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Chapter 263: Excitement

 Chapter 263: Excitement

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A huge shock wave swept across the entire battlefield like a hurricane, covering up the other noises. Dazzling radiance erupted from the surface of the heavy shield and engulfed the battlefield, distorting the air space and blinding everyone's vision.

The radiance dispersed while the sound of the collision still lingered in the air.

The thick and solid shield could once again be seen.

A deep indentation marred the shield's surface and the soil around it had disappeared. An astonishing, three-meter-deep trench had appeared beside the heavy shield.

"Huff... Puff..."

Heavy panting could be heard from behind the heavy shield. Fatty's body was trembling while his muscles twitched involuntarily. Dark red blood oozed out of his nose and mouth.

Fatty was still propping his shoulder against the heavy shield. His eyes were fixated on the ploughed soil beneath his feet.

His gaze was very weird. Even though it appeared dazed, it also contained zeal, incredulity, and excitement!

Did he actually... block the attack?

He really did block it...

How did he do it?

Fatty gathered his thoughts. His fear disappeared and was replaced by confidence and excitement. It was as if he was being imbued with some kind of power; even his body had stopped trembling.

For the first time in his life, Fatty felt that he was powerful.

His gaze was resolute as he stood in front of Ai Hui, protecting him. In his memories, Ai Hui was always the one fighting ahead, holding back the enemies. Hiding behind Ai Hui during a fight had become Fatty's habit.

It was not easy for him to step up to the challenge. He did not know whether or not Ai Hui would waive off his debt.

Fatty spat out the blood in his mouth and restabilized the heavy shield in front of him.

The blood elementalist who'd attacked him also had bloodstains around his nose and mouth. His condition was no better than Fatty's. His gaze became abnormally vicious, staring at Fatty as if he wanted to devour him.

In the past, if Fatty was to face such a sinister and vicious gaze, he would tremble in fear. This time around, however, he did not feel at all scared. He loosened his wrists and straightened his body, then, all of a sudden, he made a beckoning sign to the blood elementalist, taunting him to attack.

Upon seeing what Fatty was doing, everyone was at a loss, especially the members of the A-1 unit. They were dumbstruck. Was this really Fatty?

After making the gesture, Fatty suddenly felt weak. Was he crazy? Or was he trying to provoke the opponent?

Smack! A sharp and crisp sound made everyone's face turn blank.

Fatty had given himself a tight slap to the face. The slap was unusually loud and clear.

What was this fellow doing?

Fatty's previous two actions had baffled everyone. Even the blood elementalist in front of him was at a loss. After his beastification, his intelligence had dropped significantly, causing him to be unable to understand why Fatty would taunt him and then give himself a slap immediately after.

Could it be a pre-ritual to some kind of powerful move?

The blood elementalist was in a daze, but very soon, the vicious and blood-thirsty look returned to his eyes.

With a roar, he pounced towards Fatty again.

Fatty quickly withdrew behind the heavy shield. Just as the blood elementalist was about to collide against the heavy shield, an evil smile flashed across his eyes. The supposedly powerful and heavy collision became a light one instead. He rested his palms gently on the surface of the shield and prepared to use the strength from the charge to propel himself around the shield.

However, he never expected the wall-like heavy shield to spin around all of a sudden.

[Spinning Carapax Shield]!

A sturdy and spinning shield-type inheritance appeared in Fatty's hands. Everyone's impression of Fatty was that of a cowardly, lazy, and sly individual. Even though he was quite useful at times, there wasn't much about him that was attractive.

Very few people knew that Fatty's training intensity was among the top three in the A-1 unit.

Even Fatty himself did not know it.

Since the day Ai Hui met Fatty, the former had been designing high intensity training plans for the latter. These training plans were even forced onto Fatty. With Lou Lan supervising his training, Fatty had no way out. Initially, Fatty had resorted to tricks to evade the training, but Ai Hui's strict punishments had prevented him from continuing to do so.

After Fatty started to drink elemental soups, Ai Hui noticed his potential and silently increased the intensity of his training.

Fatty, who did not know what was going on, could only clench his teeth and endure.

Everyone liked seeing Fatty clench his teeth, but not without Lou Lan by his side supervising him and when he was enduring through his trainings. Usually, Fatty was a fun-loving and covetous fellow. He was always filled with an unusual happiness.

No one had noticed Fatty's training intensity. Everyone only heard Ai Hui emotionlessly meting out punishments on him and laughed it off. Everyone seemed to ignore the fact that Fatty had endured hundreds of sets of punishments that were meted out at the slightest pretext.

The blood elementalist lost his balance, looking as if he had stepped on a patch of slippery moss. Thump. His face smashed squarely onto the surface of the shield and his body spun along with the spinning shield.

Fatty felt something smash into his shield. Following the instructions in the manual of the [Spinning Carapax Shield], he lifted the shield up and used the centripetal force from the spinning shield to slam it heavily onto the ground!

He had practised this move for an unknown number of times.

He executed the move flawlessly.

If the move was unacceptable, it definitely would not be able to escape from Lou Lan's eyes and more punishments would be waiting for him.

Smooth, natural, and unforced.


Some sort of sound rang across Fatty's ears. The spot where his shield had landed did not feel like it was made of soil.

