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Chapter 254: Ai Hui’s Rage

 Chapter 254: Ai Hui's Rage

Translator: Cynthia Editor: CakeHermit

The blare of the alert indicating that the city's defences were destroyed and the booming earthquake interrupted the A-1 unit team members who had been resting.

The signal immediately caught their attention.

"The warehouse of the mayor's residence!"

Duanmu Huanghun knew the map of Central Pine City very well. He gave a precise judgment of the signal's location at once.

Before orders were given, everybody already began to act.

Fatty took his heavy shield and put down his face armor, Duanmu Huanghun began to adjust his clothes and limber up his fingers, while Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun arranged the bow strings and filled their quivers.

In less than one minute, the A-1 unit was assembled.

"Let's head to the warehouse of the Mayor's residence!"

The A-1 unit members rushed out of the training hall like a flood.

Just after stepping out onto the street, they became stunned by the number of blood fiends ahead of them. They regained their composure before long and moved toward the warehouse of the Mayor's residence.

Each of them was extraordinarily resolute.

As the most powerful team in Central Pine City, they were like a sharp blade.

Fatty was armed to the teeth and walked in front with the heavy shield in his hands. The other members stood in two rows behind him. Once Fatty blocked a blood fiend's attack, they would rapidly rush out and kill it from two sides like scissors. Duanmu Huanghun stood in the air behind Fatty to take overall control. The everchanging [Viridescent Flower] kept disrupting the beasts' pace.

The long-range attack team led by Jiang Wei and Sang Zhijun was either keeping the other blood fiends from getting any closer or jointly killing those whose scope of movement was being restricted by the close combat fighters.


With each order given by Jiang Wei, a bunch of blood fiends would be killed by a rain of arrows and lights which fell to the ground with large booming sounds. If the blood fiends they encountered were too powerful, they would shoot out one arrow using their joint effort, the power of which could be astonishing.

They had become more and more familiar with tactics and had also improved their coordination. Now they were like a highly effective killing machine. No beasts could survive and bodies were left on the road wherever they went.

The A-1 unit's performance greatly boosted the morale of the elementalists they passed along the way.

The team was calm and didn't stop for a second, steadfastly heading toward the warehouse of the Mayor's residence.

Not surprisingly, such a performance attracted the attention of the blood elementalists hiding in the dark.

"The A-1 unit deserves its name!"

"Shall we join the fight?"

"Are you seeking death? They are right at their peak and we will only get our heads broken and bleed out."

"Then we just watch and do nothing?"

"No need to hurry. They are human beings, so they will tire and feel fatigue. We have so many blood fiends as our death squads, the A-1 unit will exhaust all their elemental energy against them. When they are tired and their elemental energy is used up, then it will be our harvest time."

"Good idea!"

In the air, Duanmu Huanghun suddenly turned his head and looked in the blood elementalists' direction.

The blood elementalists immediately shut up. After a while, when they cautiously looked out, the A-1 unit had already left.

"Is that Duanmu Huanghun? He is awesome!"

"He found us!"

Duanmu Huanghun's glance disenchanted the blood elementalists. They were now vigilant about his capabilities.

"Someone was hiding in the dark and peeping on us just now."

Duanmu Huanghun suddenly told Jiang Wei.

Jiang Wei was startled and asked, "Who?"

"I don't know," Duanmu Huanghun said coldly. "Leave them alone. The first thing is to get to the warehouse as soon as possible. Humph, I knew those two guys were unreliable."

Jiang Wei had already gotten used to Duanmu Huanghun's arrogance, so he said nothing and simply smiled and nodded.

The team continued to move towards the Mayor's residence.

At the warehouse gate, Shi Xueman was surrounded by three blood elementalists who were standing in a triangle formation.

"Never thought we could catch such a big shot! Surrender now, goddess! I'm too strong and will feel pity if I unintentionally hurt you," said the blood elementalist standing in front.

The other two were also smiling unkindly. They glanced up and down Shi Xueman, whose hot figure could not be hidden even though she was in the armor. Their greedy gazes that were fixed on Shi Xueman's splendid face revealed their dirty minds.

In the past, Shi Xueman was a goddess in their hearts who was awe-inspiring and inviolable, but now that they knew there was no way back, they could no longer restrain their evil thoughts and inner lust.

Staring at the one who had spoken just now, Shi Xueman felt he looked very familiar. He was tall and strong, a fine-looking man with sword-shaped eyebrows and star-like eyes. His clothes were already ragged, but Shi Xueman recognized that they were the uniform for guards in the Mayor's residence.

Then she remembered his name, Liao Nan, one of the bodyguards from the mayor's residence. They'd once fought together. She knew he used to be calm and taciturn, and the mayor put him in an important position. It was said that he'd been wounded later.

Shi Xueman's pupils contracted. "Casualty barrack? You were wounded soldiers from the casualty barrack?"

"You're truly a goddess. They all say that women with big breasts are brainless. You have big breasts too, but you are not brainless," said another blood elementalist, voice dripping with sarcasm. He had a pair of triangle eyes and his eyeballs kept rolling.

"You all became blood elementalists?" Shi Xueman was shocked.

"Yeah." Liao Nan laughed. "No one wants to die. Living in degradation is better than death. I'm all alone and carefree anyway. It's not bad to be a great blood elementalist."

