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Chapter 265: The Reappearance of [Dust Fall]

 Chapter 265: The Reappearance of [Dust Fall]

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Without any warning sign, a sandstorm swept across the battlefield.

The surroundings suddenly darkened and everything seemed to be spinning. This caused the blood elementalists that were charging toward Ai Hui to lose their sense of direction.

What was going on?

The four elementalists turned pale with fright. Their communication link with Tian Kuan had been completely cut off. Right now, they felt as if they were in a desert where sand was endlessly blowing everywhere.

In other people's eyes, the battlefield had become extremely weird. The sandstorm swirled around the four elementalists, blinding their vision. This caused them to move clumsily and looked extremely hilarious.

Tian Kuan's eyes widened as his facial expression changed drastically.

How could a sand puppet have such a technique? This was a blood elementalist's technique by right!

Elementalists used elemental energy, so their attacks were actually variations of elemental energy. Blood elementalists were different. Blood spiritual force was an energy that lay between spiritual force and elemental energy. It was about tempering the mind and using the body as a vessel to contain it.

If one described what the elementalists practiced as fullness, then what blood elementalists practiced could be described as emptiness. Blood elementalists were specialized in illusion-related techniques. Since they also specialized in tempering their minds, they also had an extremely strong resistance against illusion-techniques.

All four blood elementalists had fallen into the trap. Could the person that set off the sandstorm be some kind of elite from the organization?

If that was the case, how would Tian Kuan not feel shocked and afraid?

Similarly, the red-dressed girl, who was watching the battle from afar, was flabbergasted as well. Bewilderment could be seen in her eyes. That technique was a typical blood elementalist's technique. Why would it appear in this place?

Her gaze then shifted to the spot where Ai Hui's sand puppet had been standing just now. Surprisingly, that spot was empty.

A sand puppet that knew how to execute a blood elementalist's technique?

Previously, the red-dressed girl knew something was unusual about the sand puppet, but she could not put her finger on it. It was not until now that she was truly shocked.

It was already weird for a metal elementalist to bring along a sand puppet. It was even more weird that the sand puppet knew how to use a blood elementalist's technique...

She looked at the motionless Ai Hui and felt intrigued by him. This fellow seemed to have a lot of enigma to him.

"I hope you don't die too early." The red-dressed girl's mouth curled into a smile.

A wisp of sand blew past Ai Hui's ears.

"Ai Hui, Lou Lan can only last for three minutes."

Lou Lan's voice rang across Ai Hui's ears before the wisp of sand disappeared.

Three minutes.

Ai Hui remained calm, looking as if he had not heard what Lou Lan said. The sword in his hand did not stop moving at all. Looking at him now, other people would have thought that he was resisting the blood demon, but no one knew that he was actually feeling out the blood demon instead of resisting it.

The Cultivation Era had long passed, ancient books had decayed, and inheritances were destroyed. No longer relevant in the current times, the legacy of the old world had changed beyond recognition.

But why the Blood of God?

It was because the Blood of God not only wanted to revive the glory of the Cultivation Era and inherit the wealth from that era, but they also wanted to transform the ancient powers and create new powers. The Blood of God was ambitious. To them, the practice of blood refinement from the Cultivation Era and the wood elementalists from the Avalon of Five Elements were their soil and nourishment, respectively. They had long since made up their minds to create something of their own.

Initially, Ai Hui thought that the God of Blood's objective was to overturn the Avalon of Five Elements. However, as time passed, his way of thinking changed. He felt that the God of Blood not only wanted to topple the Avalon of Five Elements, they also wanted to establish their own empire and start their own era. There might even be a possibility that they wanted to establish an era that lasted for millions of years like the Cultivation Era.

Ai Hui did not know why he would think this way, but he definitely felt strongly about it.

Was the blood elementalist's blood demon similar to the one mentioned in those swordplay manuals? Ai Hui did not know, so there was therefore nothing better than experiencing it for himself.

