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Chapter 260: Dilemma

 Chapter 260: Dilemma

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Yan Hai watched the ongoing battle at the mayor residence from far away. His mouth was agape and he wore a shocked expression.

A small and dainty young lady and a flaming ape which was as big as a small mountain collided repeatedly. The visual impact that it brought totally undermined any knowledge he'd previously had.

A freak was definitely hiding in that dainty body.

That was what Yan Hai thought.

Compared to the blood elementalists, the blood fiends had a greater advantage. They had gone through millions of years of transformation. The world bestowed upon them the rule of survival.

The flaming ape had already formed the god-traces. Those god traces allowed it to control flame. It had transformed into a completely different creature. Its blood was hotter than lava and the energy it accumulated was distributed throughout its body. Just like smelting iron with fire, the original strong body of the flaming ape became even stronger.

Despite this, it was unable to restrain Shi Xueman!

All of Central Pine City was in ruins. There were no high-rise buildings to obstruct his vision. He could clearly see the fierce battle that was happening at the mayor's residence from a far distance.

In the battle, Shi Xueman fought more courageously.

Cirrus was like a snow-white whale that charged around violently. There were no gaudy moves and the elemental energy was concentrated and held back. The weirdest part was that Cirrus did not produce any sound. It was like a huge whale that had its mouth wide open and could swallow up everything.

"Such a brilliant goddess!" The red-dressed lady was slightly moved. "Her spearmanship is on a totally new level. It is no wonder that she is a genius from the Shi Family."

To be on the next level indicated that Shi Xueman had started to comprehend her training and was developing her own sense of style.

In accordance with her age, Shi Xueman would be graduating from the Induction Ground this year. Even the red-dressed lady was impressed by the fact that Shi Xueman was able to achieve such a profound level in her spear movements at her age.

"A totally new level?" Yan Hai was more shocked than the red-dressed girl. "How old is she? Isn't she graduating only this year?"

"Hence, she is a genius," replied the red-dressed girl casually. "Look at them meeting force with force."

"How can she possess such tremendous strength?" Yan Hai's heart was filled with many doubts and was stunned by such strength.

Yes, all the elementalists who were watching the battle were also shocked by the visual impact.

"Because she has a solid foundation." The red-dressed lady's tone held a hint of respect. "To be able to have such a solid foundation is not easy. You will understand this reasoning in the future."

Yan Hai did not dare to ask further. Despite the fact that the lady was always smiling at him, he knew that she would not have any mercy on him, just like Sir Tian Kuan.

The red-dressed girl's gaze shifted from the flaming ape to the whole battleground. This was her first time seeing the A1-Unit in action.

She was impressed by the A1-Unit's battle style.

Snares and traps surrounded the perimeter of the mayor residence. She was astonished that a sand puppet was actually the one controlling the snares and traps. What blew her mind was that the sand puppet was extremely smart.

The traps were not intended to kill or injure directly, but rather to delay the arrival of the blood fiends and create more opportunities for the team attacking from a further distance.

The solid floor beneath the blood fiends' feet would suddenly become loose sand. These subtle changes affected them greatly.

When that happened, the arrows would envelope the blood fiends like raindrops.

About one third of the fleeing blood fiends would then fall into the snares.

Those that managed to avoid the snares would encounter the second line of defense - the elementalists that formed a defence line around the perimeter. They formed a small group and constantly thrusted out attacks. They were like a sharp razor blade which nobody dared to pass.

The red-dressed girl slightly feared the combat ability that the A1-Unit displayed. Through Yan Hai, she knew that it was due to the blood crystals. The discovery of the blood crystals had changed Central Pine City's situation tremendously. The influence of the blood crystals was like a wave of ripples that kept expanding. In fact, it was having a lasting influence and impact on both sides.

As the elementalists were unable to create elemental food with just the blood crystals, then if not for the fact that resources in Central Pine City had been depleted, the strength of the elementalists would have increased even more tremendously.

The Blood of God was not the only force pushing the progress of the battle; the elementalists were also using all their means to quickly adapt to the new battleground.

Due to the existence of the flaming ape, there were no other strong blood fiends in the surroundings. The smaller and weaker blood fiends had been driven out by the flaming ape.

If there was a slightly stronger blood fiend, Fatty would rush forward to the front line. Those elementalists who were near him would then weave in like a pair of scissors and attack.

Of course, Fatty did not know that Ai Hui was laughing at him in secret.

Even if he knew, he would not want to prove himself. Even if the world collapsed, shouldn't it be those who were taller and more capable that provide the support? In any case, there was Ai Hui, Shi Xueman, and Bangwan. He would just follow and drift along.

Fatty held onto the shield and forcibly prevented the blood fiends from attacking.

Currently, the impacts the blood fiends made were practically nothing to him.

After a few consecutive successes in blocking the blood fiends, Fatty's level of confidence increased tremendously. He was like a moving wall and the blood fiends had to pass him to attack the others.

The strongest flaming ape was being "attended to" by Ai Hui and Shi Xueman. The rest of the blood fiends were lackluster, most of them being injured or dead upon facing the retaliation of the A1-Unit.

With the support of a few elementalists nearby, there were just a few blood fiends left. The blood fiends were on the losing end.

Fatty started to slack off and was left with nothing much to do.

If not for the fear of incurring Ai Hui's wrath, he would have wanted to start a small gambling den where he could gamble.

Ai Hui was getting stronger and stronger. He should be able to have a better life in the future and definitely live to a ripe old age, Fatty thought lazily. Fatty was happy and felt that Ai Hui deserved a better life. He was always so hardworking and attentive. Ai Hui has never harbored any complaints as well.

Whoo, he shall share some of Ai Hui's glory!

The mayor's residence was the sturdiest building in Central Pine City. Fatty also needed to act as the last defensive wall around the mayor residence.

The red-dressed girl was dazzled and impressed by the coordination of the A1-Unit. This was the first time that she witnessed such excellent coordination and they were just a group of students. If they were able to make it out alive, they would definitely become the backbone of the Avalon of Five Elements in the future.

"Should we go forward and help?" Yan Hai asked.

"Why should we help?" the red-dressed girl asked, astounded.

"We are all blood elementalists..." Yan Hai replied feebly.

The red-dressed lady merely shot a glance toward Yan Hai and did not show any signs of going to help.

Yan Hai was aware that he had said the wrong thing and quickly shut his mouth. He did not dare to utter another word.

The blood elementalists who were hiding in a corner were met with a dilemma. They had never imagined that the A-1 Unit would be such a strong and capable team. They were the best in Central Pine City.

Yet, they had to attack!

Another person who was ready to show his hand was Ai Hui. He had found a solution.