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Chapter 268: Counterattack

 Chapter 268: Counterattack

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Han Yuqin felt as though the whole of Central Pine City's eyes were on her. She wore a solemn expression, and the subtle wrinkles on her face had vanished-it was as if she had suddenly reversed time and returned to being twelve years old. The elemental energy within a three-meter radius around her was similar to crackling volleys of firecrackers, and the exploding rays of light were blossoming like stars in the night sky.

It was as if she was surrounded by a silver river where countless stars were born and destroyed. As she unhurriedly advanced, Han Yuqin resembled a spirit descending into the human world, her strong aura enveloping the whole city. The five element ring, which was swiveling in the air, suddenly froze.

The city's elemental energies were utterly calm; they were all subdued by her alone.

Her movements were gentle; the ground beneath her feet quietly graced her landing like a bowing earth dragon. The paths on both sides became adorned with budding plants and blooming flowers, and in the blink of an eye, numerous fruits could be seen sprouting on branches. Unknowingly, layers of cloud gathered in the sky and rain began to gently drizzle down like threads of silk. A ray of sunshine, surrounded by flames, pierced through the clouds and landed on her body. Golden wind swept across her back, transforming into a silver cape.

Such a breathtaking scene was happening live before everyone's eyes.

The guards knelt to the ground. Even Wang Zhen and the dean were in a half-bow position; only Wang Shouchuan remained standing.

Wang Shouchuan's aged face was glowing, and his eyes were unable to conceal his adoration.

Although he was accustomed to his wife's usual brilliance, no moment could compare to the scene before his eyes. His wife was now like the world's most beautiful fairy. Her stunning face, which was surrounded by stars, easily overwhelmed him, and the memories of his youth started to uncontrollably flood his mind.

Wang Shouchuan observed his wife with sentiment as she ascended into the air with light steps.

With such a wife, it could be said that he had lived his life with no regrets. By being able to fulfill her request and push her up the stage at this moment, it could be said that he had lived his life with no regrets.

Yes, he had no regrets.

Wang Shouchuan gave a content smile.

Han Yuqin understood her husband's smile. She looked at her aged man with clear eyes, which were as soft as water, and bowed. "Thank you, Husband."

Her expression then became solemn once again. "Mingxiu, follow me. It may benefit you in the future."

"Yes." Mingxiu's eyes were red as she responded in a low voice.

The star-like specks of light from the five element ring resembled waterfalls of light. The light had transformed into a colorful flight of steps in front of her-it was as if a rainbow was hanging down from the sky.

Central Pine City was absolutely silent; everyone was stunned by what they had seen. Was this the power of a Grandmaster? The elemental energies of Nature were tamed like her servant, obeying her commands.

Ai Hui was in shock. He looked on blankly as his mistress departed. Was this a Grandmaster? The operation of Nature's elemental energies had completely deviated from common sense; his understanding of elemental energy had been overturned. Theoretical descriptions of a Grandmaster's power could not compare to the profound experience in real life.

Central Pine City's elemental energies were now in his mistress' hands.

Nobody was able to utilize even a bit of elemental energy. In other words, the whole city was under his mistress' control. She could easily kill anyone within the city; executing a massacre wouldn't require any effort.

It was only now that Ai Hui finally understood why the land under a Grandmaster's watch was unshakeable.

Perhaps a Grandmaster wasn't any much different to those strong figures in the ancient cultivation world.

Kuan Tian raised his head and glanced at Han Yuqin before retracting his gaze. There was a flickering, ominous glint in his eyes. Even if he were to confront an extremely powerful person like Han Yuqin, he would not cower in fear.

He had nowhere to retreat.

Right now, he was only relying on the spinal blood he had accumulated to sustain himself. If he escaped now, his blood traces would thoroughly crumble, and the fresh blood in his body would transform into dead blood before finally becoming clear water.

All trace of his existence in this world would disappear, and even his soul wouldn't have a chance to escape.

He had to win. Only victory would allow him to reverse his fate. Even if he couldn't make a complete recovery, he could at least stabilize his blood traces. In the past, he had felt that the way of God was difficult and dangerous, but it was only now that he genuinely understood its unpredictability and murderous nature.

He could feel the blood spiritual force within his body being rejected by Central Pine City's elemental energy, and the elemental energy in the air was akin to incorporeal knives that incessantly cut him. Wounds continued to appear on his face, arms, and body, and as he moved forward, he resembled a ragdoll covered with scars and bruises. His body was crisscrossed with countless fresh, red scars.

What was strange, however, was that not a single drop of fresh blood seeped out of these wounds.

Tian Kuan's expression didn't change-it was as if he had no sense of touch.

He knew he had to hurry up since the city had already begun to show signs of rejecting blood spiritual force. Once Han Yuqin started, he would be in a worse situation as the rejection would grow even more intense.

Tian Kuan was like a shadow as he silently advanced. He knew that this was his last chance. With unprecedented focus, he executed his [Shadow Figure] with much better skill than usual.

He appeared outside the embroidery workshop without attracting any attention.

The workshop's guards were kneeling to the ground, and everyone's focus was on Han Yuqin. Wang Zhen and the dean were gazing at the sky in shock. There wasn't anyone else within a three-meter radius around Tian Kuan.

Tian Kuan's target was Wang Shouchuan.

Han Yuqin was currently exuding a terrifying momentum, causing Tian Kuan to acknowledge that he definitely wasn't her match. However, by now, all the gold needles in Central Pine City had been erected, and only by blocking Han Yuqin could this whole plan be stopped.

What could he use to stop a Grandmaster?

Wang Shouchuan!

Only by taking him down could he possibly stop Han Yuqin. Her earlier gaze was clearly brimming with longing and emotions-it was obvious that she wouldn't sit silently and watch Wang Shouchuan die in his hands.