At this moment, Ai Hui was abnormally calm. He was trying out different methods to test the blood demon's reaction.

The aura of chilliness was an important characteristic of the blood demon. It was not a typical chill. Extremely bone-piercing, it resembled the cold wind that rushed from the depths of an ice cavern,. It had already been verified that elemental energy was useless in expelling the blood demon. Initially, Ai Hui thought the blood demon could devour elemental energy. However, after studying it for some time, he discovered that it actually corroded elemental energy. After being corroded by the blood demon, elemental energy would lose its vitality and become uncontrollable.

To an elementalist, this unique characteristic of the blood demon was extremely dangerous and deadly.

It was obvious that the human body had no resistance against blood demons. Even a tempered body could not stop a blood demon from invading it. Ai Hui, however, discovered something peculiar-the blood demon actually reminded him of the sword embryo. However, instead of possessing the blood demon's aura of chilliness, the sword embryo possessed a razor-sharp aura.

Ai Hui seemed to realize something.

The sword embryo was formed by essence, breath, and spirit. Could the blood demon be formed by something like these as well?

Those swordplay manuals had mentioned that demons were formed by nine spirits. The two words "nine spirits" were far too vague for Ai Hui to make any sense out of them. On the contrary, he knew more about essence, breath, and spirit as he had nurtured a sword embryo before.

It was a pity that the manual was worn-out and did not contain complete information on the sword embryo. As such, there were a lot of areas that he did not really understand.

He noted down this observation as he felt it would be a good starting point for him.

Blood demons loved the presence of vitality. From Ai Hui's conjecture, if a wood elementalist was to encounter a blood demon, it would be a headache for him or her. Among the five types of elementalists, the one that was most unafraid of the blood demon would be a fire elementalist. The scorching flames in a fire elementalist's body were the bane of the ice-cold blood demon. On the contrary, the vitality within a wood elementalist's body was nourishment for the blood demon.

It was about time!

Ai Hui opened his eyes, straightened his back, and swung the Dragonspine in his hand upward. Suddenly, a formidable aura erupted from Ai Hui's body in all directions!

Seven daggers floated around him. The tip of his sword was pointed up at sky, remaining motionless.

Like a sword that had been unsheathed, a biting-cold sword glow froze the surrounding air.

At this point in time, Tian Kuan, who had been contemplating whether or not he should personally take action, looked at Ai Hui dumbfounded. The nightmare-like memory had flowed through his mind like a flash flood.

The red-dressed girl's eyes widened as she lost control of her facial expressions, looking as if she had seen a ghost.

Beside her, Yan Hai's facial expression changed drastically. That familiar aura prompted his face to turn deathly white. He stuttered, "The Battle of..."

In the sky, Yu Mingqiu was like an impregnable fortress, effortlessly ripping the incoming waves of blood birds into pieces.

Holding on by a single breath, his body was extremely exhausted,.

He was even surprised at himself for singlehandedly guarding the sky above Central Pine City for so long.

"Can I get promoted to the position of division leader this time around?" he muttered while panting heavily.

His throat felt as if it had been doused in flames and smoke. He took out a jade-green bean and stared at it for a long while before popping it into his mouth. After a while, the color slightly returned to his face.

His last heavenly elemental bean. There would be no more of this bean in stock. All right, even if there were more available supplements, they would not come in the form of these heavenly elemental beans.

The division was not wealthy enough to provide him with heavenly elemental beans. He had bought these heavenly elemental beans with his own money. Each bean cost 10 Heavenly Merit Points.

In total, he bought 10 heavenly elemental beans, which amounted to 100 Heavenly Merit Points. He felt pain in his heart on the day he bought them, but now, he hated himself for buying so few. Heavenly elemental beans were the highest grade food that replenished elemental energy. Breeding them required time and effort. Furthermore, they could only be raised by extremely powerful wood elementalists. As such, they were extremely expensive.

