was of a marriageable age and Blood of God hoped to build ties with Jadeite Forest through marriage.

Quan Minglong was somewhat jealous. If he was Duanmu Huanghun, he would immediately accept the proposal. Thinking about how the host was still indulging in fun while here he was burning inside, Quan Minglong's spirits fell instantly.

Everything will change once he became Dai Gang's disciple!

"By sending such a beautiful angel like yourself on a mission, God Nation is just trying to get poach Jadeite Forest's best talent over to Blood of God!"

A steady and grave voice sounded and others started muttering in low voices. Guests who stood beside the old man immediately moved aside to make space for him. A rather stout middle-aged man went forward slowly. He was an authority figure of Jadeite Forest, Gong Wenyou.

Quan Minglong quickly bowed. "Uncle You!"

"You're here too, Minglong." Gong Wenyou said as he gave Quan Minglong's shoulder a pat.

She Yu blinked her eyes. "Mister Duanmu and I have had the chance of meeting. I really hope you're right, Sir. That way, Mister Duanmu will not treat me so harshly."

Her words shocked everyone present. Gong Wenyou was rather surprised as well. "Could it be that Miss She Yu and Duanmu had a conflict?"

She Yu smiled playfully. "There was a time when I happened to be near Central Pine City."

Everyone suddenly understood and momentarily, there was an awkward silence.

The blood disaster in Induction Ground was a taboo topic within Jadeite Forest. The peaceful relationship between Jadeite Forest and Blood of God caused much controversy within Jadeite Forest since many sons from Jadeite Forest families had lost their lives in the blood disaster.

While both aligned with each other for mutual benefits, the hatred did not disappear.

Gong Wenyou knew as well that this topic was not discussable and so he simply laughed it off. "You youngsters go ahead and get close to one another. There's no need to care about us old fellows. Minglong, I'll leave Miss She Yu to you. I'll hold you responsible if anything goes badly!"

Quan Minglong was overjoyed. "Yes!"

She Yu smiled as she gave Gong Wenyou a respectful bow before following Quan Minglong to join the gentlemen from respective families. The young ladies present observed She Yu curiously, whereas the young masters acted restlessly as if they'd been injected with chicken blood.

She Yu casually played along with her perfect smile.

Suddenly, her heart trembled as a peculiar sensation hit her arm.

She remained composed as she casually placed her left hand over her left arm. Over her clothes, she could clearly feel the blood plum blossom on her arm emerging from her skin, as if it was floating up to the water surface.

She got distracted momentarily. The many things that happened three years ago and the frightening images surfaced within her mind. For three years it seemed that Ai Hui had vanished from this earth and she had practically forgotten about this.

Who would've expected the flower to bloom only after three years.

At that time when she was shaken by Ai Hui, she picked an opportune moment to plant a seed. Now that the seed was actually about to mature, she was somewhat surprised but largely pleased.

The seed took less than three years to mature, a sign that Ai Hui had outstanding innate skills. But it also proved that her foresight was accurate. Then, she had placed heavy faith on Ai Hui and had to pay a high price for it.

It was all worth it.

The long destroyed secret technique reappeared in her hands. If this news was to spread, it would definitely cause a huge sensation.

She Yu was excited, her eyes bright and clear.

Suddenly, a voice rang.

"Did Miss She Yu encounter something happy? Care to share?"