Fatty quickly lowered his head to take a look. Surprisingly, there was a head on the ground looking at him fixedly. Fatty's eyes widened unexpectedly. His body quivered as the confidence he had previously vanished into thin air.

Thump. Fatty's legs gave way and he fell on his butt.

Goddamnit, why was there a head on the ground?

It was at this moment that he realized that the blood elementalist had somehow ended up on the ground beside his feet, and that when he'd slammed his shield down, it had landed on the blood elementalist's neck.

Given the immense weight of the shield, no matter how tough the blood elementalist's neck was, it would not be able to withstand the force generated from the slamming of the shield.

The snap he'd heard just now was the sound of the blood elementalist's neck snapping.

Upon seeing what had happened, the other blood elementalists' facial expressions changed. The snap they had just heard sent a cold shiver down their spines.

Then, when they saw that Fatty was scared witless, they were filled with extreme hatred.

How dare he pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger to this extent? It's too exaggerated!

Given the ruthlessness of that move, they believed that they would have also failed miserably if they'd been in the shoes of that blood elementalist. Right now, you still dare to pretend to be weak, are you trying to lure us next?

A lot of blood elementalists looked down on Fatty's character, showing deep disdain for him. Despite this, not a single blood elementalist dared to charge in Fatty's direction anymore.

Other battle fronts were becoming extremely intense.

As usual, Shi Xueman was fighting force with force. Even when facing three blood elementalists in one go, she had no intention of retreating. After abandoning all the complicated moves, her spearmanship became more prudent and systematic. Currently, she was adopting a defensive position, but the three blood elementalists did not yet back down.

Duanmu Huanghun's performance did not lose out to Shi Xueman at all. The form of his [Viridescent Flower] was ever-changing. Sometimes it erupted from the ground, sometimes it appeared out of thin air behind everyone, and sometimes it appeared in mid-air; it was appearing and disappearing unpredictably.

The three elementalists looked somewhat helpless.

They did not to dare to move too fast. First, if they moved too fast, they might get tripped by the numerous small green vines that suddenly appeared beneath their feet. Second, green flowers might suddenly appear and block their vision, causing them to lose their balance. Losing their balance was not an issue to them. The main issue was the killer move that followed up their loss of balance. For example, if they moved too fast and their necks were caught by the green vines, they would lose their balance and strangle themselves to death.

They had never met such a treacherous opponent before.

The two hundred meters that were between them and Ai Hui were the hardest two hundred meters they had ever travelled in their lives. There were traps set everywhere. The floating, white-clothed young man must have been the most despicable person in the world. Duanmu Huanghun casually set innumerable treacherous and deadly traps in succession.

Very soon, three blood elementalists realized that this fellow did not want to fight them head-on. Even though their opponent was treacherous, his firepower was not strong. The three of them could not be concerned with anything anymore and wildly charged forward; however, by the time they were about to reach Duanmu Huanghun, they had become battered and exhausted, then found themselves trapped in an encirclement.

Duanmu Huanghun had been delaying their pace so as to wait for the other members of the A-1 unit to arrive.

The three blood elementals suddenly realized what was going on. So, this was that fellow's main objective! But then, they began to sneer silently. Even though a huge number of the A-1 unit's members had arrived, their individual fighting capabilities were obviously inferior to the three blood elementalists'. Hence, there was no need for them to be scared.

Just because there were more people on the enemy's side did not mean that the enemy would definitely win. If the enemy side's fighting capabilities were not on par, then there was no point in them having more people.

The three elementalist failed to see the cold glint that flashed across Duanmu Huanghun's long and narrow eyes.

Very soon, the three of them realized that their anticipated massacre of the A-1 unit's members did not happen. After half a minute had passed, they had not managed to kill even one person. They felt as if they were caught in quicksand, extremely helpless. The unpredictable vines and green flowers were extremely powerful in such a chaotic battle.

They did not expect Duanmu Huanghun's greatest strength to be not his offense, but rather, his control over the battle's tempo.

Starting from the day Duanmu Huanghun had joined the A-1 unit, his [Viridescent Flower] had progressed through a completely unorthodox path which differed greatly from those of the other Duanmu family members.

In the A-1 unit, Ai Hui was in charge of the unit's direction. Shi Xueman was in charge of the unit's offense and the one in charge of battle's tempo was this devilishly handsome, brash young man.

The way he controlled the battle's tempo was very unique in the sense that he achieved control by disrupting his enemy's tempo.

Duanmu Huanghun seemed to have a flair for destruction. He was naturally treacherous and did not look like someone who came from a prestigious family.

No one had taught him how to do so. He was treacherous by nature.

When the A-1 unit's members arrived, the battle came under his control. He licked his lips and a hint of zeal lit up in his eyes. He suddenly realized that this was the perfect chance.

He was standing in front of Ai Hui and protecting him!

Wasn't this the perfect chance to show off his fighting capabilities to Ai Hui?

As Duanmu Huanghun thought of this, he became excited.

That hateful fellow was always the one that showed off his fighting capabilities in front of him. Every time, all he could do was endure the humiliation.

Today, he finally had the chance to reverse their positions! Hahaha!

Duanmu Huanghun's handsome face was filled with zeal and excitement.

Ai Hui, I know you're aware.

Come on, open your eyes and take a good look at the most perfect [Viridescent Flower] in this world!