Even the crack troops of the 13 Divisions would not be able to afford them. Only someone like Yu Mingqiu could afford them.

A trace of vitality returned to his eight dried-up palaces.

He straightened his body and looked at the distant horizon. It was a pity that there were no clouds. Soaring freely through the boundless sea of clouds was an invigorating activity. Every time he saw the sea of cottony clouds, he wanted to dunk his head in.

The sky was devoid of clouds, and the sun was scorching hot.

Suddenly, his facial expression froze while he involuntarily shifted his gaze to the ground.

It had been quite a while since he last observed the situation on the ground. It was not that he did not want to observe, but rather, he did not have the time to do so. Regardless, he was a nonchalant individual. The sky was his and the ground was theirs. If they could not hold on to the ground, then so be it.

The energy undulations from the ground... were extremely weird!

Yu Mingqiu was able to locate the source of the energy undulations very quickly, and he was stunned once more. They came from Mingxiu's junior.

All of a sudden, his vision was blocked by a cloud that seemed to come from nowhere.

Wait, why was there a cloud?

A glint flashed across Yu Mingqiu's eyes. His gaze swept across the area without discovering anything. There was not a single cloud in sight.

On the ground, Ai Hui pointed his sword upward. Swoosh. The seven daggers that were hovering around him shot skyward and buried themselves in the sea of thick clouds.

As the seven daggers entered the thick layer of clouds, numerous silvery lightning snakes sparked off in the clouds and frantically gathered toward the seven daggers. In the blink of an eye, the seven daggers were surrounded and engulfed in densely-packed, stacked lightning bolts.

The seven daggers resembled seven spindles that were fully wound with silvery threads.

Ai Hui's eyes lit up abruptly as a solemn look swept across his face. At this moment, his entire body was dazzling with radiance, preventing anyone from looking at him with their naked eyes. His clothes fluttered on their own without the presence of the wind, appearing extremely imposing. Right now, he looked like a deity that had descended from the heavens.

Suddenly, he swung his Dragonspine downward.

[Dust Fall]!

The seven daggers in the sky were attracted by the motion of the Dragonspine and hurriedly shot down.

Buzz. Seven dazzling and space-distorting lightning bolts struck down from the sky. The aura of destruction that engulfed the city was cleared instantly, bringing light and warmth to the city.

One of the lightning bolts struck Ai Hui's body.

Ai Hui's body twitched, and he felt an indescribable discomfort. The blood demon in his body dissipated instantly without even having the chance to wail in pain.

The body of the blood elementalist that was controlling the blood demon trembled as blood flowed out of his seven orifices. Then, he collapsed on his back and became lifeless.

The other six blood elementalists were struck by the lightning bolts. Their bodies froze and were severely injured. Apparently, lightning was the bane of blood spiritual force. This was the first time they had been struck by lightning bolts. They could not help but want to escape. In the end, two escaped while the remaining four died.

Shi Xueman and Duanmu Huanghun had witnessed this move before, but the lightning bolts this time around were much slimmer than the ones from the Battle of Long Street. The lightning bolts that time were indeed spectacular.

Meanwhile, out of the three men that Lou Lan had entangled, two were killed and one escaped with grievous injuries.

In the sky, Yu Mingqiu was startled. Did the clouds below him just rumble with thunder?

After a while, the clouds dissipated. The scene on the ground entered his vision and his facial expression froze.

The battle had ended?

The battle had ended after a mere thunder clap?

How could these fellows end the battle with just a thunder clap? How come the battle in the sky would not end despite him fighting almost to death? It was not fair! Who was the division leader here? Oh, wrong, vice division leader... He almost forgot again...

The red-dressed girl was petrified. She could hear Yan Hai muttering absent-mindedly, "... of Long Street."

The aura from the lightning bolts had caused her to palpitate in terror. Even though the aura was not really that strong, it was enough to strike her with fear.

The Battle of Long Street...

She had heard these five words several times and felt an indescribable reverence for them.