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Chapter 257: A Handsome Guy Cannot Be Made An Enemy

 Chapter 257: A Handsome Guy Cannot Be Made An Enemy

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Ai Hui was extra cautious. He sent someone to check out the situation, but did not find any tracks. However, at this point in time, he no longer had time to bother about those that were acting on the sly.

Time was very precious.

Once Ai Hui returned, he immediately took over the command of the A1-Unit. The warehouse was the core of the operation, so he started planning the layers of defense.

After hearing Ai Hui report on the blood elementalists, the atmosphere became heavy, especially after hearing that there were no survivors in the quarantine barracks.

Death was no longer scary. How many people had died in Central Pine City? The survivors were less than 50 percent of the population now. They were used to seeing death. Nevertheless, they could not accept the fact when they heard the news.

The injured soldiers from the quarantine barracks were once their comrades. Everyone felt guilty and upset that the injured soldiers could only wait for their deaths following their injuries from battle. Now, they still had to endure such cruel torment by being forced to kill each other.

After Tian Kuan destroyed their bodies, he continued to destroy their faith and conviction.

The A1-Unit only consisted of students. They were unable to imagine the cruel reality. When they heard that there were five survivors who gave up on their lives, they were no longer able to control their emotions and many of them sobbed silently.

Wang Zhen seemed to age suddenly and was in a daze.

While there were no alternatives to the quarantine barracks, he was still burdened by guilt as he was the one that gave the order. At the front line, no one would give up on their companions. Even when he broke his leg in the past, his comrades carried him back.

He was unable to persuade himself that it was not his fault, but rather in service to the greater good and without other alternatives.

Shi Xueman's face was as white as paper. She trembled slightly, and there was a hint of fear in her eyes. She had never thought that there would be such a dreadful incident in the world and had not understood the suffering that Liao Nan had been referring to.

Ai Hui stood quietly. He did not console them, nor did he know how to console everyone.

One month ago, they were just normal students, merely naive and innocent teenagers.

However, Ai Hui felt that he should say something. Not because he wanted to, but because time was running out.

Life was cruel. It did not provide the time to digest sorrows.

"I know that everyone is upset, but now is not the time to be upset. We do not have much time left."

Ai Hui's voice was clear and distinct in the midst of deathly stillness. Tearful faces looked up at him in a daze. In their eyes, Ai Hui was still calm as per his usual self. His thin, yet structured, face did not display any hint of emotion.

"The whole city knows about the plan to treat the city like a piece of cloth. Tian Kuan and his team will definitely know about this too. The activity of the elemental energy waves was too obvious just now, and we are unable to hide it. Tian Kuan will definitely try to sabotage our plans."

The indifferent voice was like a narrator explaining an incident that had nothing to do with them. While it was harsh, the others still felt a sense of peace.

"There are two ways for Tian Kuan to sabotage the plan of 'treating the city like a piece of cloth'. The first would be to destroy the gold needles. The second would be attacking Mistress."

"That's right."

The voice belonged to Wang Zhen, who stood rigidly. Wrinkles and signs of hardship could be seen on his face. While his face was pale, he did not forget his duty.

His voice was hoarse, yet forceful. "Tian Kuan is relying on his subordinates and the blood fiends. They will use the blood fiends to expend our elemental energy and strength. Blood elementalists are the best at taking advantage of a crisis. We should not give them the opportunity to do that."

Ai Hui's gaze fell on the mayor. The mayor's gaze was steady, yet powerful, and he emitted an indescribable aura. It was like the mayor was emitting light. Ai Hui did not know why, but he thought of dried twigs burning.


Ai Hui looked pensive.

"The warehouse is not a good place for defense. We should change it to the mayor's residence. I will fetch Master Han and Shouchuan later. We should reduce the areas that we need to guard. Gather the survivors. Let the streets be used by Tian Kuan. While there are many blood fiends, they are not organized. There are few blood elementalists, and they will definitely not use them to attack us. Their only chance to attack us is when we nail in the gold needles," Wang Zhen said all this in one breath.

The mayor residence was only three hundred meters away from the warehouse and it was not really difficult for them to transfer the gold needles. The defense of the warehouse was much weaker than the mayor residence's. Considering the fact that they had to endure until all the nine gold needles were inserted, Ai Hui felt that it was better for them to move the needles to mayor residence.

"Let's go and nail the gold needles." Shi Xueman took the initiative and stood up.

The A1-Unit was currently the best squad in Central Pine City, and they were duty bound.

Wang Zhen looked toward Ai Hui. He knew that Ai Hui's opinion was more important.

"Alright!" Ai Hui replied. Wang Zhen heaved a sigh of relief.

Ai Hui was someone who was very capable. Except for the fact that he did not have a strong sense of responsibility, he had no other faults.

If only Ai Hui had a strong sense of responsibility like Shi Xueman!

"Then it is decided!" Wang Zhen declared. Everybody scurried off and started doing what they were supposed to do.

Wang Zhen walked out of the warehouse and looked up at the sky. He prayed silently, hoping that Vice Division Leader Yu could endure for a longer period of time.

A loud clap resounded from the heavens as green light enveloped the whole sky like a tornado.