"You don't hate them?" Shi Xueman asked.

"For what? They have all died. Can hatred keep me alive?" Liao Nan laughed again.

"You destroyed the city's defences?"

Liao Nan shrugged. "We are blood elementalists now. We do what blood elementalists are supposed to do."

Shi Xueman clenched her Cirrus so hard that her fists became white.

"Surrender now. You have no chance to win." There was no expression on Liao Nan's face. "If you are willing to join us, I believe Sir will give you a chance."

"I'm different from you," Shi Xueman said lightly.

Liao Nan gave her a look of pity. "You will soon know that many results are worse than death."

"Cut the crap! Resist if you can." The one with triangle eyes whistled flirtatiously. "You can shout out loudly. I'll like it."

He had hardly finished speaking when the other blood elementalist could not hold himself back any longer and groaned while pouncing on Shi Xueman. This guy was like an iron tower, and his pulsing muscles indicated his unimaginable power.

His stretched arms glowed with bloody light and reached out towards Shi Xueman like pliers.

Shi Xueman seemed to be scared by his powerful pounce and stepped back subconsciously. The iron-tower blood elementalist's expression became more ferocious as he was aroused by the fear on Shi Xueman's face.

Feeling hot and dry in his body, he couldn't help leaning forward. He was itching so badly in his heart that he couldn't wait to hold the goddess in his arms and abuse her.

Just at this point in time, however, a cold light flashed in Shi Xueman's eyes. Her foot that was stepping back suddenly stopped and stretched forward, taking a step as fast as a flash. Then, swish! She disappeared from where she was standing.

A figure appeared in front of the iron tower unexpectedly. More frighteningly, it was glowing slightly.

At first the iron tower's face changed, but then he burst into laughter. He didn't try to dodge at all, and stretched his arms wrapped in bloody light to embrace her.

He was confident he could clamp down on her as long as he could catch her, and by then, Shi Xueman would be fair game. For this end, he wouldn't mind getting injured. His capacity to recover was good enough anyway.

Streaks of blood traces appeared on his skin and he was covered with a strong bloody light which contained a metallic luster. He looked like a man made of iron and copper.

He was confident; he could feel that his muscles were even more solid than metal.

Cirrus stabbed into his body without any fancy tricks.

Inside the tunnel.

Ai Hui walked closer and closer, casting a shadow of death on Shi Wei. Shi Wei was struggling. He could not see any fluctuations on Ai Hui's emotionless face. Ai Hui was like a killing machine approaching him to take his life.

The pressure was so strong that he felt as if he was being put on a guillotine, the blade of which was slowly pulled up. The breath of death was so close; his death penalty was likely to be pronounced at any time.

He felt he was going to collapse.

No! He didn't want to die twice!

"I surrender!"

He breathed heavily and didn't even notice that his clothes were completely soaked by his own sweat. When he shouted out those two words, he felt relieved and relaxed.

No matter what would happen in the future, at least he'd survived this time.

Ai Hui's sword was at his throat, causing goosebumps to pop out on his skin, but to his relief, Ai Hui didn't kill him.

"Tell me what you know."

He could get no information from Ai Hui's poker face.


After a while, Ai Hui finally finished his interrogation and Shi Wei heaved a sigh of relief. During the interrogation, Ai Hui asked many questions about the details and didn't give him any time to think. Some questions were also asked repeatedly. Moreover, as long as Shi Wei hesitated even a little bit, the sword would once again approach his throat.

As a result, Shi Wei didn't dare to play any tricks and honestly told him everything.

Then he relaxed.

Now he was not at all nervous, because he knew that what Ai Hui had said was reasonable. Keeping him alive could bring them more benefits, so they didn't need to kill him.

But he had to better control his emotions. The intent to kill deep inside him could hardly be soothed, driving him to be extremely eager to initiate an attack.

Meanwhile, the cowardice and fear made him struggle and not dare to take any action.

Could he escape from Ai Hui?

He believed it was almost impossible. Ai Hui reminded him of Sir Tian Kuan. Maybe he was not as powerful as Sir Tian Kuan now, but in terms of making their enemies desperate, they were quite similar. He took it for granted that Sir Tian Kuan's strength was unfathomable, but why was Ai Hui so powerful?

He could not figure it out.

Just when he was going out of his mind, he felt a chill at his throat and in the next second, he fell into infinite darkness.

The headless body fell in a pool of blood while Shi Wei's head dropped on the ground and rolled away. His eyes were still open and his face was left with his astonishment before death.

Ai Hui's figure merged into the darkness.

After a while, he heard the fearful voice of the craftsmen's leader. "I thought you wouldn't kill him..."

"I lied to him."

Ai Hui was emotionless. Cold light flickered in his eyes in the darkness.

He had appeared to be calm while asking Shi Wei questions, but deep down he'd actually been greatly shocked. When he learned that the forty-five blood elementalists were those who had survived the internecine killing in the casualty barrack, he had already made up his mind. As one of the forty-five survivors, Shi Wei could not have possibly been as harmless as he'd acted.

The next move was so important that the slightest mistake could not be made. Ai Hui would not take the risk.

But a furious fire burned inside his heart. He was more wrathful than ever.

He must kill Tian Kuan!