Mingxiu had been Tian Kuan's initial target, but unexpectedly, Han Yuqin had taken Mingxiu with her, leaving him with only one choice -Wang Shouchuan.

It was much easier to control an old man with no fight left in him.

Tian Kuan held his breath, and his eyes turned into an empty, ashy color as his body transformed into a shadow. The shadow had no temperature and heartbeat; all signs of life vanished.

This shadow stuck closely to the ground and slowly approached Wang Shouchuan.

When Tian Kuan had been small and weak, this method of attack was his expertise. And as he grew stronger, this move became much more destructive.

There wasn't anything awe-inspiring about [Shadow Figure], but in his hands, it became exceptionally dangerous.

"Is this a Grandmaster?"

Wang Zhen muttered to himself as he stared absent-mindedly at Han Yuqin, who, at this moment, was like a spirit that had descended to Earth.

It wasn't only him. The dean by his side was in a similar daze. His mouth was open, but no sound came out. The sight before them was simply too breathtaking and impactful.

A few moments earlier they had been battling with the blood fiends, but in the blink of an eye, the entire situation had reversed. The blood fiends had retreated in a tide. Victory had never felt so real. The plan of 'treating the city as a piece of cloth' had been well-supported by them to begin with, but to speak to truth, they had been concealing their confidence because they had no other choice.

But now, victory was right before their eyes. Looking at the goddess-like Han Yuqin, no one could question her plan any longer.

He suddenly sensed something.

At the same time, Han Yuqin, who was already in midair, felt something as well. Her face changed slightly as her gaze hardened.

The dean jerked his head and saw a black, shadowy ball springing up from the ground and pouncing towards Wang Shouchuan.

Tian Kuan's view of Wang Shouchuan magnified rapidly. Almost simultaneously, a stone wall rose steeply from the ground and obstructed his path. Densely packed and sharp stone thorns lay atop the wall. An ominous glint appeared in Tian Kuan's eyes, and he let out a low growl, like that of a wild beast on the verge of death. Without dodging, he crashed head-on into the stone wall.


The stone wall shattered, and from the rubble, a black shadow shot out and struck Wang Shouchuan.

Han Yuqin, who was floating in midair, suddenly turned around.

As Tian Kuan struggled to stand up, his abdomen ached-he had been stabbed by a thick stone thorn. It was as if he felt nothing, though, as he gripped Wang Shouchuan's neck with one hand and used the other to pull the thorn out from his body. He then carefully placed Wang Shouchuan's figure in front of him, his palm firmly grabbing onto his neck.

An eerie arc formed at the corner of his mouth and became increasingly curved.

Success... He had succeeded!

The silent smile gradually turned into an unbridled, wild laughter that resounded throughout Central Pine City.

Both Wang Zhen and the dean's faces became a deathly white as they understood Tian Kuan's intent. Despair crawled up onto their faces.

Throughout his entire life, Tian Kuan had never felt as happy as he did now. So what if you're a Grandmaster? So what if I made the whole city my enemy?

His laughter suddenly stopped. He grabbed Wang Shouchuan and started to float upwards slowly.

"I'm sorry I disrupted your show, but this is good as well. We can have a nice talk."

The whole city could hear the arrogance and satisfaction in his voice.

Her face ashen, Han Yuqin roared, "Let him go!"

Tian Kuan's fingers punctured Wang Shouchuan's throat, who resembled a choking fish as his body trembled and jerked uncontrollably.

Her husband had never suffered in such a manner-he was just a normal husband. Han Yuqin's heart was also trembling.

Mingxiu's face paled as she covered her mouth with her hands. Tears blurred her vision.

"Why? Is this heartbreaking? What a loving couple," Tian Kuan commented leisurely.

He had already taken the initiative and grabbed ahold of his own destiny. And just like in the past, he was always the final victor. So what if you're a Grandmaster?

His thoughts were remarkably clear, and his body flourished with vitality. Taking a quick glance at his previously declining condition, he discovered that his blood traces were speedily stabilizing. His flesh was like dry mud being moistened by the rain. The familiar strength returned to his body.

What a fascinating feeling.

Victory was so sweet.

When Ai Hui saw Tian Kuan and his teacher, it was as if his head had been dealt a massive blow. All was black before him. But just after a second, he quickly recovered, and an indescribable fury exploded within him.

He had never before felt such rage. Never before.

He obviously understood Tian Kuan's intention, and he knew what was about to happen. And it was precisely because he knew that that his body began to involuntarily shiver. He had never before felt such fear.

He would rather face his own death than what was going to happen next.

His whole body was shuddering and shaking.

The entire A-1 unit was stunned by the sudden change of events; in fact, the whole city was dumbfounded. Earth-shattering bellows immediately followed after a short period of deathly stillness.

"Release him if you have the guts!"


"I'm going to hack you to pieces!"

Tian Kuan laughed aloud as he witnessed the explosion of the elementalists and the deafening clamor. It felt so good to see these helpless people, who viewed him as their enemy, be unable to do anything. It felt so good to crush and bury all their hopes.

Such despair was enchanting!

Shi Xueman's face was beyond pale. She looked at the sky in disbelief and was at a loss.

She looked toward Ai Hui subconsciously. She did that whenever she felt a loss for what to do.

Ai Hui was still trembling and breathless-it was as if he was drowning.

His shaking hand groped around subconsciously, and upon touching the Dragonspine Inferno, it was as if he had grabbed hold of a life-saving rice straw. He fumbled about, his shaking palm stroking the sword's blade.

It was only when he found the sword's hilt that his trembling hand finally calmed down.

Ai Hui, too, had now calmed down.

He was going to save his master.