Countless dismembered limbs and body parts dropped down from the sky like raindrops, but there were none around Yu Mingqiu.

At the moment, Yu Mingqiu's expression was filled with excitement, and his eyes were bright as he looked for new targets. Within the vicinity of 300 meters, however, there were none to be seen.

"Eh, no more? That's it?" Yu Mingqiu muttered to himself.

He did not lower his voice. Those who had better base levels could hear him clearly.

Yu Mingqiu was not content. He lifted his bow and continued to search for targets. His bow was primitive. Three dark green branches as thick as his thumb were twisted and bent to form the body of a bow. The bow string consisted of slender vines, and there were still a few fresh leaves on the vine.

This wooden bow was not eye-catching, but possessed an imposing name.

Blue Dome of Heaven!

When the Blue Dome of Heaven was first created, it immediately became famous throughout the world.

The blood birds fled when they saw Yu Mingqiu approaching.

There were some defects on Yu Mingqiu's azure wings, but he paid no attention to them. He flew in a circle, but there were no blood birds that dared to battle with him.

He stood blankly, and after a moment, his crazy laughter was heard throughout the sky of Central Pine City.

"A handsome guy cannot be made an enemy!" [1]

"How can anyone not understand such a simple theory."

"When a man is standing, all the birds will flee!"

His comments were laced with disdain and they spread among Central Pine City's sky like a violent storm.

The elementalists who were still hanging on strenuously had a boost to their morale.

The dean was guarding the embroidery workshop, and his face was filled with admiration. He was also affected by Yu Mingqiu's valiant battle spirit.

It was no wonder he was the youngest vice division leader in the Thirteen Divisions. His capability had no limit.

However, after he heard Yu Mingqiu's speech, the knowledgeable dean paused for a moment. In a hesitant tone, he asked Mingxiu, "A commander cannot be made an enemy, what a nice phrase! He was referring to the word 'commander' right?"

A smile appeared on Mingxiu's pale face, "He is referring to being a handsome guy."

Dean: "..."

Mingxiu looked up into the sky at Yu Mingqiu, who looked like a war god. When she was young, her big brother was always studying diligently and did not have time to play with her. It was Big Brother Qiu who played with her, bringing her up to the mountains to catch birds and to the rivers to catch fish.

So many years had passed, but Brother Qiu was still the same as before.

Lost in thought, she suddenly thought of Li Wei, and her gaze grew dark.

Currently, there was a woman at a corner on the ground who focused on Yu Mingqiu in the sky.

Several times, the red-dressed girl wanted to make a move, but was hesitant. While Yu Mingqiu looked like he was in a pathetic situation, such combat was truly exhausting. It was unfathomable that he could endure for so long.

It was reasonable to say that Yu Mingqiu was like an arrow at the end of its flight.

However, the red-dressed girl still had some doubts. Unlike the others, Yu Mingqiu's master was the best wood elemental Grandmaster. She understood how elementalists worked and knew how formidable a Grandmaster could be.

Yu Mingqiu definitely had skills that could save his life as a last resort. However, looking at his condition, it was apparent that he had gone crazy. It was impossible to reason with a crazy person. If Yu Mingqiu had thoughts of destroying everything, she was going to die as well.

Her injuries were quite substantial.

Furthermore, she had a new target now. That target was Ai Hui.

She was heartbroken when she was forced to use the [Tree Spirit's Blood] in the tunnel. However, her pain gave way to shock when she saw Shi Xueman. How was Shi Xueman still alive?

When the [Tree Spirit's Blood] invaded one's body, the person would become a tree and grow rapidly.

She never imagined that the [Tree Spirit's Blood] would fail. She jolted with shock when she saw Ai Hui and felt the aura of the [Tree Spirit's Blood] on himi.

Immediately, she knew that Ai Hui was the key.

She was stirred up by this discovery and more interested in Ai Hui than Shi Xueman. This was not the first time that Ai Hui had dispelled the blood poison. It was as if Ai Hui was very familiar with blood spiritual force and had many secrets.

The highest probability was that there was some form of blood-refined artifact on Ai Hui's body.

The blood-refined artifacts left behind after the Cultivation Era were the most well-preserved artifacts, but there were slight differences between blood spiritual force and actual spiritual force. As such, not all blood-refined artifacts were usable. Furthermore, ancient blood refinement was much more in depth than the current blood refinement that they practiced. There were many things that she did not understand.

It was not an easy feat to find an artifact that she could use.

However, Ai Hui was too alert. He seemed to have discovered that he was being spied on. The red-dressed girl was astonished. Ai Hui was constantly surprising her.

To prevent alerting Ai Hui's attention, she retreated immediately.

First, she decided to examine what exactly Ai Hui had just done. Just now, the elemental waves in the tunnel were very strange. She also saw a few blood elementalists. They had just awakened recently as blood elementalists and had not learned any spells. They could only battle based on their instincts.

There was a competitor concealed in Central Pine City who was worthy of her.

She did not show her face to her competitor, hiding further instead. The threat of her competitor was comparable to an elementalist. It was even more dangerous when her competitor was at an advantage.

She thought for a moment and decided to take a look at the source of the elemental waves. What were these fellows trying to do?

[1] A play on the chinese word. - can mean handsome or commander.